Anna Paquin’s “Free Ride” Official Promo!


Free Ride posterWe had told you a while ago that Phase 4 Films had picked up the distribution rights to “Free Ride” featuring Anna Paquin (as Christina) and Cam Gigandet. And now the official promo has been released to the virtual masses!

Check it out below!


What do you think? Based on the clip, I think the movie is aptly named “Free Ride”… I’ve got chills thinking about what her movie daughters are going through.

Sound of below!


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6 comments on “Anna Paquin’s “Free Ride” Official Promo!

  1. Looking forward to seeing this.

  2. B and E&SL-thanks for posting. Wishing Anna, Stephen, and everyone well with the project.

  3. Can’t wait to see this film . It really looks good on the promo .

  4. Loving this ….Movie is so different from TRUEBLOOD…much more powerful…
    Hope that the movie gets great reviews from the press????

  5. I love all Anna’s movies, she does play some great roles, I hope that this one doesn’t go straight to DVD like some of her films do. I hope for a wide release so I can see it in a theater. I’m sure she and Steve will do very well with their production company after TB ends, they were very smart having it set up and operating well before TB’s end that way they are not waiting for projects to come their way.

    I can hardly wait to see Free Ride too.

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