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A big special thank you to the boss Erika, for bringing back “Video Of The Week” earlier this month, and another big special thank you to everyone who has got in touch saying how much they still enjoy this feature! And here is another offering to help calm your E&SL blues this weekend.

It’s a video by ImNaturallySuper and was lovingly put together just a couple of weeks ago.  Despite our favourite couple appearing to be further apart than ever right now, it’s wonderful that dedicated fans are still taking the time and effort to make these videos. And on behalf of Eric and Sookie shippers everywhere I’d just like to say to all the video makers out there – please don’t ever stop!

Here’s Eric & Sookie in

“After The Ashes”

Thank you to ImNaturallySuper


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7 comments on “Video Of The Week (October 13th)

  1. Once again, I want to Thank you for bringing back the Video of the Week!!! OMG, who would of thought that Wrecking Ball would fit our Eric and Sookie so well. I really enjoyed this video and can’t wait to see what next Sunday brings!!!!!

    I miss Eric and Sookie interacting at the very least. Eric has to come back to Bon Temps and see Sookie .

    • What a perfect song for our favorite couple! Who would have ever thought? Wrecking Ball! Love this video! It fits them to a T. You are so right redthang914. The whole last season lacked in the Eric and Sookie department. I do so hope we get to see them together somewhat in the final season. I know, my bad, using that word hope again. It has not worked in the past and won’t work in the final season. But what else do we have?

  2. You’re welcome Evie! :) Videos are as big a part of our fandom as fanfics are…especially because we’re not getting our wish on the show (or the books). Thanks for posting this! I’ve had this song stuck in my head for awhile now too. Great choice! :D

  3. I’ve had that song stuck in my head, too, who’d have thought it would work so well with them? Gorgeous video, it’s depressing to know we’ll never have scenes like that again.

  4. That was so lovely..and the fans who put these together are to be thanked because it gives us what we enjoy most about Eric & Sookie. They are so perfect together..

  5. oh I liked that one, i didn’t even realize it was Miley Cyrus until the end…. thanks for giving us this video..

  6. I CAN”T STAND MILEY!!! But thanks for the Video!!!

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