The Book That Was Banned!

I know I have been MIA as of late and I am sorry for that. Real life just gets in the way like that but I will confess to have been stuck in a sort of lazy mode! You know the one where all you want to do is either curl up with a good book or watch some TV? That has been me and I have enjoyed every bit of it!

You all know how much of a book person I am and that I will read just about anything! Hence my reading of the Book ‘The Giver’! You also know how HUGE a fan I am of Alexander Skarsgård so in preparation of his role as ‘Father’ I had to give this book a go. I admit I was also very curious as to why it banned because in my opinion such as travesty SHOULD never occur!


From my reading, I saw no reason for the banning of the book as it showed very heartfelt feelings coming from a young man who was seeing the world as it really was, not the world the community wanted him to believe in. A world with no conflict, no rebellion, no color nor seasons. Young Jonas is chosen to be the receiver, the keeper of memories of things past that will help the community in making decisions for their continued future in an otherwise Utopian world, so as to keep the peace.

The only two in the community who feel any range of emotion are Jonas and the Giver and they would like to see this changed. In this community, everything is controlled, including to whom a person will marry and how many kids they have, which are not their own as sex is not an option. Pills are taken to stop the ‘stirrings’ of those type of feelings.

I am not going to give away all the details of the book because it really is a book that a person must read for themselves in order to gain their own insight and digest it for themselves. As soon as Jonas realizes for himself through the memories the ‘Giver’ passes on to him, he wants to experience all the ranges of emotions, trials and tribulations that a life not controlled can bring to him and others. That is his mission in this book and whether he can accomplish it or not is completely up to him.

As to why the book was banned, I did not find that answer in my reading but can only come to the conclusion that someone out there must have thought it too deep and hardcore that it might taint a young person’s mind. In my opinion, that is not the point of any book, the point of a book is to expand an individuals mind and to harness their own creative instincts!

At the end of the book, I had to use my imagination as to what the ending was because it was open to interpretation. It reminded me of a book I read for my Sophomore year English Class in high school, entitled ‘I Am The Cheese’ by Robert Cormier. That book,while hard to get into, really made me use my brain to figure out it’s meaning and intent. I have never forgotten that book and how it made me feel and how it made you think! ‘The Giver’ did much the same for me and I encourage anyone to read it that has not already done so.

As any Alex fan would know, he is playing in the movie version of this book entitled with the same name as ‘Father’. I had moments in the book where I liked the character because he was so nurturing and caring but he really did not have those emotions that you attribute with those words. It is just how everyone in the ‘community’ is and Alex will be great in this role.

There is one part in the book that I am not looking forward to seeing Alex perform as ‘Father’ because it was just heartbreaking for me but watch it I shall. I am looking forward to seeing how this book is transformed into a film for I thought it was brilliant!

Lois Lowry, the author of the book tweeted recently about a scene from the book with Alex as ‘Father’ they were shooting and it makes me wonder if it is the scene I mentioned above.


I do indeed know the scene by which the author mentioned and yes it is pivotal and yes it is the one I mentioned earlier.

The author also took a picture with our favorite Swede on the set of The Giver and he is just as handsome as ALWAYS! He always looks good in blue and there is reason he is in blue as it is part of his characters uniform! Read the book (if you have not already) to find out his given occupation!


As usual, sound off below!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. I have to read this BOOK.

  2. Well, I don’t know if I want to read the book, as everytime I do, they change the screen adaption so much, I am always disappointed in the film. I am divided on this right now. I just want to ask you one question nymerias, is Fathers’ part (Alexs’) a decent part of the story, or is it one of these stories where Alex will be in the film for about 10 mins. cause I don’t know if I want to spend the $$$ on sitting through a movie that I’m only watching to see Alex in, I really don’t care for Bridges so much and I learned my lesson with Battleship. I only watched it for the first 40 minutes until Alexs’ character was killed off.

    Sometimes I don’t have the money to spend at the theater and if his is a leading role like his indie flicks, I buy them on DVD anyway, so I can watch them over and over again.

