TV’s Best Kisses Of All Time


Daily Life have obviously had enough of Halloween and are already looking ahead to St Valentine’s Day as they have just released their selection of the 17 TV best kisses of all time.

“Sookie Stackhouse and the vampire Eric” are sitting pretty at the front of the list, which gives me just another excuse to watch this wonderful scene from one of my favourite ever episodes all over again.

Don’t forget to check out the entire list at the link below to see if any of your other favorites are featured. There’s a few more of mine in there – Mary and Matthew (sob), Ross and Rachel (the perfect happy ending), and Kurt and Blaine (I never seem to get time to watch any more but I will always love them).

TV’s Best Kisses Of All Time


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16 comments on “TV’s Best Kisses Of All Time

  1. So much to love in my favorite Season!

    • I think it’s my favourite season too :)
      Loved the Eric/Russell story-line, the Eric/Sookie tension, Laffy & Jesus, I even thought the were-wolves were ok back then.

    • Its a toss up btwn S2 & S3 for me, but of course this scene is up there with TB’s best

  2. S3 was my fave season too. When the show used to be AMAZING and seemed to be going somewhere great. Watching this clip again was a bittersweet reminder of what should have been. But, hey, these writers will not bow to fan “pressure,” they can lug their bags of money around and pat themselves on the backs telling themselves what “geniuses” they are, they maintained their “artistic integrity” and stuck to their original POS ending, blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah. Yes, I’m bitter right now. Oh, well, at least I can still enjoy Alex and Kristin. And Alex’s arms. And Eric’s wardrobe. All this buildup, no emotional/artistic payoff. What can I do? Thanks, Evie, for this post, and Daily Life for getting it right, too.

  3. I don’t watch television except for True Blood and The Walking dead. I’ve not seen any of them except the Eric and Sookie kiss. I can’t even imagine any being better than that. Like stated above it could have been so great. The asshat writers and who ever made the decision to make bill Sookie’s main focus really fucked up!

  4. Well I must say at least someone got it right picking the Eric and Sookie first kiss as one of the all time great kisses! Too bad it wasn’t the people who count, i.e. AB and the now show runner, BB and all the a-hole writers of TB. If they would of got off the idea that Sookie has to be with Bill, and ending the series with Sookie and Eric together it would be one of the greatest love stories ever in my book.

    Hell, at this point since we won’t be getting Eric and Sookie together, I would even except it if they ended the series as CH ended her books. Anything is better than Sookie being with Bill…………………. sigh, oh well, I refuse to get myself upset over this today…………….

    • luvvamps-glad you agree.
      redthang914-I actually think BB might end it similar to CH-after Sookie is done getting plowed by her attempted rapist Alcide (just read some comments elsewhere from people DEFENDING Alcide taking advantage of Drunk Sookie! WTF?!?), and making nice with her original rapist Bill, she snuffs out her beautiful light (and her fairy powers), maybe killing Eric (the scum on the bottom of her shoe) to save Rapist Bill, and then she settles for Sam and birthing his seal puppies who will conveniently not be fae (after Plot Device Pregnant Nicole is conveniently killed off or sent away at the last second). If Eric isn’t killed by Sookie, he either gets killed some other way (I don’t think he’s dead-dead just yet), gets a fake “HEA” with either his more-or-less lesbian BFF Pam or his out-of-nowhere Sookie/Nora replacement Willa, OR he gets sold off into 200 years of sexual slavery with Jason’s latest rapist Violet (a character who screams SVM Freyda to me) and learns to love it. For the third season in a row, Skarsgard will not be allowed to have more than four scenes total with Paquin (to be fair, Alex may have only agreed to a few guest appearances-time will tell). A Pam or Willa ending is admittedly more palatable to me, but not an ending which I would find believable based on what was written in the earlier seasons. None of this was worth a seven season time and money commitment to me. I still have morbid curiosity to read about where BB and the writers HBO hasn’t fired yet go with this, but I’m sorry to say that I am 99.99% hopeless about the outcome of TB. S6 had the stench of Rapist Apologist Bait and Switch Con Artist CH all over it for me. Oh, well. I still have my S1-S4 DVDs. And the Internet, including ESL. Sorry for the rant. I won’t write a short story every time I post here, I promise. I’ve just kept this bottled up for a while and needed to get it out with like-minded people. I’ll get to a place of healthy detachment and move on. It’s just a fictional show-that went horribly wrong by jamming in its predetermined, crappy ending. :)

      • Hear, Hear I totally agree with what you said. Never apologize for “letting off steam” thats’ what we all do here once and awhile (All of us pretty much own soapboxes). Your last sentence is what I try and keep telling myself each and every day, but I guess thats’ just what an obsessed person does…………….

