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We here at Eric and Sookie Lovers know that our readers have been absolutely famished for ANY kind of news regarding the FINAL season of True Blood. You know we are happy to oblige! Thanks to our friends at SKARSGARDFANS for the heads up who thanked her source for the heads up!

Ready for a title and some casting calls? Of course you are!


Episode #701, “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

Writer: Angela Robinson; Director: Stephen Moyer

[VINCE] 40s, Male, burly is a rabid anti-vampire vigilante. Member of the tea party with political visions…GUEST STAR/RECURRING

[LOU] Early 20s, Male, blue collar. He is a member of Vince’s vigilante group who goes on patrol with him and several others; he’s aggressive but not dangerous…RECURRING

[MACK] Early 30s, Male, This motley human is an angry vigilante who joins Vince’s group and goes on patrol with him…RECURRING

[NIZOR] Male, Persian, late 30s to 50s. This burly vampire involved in a game of Russian roulette in a Moroccan bar derives courage and comfort from his faith in Allah…GUEST STAR

[PROPRIETOR] Male, Persian, late 40s to 50s. The proprietor of a Moroccan bar, with a thick accent, he orchestrates a game of Russian roulette for his patrons’ amusement…GUEST STAR

[YOUNG TARA] Tara (Rutina Wesley) at age 10, African American, she’s seen in flashback having a nice moment with her friend, Young Sookie…CO-STAR

[YOUNG SOOKIE] Sookie (Anna Paquin) at age 10, Caucasian, she’s seen in flashback having a nice moment with her friend Tara…CO-STAR

[JEROME] 30s to 40s, Male. This strong, aggressive Trucker H-vamp ( a vampire infected with Hep-V, rabid-looking and marbled with blue veins) lifts a woman into the air and takes off….CO-STAR

[WOUNDED WOMAN] 20s. This young, scared, wounded woman is terrified after an H-vamp attack; we hear her thoughts…CO-STAR

[ANGUISHED WOMAN] 30s to 40s. This anguished woman grieves over her dead husband; we hear her thoughts…CO-STAR

[SARA COMPTON] FEMALE, 5 YEARS OLD. CAUCASIAN. She is Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Caroline Compton’s (Shannon Lucio) young daughter seen in a flashback circa 1862. RECURRING CO-STAR. NO Lines in this episode.

[RONNIE] MALE, 20s. He is a tall dangerous vampire who devours humans. RECURRING CO-STAR. No Lines in this episode.

[SCREAMING MAN] Late 20s. Screaming for his life as he is attacked and feasted upon by Hep-V vampires. No lines just screaming for his life. CO-STAR

We already knew about Eric’s supposed new love interest from a previous casting call and now this is just more to talk about (good or bad) whatever it maybe, SOUND OFF BELOW!

As for me, I am putting my judgment and comments on hold…….for now!

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30 comments on “Sink your teeth into Season 7 Casting Calls

  1. What the hell are they doing adding all of these damn cast members???

  2. I think the characters here are just recurring or guest, not “regular.”

    So…….ANOTHER Tara/Sookie childhood flashback and ANOTHER Bill/human daughter (recurring-yay!) flashback. Haven’t we already been spinning our wheels here a million times?

    NO mention whatsoever of “glorified extra” Eric. Yet MORE reasons for the rest of the characters (except Pam, FOR NOW) to hate/fear/ignore/retcon Eric? Will Alex even be IN the premiere (possibly only in Jason’s dream, which might turn out to be a pointless scene)? More reasons for me to not watch. :(

    Rapist Bill will keep whining about missing his “humanity.” I will keep not watching. The retconning apparently continues…Does HBO WANT to destroy what’s left of this show?

    Is it okay that I just cannot find it in me to care about this “zompire” storyline?

    MORE anti-vampire activists and politics?

    Some of the casting calls in general are deliberately fake, to throw the audience off the scent of what the writers are really up to. We’ll see what they do…I’m sorry to say I don’t trust the lot of them.

    I STILL love Anna’s idea of Sookie running off to New York and running a bar (like Alexia said, not that dissimilar to Eric’s trajectory). It makes no sense for Sookie (and the rest of the characters) to stay and rot in that evil boring snake pit Bon Temps. HBO, let Anna write for True Blood! I think she’d do a better job than Buckner.

    That’s all I got for now. :) Thanks, nymerias and E&SL

  3. Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink.
    Vampire vampire everywhere, and all we got was sqat,
    In this melee of supernats, Eric was sent to take a walk !!

    One of my silly musings on the topic of ‘no news for Eric’ :(

    • I like your silly musings…keep them coming! Eric was sent to walk, naked even and that was supposed to be the good part because we only love him when he is naked! (:

      • Thank you! I believe Alex will win at least one Oscar someday, Eric when he is written in character is one of the best fictional characters I have ever seen, and these writers act like it is a burden to come up with stories for him. And, yeah, that all we care about is Eric’s (and Alex’s) sex appeal, good looks, nudity. What a waste of a great actor and great (when the writers care) character.

