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It’s SUNDAY!! You know what that means…it’s time to reveal the Eric & Sookie Lover’s Video of the Week for the week of November 3rd to 9th!

Our pick this week features many of our favorite Eric and Sookie scenes and tells the story of how Sookie may have many other lovers…but there’s only ONE who she belongs to!  Guess who THAT person is?  ERIC! “I’m yours and you are mine.” – is the quote repeated throughout the video and certainly applies to our fave couple!

The video is titled, “Army of Lovers” and is edited by darkswordfish7xx!

Hope you enjoy is as much as we did!

Watch it below!

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Congratulations darkswordfish7xx! Thanks for making this awesome video!

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5 comments on “Video of the Week (Nov. 3 – 9)

  1. That was a great video! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. So much depth of emotion between Anna/Sookie and Alex/Eric and formerly compelling s/l. Wasted. This could have been an amazing series. Erika and ESL, thanks for posting this vid, and thanks darkswordfish7xx for making the vid and posting it. I always enjoy anything GOOD btwn E/S.

  3. Great video! The chemistry between Eric and Sookie is always what shows in all these videos and when true blood is over that will be the lasting regret that the writers never did what other shows had the balls to do ….change the storyline from the abusive Bill/Sookie disaster of a relationship to the true love story of Sookie and Eric. The majority of the fan base whether they read the books or just watched the tv show wanted to see them as a couple but the writers never did and it took something that could have been a great show into a disgraceful mess.

  4. Once again a great video, thank you so much for sharing with us. I really don’t have anything additional to add to the comments as those above me said everything I could have.

    Just wanted to say Thanks for posting this!!!!!

  5. there is a whole lot of chemistry going on in that video and I am shocked that TB never capitalized on it, they wasted what could have been by reintroducing Bill to the equation.

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