Walking With The Wounded Official Statement On Race Suspension


Walking With The Wounded have just released the following statement regarding the future of the South Pole Challenge.

On Day 5 of the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge, as the teams arrived at their first Checkpoint, it became obvious that underneath the concrete determination of all the team members, the harsh reality of the Antarctic was starting …to take its toll.
With the safety of all those involved at the forefront of Expedition Director, Ed Parker‘s mind, the following decision has been made going forward for the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge:
“We always knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, but that is what makes the challenge so exciting. Our aim was to show that despite injury, young men and women from our armed forces can still achieve great things.
Until now, the three teams have been racing against one another across the Antarctic plateau, but yesterday I took the decision to suspend the race.
The reason for this is entirely simple – safety, which remains the core principal of our expeditions.
While all three teams were progressing well, it was becoming evident that there was a higher degree of stress imposed on the team members, due to unprecedented terrain on the plateau.
With careful consultation from our doctor and race team, we have put the race on hold. This does not mean that the expedition is over. Far from it. We came down here, determined to get 12 men and women, all injured in conflict, to the South Pole, and so we will.
Tomorrow we start the last leg, 112 km, to the Pole, with no stress being placed on the teams, and with the new race format enabling them all to do this in their own time. Each evening, the expedition will be camping together, all able to enjoy and share each other’s experiences. By Friday or Saturday next week, I strongly believe that every member of the expedition will be standing on the South Pole, celebrating what will have been the most extraordinary shared journey.
We feel your support every step of the way, please continue to follow us and support the walk.
-Ed Parker, Expedition Director and Walking With The Wounded Co-Founder
Find out more: http://walkingwiththewounded.org.uk/southpole2013/2013/12/07/the-race-has-been-suspended-but-the-challenge-goes-on
This decision will obviously not have been taken lightly and we wish all the walkers the  very best for their journey onwards to the South Pole, and we look forward to them all reaching their destination together, safe and well. Every one of them will now be a winner!
Team US posed for a photograph with Prince Harry. (picture from alexanderskarsgard.net)

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23 comments on “Walking With The Wounded Official Statement On Race Suspension

  1. Glad they changed the nature of the race in order to keep the spirit of the quest.

  2. I think it’s a wonderful idea to make it a shared journey, much like the journey and struggle to recovery after injury are shared to get through difficulties. As MistressCinder said, this keeps the spirit of the quest. Everyone taking part will walk away with something deeply special from this by coming together.

  3. I think this is great and alot more fun for them. I just want everyone to be safe and stay healthy.

  4. What else can I add, other than I totally agree with all the comments above mine!! I just worry about them all staying safe and hope that with all the support from one another that they will all safely get to stand at the South Pole together.

    • Evie and E&SL-thanks for posting this.

      I agree with everyone above. The safety of all of the people participating in this challenge must come first. I’ve been worried about everyone’s safety as soon as we knew about this. Still am (I’m a nervous Nellie). I’m happy a decision has been made to change the nature of this journey from a competitive race to a shared journey for all. Good call. I hope everyone is happy and healthy, enjoys the challenge together, and after they achieve their goal of reaching the South Pole, they all get back home safely and as quickly as possible. I am wishing a continued great experience for all.

  5. OT, so forgive me, but…I read that Alex is supposed to be shooting a film with Kristen Wiig starting next month. Does anyone here know about this? Also, does anyone know whether or not Warner Bros. is going through with Tarzan? Thanks. Back to the brave people of the Walking with the Wounded challenge…

    • I’ve not heard anything about the movie with Kristen Wig. Warner have still not given the green light for “Tarzan”. If they do then the part is his, but they are obviously a little nervous about this project that no doubt has a huge budget. They were supposed to be making a decision in November for filming to begin next summer, but it’s all gone very quiet. Maybe when Alex is back in LA in January stuff will happen!

      • UPDATE on the movie from ASN
        “**NEW** Also…in the works…We heard that Alex may be in the new movie ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ with Kristin Wiig. The movie is starting to shoot next month in San Francisco. We asked Skarsgård management about it and they said they are still working on it, but it’s not official yet. They are hoping that it works out. We’ll let you know more if we find out anything. Stay tuned…”

  6. Evie-thanks for the updates on the status of Tarzan and Diary of a Teenage Girl (and thanks to ASN for the info). I heard that one of the actors cast in Diary of a Teenage Girl (I can’t remember the actor’s name) posted on his/her FB page that he/she was doing this film with Kristen Wiig and Alex. I was surprised by this as I had never heard anything about this film before. I hope it works out for Alex. And, while I do have mixed feelings about the Tarzan project in general, whatever happens, I hope it is for the best for Alex and everyone involved.

