True Blood: Are you IN or OUT?

It has been WELL over two months, a mad marathon of Sons of Anarchy and the start of yet another book series for me (OUTLANDER)since the season 6 finale of True Blood aired and I can still feel the disappointment. I don’t know about anyone else but I needed the break after such a totally fucked up finale. I know that not everyone felt this way and that is fine. We all have different opinions. Now we get to see where we all stand on the final season.

At the end of that fucktastrophe of a season finale, we had a poll asking if people would watch season 7 and it is not surprise that Eric’s fate has a lot to do with the answer to that questions. Without further ado, I give you those said results in the form of a screen cap!


Well, now that was a lot of voting, 559 to be exact. We know this poll does not represent the whole fandom but it is pretty telling in what I have seen of this fandom. We know where most people stand so we thought it would be a good idea to let our viewers know where we stand with the final season. I am sure you won’t be surprised at all.


Now you know she is all the way in as she loves this show no matter what. Here is her testimony in a nutshell.

Obviously I’m all in (I have joined the don’t cancel TB page too) Basically TB is my favourite show ever, I’ve never been involved the same way in any other fandom and I don’t think I ever will be again and I’ll miss it like crazy when it is gone. I still think the show will give Eric a better ending than CH did. I’ll judge it when it’s over, but up to now I have really enjoyed the journey.

Seeing as my girl Evie has so much faith in this show, I am going on record by saying Bucky and company better not do anything to shake that faith because HELL hath no fury for this trubie scorned!


Erika is in for the long haul as this is the blog she started and she is no quitter.

I really look forward to watching TB every summer, even though there have been many disappointments in the past. It’s like a trainwreck and I can’t look away from it, no matter how hard I try. Every season gives me something new to talk about. I get to see where they take Eric and Sookie next in their story. I’m to the point where I don’t expect too much from the show anymore. i just watch it for cheesy entertainment. I will be missing TB like crazy when it’s over and done, but I do feel like it’s time for it to end. Seven seasons is a long time IMO. I would much rather it end on a high note, then on a low one.

I think it is safe to say that Erika will mock or praise it as she sees fit.


B is in as she still likes the show, despite the finale and how it made her feel.


As for me,I am halfway in where this show is concerned and ALL THE WAY IN (as far as posting about the show) with my fellow Viking Lovers here at ESL. I never quit something I started, even if it went to HELL in a hand-basket. So for those reasons and those reasons alone, I am in, albeit only with half a heart. I will not be praising this show or giving it accolades of any kind, I will be mocking it mercilessly 99.9% of the time but I will not mick the Viking as Alex always ups Eric’s game to a 100% and makes me smile, no matter what stupid shit they write for Eric. Alex makes it seem brilliant and effortless. As for everything else that we will get in the final season,I am expecting the worst because that is what we always get.

I was sensing a change at the start of last season and we ended up with the same stupid shit that went nowhere and had no real point to it. I was not rewarded for my faith in that Bucky was making those changes and it pissed me off that I was fooled yet again.I cannot and will not let that happen again. Mark my words, the True Blood series finale will end on a very low and disappointing note because they have not learned from their mistakes. I would love to be proven wrong but history says I won’t be. I am okay with the show ending after 7 seasons as that is a good run, especially for a show that started to loose it’s way 3 or 4 seasons ago when it well and truly jumped the shark.

AUTHORS NOTE: I want to publicly apologize for not writing ANY posts and basically being a non-entity here on the blog but as I said I needed a break and then real life got in the way and things got away from me! I also want to apologize to my fellow bloggers here at ESL, I love you ladies with all my heart!

Well, those are our thoughts. What are yours? Are you in, halfway in, or are you out? What say ye? (SORRY BEING READING THE OUTLANDER SERIES AND THE SCOTTISH BROUGE TAKES OVER…LOL) As usual, sound off below!

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

45 comments on “True Blood: Are you IN or OUT?

  1. I’m OUT! But I still LOVE to read the comments.

    This show had so much promise and potential, but bad writing and poor plot lines ruined this show for me. Brian Buckner is a weasel and his ideas are shiiiiittttyyyyy. I don’t care to watch Bill’s redemption or Sookie’s ignorance, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to see Eric’s d*ck on fire.

    • Well I am glad you will still be around for our posts and comments then! I may not be very popular with some True Blood fans this upcoming season but I am used to that.

  2. Thanks for that. It’s nice to see everybody’s view. I am somewhere between you and Evie – if that makes sense :) I am expecting a horrible finale and B/S reunion *vomit*. The writers proved that they don’t give a shit about characters, continuity and above all fans.. The only thing I am hoping is that they will deliver a better ending for Eric’s character (I mean better then what we got from THAT book, can anything be worse than that- so kind of like Evie in that way. So, yeah, I’ll watch it
    PS I just started the Outlander books two days ago :)

    • We thought it would be nice for everyone to see where everyone is at. We shall see but what happens and here you will get a mish mash of opinions that will surely be entertaining!

