Hi Ho! It’s off the the Pole they Go!

wwtwAnd they are off!

After a few delays caused by extreme weather and equipment issues,  the race to the South Pole officially started today at 13:35 GMT (around 8:35 EST AM). Taking with them our favorite Swede, Alexander Skarsgård.

In celebration of the start to the challenge, Walking With the Wounded shared these pictures from the starting line on their Facebook page (and twitter).

Alex at the WWTW startinglineall teams (1)all teams (2)C Dickinson Starting Line forming Team Noom Coach Polar Guide Inge Solheim Team Noom Ivan and Inge

Due to the extreme weather, the starting point was moved closer to the pole to keep ahead of it. Even with this adjustment, the teams have a long (and bitter) trek ahead of them

We wish all teams a safe journey…. and go Team USA!

Our hats and hearts to you all!



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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

12 comments on “Hi Ho! It’s off the the Pole they Go!

  1. Do you know what was really fun this Thanksgiving weekend? Watching a commercial for The Sound of Music LIVE! With Stephen Moyer and being able to tell my parents, “well, instead of desecrating a beloved musical, MY vampire is going to the South Pole for charity!”

    • Is it wrong that this post made me smile? *slaps my own hand as “punishment”*

      • All in good fun. I wish Stephen, Carrie Underwood, and everyone involved in the project well.

        • I’m actually really looking forward to seeing that, I think it’s going to be great. I had no idea Stephen could sing or play the guitar.

          • I did not mean to offend anybody with my post from a few hours ago. My response to the previous poster was intended to be light-hearted, as that was the spirit in which I took the poster’s comment. I’m sure everyone involved in the project worked really hard and it will be a success.

          • ANOTHER downvote? I TRIED to explain myself earlier…ah, well…

            The Sound of Music remake airs Thursday night on NBC. Tune all your TVs to it, crank up the volume, and HAVE FUN. :)

  2. Thanks, B and E&SL, for this post.

    I’m very nervous for everyone there, but I’m a Nervous Nellie under the best of circumstances, so don’t mind me. :)

    I’m proud of everyone there for undertaking this challenge, for a very worthy cause.

    I wish everyone there nothing but the best (but I do admit to rooting for Alex and Team USA).

    Everyone, do your very best (and the second you’re done, get back home safely ASAP).

  3. I wish all the teams Gods Speed and wish them all Good Luck and of course especially our Viking God Alex. I hope they all try and keep as warm as possible and stay safe.

  4. wishing all the teams good luck. very proud of Alex, make us proud.

  5. Praying they are all safe and everything goes well!!! Go USA !! I’ll be watching Sound of Music too.. can’t help it… have too.Haha

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