    Shelli-IF Alex gets the part in Diary of a Teenage Girl, that does not necessarily mean that he will have a reduced role as Eric in TB s7. TB shoots in L.A., and the film will be shot in San Francisco, which is not that far from L.A. It is my understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong) that, while Anna was shooting TB s6, she was also able to shoot her YouTube series AND shoot her role as Rogue in the next X-Men film (in Canada, I think). So, IF Alex gets this part, he can still do the movie AND be available for a significant role in TB. We’ll see what happens…

    • The actor who posted on his FB page is Austin Lyon.

      IF Alex gets/has time to do the part, it sounds like it might be a supporting role to me.

      The character (IF Alex does this film) sounds very creepy. It would definitely be more proof of Alex’s versatility as an actor.

      • Thanks for all the extra info “sookieandericwerebaitandswitchcashgrab”. I hadn’t been able to find any details on-line. I must admit I groaned when I saw the movie title, presuming it was some silly comedy, but when I visited Austin Lyon’s FB page I saw they are hoping it goes to Sundance 2015 so it can’t be all bad. I was intrigued when you said the character was creepy, so I looked up the book on Amazon and (providing I got the right book lol) I think I can guess who he may be playing.

        I’m pretty sure Anna shot her you-tube series (which I really must get round to watching) at the same time as TB so it can be done. If Eric has a completely separate storyline for the first half of the season then they can easily film all his scenes together when he is free and then split them between the various episodes as it won’t affect the other actors filming schedules.

    • Are you saying he will able do True Blood or not because that movie? If he gets a part, I really hope he have a small role or he is doing it in earlier next month before he works on True Blood. I believe ep 2 will probably will centric around more on Eric, because there’s a casting for his luv interest Ep 3 and Arc meant center on 1 ep. (I really hope not he gets recast by another actor,because Brian said Eric will back as a different Eric than the Eric we loved).

      Which character Alex`ll might play in that movie?

      • He can definitely do both projects at once Shelli – don’t worry. I still think it may be Eric who will be doing the Russian Roulette scene(s) set in Morocco in ep.1, and then obviously with Sylvie in ep.2.

        They would NEVER cast another actor as Eric. Alex is contracted for next season and he will be there!

        On the movie – I am guessing he could be playing the main character’s mother’s boyfriend – but that is a complete guess – hopefully more info will come soon.

        • Evie, that’s I was thinking. I think he was there to track down Sarah Newlins (I was going to say what Eric said to Yvetta in season 3,but I decided not to) in last couple months. Probably Sarah’s trying to selling Hep-V tainted TruBlood on the Black List and Eric is there to put stop on her by returning the favor to Jason`s favor. Because Jason refused to kill her, I imagine she flees out of the country for killing that spokelady. Don’t forget, that blood bond at the camp, I think Eric gave Jason his warrior blood to give him courage to defeat Warlow,because he knew Warlow is going to turn Sookie into his slave bride (after Warlow told him before he drained him) and he don’t want Jason to felt the same way like he loses his sister Nora. That does makes sense. It`s like “I will do your half by taking care of Sarah Newlins, and you will do my half by protecting your sis.”. Yeah, I think Eric is returning his end of their bargain to kill Sarah beside Sarah Newlins did more harm on Eric’s family than Jason’s.

          I would luv to Eric play the game Russian Roulette with Perisans and Vampire Hunters. =) That would be a fun for Alex to do. I remembered Alex did a movie called “13” is similar to Russian Roulette awhile back, and I think it is a winner-to-take-all and last man standing movie. I would pic Pam walking in the bar with Terin thing (hooded clothing) and looking for Eric, but she spots him playing Russian Roulette with people. Pam wouldn’t like that.

      • Shelli-Alex is DEFINITELY coming back to True Blood; the movie will not get in the way of that. Buckner has publicly said that Alex will be back as a “series regular” for season 7. What I personally am not sure about at this point is HOW involved Alex will be in season 7. “Series regular” does not necessarily mean that Alex will be in all 10 episodes. HOWEVER, if I recall correctly, Evie said that she believes that Alex will be in all 10 eps. I do feel that it would be commercial suicide for HBO to not have Alex in all the episodes in a major way, but we don’t know yet; maybe Alex might have only agreed to limited appearances and HBO/Buckner might have no choice but to work with that. I go back and forth on this. I hope Alex plays a major role, and I REALLY hope the writing gets good again, but at this point, most of us don’t seem to know.

