Caption This!

I’ve always said you can learn a lot from body language. What do you think they are “saying” in this screen cap.

Go on, caption this :)


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

5 comments on “Caption This!

  1. Ah yes, Season 2 in Dallas when Eric met Bill Compton.
    This was the scene before Bill arrived…when a fangbanger came to
    Eric’s table.He wasn’t impressed with her.
    The next scene is where Bill ordered a glass of “Royalty” a very
    expensive bottle of blood,that supposed to have come from
    very old Vampires~who were related to “The First Vampire”
    The bottle of Royalty,supposedly cost over $500.00 dollars/US.
    Eric wasn’t going to pay for the bottle..he’d let Bill pay for his own drink!!!

  2. Girl with shocked look on her face says, “Whaaat you’re in love with a fairy?” Eric looking defeated and deflated, says, “and shes’ in love with a douchebag vampire who is unworthy of her.”……………………..

  3. Eric says, Go away you bore me!

  4. Eric: Not you again…thought I told you to GTF away from me? LOL

  5. “Leave me you are nothing.”

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