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It’s Sunday again, and whilst for me that always means one week less until True Blood returns to my television screen, this year my feelings are mixed as it’s also one week closer to the ending of my favourite show. Still, hunting down and sharing with everyone a brand new video of the week definitely makes any Sunday that little bit brighter, and here is this week’s offering……..

The video is titled “Can we start again?” and was lovingly put together just 5 days ago by xxIceFlower1456xx


A special Viking sized thank you to xxIceFlower1456xx!!!!


And just a reminder to all the talented and amazing video makers out there that we are currently running a “Use That Tune”  competition.

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8 comments on “Video Of The Week (November 11)

  1. That was a very nice video of our Eric and Sookie, I just loved that song and wish that the writers and BB would really give E&S a chance to try again in season 7, they don’t even have to end the series with them together, but give us that glimmer of hope that they will be together somewhere down the “neverending” road in the saga of Bon Temps. I’d settle for that, vs them not even being in contact like they were………….sigh…………. I know, just wishful thinking once again………..

    Thanks Evie for posting this video for us!!!!

  2. Another great video! Continues to show the great chemistry between Eric and Sookie and the answer to the song can we start again? Based upon Buckner and the writers the its a bigno! They aren’t interested in Eric and Sookie at all….so they won’t ever have a relationship on this show….its a travesty for all of us fans.

  3. Thanks xxIceFlower1456xx for making this vid and Evie and ESL for posting it,

    I’m with redthang914 and esw45. I’d love to see “Bucky” give the audience members who haven’t bailed yet a tiny glimmer of hope that Eric and Sookie could be at least acquaintances who see each other once in a while. I agree that Bucky and the “new” TB writers whom Michael McMillian was talking about in a recent interview (why are most of the original writers gone?) aren’t the least bit interested in anything Eric/Sookie. Everyone used “Sookie and Eric” as bait for four seasons (season 4 = book 4) to lure and hook their audience, hit the pause button on S/E in year 5, then we found out the SVM ending in April spoilers, then year 6 Buckner hit the erase button on

    • I literally was not allowed to type past that point, so I hit “post” and decided to finish with another comment. I’m not sure if the issue was with this website or my laptop/Internet connection. I’m not tech-savvy at all so bear with me.

      I’ll try to finish: Buckner hit the erase button on E/S and that was it. I have a hunch Alex may have only agreed to come back for half of s7 to “wrap it up” and that’s it. I can’t stomach Alcide, have even less “tolerance” for Bill, and have no investment whatsoever in Sam. I love Pam as a BEST FRIEND and have no investment in the suddenly majorly important Willa. What is the point of Willa when the writers already had Nora? If the writers had made any real effort with Nora, she could have been an interesting character who could have added even more depth to Eric’s s/l, like Godric in s2. Another inexcusable waste.

      Earlier this week, I was re-watching old E/S clips and it hit me: I don’t think I like Sookie. I can’t quite put my finger on why just yet. I guess in the early years of TB, I thought the writers were writing her that way to give her room to grow/evolve as a character. I thought there was a reason Sookie and Eric had so many parallels in their stories. I think everyone involved thought they were writing a modern-day Wizard of Oz, that Sookie would take her little walk on the wild side, think, “Golly gee, there’s no place like home,” and that was that. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve seen that movie, but that’s just a half-baked theory I have that I need to live with a bit more before I can fully flesh it out, Problem for me with TB is, I dislike Sookie’s home life. I wanted so much more for her. I was rooting for her. It’s like she’s old before her time. And not a cool old lady. An isolated, backwards old lady who has shut off her mind and is not open to the idea that there can be more, or there can be something different. I had such high hopes for her and the series. It’s within me. I’ll get over it.

      Thanks for letting me vent. :) And, again, thanks for the video. It confirmed for me yet again how much I love Eric and Alex as an actor and how Eric was always the catalyst for interaction with Sookie. Sookie never cared about Eric. She was just taking her little walk on the wild side before settling for backwards nothingness where she can snuff out her beautiful light and the vamps and all supes will just magically forget she ever existed. Yes, I’m not over it yet. :)

      • Well said I agree 100% with sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab

        • Jackie69-Thanks for the kind words. We’re all in this together,

          Thanks again to Evie and everyone at ESL for this feature and xxIceFlower1456xx for the video.

  4. Oh if we could have only had the story of Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhous
    that we truely deserved…The one that begun that night at Fangtasia.
    When Eric saw “the girl in the White Dress”…Where had he seen her before?
    This was the question going thru his mind…He knew her but from where???
    And Sookie later admitted that she wanted to “Jump his bones right then and there”
    There was no denying their attraction to each other.
    Yet we fans were4 given the shaft..We had to sit thru two and half years of
    William Thomas Compton and Sookie Stackhouse all because of Alan Ball’s
    Obcession with Stephen Moyer…and his only wanting to see
    Sookie with anyone but Bill Compton!!!!

    Hopefully, we will finally get the love story we crave???
    Hopefully, Eric and Sookie will be the last ones standing when
    Bon Temp’s falls at the end of Season Seven????

  5. Its just so sad now :( … I don’t know why I am feeling so sad after watching this video…

    To have something huge and not give it a chance!

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