TV.com’s Battle of the True Blood Poster’s Final Four

The holidays are right around the corner… which means the start of filming is not that far off either. Which is good and bad at the same time since we all will be scouring for hints on what may be in store for us… because we really won’t know what it will mean till the season airs during the summer. Waiting really does suck.

In the meantime to help distract us from the waiting and to have some fun, the folks over at tv.dom have been hosting a battle of the True Blood posters and they are up to the Final 4!

Their contenders are

tvdotcom combined S4 vs tvdotcom Eric S2 hurts so good




tvdotcom S1   vs  tvdotcom S3 cast


Its a tough choice, but I think we are up for the challenge. Click here to vote!

And I love the idea of a tournament. We should think about hosting one of our own… *innocent look*

Stay tuned!



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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

22 comments on “TV.com’s Battle of the True Blood Poster’s Final Four

  1. When there is a poster of Eric like that, there is no other to vote for.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up, B and ESL.

    While I love the s3 (blue) poster with the whole cast, and s3 is my all-time fave season of TB, I have to agree with luvvamps that the Eric solo poster (s2, I believe) is the best choice. (No s5 and s6 posters? Interesting?)

    Alex-as-Eric for the win.

  3. The Eric one is definitely my favorite one (what a surprise lol). The season 1 poster is good. I really don’t like the season 4 ones, especially Sookie sitting with the 3 guys round her (they could have come up with something so much better for the Eric/Sookie storyline that season). I actually like the individual character season 5 posters better. Last season they just got lazy, but hopefully with a big push for the final season we’ll get some decent stuff next year.

    • Evie-I’m not in love with the s1 poster, but I do think it does a good job of introducing what the show is about (or seemed to be before the bait and switch).

      I REALLY don’t like the s4 poster with Sookie/Eric/abusers and the other two posters. Re: Sookie I think HBO was going for “sexy and provocative” :) but it made Sookie seem like an inanimate object or a fickle sociopath with no emotions or something. Fail.

      At the time it first aired, I loved most of the Eric/Sookie story in the first two-thirds of s4, until they came down from Narnia (now we know it’s the Fairy Portal) and all Sookie could do was whine to Amnesia Eric about her beloved Abuser Bill. Now we know E/S was just a bait and switch cash grab (see my name), rendering the whole s/l a waste of everyone’s time, including Alex’s and Anna’s.

      I liked some of the individual s5 posters, including Alex’s (of course). It feels to me like HBO sank a lot more money into the s3 and s4 posters than they did s5 and s6. Money does not equal creativity, of course. Just an observation. I agree that the s6 poster was lazy. I think it might be Eric fanged out screaming in agony in an attempt to create more “Eric might die!” hysteria. Time will tell what HBO will do for s7.

  4. Of course I voted for season 2 Eric (best Eric character development too!) and I voted for the group pic, after all they are all in the show (To tell the truth, I really don’t care for the other poster too much) Although I wish it was just the “Eric Northman” show sometimes and that in the beginning AB would of realized he(Alex) was the hot commodity of the show and not Steve.

    Who knows what season 7 will bring, I just hope that Eric is alive and happy and has made up with Pam. Since BB said that Erics’ storyline is going to not center around Bon Temps, I think that Eric and Pam will elect to stay in Sweden and be happy with their new lives up there, which I can live with. I really at this point don’t care about him being with that self absorbed fairy (Sookie) anymore since we all know that it isn’t going to happen anyway. At least thats’ how I’ve been thinking lately, trying to condition myself for Season 7’s end.

    • I really hope Eric and Pam don’t stay away all season. They both have commitments back in Bon Temps and they better do right by their family or I’ll be very disappointed in them. I’m still clinging to them coming back eventually and even re-opening Fangtasia maybe. I don’t just want there to be Pam in Eric’s life at the end, I love Pam and I want her to be his best friend, but not all that he has in his life. I still think Sookie and he are unresolved, but we’ll have to see if that takes any priority in the long list of things the writers have to try to fit in next year in just 10 episodes, gurh!!!!!

      • Yep, I guess you have a point there Evie. I also feel that its’ crappy that Eric ran out on his whole family like he did, especially Willa since shes’ a newborn and all. But Buckner has me kinda scared since he said that Erics’ story isn’t going to be around Bon Temps, unless he meant that Eric comes back and stays in Shereport and starts up Fangtasia again (like Buchner said, going to circle back to the beginning kinda). Who Knows, it is a crap shoot if you ask me. We will just have to wait and see what happens I guess….

        • See… I think if there was a season 8, Eric and Pam would not be involved with the official storyline. With this season being the last, we are going to get a lot of time jumps to move the story along to whatever conclusion… but Eric and Pam would be involved.

          • Yes, that’s my take too. They will hopefully come back. This is from one of Buckner’s interviews:
            “We’re establishing a new triangle – with Eric clearly unresolved, but not part of the picture in Bon Temps in the short term – the Sookie, Alcide, Bill triangle is going to be in play.”
            So I do hope he will be back later and I hope they get to “resolve” it. I need either an Eric/Sookie hook-up at the end, or I need them to have some kind of interaction and it to be clear that Eric has moved on and is happy to look for love elsewhere. It just needs resolving, leaving his feelings just hanging there will be very unsatisfactory for me!

  5. I just think we should all be prepared to be disappointed with season seven. Just saying.

    • That’s why I’m not even going to bother watching, what’s the point if you know it will just end in disappointment? I’m done wasting my time with this show.

    • luvvamps-I’m right there with you.