        • redthang-thanks for the shared “grief” and the encouragement. We’re all in this together till the bitter (and I do mean bitter) end. :)

      • Please,I really really really hope this won`t come true what you said. It will be my biggest nightmare and I will be screaming bloody murder in my sleep if it does come true. :(

        Beside I don’t think Alcide is a rapist,but I believe he is a complete idiot that get on Skokie. It`s Sookie`s fault,because she was drunk and she tries to seduce him. He didn’t do nothing for her and he all did playing his pack. Sookie used Alcide to have children with. I think it’s kinda of sick she begins to dated a cannibal.

        I rather to see Eric gets a HEA than getting a Big sunburn. But I am afraid of the writers are going to make him into a big bad next season,because he is only powerful vampire (unless it`s violet is powerful 1, I freaking hate she manipulating Jason.). But I don’t mind the writers make Eric human (like he captures by a bunch of scientist and they experiencing on him to make and cure Hep V,but they cures his vampirism instead. He woke up after the breakout and he discovers he is human, that he also finds out he is a cure),probably Sookie will teach him to be human again. I would dream of. But I am still worry about Eric`s faith. Because I heard some leading male character is going to be kill off on some TV shows (they didn’t mention the name of the show). I really hope Eric survive and have a HEA.

        I really hate they made Sookie have to deal with two billies, and Eric had to clean political mess Billy started. I can’t believe the government blamed the TruBlood factory on Eric,but Eric got Willa as a daughter out of the deal. But I freaking hate the writers made Billy boy`s the 1 saved Skokie (with a b**ch version of him Violet. That made me sick ) and didn’t let the viking didn’t have the fun,that ruin the show for everybody. I really hope these writers are getting more and more complaints.

        Beside,I don’t known we will get a cr**py Billy and Sookie`s HEA or follow Charlaine Harris. Who known what will happen at the end of the show. Not everyone known Sookie ends up with. Because there’s a lot of conversation is going on after the finale and Brian Buckner opened his big idiotic mouth with Billy and Sookie. Same goes for the book, some of us don’t known next season will follow the final book. Probably the writers learns from their mistakes and surprising us with Eric`s comeback (I really hope so). Some of us have to wait to what will happen,because it`ll really long time away.

        P.S. I don’t think they are using CD plot from the 11th book,because don’t forget Sookie have that electric ball but she have to use it once (I really hope she didn’t use it on Eric).

        • Shelli-My predictions for s7 could be completely wrong. I HOPE I’m wrong. However, I am a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” kind of person (a quote from Terms of Endearment), and, sadly, when it comes to TB, especially in the wake of CH and DEA and my sneaking suspicion that BB (and possibly AB) are in cahoots with CH (and possibly at least two cast members), I am definitely preparing for the worst for the show. It didn’t have to be this way, but we have no control over what the powers-that-be choose to do.

          I pretty much didn’t watch s6 except for Alex as Eric scenes and a few random other scenes. I kept up with the story through reviews here at ESL and other places. After hearing what that IMDb poster spoiled with Radioactive (s6 finale) was what Kate Barnow actually wrote, and the HBO brass actually financed and put on their airwaves, I’m glad I went with my gut instinct to sit out the season and take a wait-and-see approach. DEA and CH’s “entitled readers” verbal attacks on her audience knocked the wind out of my sails regarding SVM/TB (and I had yet to get around to fully reading the books-I certainly won’t bother now! Unfortunately, I bought everything prior to DEA. Oh, well, I can’t undo my past, but I can try to do better in the future.)

          We will have to respectfully agree to disagree about Alcide (although I do agree that he is an idiot :)). I also agree that Sookie was drunk (of course). She had been pounding down hard liquor for HOURS before Alcide conveniently showed up at her house without even bothering to call beforehand to see if it was a good time for her. It didn’t seem like he drank all that much beforehand. Plus, he had no problem DRIVING afterwards when he, Sookie, Eric, Bill, and Alcide’s foreman Doug went to that abandoned hospital to find Russell. And Alcide was able to drive Sookie and himself back to her house after that (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it-I did not buy the s5 DVD and have no intention to). Sookie may have (sort of) “initiated” it (up to interpretation), but Alcide should have been a gentleman and stopped her. Sookie was drinking because she was trying to block out her guilt over killing Alcide’s CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART Debbie Pelt only a few days earlier, after Debbie killed Sookie’s childhood BFF Tara, leading Sookie to participate in turning vampire-hating human Tara into a vampire without Tara’s consent. Sookie told Alcide about killing Debbie only 24 hours or so earlier, and Alcide’s only concern was that Sookie was not going to tell him about Debbie, not the fact that Debbie was, you know, DEAD. By Sookie’s hand. Then, Alcide lies to Debbie’s parents about the circumstances of their daughter’s death, and he gets to play the “hero” with No Self Respect Sookie.