      Oh, Outlander is so good, I just started Voyager and I am absolutely in love with the series! I cannot wait to see the TV series on Starz in March!

  3. I’M IN~Have been in since I viewed a Preview commercial for the Show.
    All I had to do was see “Blond hair,blue-green eyes.6’5″, face of a Bottecclli
    Angel and FANGS” and I told myself “I’m so going to be watching this show
    from FIRST episode to Last one AIRED~ no matter how bad it gets!!!
    The other thing I said when I saw Eric Northman, was “Come to Momma,Darling”

  4. Maja:
    Blame Alan Ball for walking away, and handing the show over to Brian Buckner.
    He didn’t know the book/show characters, most probably didn’t even read/watch
    the show when it was dropped in his perbverbial lap!!!
    Alan should have never turned it over to Brian~ major mistake.

    • I disagree, we would be getting more of the same with AB.He turned it over to Mark Hudis, not Brian Buckner so who knows what happened. All we knows is something happened because the tone of the start of season 6 was different and then we got more of the same old same old but much worse!

      While I don’t think Alan (but not sure about this) would have burnt Eric up the way Bucky did, we still would have ended up with a season long story line that ended up being sour grapes and not satisfying at all. All I know is some don’t seem to appear to play well with others and while that happens, this show will end on a very very sour note!

    • Brian Buckner has been with TB since Season One. I would hope to think he knows what the show was about (all of AB’s brain washing of course!!).

  5. I don’t care anymore and I think I will watch any Eric scene in You tube… after all, the last two seasons I only watched it for the Viking.

  6. Stick a fork in me. I’m done. Just turned in my cable boxes yesterday for simple converters. Not only will I save $480 over the year, I won’t have to sit through the vomit inducing Bill & Sookie scenes anymore. This is the first fandom I’ve ever been a part of and will be the last. I won’t allow myself to become so attached to characters only to have their maker(s) destroy them again. I will still pop in to see the comments and of course read any updates regarding the Viking God but I would rather focus on my fanfiction version of Eric & Sookie’s happily ever after.

  7. Just as I refused to read Charlaine’s final book, I’m out of True Blood. I have already figured out that by the end Sookie will use her magic light to make Bill human and they will fade into the sunset HEA (barf.) As much as I love Eric, the writers have ruined the show for me with boring Bill and masochistic Sookie being shoved down our throats as being soul mates. I will mourn the loss of Eric, I will miss Pam and Lafayette. Alex, Kristin, and Nelsan have been phenomenal in bringing their characters to life. It’s just a shame the executive producers and writers steered what could have been an excellent show is such a wrong direction.

    • I agree, it is a low down dirty shame because it could have been fangtastic! I know Eric is not dead but I am not sure what they have planned for him but not sure if I will like it or not! History says I won’t!

  8. I’m Out

    After the book, the disappointment of the season finale pushed me over the edge. I will lurk from a safe distance, but my shipper days are over.

  9. I’ll be in until Alex leaves…I only watch for him anymore. (It’s an addiction.) But I know I’ll be disappointed as I have been for the past several seasons.

  10. I’m with you lostinspace33, I was just going to say the same thing. Alex is the ONLY reason I still watch. I know I’m going to hate myself for watching the last season as I know that it is going to be a train wreck with Sookie and Bill getting the HEA, but I can’t stop myself. I need to have a closure to TB. To me I loved the first season, cause it closely followed the book. Then in season two when AB brought in all that Menade (sp?) crap with Marianne, I felt the show had jumped the shark then. It never followed the books again after that, AB even had to screw with the only book I ever cared about, which was book 4, Eric and Sookies’ romance. I wish that they would of just followed the books like they should have. I know the books ended badly too, I never read the last one even after all the money and time I invested in the SVM series since the very beginning and then CH had to shaft us like that. I’m just not surprised that it’ll turn out badly for the last season of TB too!!!!!!!!!!!

    So in conclusion I will say I’ve got “one foot in and one foot out” of the show at this point as I really don’t care about anyone/anything except Eric/Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A train wreck that we all watch crash and burn every damn season. Closure is the perfect term, I always have to finish something I started. I can easily mock it which will most likely happen!

  11. I am out I started reading the books When the first one was published and waited patiently year after year for each knew book. I was thrilled when true blood started and they looked promising at giving us what the author was going to deprive us of. But then after watching the show constantly try to make Bill and Sookie soul mates(which I think is because Anna and Stephen became a couple) I only continued to watch for the Viking God Eric Northman but they didn’t even understand who he was and gave him Shitty plots to work with. I will lurk for the shots of Alex as Eric but other than that I like reading Fanfiction where I actually Get my Sookie and Eric fix met over and over again. I will continue to come over here and read this wonderful blog I don’t post much but I do read religiously here. So thanks ladies for giving us what we need.

