Alex in Eastbound and Down

latestnews Our very own Alex was in the SERIES finale of Eastbound and Down tonight and if you thought the Season 1 wig from True Blood, wait until you get a load of this!

On but he still looked good….when does he NOT look good! More important, he is one hell of an actor so the wig does not matter! Here is a video with his scene that aired on tonight’s finale!

As usual sound off below! Will add caps later!



The following picture was ‘supposedly’ and accident but I don’t believe it!! LOL!


*Screecaps courtesy of Skarsgardfans where you can find more caps HERE

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22 comments on “Alex in Eastbound and Down

  1. This is one time I will say he looked ridiculous, but he’s just always entertaining.

  2. Ya but did you check out those pants he was wearing in that last scene? Sweet!!

  3. He was supposed to look ridiculous. He did it beautifully ;)

  4. Yeah, Alex’s E&D wig was bad, but at least in this case it was intentionally bad (I think). I’ve been waiting for this since August. Glad to see it. I almost forgot it was on tonight but luckily remembered just before airtime. I’ll watch it again later. It’s not necessarily “my” show, but I do think it is done well, and no “baiting and switching”-you know going in what it’s going to be, and they deliver. I loved Sacha Baron Cohen’s performance as well, and it was great to hear Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” (my all-time favorite band). It felt like a fitting end (for now?) for E&D, far as I can tell. And how nice of HBO/Time Warner to hire “in house” with Alex. They know what side their bread is buttered on, in this case anyway. Thanks, nymerias and ESL for the post, and again for this escapism website.

  5. Crazy wig apart, he still made me laugh/smile and he always does that :) :)…Thank God for Alexander Skarsgard :)

  6. Another thing: can I just say how much I loved Alex’s “ugly cry?”

    • That was hilarious. Also, Lindsay Lohan’s reaction to the dude rubbing the magical ashes on his teeth like it was coke was pretty funny (it was subtle but it was there).

      • Sheldon-I was so caught up in waiting for and seeing Alex, I missed the Lohan thing! Very appropriate.

  7. ROTFLMAO…..Thanks for posting nymerias!!! Just want to let you guys know that, I didn’t even recognize Alex until the last scene……LOL, that horrible dark wig is what threw me off. I was expecting to see Alex in is normal hair. It was a fitting ending to the show however. Thank Goodness, I had the insight to DVR it and I can rewatch it later today so I can see all of Alexs’ part (however small) once again and know which character he is. I sure wish that Alex would get in a comedy movie I think he’d be great in it.

  8. I chuckled through it, never liked the show but that was entertaining

  9. OMG, hilarious. Love that Alex isn’t afraid to look ridiculous and put himself out there in these kind of satirical roles. Its the opposite of sex-on-legs viking vampire and shows he doesn’t take Hollywood hottie too seriously.

    • What Sheldon said. Alex is a real actor. A versatile actor. He seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. Time will tell, but I think he’ll do well for himself career-wise. A lot of it is luck and timing, but Alex clearly has the talent, he’s not afraid to work, and, on top of that, he seems to be a good person.

    • He never takes himself too seriously and that’s what I love about him, he’s always said how he doesn’t think of himself as a sex symbol. Most celebrities would let stuff like that go to their head, but it’s good to know that he never changes.

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