          I hate Alcide almost as much as I hate Bill, but it’s not a fun hate-to-love, love-to-hate for me like s3 Russell, human Steve Newlin, Franklin Mott, Nan Flanagan, Lorena, Sophie-Anne, etc. It’s an “I’m not sure if I can ever fully stomach this show again” hate. I don’t yet know if the writers will have Sookie use Alcide for biological human-fairy-werewolf-whatever children. Time will tell. I also think it’s sick to date a cannibal. It makes no storytelling sense to me for the writers to pair Sookie up with Alcide. Apparently HBO thinks we’re gullible and will just roll over and accept swapping out future Academy Award winner Alexander Skarsgard for Boring Attempted Rapist Overly Muscular Werewolf. Alcide is Bill/Billith with fewer superpowers. I guess the writers and HBO haven’t abused Sookie enough with Bill/Billith, Ben/Warlow, and Sam (yeah, I said it).

          I’d rather see Eric in a fake “romance” with Pam or Willa than a “big sunburn” as well, but I will never believe a “romance” with Eric and either of his progeny based on what the writers wrote in the previous seasons. Pam, like her Maker, may dabble in men occasionally, but they both generally prefer women. I personally have no interest/emotional investment in the suddenly majorly important Willa. I HATED that OOC scene where the writers decided to retcon Eric into a “sexual molester” when he and Willa first “meet.” I watched that scene once out of respect for Alex, cringed, and never watched it again. Eric is NOT a rapist, writers and HBO (Bill, on the other hand…)! FAKE controversy (HBO “leaked” that scene online before the episode aired). Willa looks like a teenage version of Nora (even though the actress is in her early twenties). Call me shallow, but she just LOOKS so much younger than Eric (I mean physically-obviously he is 1000 years old!) In addition to the unsubtle Nora parallel, Pam even more-or-less called Willa the new Sookie for Eric. Sorry, but, yawn, I don’t care. Forced, fast, fake, shallow relationships all around during the Hudis/Buckner reign.

          I could see the writers character-assassinating Eric into the “Big Bad” of the series, but anyone paying attention won’t believe them for a second. I hate Violet, too, and I haven’t even bothered to watch her scenes. She feels like Freyda, SVM Eric’s rapist/slaveowner, to me. I would LOVE if the writers decided to make Eric human again and had Sookie “teach” him to be/act human. But I just don’t see them going there, unfortunately. It might make Eric look too good, and the audience might love it too much. I don’t know if Eric will still be unalive at the end. I just don’t know. None of us do.

          • I posted because I’m writing a “book” here and I wasn’t sure if it would get deleted because I wrote it too long. I am NOT tech-savvy! Thanks everyone at ESL for your patience with me. Two+ years of carrying this. It’s liberating to get it off my chest with like-minded people.

            More thoughts :):

            I have ALWAYS hated the TB political storylines, even when I loved the overall show. I have a severe mental block when it comes to them. If I wanted a political lecture, I’d watch CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, or, gasp, FOX News. I watched TB for Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Jason, and the random Godric appearance. Period, end of discussion. I tolerate everyone else.

            Violet IS Bill. I 100% agree with you there. Bill rapes Sookie mind, body, and soul, and now Violet rapes Jason mind, body, and soul. I guess the “geniuses” haven’t also abused Jason enough with Miss Steeler, Crystal, Felton, and the werepanthers (sorry to remind), and Bill’s overrated demon spawn Jessica (yeah, I said it again).

            Real Eric would NEVER have left Sookie on her own to deal with Billith and Warlow. He just wouldn’t. He also would not leave his newborn progeny Willa behind without serious vampire training at least. Especially after the writers made such a hash in s5 over Eric not becoming a Maker (of Pam) until he was 900+ years old, he wouldn’t leave a newborn to fend for him/herself, etc. Awesome “continuity” yet again, guys.

            I guarantee “Bucky” and the writers HBO hasn’t fired yet STILL get tons of complaints. It doesn’t matter, though. They’re going to do whatever the heck they want to do, because they’re in charge of the story and we’re not. They’re “right” and we’re “wrong.” It’s just the way it is. Nothing we can do about it but complain.

            Once again, I believe BB is in cahoots with CH and there will be either a forced Sookie/Sam ending with a generous helping of Boring Rapist Who Always Gets Away with His Evil Deeds and Is Always Given More and More Power Beel, or Sookie crawls back to Bill. I wish it wasn’t so, but I feel that is where BB (and possibly was where AB) is headed.

            Buckner DID put his foot in his mouth big time with those post-s6 finale interviews. Good thing he STFU (or did HBO muzzle him to protect the brand?).