        IF Alex gets this movie, I would think it would be easier for him to do the film AND True Blood because the film shoots in San Francisco and TB usually shoots in Los Angeles. I think it might be a supporting part, so IF Alex gets the film, I don’t think it would require that much of his time to shoot.

        I highly doubt that Buckner would recast Eric. I DO NOT see that happening. :)

        The character that Alex is up for in Diary of a Teenage Girl is a 40-something creep who has sex with a 15-year-old girl. I cringe typing that, but I’m sure if Alex gets the part, he’ll give a great performance. He believably played a rapist in Straw Dogs. He can believably play all sorts of characters.

        • I think he`s going to play the boyfriend of the main girl`s mom,because he’s in mid 30s. I read it on Amazon that Minnie got kick out of the house,because she had sex with her mom`s 35 yrs old boyfriend. The storyline sounds similar to Valiant (you guys would like Valiant better,because it have faeries and swordplay),but it`s reversal. In Holly Black`s Valiant, the main girl ran away, because she angered at her the mom had slept with her 17 yrs old boyfriend. But the main girl in that movie The Diary of a Teenage is more mess up than the mom in Holly Black`s Valiant.

          I agreed with Evie, I believe Alex will be in it for 10 eps of the final season,because Evie have a point that would be suicide that show less Eric. The writers did made a most biggest mistake in the finale by setting him on fire,because they received a lot of death threats and complaints from angery fans (people are outrage with family guy that they killed off Brian). People don’t want to see a lame triangle and a town that filled of rednecks. You are also right no one will replace Alex in million years, Alex is the one who light and soul into Eric`s character (he`s doing a wonderful job to do it,too). I think they`re going to jam the Where’s Eric?” storyline in 1 ep. It looks Brian Buckner`s doing it in ep 2,because he`s the 1 writing ep 2. I think Eric will might shown up in Bon Temps around ep 3. (I really hope I am right). I also think he will play a mayor part next season,because he was there where virus happened started (his sis Nora was 1st victim.) and probably Eric was going after Sarah to try stop her selling tainted TruBlood to vampires from preventing another outbreak happening. (I really hope sunbathing scene turns out to be Jason’s dream). Probably Eric use anti-vampire weapons that he stole from the camp, I would imagine he`s going to use them on the zombie vamps.

          Maybe Alex will do that movie the week before True Blood or only do it 2 days,because I heard the mom`s boyfriend is only be the beginning of the book.

  7. Evie-I was typing up my response to Shelli while you were posting. I can be slow sometimes.

    No problemo. :) I’m glad to provide info when I can. I found out about Diary of a Teenage Girl and the Alex casting possibility through swedishdelishalexanderskarsgard.yuku.com (I lurk but don’t post). It was the first I heard about the film and I was really surprised.

    That makes perfect sense to me about Alex possibly shooting his TB scenes “all at once” if the beginning of Eric’s storyline is separate from most/all of the other characters.

    • According to Yuku, the film is an adaptation of the Phoebe Gloeckner graphic novel “The Diary of a Teenage Girl.” It also was (is?) a play at some point, adapted for the stage by Marielle Heller.

      The part that Alex is up for is Monroe. In addition to his aforementioned creepiness, Monroe is a big drinker, aimless, and can be “adorable” and then menacing.

      • Thank you for all the additional info! It’s greatly appreciated.

        My thoughts on Eric appearing in every episode are only my own thoughts, I have nothing to back them up. I just don’t believe HBO would air a single episode of TB without Eric appearing at least once, even if only briefly.

  8. Evie-I’m glad to help out when I can. :)

    I haven’t read up on the Diary of a Teenage Girl graphic novel on Amazon yet, but what Evie and Shelli are saying about Alex possibly playing the main character’s mother’s boyfriend makes sense to me. I hope Alex gets the part. I’m sure he’ll give a great performance if he does, as always.

    Evie-I agree that you (like me and other people) are just hazarding a guess on how involved (or not involved) Alex-as-Eric will be in TB s7. I really hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to put words in your mouth in my earlier post. I just remembered a little while back you making an educated guess about the subject. I also agree that I just cannot see HBO not putting Alex-as-Eric in all 10 final episodes. It just does not make commercial sense to me.

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