Bleeding Through the Seasons: Season 6

TB6_Poster_3.inddWe are in the home stretch now. After taking a walk down memory lane with True Blood Seasons 1/2/3/4/5, it is time to turn our gazes to the most recent season to be seen in the US… Season 6.

This season was full of change. It was the first year with someone other then Alan Ball at the helm, with the season starting off under Mark Hudis before being put in the hands of Bryan Buckner. This was the year we went from our normal 12 episodes to just 10. It was also a season that had 9 of 10 episodes change titles. Yup, the 6th season was full of change.

But never fear, we’re not changing what we are doing here. We  are keeping our format of scoring each episode  1-10 with 1 as the worst and 10 as the best.

Time to get serious and start scoring!

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6 comments on “Bleeding Through the Seasons: Season 6

  1. Didn’t knkow about this till my husband told me but HBO’s rerunning Season 6!!!
    Just watched Episode 1 last night!!!!!

    • I did too… It looks like we are going to be 6 days after the UK airing …

      • That means I have to watch it twice every week – once when it airs here on my big TV and once when HBO re-airs it :)

        I was wondering if HBO might re-air all the old seasons between now and the final season beginning – but I guess with 70 episodes it would be impossible for them to fit it into the schedule.

  2. Well, I didn’t know that they were rerunning the season already. Usually they do it around Nov/Dec. Thanks Ladies, I’ll have to see when its’ on in my time zone!!! IMHO, this was one of the best seasons as far as excitement goes, although the last episode was probably one of the worst right up there with the last eppy of season 4……..

  3. You are right about this season bringing a lot of change. And in my opinion not at all good change. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch it again just yet. I’m still not able to get over the cluster-fuck that they left.

  4. I didn’t see it, either, but have all of it recorded, but will try to find it, next week.

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