  12. I’m definitely out, there’s only so much of this train wreck I can take. I’ll watch whatever scenes Eric has online, other than that, it’s just fan fiction for me. I don’t feel like I missed out by not reading the last book, this will be no different.

  13. I’m in, but with absolutely no expectations. And probably somewhat relieved that its the final season so I can finally say goodbye to TB for good. Alex, Ryan, Nelsan and DAW are really why I keep watching,

    I have given up on Eric and Sookie, I just don;t think they can salvage it believable. Obviously i would be happy if they did end up together – but the way the writers have dealt with them and in contrast with her and Bill, I fear they don’t have the talent to actually pull it off. Would be ecstatic to be wrong of course! I just hope Eric gets an awesome final season arc that gives his plenty of screen time.

    Oh and Nymerias, I am so so excited about the Outlander TV series. I’m following the casting and production news closely and cannot wait til we have Jamie and Claire on our screens next year. Squee!.

    • I have no expectations either Sheldon! I am glad it is the last season as well! I am looking forward to seeing Jamie and Claire as well! I am so stoked!

  14. I’m in to the end but I’m trying not to expect anything between Eric and Sookie but I’ll still be so disappointed when it doesn’t happen. I just hope some of these fantastic fanfiction writers continue to write about Eric and Sookie. My favorite couple ever!

  15. Yes it is like you said nymerias, it’s the train wreck that we can’t turn away from. Season after season I watched and hoped that they (the writers) would give us what we wanted. The love story of Eric and Sookie. They never did. The writers and Alan Ballsack have always wanted the show to be the Bill and Sookie show. Even though in the books after book four Bill was a minor character. They just can’t seem to separate the fact that Stephen and Anna are married to each other from the shows story lines.
    Why the show was made for Stephen is beyond me. Once I saw the Viking, I could not believe how they treated him week after week. He is the reason the show was so popular, we all know this.
    I used to yell at my television when I watched some of the stupid shit they would write just to make everyone love Bill. In my opinion it didn’t work for them. If they would have stuck with the books, they could have had another Soprano’s on their hands. But no they had to bow down to Stephen. It could have been so great.
    I will watch next season just to say good by and hope they give the Viking what he deserves in the end and that is Sookie. I know it will never happen but I will always have HOPE til the very end.
    As stated by more than one person above thank God for fanfiction to give us what we want and that is Eric and Sookie together always.

  16. I don’t known,guys, I am in between “in” and “out”. I really pi**ed at Imbd changed their status, those idiots switched back with Steve Moyer instead Alex under Anna Paqin in the credits. Before Alex was originally under Anna Paqin on the top of ep 1 of season 7 credit and Joe does 1st appeared in the rest of cast (I really hope it`s a giveaway that Eric will be alive and in Bon Temp, but I don’t known.)

    I don’t trust these writers at all. Maybe these writers are pulling “Alice In Wonderland” on Eric like they did with Sookie (came back from faeryland in season 4) with the time skip. But I have to wait to for any farther news if I am willing to watch the final season. That’s how I`m is with books, sometimes I check on the reviews or read summary on them on Wikipedia. But I were in bookstore, I usually flip through last last pages that the book I want if it have a happy ending (I known it`s called cheating).

    I saw Alex`s music video, the music video touched my heart and he`s such beautiful soul. I can’t believe these tb writers tortured an innocent soul`s character Eric like that and giving all credits to the lovely dovey couple Anna and Steve. (I think that’s really sad. Do these idiots think this damn show is Osbornes?!!!). I`m betting Brian Buckner and HBO are getting more and more complaints from fans to clean their peabrains of theirs and fix the problems. I really hope the music video will help a lot the writers realizes that Alex as Eric is the heart of True Blood and they becomes complete idiots by killing him off in the ridiculous way like that.

    I haven’t read The Outliners books. I usually read mangas and young adult (but have nothing to do with stupid Twilight ),but I love to read Neil Gaiman. I can’t wait for TV show adaption of American Gods come out. And FX is making Guerro`s The Strain into TV show, my sister-in-law read those books and it’s about a vampire plague. I can’t wait for The Walking Dead, My family luv that show. My mom and I watched American Horror Story Coven, it got really good starts.

    I really hope you guys keeps up and continue on your work after the show over with news on the viking beautiful Alex Skarsgard and fanfictions. I always luv you, guys. Your site is always my favorite site. Keep up good work!!!! I really hope you guys keep stay alive. :)

  17. I think what you said was brilliant as well when you said AS takes what they give him and makes it brilliant and effortless. I’m in but cynically so and have no expectations at all I’ve come to the conclusion that those laughingly called the creative team of TB got their expertise from the Cracker Jack box….

