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It’s Sunday and there’s a storm brewing outside my window so time to snuggle up in front of the fire with a big bar of chocolate and a Video Of The Week all about our favourite fictional couple.

There’s not a lot to add here as the song itself pretty much says it all. And as I’m one of the eternally completely stupid optimistic fans who won’t give up on Sookie and Eric until the finale final credits roll, I still hold out hope that she  will be the one. Because this Viking Vampire deserves to be happily in love, and with only 10 episodes left to go, it’s going to take one heck of a plot twist for this fan at least to believe Mr Northman might end his story forgetting about Sookie and falling in love with someone else.

I hope enjoy Eric and Sookie in:

“She’s the one”

You can check out all this maker’s other great work at JustMineES

Special, special thanks to them and everyone else who continues to make these videos! Please keep it going people – we’re in this until the bitter end!

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9 comments on “Video Of The Week (October 27)

  1. oh i liked that one a lot, very moving and emotional, thank you for sharing Kristie

  2. Thanks bunches for this one. I just loved it soooooo much, I watched several times as it just shows that great chemistry between them. I never saw that much chemistry on screen between Anna and Stephen (and they’re RL couple). I swear Anna and Alex make their love story on screen so believable. They just make it seem so real, I guess thats’ why I’m so much a E&S fan.

    The song was just so perfect and sounds just like EPOV. Thanks again for making my Sunday more enjoyable!!!

    • Because they’re not together in real life, if you ask me, couples that are actually together in my opinion have the less on screen chemistry.

  3. That was a great video! The song was so perfect with the images and you are so right redthang914, their chemistry has always been the best on the show! I hope we get something between them in season 7 but I just doubt we ever will….which is a waste.

  4. Thanks for posting this Evie! I really enjoyed this video! <3 Eric and Sookie have so much chemistry and I love the angst in this one. ;)

  5. wow…this was just wow :)

  6. I just can’t stop crying … love this video

  7. Awesome video! I am so going to miss them when the show is done. It’s more than chemistry, they belong together!

  8. Happy Halloween. I watched this video on YouTube earlier today for the first time and again just now on ESL. I actually got almost emotional watching it, which I’m sure is a big laugh for the SVM/TB ptb (sorry to be Debbie Downer). Anyway-I can’t stomach Sookie settling for Sam (again) and snuffing out her beautiful light (and I’m not just talking about her fairy powers). Or crawling back to Bill (we all know Alcide is just a place holder). I’m also not interested in watching Eric have a fake “romance” with his BFF Pam or his convenient Sookie/Nora replacement Willa (and I know there are others here who disagree with me on this, and I’m very cool with that, It’d be boring and scary if we all felt the same way.). Good thing I just got my laptop and Internet connection, so I can enjoy ESL and E/S videos like this to my heart’s content. I wish I could have hope for the last ten episodes of TB, but I really don’t. Just morbid curiosity to find out if it’s even worse than I suspect. GREAT job, JustMineES! Loved the Ryan Cabrera song, too. Everyone at ESL, again, keep up the great work. You are real escapism and a stress reliever for me. Back to E/S: Skarsgard and Paquin had some of the most blazing on-screen chemistry I have seen in my entire life so far, and they used to seemingly have a great storyline that was moving forward and not just spinning its wheels. Too bad it was all a mirage…

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