      • Tammy-I understand. I sat out most of s6 (except I eventually broke down and watched Alex’s scenes and a few others) after DEA and “entitled readers.” I instinctively had a bad feeling, and it turned out I was right. That’s the approach I’m taking with s7. I’ll torture myself with recaps, and if I can stomach the ending, then I’ll be back. If I can’t, at least I didn’t waste ten more hours of my life, you know?

  6. I have this nagging feeling Buckner will end TB with Sookie/Sam together (and seal sex), Sookie snuffing out her beautiful light (and I’m not just talking about her fairy powers that the writers have been so obnoxiously wishy-washy about so far), Bill “redeemed” and Sookie’s “great friend” and eternal next-door neighbor, Eric/Pam marginalized (possibly because Alex may have only committed to half the season-time will tell, of course, but “series regular” does not necessarily mean that Alex will be in all 10 eps of s7; Christopher Meloni and Rutger Hauer were promoted by HBO as “series regulars,” and look how that played out), Plot Device Pregnant Nicole character assassinated and killed off or sent away at the last second to shove Sam with Sookie, Alcide sent away with a revival of his packmaster story that NO ONE CARES ABOUT, Eric put in a fake “romance” with his basically gay BFF Pam or his convenient Sookie/Nora replacement Willa, Tara staying behind in BT to “protect” Sookie, poor Lala STILL not really having a storyline, Jason back to his merry-go-round “relationship” with Bill’s overrated demon spawn Jessica as the lesser of two evils over Violet, etc. Not what I want, not what I consider appointment television, but what can I do (but complain :))?

    redthang914-Eric did have great character development in s2. Ball and the writers (including Nancy Oliver) actually seemed to care and took the time to craft a great, believable story for Eric with Godric, Pam, Sookie, Lafayette, etc., and Alex of course hit it out of the park and then some. The early seasons of TB, along with Gen Kill, are what really put Alex on the map in Hollywood, imo. I agree that Ball should have focused MUCH more on Alex than Steve. It seemed to me that Ball was organically moving Eric from the “bad” guy who is actually good and Bill to the “good” guy who is actually evil, but then something went sideways in the final third of s4 and never fully came back. Alex as an actor is a natural leading man with acting skills for days and charisma and star quality. When he is on screen, I can’t take my eyes off him. Steve is meant to be more of a character actor; he could play a convincing villain and supporting/ensemble characters, and I think it is smart for him to move more into directing and producing as well. With no disrespect to him personally, Steve is not a leading man as an actor. He just isn’t, and Ball’s, Buckner’s, HBO’s, etc., insistence on forcing Steve into a leading role on TB has been a big part of the show’s artistic downfall, imo. Ball/Buckner had the opportunity to have Steve play one of television’s all-time greatest villains, and they blew it. And, just from a business/financial standpoint, it would have been much more lucrative (and smarter) to have Alex transition into the leading man opposite Anna and have Steve play the conniving villain whom Eric, Sookie, etc., have to defeat. That seemed to be where they were naturally headed…and then they didn’t. Weird.

    Evie and B-I think that Eric/Pam will eventually come back to BT to help defeat the “zompires” (playing second-fiddle to Saint Boring Abuser Bill, of course). For a while, though, Buckner will have them stuck in a tedious “Where’s Waldo?” s/l to accomodate Alex’s schedule (my guess, anyway).

    I thought it was a lazy attempt at character assassination for Buckner to have Eric (and Pam) run out on Willa (and Tara) like that. Real Eric would not have left his newborn progeny like that, and neither would Pam. It was just in s5 where the writers made such a hash of Eric not wanting to become a Maker (of then-human Pam) because he didn’t want the responsibility. He knew how serious the Maker-progeny bond is thanks to his relationship with his own Maker Godric. So, all of a sudden, because he just needs to be alone naked reading a book on a mountaintop in Sweden in daylight, Eric just takes off like that, leaving Willa behind, leaving the Hep-V “crisis” behind, leaving Sookie behind to deal with Billith and Benlow all by her lonesome, and Pam just leaves Tara behind to check on Eric? Nice try, Bucky. These are not the characters I know and love, and I’m not buying it for a second. There is a theory that this story was told from an unreliable POV, specifically Bill’s. I’d like to believe that, and maybe that was Ball’s original plan, but this has dragged on for way too long, and Buckner may have abandoned Ball’s plans, so I don’t have a lot of hope for TB right now.

  7. Tammy-right now I’m leaning toward Sam because of Harris and Buckner’s “I always thought you and I would end up together” “neon sign” scene in s6, but you’re right, it could be Bill because these people can’t seem to separate Sookie/Bill from Anna/Steve in this “fictional” show. At the very least Abuser Bill will always be in the picture as Sookie’s “great friend” and “trusted confidante.” The for-now supernatural Rihanna and Chris Brown. :(

    • Well, they already shot that down last season with Sam’s response. I think it was a goodbye to that ship, and he went and knocked someone else up. The show has hardly ever taken from the books, I doubt they would start now.

      • tammydevil83-you might be right. However, I still suspect Buckner might retcon Nicole into a “bad guy” and force interaction between Sam and Sookie (like double dates, IN THE DAYLIGHT, with Nicole and Alcide) in a ham-fisted attempt to tell the audience that Sam is “right” for Sookie: daylight, sperm donor, Bon Temps, grandmother’s house, Merlotte’s/Bellefleur’s, no supe politics, yadda yadda yadda, yawn, whatever. Sadly, it seems to be that shallow and one-dimensional. Then, Buckner maybe kills Nicole or sends her away, it’s all her “fault,” and get ready for Seal Sex. But I could be wrong. Time will tell. I am prepared for the worst. I hope that scene was a goodbye to that boring, pointless ship, but I’m just not convinced.

        • Oops-I forgot-Sam is the mayor right now. Well, scratch that part of my theory (for now)!

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