True Blood Nominated for People’s Choice Award


The People’s Choice Awards have released the official nominees for 2014!

Find out who was nominated for what below…

We’re pleased to tell you – True Blood HAS been nominated as Favorite Premium Cable TV Show!


These are their fellow nominees in their category;

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show
  • Californication
  • Game of Thrones
  • Girls
  • Homeland
  • True Blood

Looks like they are up against some pretty stiff competition!

Unfortunately (but not really surprising), this is the only category they are nominated for out of the major categories.

You can check out all of the rest of the nominees here and vote for your favorites here or here! Vote as often as you wish and please pass this on!

The awards will be broadcast live on CBS on January 8th, 2014.

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8 comments on “True Blood Nominated for People’s Choice Award

  1. NOW I’m a happy camper!!!

  2. Well since season 7 will be their last, I sure hope that they at least win in their category just once. Even tho the show has slipped over the years, I think it should still be recognized for the unique type of show that it originally started out to be. I voted, but then there where some catagories where I didn’t vote as I had no clue about the shows or actors or whatever……. Really seemed like some crappy choices to vote for this year, but whatever. I will keep voting for TB so that maybe they will have a hope and a prayer to win this time out.

    • redthang-I think they won last year? Can’t remember and too lazy to look it up. I think their award wasn’t televised and kinda sorta came and went without a trace.

  3. Too bad Alex wasn’t nominated. Of course, I didn’t vote, so I can’t complain too hard. :)

    I can’t in good conscience vote for TB at this point. I feel too used and abused for my $$$$$ and time. I’ll see how I feel less than a year from now.

  4. sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab, (whew, thats’ a mouthful, LOL) I know that TB won but not a Peoples’ Choice award, I believe it was for an artistic award (Golden Globe, maybe??) for behind the scenes work, maybe stunt crew or something like that. You are right, it was not televised and they picked the winners of those types of awards the day before the televised ones.

    Sorry that you feel that way about the show, most of us do at this point now, but to me, in the beginning until it jumped the shark, it was an innovative show and I still feel that the cast should get at least a group award as the casting to me (with a few exceptions) was pretty much spot on. I could go on and on about why Alex wasn’t nominated, but I don’t want to rattle on the only thing I’ll say is, if people don’t vote for their favorites, they’ll never win. My Dad had a saying, ” You gotta be in it, to win it”.

    • “True Blood” won the People’s Choice Award for Best Premium Cable TV Show last year. It was a very nice surprise and I would love them to win again but it will probably go to GOT this year. Still I will keep voting – right to the end!

      • redthang-thanks for responding back. (My name IS a mouthful, huh? I shouldn’t hold back or anything.) I thought I vaguely remembered TB winning a People’s Choice award last year, hearing about it from ESL and others (thanks, Evie). Off the top of my head, I know Anna won a Golden Globe for S1 and was nominated for S2, the cast got a Screen Actors Guild award nomination for s2, and the show was nominated for the best drama Emmy for s2. The major awards/nominations seemed to, for the most part, dry up after that (I thought s3 and the first two-thirds of s4 deserved more industry love).

        For the most part, I love the TB casting too. I’m not sure if this particular award they’re up for goes to the cast, the producers, both, etc. Your dad is right. I didn’t vote for Alex, and here we are.

        TB might win again. Time will tell.

  5. I voted for it, but I’m afraid it doesn’t have much of a chance against Game of Thrones and Homeland. :(

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