Video of the Week: October 20 – 26th


It’s that time of week again…to reveal this week’s pick for Eric & Sookie Lover’s Video of the Week!

This week, we wanted to visit an alternate universe where Eric and Sookie (and us) get what they want – which is a chance at happiness!

Hope you’re ready to play a little game…a game of Russian Roulette! In an alternate universe Sookie is kidnapped by The Authority run by Bill Compton, an evil vampire, who has no soul. Sookie is locked up and forced to play or die. There she meets Eric, a handsome Viking vampire, who decides to help her.  They fall in love, but their love is impossible. The only way out is…to win.  Best part is Bill dies! (Hehehe…which can never be a bad thing.)

Song is called, “Russian Roulette” and sung by Rihanna!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Thanks to andrajacsi for making this awesome video and congrats! Keep ’em coming!

Watch our pick below!

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Thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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7 comments on “Video of the Week: October 20 – 26th

  1. OMG Erika!!! This one is definitely a total winner!!!! I just loved the way this one was edited so perfectly to the music……congrats to andrajacsi for a fangtastic video!!! If we rated the videos each week, I’d give this one 5 out of 5 stars……..

    Thanks for sharing with us!!!!

  2. I like the song and this video….its so bad when you watch the scenes between Eric and Sookie and see the chemistry that the writers never cared to see.

  3. i agree with you esw45, but we have ABalls to thank for that, he gave them a focus and they stayed with it

  4. Now if someone would write a down dirty vamp mafia FF based on this video…

  5. Great video ! I loved it !!!

  6. Great video perfect editing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. BRILLIANT, andrajacsi! Now THAT could have been one of television’s all-time greatest series! I take it Harris’/Ball’s/Buckner’s precious Boring Rapist Beel didn’t make it in the end? Oh, darn-NOT! LOVE this video! It’s interesting: in my personal life, I have compared Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown to Sookie’s relationship with Bill. But then, of course, in the end, Buckner will have Sookie course-correct too much by settling for Sam (If that was the game plan all along, then why not just put them together in the first place instead of getting the Sookie/Eric fans all worked up for nothing? Oh, yeah-$$$$$. My bad.) I’m long-winded. Anyway-thank you for this treat, andrajacsi (and Erika and ESL). When I’m done here, I’ll definitely show you some love on YouTube. (BTW-two Alex things. One-I saw some footage from his film 13, right? And two-of course, Alex starred with Rihanna in Battleship.) Happy Halloween.,

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