Alex Featured in Cut Copy Video: “Free Your Mind”

Today is B’s birthday and what’s a better birthday present than a music video featuring our main half-naked man…Alexander Skarsgård?


As you may or may not know…Alexander Skarsgård is featured in Cut Copy’s brand new music video called, “Free Your Mind”! And tonight (on B’s birthday) Cut Copy premiered this drool-worthy video!

We’re rather speechless after watching this…so let’s just let the music (and eye-candy) “Free Your Mind”…ENJOY!

Watch it below!

Somehow words can’t express what I feel right now but this is pretty close.



Thoughts (if you can form any)? Share ’em below!

Skars’ image source: askarsswedishmeatballs.tumblr.com

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15 comments on “Alex Featured in Cut Copy Video: “Free Your Mind”

  1. Reblogged this on saldred75's Blog and commented:
    mmm, mmm, good

  2. What can I say…. this was all for me… how will they top this for next years bday, i wonder. lol.

  3. OH MY! I watched with my jaw on the floor! Luuuuuuuv the long hair! He just does the most intriguing things! And I wish it was my birthday!

  4. Oh My God! The video was so bizarre and yet there was that amazing piercing look in Alex’s eyes that only he can does right, on this whole planet :)
    He is going to run around in my head just like that for some time now :) hehehe

  5. I’m happy that things are working out for him and he is making a name for himself other than True Blood

  6. He makes the song. You can hear without the video and it is just noisy. When the video begins and you have a story and Askars it all makes sense. Sadly so much music is so visual now but wow he is awesome in this. I foresee a lot more pics being taken from this for our viewing galleries

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Overies have exploded again.
    could have done without that stupid robe hiding that beautiful body!!!!
    I’m speechless. If this was called “Free Your Mind” should have used the
    song by the same name~ “Free your mind and the rest will follow”.

  8. oh man, I was waiting that you post it here so I can drool in peace. My FB friends and my husband are probably concerned :) did you see that body – shoulders ..even his foot…. how can we join that cult :)
    There were few ‘so Eric’ moments as well

  9. Even after watching this numerous times last night/this AM, I’m still at a loss of words to express how great he was in this video. I know he hates wearing wigs, but this one looked so natural on him, its’ the hair that I picture Eric having/had in season one of TB.
    I just love him with the light blond hair so much. I, just. love. him. period.

    I drooled thru most of this and giggled when he came upon the group in the circle and he was patting them on their heads, was funny. When he took off his robe at the end to take off running, the look in his eyes was just so demented. I know no one else in this world could have pulled off the eye expressions like Alex, he is just so amazing in his acting………………….

    I will be watching this video a lot over the next few months………………………….

  10. I love the video . Alex looks great in it .

  11. He makes a damn fine guru – love the Eric of old channeling, first season of TB – and all i could think was – he is gonna make a damn fine Tarzan – i can see it now!

  12. I don’t think it’s a wig ladies. I read an interview recently where they asked him about his mane of hair and he said it makes it easier to become whatever the next project is.

    • It has to be a wig, hair doesn’t grow that fast. We’ve seen him in recent pictures and he still has short hair.

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