  18. I am out. I actually cancelled my HBO right after the final show and will not be picking it back up. It’s a shame that both CH and TB have such a wonderful character and neither gives him the storytime/storyline he deserves. I was hoping after the train wreck of the last book of the series that at least TB would gove us an Eric/Sookie ending we could live with but after that finale it’s looking like it’s not going to happen. I will definitely stay tuned here though, even though I will not be watching

  19. Out! I will check in here to gauge reactions and possibly watch if it doesn’t suck as bad as I expect it will. I have already pulled out after the first week post finale and given up. I have not and will not buy S5 or 6 and have not rewatched a single episode of season 6 and find that other than missing Alexander Skarsgard on screen realized for me it is very over! I think Buckner is an ass and even begun to dislike a couple of the cast so much that I won’t ever watch anything they may be in again! It is time to move on…… To Outlander!

  20. I have always been a spoiler whore, but this will be the first season where what the spoilers say will determine when (and to some degree, IF) I can watch. I really hate Sookie and Bill together and if there is a lot of that, I just won’t be able to watch it. If I start to hear good news about Eric, especially any Eric/Sookie, then I’ll be back and all in. I was one of those people who did not read the last book in the series and may never, because I don’t feel the need to torture myself. The same rule will hold with the show — I’ve got a lot of tolerance for plot developments and angst, but only if I can still see the payoff I want. Up until the last half of the season 6 finale, I had that hope, and I’m hoping it will come back. My tentative plan is to not watch the first few episodes until later, after I know what to expect.

  21. I will watch after they give us the fate of Eric .. This show I feel has jumped the shark .. They went way off the books and had so much story of Eric & Sookie to reveal they never gave us . Couldn’t get pass BIll & Sookie . sad.

    • I will never understand how the execs and writers cannot understand that fans want quality awesome entertainment, not this crap we have been getting! Bill and Sookie are the extra crap, not believable and neither is this relationship with Alcide! Oh well what’s done us done! The writers could care less what fans would like in a show

  22. I’m a die hard true blood lover. No matter what happens I will watch every minute of it!

  23. Like so many, I too really needed the break, and then RL got in the way as it so often does.

    myvikingboyfriend said something about having tolerance for angst but only if the payoff at the end is in view, and I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly – it’s probably why I was so impacted by this last season and now find myself absolutely torn with this whole cancellation schemozzle: I agree that 7 seasons is enough, and is considered a feat given the variety out there and the frequency of output by opportunists responding to emerging trends in today’s day and age, but I’ll sorely miss my weekly winter Eric fix (being in oz and all), as he kept me nice and cozy :) And so for the tall, blonde, ancient one alone, I will watch (I was going to include finding closure and always finishing what I’ve started, but I can’t as I’ve not read the last book – nor do I ever intend to).

    I’ve basically given up on an Eric/Sookie plot, and to some extent I’m glad it won’t happen: I hate what the writers have done to her, she’s no longer worthy and an even less so likeable character. The writers don’t have the talent to convincingly do an about face and repair the damage done, and I don’t think any of them are at all too worried about it anyway, as they’ve tried to shove B/S down our throats continuously in the past and so will continue to do so in the future. But mostly, I hate the writers/powers that be for joining the CH band wagon and wrecking so much havoc on the fandom, having almost destroyed my relationship with all the things I’ve loved about it, especially fan-fiction. I have to admit it was close, but I’m slowly making my way back.

    When they said this past year was about changes, they weren’t wrong! What a mind-shag!

  24. I’m out won’t watch season 7 but i’ll follow Eric’s and his progeny storyline on Youtube (if it ‘s worth it) after the finale I’m all for fanfiction and other sites where there are actually stories of Sookie and Eric that makes me full of joy and happiness because they really are in love and they fight together against everything and everyone This wont ever happen in TB because they saw Sookie and Eric relationship based only on sex Bill is her only love and her hero (GROSS) but I hope after season 7 this blog will stay cause I love all of you !!1 Name it Alexander Skarsgard Lovers!!

  25. I wonder Brian Buckner and the couple (Anna and Steve) are getting a lot of hatred from the fans at New York Comic Con (throwing tomatoes at them or cursing at them) ,because he told his plan about making that douchbag Billy into a romantic hero and didn’t make Eric get involve in the Temp Bon storyline. I really hope they keep booing at Brian Buckner and the couple.

  26. I will watch the last season just because I cant look away from the train wreck either!I hate the way they started writing Sookie’s character from tbe end of season 4 to season 6! The time jump was stupid because we did’nt see the Jason/ Eric dream.Im just very disappointed in the crappy writing of these wonderful characters / actors. I will always be a Alexander Scarsgard fan because of this show. Please keep this site open so I can keep reading your comments.Love you guys! Pease out!

  27. I’m in. Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 17:35:06 +0000 To: rcc68@outlook.com

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