        • I remembered someone mentioned it awhile back last season started when they saw the preview and tells us there’s some hints that he`s going to die,but he will come back like Jesus.

          They did referenced some stuff from the bible, like almost crucifies in season 2 to tried to save Godric. (I don’t like that scene. :( ) and Eric keeps having visions of Godric( I freaking hate the b**ch of h**l killed him. :( )

          Come to think of, Eric is their true savior; not douchbag Billy boy (it made me sick that those vampires worshipped Billy boy as their freaking “savior” like the mulberry townspeople did with the governor.) Because Eric is more a hero than douchbag, Eric`s the 1 freed all vampires from the camp but freaking douchbag took all credits. Douchbag Billy is no savior and he`s such a idiot who possessed by a demonic witch who wants to take the world. Probably townspeople finds out Billy boy is a fruad after zombie vamps invade. I believe Eric`s the 1 destines to save everybody and I think Godric chose him as a purpose.

          Visions of Godric always reminds me of that Michael Angelo`s painting, he`s reaching out to God, like Eric`s reaching out to his maker Godric. I believe Godric have a biggest plan are in store for him. I think Godric want Eric to fulfill his final wishes by walking in sunlight in eternity to bring peace between humans and vampires.

          I would imagine Eric reborns as a very 1st vampire/human hybrid, and that’ll balance out with humans and vampires (probably it will help him immune to Hep V virus). I would luv to see it happening, that would play a very important part. Maybe he will be the True Blood version`s Blade. (Everybody want to see Blade). :)

          I really hope it happens.

  4. I’m with you nymerias, and reserve my comments for later down the road. But I do think they’ll be slapping us with some red herrings this season to throw us off the trail as usual. I agree with Tammy, I’m bored……….

  5. Guys, Which day Alex will be back from South Pole?
    Do you think the title referring Eric`s comeback? Because the title called “Jesus gonna Be Here”. Because Alex does like in “Clear My Mind” music video.
    I having feelings that he is coming back at the end of the ep.
    I really hope I am right. Eric better not be dead.

    • Shelli-I think Alex and everyone might be back from the South Pole in a little less than two weeks? I should know this better. Anyone here, please correct me if I’m wrong. They had to shorten the race a bit because of bad weather.

      It’s a bit more involved than I personally can wrap my head around, but (if it’s okay if I mention it) there is a website called The Ancient Pythoness where the people there say that Eric is the Jesus Christ figure in the story. So Shelli could definitely be onto something here with the title of the episode possibly referencing Eric’s comeback. (But then again, TB changes titles all the time, so our speculation could be wiped away.) And Alex in character with his wig in the Cut Copy video does look/seem a bit Christ-like, at least in the traditional sense.

      I don’t think I personally am going to like the ending of the story, for various reasons :(, but I don’t think Eric has died the True Death, At least, not yet…

      Check in later. :)

  6. Even in the end still adding a whole bunch of cast memebers . Sad . They ruined a good show .

  7. I always miss the good stuff with living in the wrong time zone!

    I am guessing that maybe Eric could be playing Russian Roulette in the Moroccan Bar? If it is then he is obviously at a very low ebb to play a game like that, which probably means Pam hasn’t found him yet? It would be a great dramatic scene for Alex to do, but not so great to watch as an Eric loving viewer! Maybe he meets Sylvie here in the next episode as French is Morocco’s second language, or maybe I’m completely off the mark!

  8. Jason probably will wake up and screaming from the nightmare that Eric caught on fire, and he wetted the bed. Poor Jason. Lol.

    I`m might right that Eric is alive, he`s tracking that golddigger Sarah Newlins in Paris and kicking a** in Batman style. And Pam`ll show up in Catwoman costume, chasing down in Eric. :) I would luv to see that happening. Probably they`ll make a comic book spinoff after the show over. :)

  9. Yup, they need to add story lines that can go nowhere with this being the last season. They should be wrapping up story lines instead of giving us sh*t. But that is how they ruined what could have been the best show on television. How can we expect anything different?

  10. The people who I so blame for the demise of this show are:
    AND BRIAN BUCKNER…in that order.
    I blame Charlaine Harris for not keeping a tighter reign on her “Property”
    The Southern Vampire Mysteries could have been a wonderful series.?
    And not just some piece of fodder for the teenage market,like Twilight.
    TrueBlood could have been much darker,deeper than it was…..
    Had she not gone and sold it to Alan Ball….
    Alan Ball made what his own personal “fanfiction” by bringing in more new
    characters that we really didn’t need…Would have loved it if I just saw
    the “Core characters….didn’t need Hotshot,,,or the Maenad..or the Ifrit
    in Season 5.

    Stephen Moyer, who’s a pure DIVO, is now hoping that he’s going to be
    getting back into Sookie Stackhouse’s good graces and win her forgiveness???
    NO WAY…She even told him so in the last episode of Season 6 when
    he showed up at the Chruch, looking like a lost puppy dog
    looking for his master/mistress????

