Walking With The Wounded Lifts Off!


After a delay of 48 hours due to bad weather conditions, the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge Teams finally had lift off today, with their 6 hour flight from South Africa to Antarctica.

walking with the wounded team prepare to start their trip to the south pole, cape town, south africa - 22 nov 2013, ,

Alexander Skarsgard and his fellow walkers left Cape Town this morning in the warm sunshine, but weather conditions are a little bit different at their new home, the Nova Base in Antarctica. The teams will now commence their final preparations, training and acclimatisation before they hopefully begin the trek on November 30th.

And just because it’s Friday, we thought it would be fun to play a little game of “Spot The Swede”. (Think “Where’s Wally” with a 6ft 4 Viking)

Click on the link below to watch a report on Prince Harry and the teams arrival and see if you can spy a Scandinavian.

Arrival in Antarctica

(Check below to see if you’re a winner)

Walking With The Wounded have also posted details of the food packs the teams will be taking with them:

Daily food rations for @VirginMoney#SouthPole2013 members: 5,750kcal per day. 28days worth of food weighs 36.4kg!



So did you “Spot The Swede”?


We suspect you did!

Hopefully there will be plenty more news reports and pictures in the coming days, so watch this snow capped space!






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9 comments on “Walking With The Wounded Lifts Off!

  1. yes I saw our Swede about 4 times in the video, good luck to the Teams Go Team USA

  2. How can we not spot the viking, lovers? :)..Of course we can’t control ourselves and will watch and dissect the video for every glimpse and then discuss it to death…hehehe :)…I love this forum *kiss kiss*

  3. Yep, He does tower over everyone doesn’t he?? LOL, Glad to see that they made it there OK. Hope that they have a safe hike to the Pole. I have to salute all the men and women that are doing this, as I wouldn’t have the cahonies, to do it, too cold for this Southern gal. But, sincerely, I wish them all the best of luck and Gods’ speed in going thru this nobel gesture for all the service people who have been wounded one way or the other in defending the world.

    Thanks for posting this and I know if any other pics or videos come your way, you’ll be sure to share with all of us!!!!!

  4. I don’t think any of us could miss picking him out. We could spot him a mile away . LOL! What a guy.Can’t wait for more video on this.

  5. I wish everyone nothing but the best (but am rooting for Alex’s team to win). Wonderful cause.

  6. Evie-thanks for the post and the link. Yes, I spotted “our” Alex in his Hammarby cap. Wow. These people ARE so brave, much braver than I. And again, it’s a wonderful cause. I love that everyone is just matter-of-fact and doing what needs to be done. I wish everyone with Walking with the Wounded the best in their trek. And I still hope Alex’s team wins (I know, I’m terrible). Lots of love and luck and SAFETY for everyone involved. Get back home as soon as you can.

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