            There is a scene in AD where SVM Sookie watches Eric on TV and Sam feels weird about it. I didn’t watch it, but I read there is a scene in s6 where TB Sookie watches Bill on TV and Alcide feels weird about it. S6 aired before AD was released. I don’t think this parallel was a coincidence or an accident.

            I would hope BB and the writers would learn from their mistakes and do better, but the show has been getting worse and worse since the final third of s4, with a brief creative revival in the final 3 eps of s5 that Hudis/Buckner flushed down the toilet, so sadly, I don’t see positive change coming this late in the game. I am no longer in denial and no longer making excuses for the writers. Crappy writing is crappy writing.

            I think the electric ball IS the TB answer to the CD. Just like the CD jammed SVM Sookie with Sam at the eleventh hour, the electric ball will conveniently get the writers out of that pesky Sookie Is a Fairy s/l at the last second. I do think the writers might have her use it to kill Eric to save Bill. MIGHT. That would also get them out of the pesky Eric Is Still in the Running in the Sookie Sweepstakes s/l in one fell swoop. Not that Alex is allowed to have more than four scenes a season with Anna anymore, though.

            I hope I am wrong. If I am, I’ll take back what I just wrote.

            I have officially written a mini-book. I swear not all my posts will be this long! ESL, thanks for this forum to vent. THANK YOU!

  5. ANY season that has ERIC NORTHMAN in it is a FAVOURITE.
    LOCK LIPS is an Excellent Season.
    My favourite Eric/Sookie kiss….the 4 in a “Dream” and the other
    TEN in Eric’s Office that were for REAL.

  6. Being in Oz I read this one yesterday and squeed when I saw it. We don’t get much coverage or even references for the TB over here, so it was awesome to see an (obviously :) ) clued in writer include Eric and Sookie in this list. (As silly as these lists are of course)

  7. ahh, the good old days when I had hope for my favorite show…I’m still not over wretched season 6 finale. The Bill REvamp (ala dallas shower dream, hey, disregard last 2 seasons, he’s just Beehl again–like anybody wants him back) and Alcide as Sookie’s top dog (guess we can make the Danger whore her official title now–just more gross than I can possibly ever say)…never mind all the other ridiculous developments: Sam as mayor, Bill confessing 1st degree murder on tv w/ pride and no consequences, Merlotte’s, outdoor night parties to protect us from vamp zombies, Jason’s lifelong sex abuse continues, Tara and her mom (really?), where the F is LaLa?!, Sookie’s cow eyes at Beehl (writers are trying to make me hate her), and even though I’m leaving lots of CRAP out–the worst of the worst: ERIC’S SEX ON FIRE.

    Seeing these old scenes makes me even Angrier–because this show could and should have been so much more!! Since season 5 they have been hopelessly lost, w/ very brief glimpses of the old magic that kept us hangin on.

    I fear the worst now….and the only good thing about CH destroying her own mythology and character development…and the writers of this show becoming predictable and actually stupid in their plot and character development is that it makes it easier to say goodbye.

    The saddest part, my TB bottle was half full until finale. I was always arguing on here that it would turn out great in the end. I’ve lost all faith in these writers. I can’t bear to see her end up w/ Sam, Alcide, but especially Bill. PLease NO. AND STOP WASTING THE BEST CHARACTERS ON YOUR SHOW AND THESE 4 ARE NOT IT!

    Sorry, but thanks for reminder of happier tb loving days.

    • Kristen-if you see this. I let my TB poison out a few posts ahead of you. :) Yes, it feels like “Bucky” hit the erase button on 5-6 YEARS of character/plot development. Just like CH. (In cahoots?) Luckily for me, I saw the writing on the wall with DEA/”entitled readers” so I mostly sat out s6 (my instinct) and kept up through recaps (including, of course, ESL). I did eventually break down and watch Alex’s scenes and a few others, but that was it for me. I still have morbid curiosity to hear about where HBO/Buckner take it, but I’m 99.99% hopeless about TB right now.

      I am so “over” Jason’s never-ending sexual abuse too (and I’ve never liked him with Jessica-he never showed the least bit of interest in his best friend Hoyt’s girl until after Jason had Jessica’s blood-move on, Bucky!). Violet is another abuser who wins on TB, like Bill and Lettie Mae, and Jason is another good person who loses on TB, like Hoyt, Tara, and Sookie when she is written in character.

      Yes, I am (sadly) prepared for the worst when it comes to TB. I could be wrong, but all the signs so far don’t look good to me. You, Kristen, held out hope longer than me. We’re all in this together.

      I have no interest in Sam (again), and I dislike Alcide almost as much as I dislike Bill. Domestic violence is not sexy and rape is not romantic.

      Hang in there, Kristen. Thanks to Evie and ESL for the great work you do and providing a place to vent (and praise!).

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