    • Well, the story mostly has to do with Jonas and the Giver but as the author said about Alex filming a pivotal scene that makes Jonas push up his end game so to speak. Other than that I cannot tell how long he will be in the movie. I don’t have money for it either and will probably wait until it comes out on DVD! The movie should be good and worthy of watching for more than just Alex. I get what you are saying though.

  3. nymerias-this was a really interesting post. A friend of mine recently gave me a copy of The Giver. I read the first three chapters or so a few weeks ago but I haven’t had the time/gotten around to reading more lately. I WILL finish this book, I swear! (I sometimes have a history of not finishing what I start.) It’s not that long a read IMO. It seems very interesting to me, and very sophisticated for a younger audience. I agree that it seems to be one of those books that makes you think, and that’s good.

    I have also been known to spend money I don’t have on Alex’s projects because I want to see them AND to support his career (except for that rapist apologist bait and switch crap show that I will not name right now). Not to be too Pollyanna, but I think I’m the only person who actually liked (but did not love) Battleship, even the non-Alex parts (but I totally get why other people did not like it). I knew going in to the film that his was a supporting role and he actually wound up being on screen longer than I expected. I also knew the fate of his character going in (I’m a spoiler junkie), so I was prepared. That eased my mind and I went with the flow.

    Back to The Giver-I am VERY anti-censorship, so I’m glad that not only did the book get published and reach an audience, but that it’s being made into a film. I know it’s being made by Harvey Weinstein’s company, and according to Meryl Streep (and others I’m sure), Harvey runs Hollywood, so that has to help Alex. At the very least, it won’t hurt. I know that there’s also been a bit of gossip lately surrounding Alex and this film. When “they” are talking about you, you’re (usually) doing something right. He’s a future Oscar winner as far as I’m concerned, so the film, the talk, etc., it all seems to be good for his career. He’s a movie star. That’s just the way it is. Don’t try to fight it, anyone. Go with the flow.

    (Another “short story” from me today.)

    • One more thing :): Love the Lois Lowry/Alex pic. I first saw it somewhere else on the Interwebs earlier today (can’t remember where). I’m glad nymerias and ESL decided to post it too.

    • I see Alex winning an Oscar someday as well! I just found out that there three more books in the Giver series and I am looking forward to reading them!

      • Wow! I knew there was at least one other Giver book, not three more! I better get cracking on this one then.

  4. I’m going to have to give it a read. I’m always looking for a good book to read.

  5. I was so excited reading this post nymerias, I read the book as soon as it was confirmed Alex was in it and it just blew my mind (I even invested in the cheapie study guides floating about) – it reminded me a lot of a film Christian Bale was in called Equilibrium. What moved me about this book though was that it involved children.

    To the question of why the book was banned, it was only done so in certain parts of the world, and if I remember what I read about it correctly (at the end of the book as an author’s note no less) then I think it was because the utopian society depicted was done so in a way that had stripped it’s citizens of any free will, and therefore the belief in a higher deity (or something). Now, this is a book aimed towards the Young Adult, a time in a person’s life where they are impressionable – heaven forbid trying to influence their perceptions on a subject by means of a popular medium (rolls eyes). I could go on about Nanny states and such, but it’ll be completely off topic.

    I suspect I know of the scene referred to above, and also found it heartbreaking to read especially given how the character of Father is generally well liked (I’m trying so hard not to spoil it here!). It will be interesting to see how Alex plays it, but I have no doubt that it will be done well, and like already mentioned, the talk this project is generating will help propel our favourite Swede even further along in his career – I couldn’t be happier for him, and am super excited to watch it happening.

    • Thanks for telling me why it was banned, I forgot about the child aspect and how impressionable they are for a book of this magnitude.

      Father was well liked by Jonas as well and that is one of the reasons the scene will be heartbreaking.

  6. Alrighty, for those interested on why the book was banned, you can read it here but be warned, THERE BE SPOILERS:


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