    And my last comments…Those are for Brian Buckner, the most imcompetant
    person I’ve ever seen…He took a perfectly good series that had the chance
    for a unprecedented 8th year and flushed it down the toliet after he was
    given the reigns of the show at the end of Season 5, when Mr. Ball
    decided to take control of another show he had on the back burner….
    That show has gone into the toliet…so Alan came back to TRUEBLOOD.
    That’s too late …the handwriting is on the wall,and TrueBlood
    is ending in August of next year….I’m already missing it’s demise.

    • Couldn’t have said that better…..Seriously, the first time when I started reading the SVM books and then watched the first season of TB, I thought, finally here is some grown up fantasy/supernatural stuff that is less about teenage love and more about complex characters…This series had so much potential…

      All CH, AB and BB did towards the end of the book and the TV series was like – (As ASkars puts it aptly in Generation Kill) buttfucking a virgin under-aged whore with chalk

      (*Really sorry for the bad language but HBO’s Generation Kill is one of my favorite series too which was actually made so right…:)…)

    • I didn’t realize that Ballsacks “other show’ wasn’t a hit. Guess you do learn something new everyday! Thanks for letting me know. Guess all that glitters isn’t gold after all! Lol!

      • It’s doing well as far as I know, coming back soon with another season. I don’t watch the show, but I know others who love it.

        • If you are talking about “Banshee”, I watched the whole of the first season but by the end I found the violence a bit too graphic and real for my taste, and I’ve decided not to go back next year , but I have a couple of friends who really love it . I don’t think Alan Ball actually writes it, he’s just a producer on the show. He has just written 2 movie screen-plays.

    • Marlene-“somebody” destroyed the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood, that’s for sure! I agree with sakshichopra, too-What a waste of amazing potential, such a basic story to get “right.” I have never been so disappointed in and felt so abused by a story/writers in my life, and I’ve watched A LOT of television and feature films (and maybe not read as much as I wish I had). :)

      “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to kill the Sookie and Eric story. “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to keep putting Sookie in “relationships” with rapists/abusers/misogynists/bores (Bill, Sam, Alcide, Warlow). “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to keep Sookie a self-hating, drug-addicted, domestic-violence doormat. “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to character-annihilate Eric in order to fake-boost Rapist Bill. “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to keep putting Rapist Bill on fake “redemption” tours. “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to turn Eric and Pam from best friends into a fake, awkward “romantic” couple. “Somebody” thinks it’s a good idea to marginalize Lafayette and Tara, force Tara back with her original abuser Lettie Mae for another fake “redemption,” pair up Jason with ANOTHER rapist, keep Jessica as a cheerleader for Rapist Bill (and put her on a fake “redemption” with Andy and Adilyn), keep conveniently killing off Sam’s “girlfriends” to fake keep him on the line for Doormat Sookie, etc.

      As I’ve “said” before, I’ll read recaps here at E&SL and wait until after the series finale airs to decide if I ever want to watch again. I’m not going to waste 10 more hours of my life and directly give money to this franchise in order to pay for more rapist-apology and retconning in order to jam in a horrible predetermined ending that MAKES NO SENSE.

      Season 7 feels like Dead Ever After/After Dead all over again, and Brian Buckner feels like Charlaine Harris all over again.

      HBO, why did you allow this to happen to your once-flagship original series, your most commercially successful series since The Sopranos?

      Why did most of the original True Blood writing team leave the series? I especially loved Nancy Oliver (who wrote what is widely regarded by many, including me, as the best episode ever of True Blood, season 2, episode 9, “I Will Rise Up”).

      Seriously…you’re just going to keep pretending like you never wrote the Sookie and Eric story…

      Of course, Sookie will fake “forgive” her beloved rapist Bill. Rapist Bill can do no wrong, and Unsung Hero Eric can do no right…if Eric is a thought at all…I finally got it through my thick skull how this show works…

      I find it interesting/odd that Michael Lombardo was publicly talking about a possible season 8 in July, the season 6 finale is poorly received by the fans, then shortly after that HBO announces that s7 will be the last. After that, Stephen, Carrie Preston, and Rob Kazinsky said that the actors suspected s7 might be the last. NOW, Stephen is saying that HBO WAS considering an s8 and he would have signed on for that season, but HBO decided to wrap it up after all with s7. I’m confused. Maybe they are, too.

      Marlene is right-Buckner threw a great series into the toilet. HBO gave Buckner a 10 episode courtesy flush. :)

      I mourn the amazing show True Blood used to be, and I have resigned myself to hearing about another Middle Finger Ever After-type ending. True Blood had one of the most amazing casts I’ve ever seen, Stephen had the opportunity to play one of television’s all-time greatest villains, Anna and Alex had some of the most beautiful on-screen chemistry I have ever seen in my life, appointment television, I scheduled my entire summer Sundays around this show once upon a time, and “somebody” threw it all away for…

  11. Just read this and so disappointing. I am not looking forward to True Blood at all!!

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