Walking With The Wounded Training Photos


“Walking With The Wounded” have released some official photographs of Alexander Skarsgard and US Team Guide Inge Solheim training in Norway for the South Pole Allied Challenge.

To show your support and keep up to date with the charity challenge you can visit and “like” their facebook page here


And in a little extra bit of Skarsgard news, Alex is appearing in a new music video for “Free Your Mind” by Cut Copy. They have released a teaser below, and the full video will be available to watch on Thursday.

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7 comments on “Walking With The Wounded Training Photos

  1. thank you for sharing both the pictures of our boy and the snippet of his video, looking forward to the whole thing

  2. Thank you Evie for posting both of these for us!! I just loved the pics of Alex he looks like he really loves to be out there in the wilderness and snow. I just loved his smile in some of the pics. It is so genuine, but I guess thats’ due to the fact that he is in his element there. I’m sure he will do well in the South Pole Trek and I hope that he leads the team to Victory!!!

    I can’t wait til Thursday Nite to see the complete video either!!! He is such a great actor and I am sure he will shine in the video. From all the pics I’ve seen he looks like a patient in a mental facility and I think he thinks hes’ Jesus. It should be interesting to see the complete thing……. I just loved the last gif of him taking off his robe and fleeing. The look on his face is very “demented”…..LOL

  3. Thanks :) the video stuff is a bit strange but I am sure it will make more sense when we see the whole thing. There was one photo from the video I saw on FB that reminded me a bit of the TB finale scene when all vamps were high and running in front of Bill’s house and it was like Eric is suddenly there as well…wired anyway.
    It’s a great Skars treat !

  4. Erika:
    What’s happening Thrusday????

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