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Well Chickadee’s… we must be getting closer to filming as a bit more information on the Final Season of True Blood is making its way around the  virtual world.

If you are trying to remain spoiler free for the next few months, stop where you are and avert ye eyes till our next post. For those of you who want to stay in the “know”, jump right on in and join us

…. the water is nippy at the moment but nothing like what Alex is experiencing on his trek to the South Pole while “Walking with the Wounded”.

As for the spoilers, it looks like “love” is in the air…. this time for LaLa. We learned this bit of news from TVLine feature “Ask Ausiello”. The Ausehole himself gave this response when asked for a True Blood spoiler.

Question: Do you have any news on the storylines or new characters of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Ausiello: Lafayette’s getting a new boyfriend — and a serious one at that. After spending much of Season 6 in the shadows, Nelsan Ellis will sashay back to the forefront in True Blood‘s final season — with a little help from Drake. Described as a cross between Jim Morrison and James Dean, this brooding and insanely good-looking vamp is a compassionate protector with a poet’s edge. The series-regular role calls for a twentysomething actor who is comfortable performing in simulated (and near-naked) sex scenes with another man in front of the director, assistant director, stage manager, script supervisor, camera operator, first assistant camera, second assistant camera, boom operator, production sound mixer, key grip, best boy grip, gaffer, lighting technician, makeup artist, hairdresser, costume designer, a half-dozen production assistants and Sally with craft services (who shouldn’t be peeking in but probably will be).

I don’t know about you, but this sounds an awful lot like the description they used for James… minus the nudity and simulated sex with another man part of it. While I am happy for LaLa, I am also mentally thinking “another new regular character”?

Anyway, in other True Blood news Anna and Stephen took sometime to sit down with E! Online while promoting “Free Ride”.


Click here for the video… (pssst, additional videos discussing work and family can be found here and here)

It turns out Mr Moyer has read the first 3 scripts of the final season.

I do admit… Anna cracked me up with her “We are not creepy or weird… we’re… Are we cool now?” To cute.

The rest of it… not much we didn’t know… except that they have 3 scripts done… now if only they would spill the details on them :)

Till next time Chickadees!

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  1. Great news about Lala :)…I totally love him (not as much as I love Eric of course but like a second, right along Jason )…..At least his dialogues are always funny….

    • I’m absolutely delighted for Lala too!
      I was hoping he would find a new love before the end so this is one new character I don’t mind at all. Let’s just hope and prey that they last until the end.

      (I have always thought Lala would make a great, sassy vampire so I wouldn’t mind a turning either)

      • Yeah just think about the bantering possibilities for Pam, Lala,Eric and Tara…..they will kill Bill and the others with sarcasm alone…

        • He would be such a great addition to that family!
          I remember in season 2 when he was trying to persuade Eric to turn him – I was shouting “do it, do it!” LOL

          • I too would love it if Lala became part of the Godric “family.” I know there was some spec that that could happen during the Ball era. Maybe it still might? We’ll see…In the meantime, I hope Lala’s new “love” is a genuinely good guy. You never know.

  2. same shit different season it sounds like

  3. I would luv to see the look on Jessica’s face when she walks in her boyfriend`s making out with Laffy. Lmao That would be totally hilarious!!!! :)

    That site can’t let me watch it. What Anna and Steve says? I really hope they are bragging on Billy luv Sookie cr*p. I am really sick that they are bringing up. No one want to see Sookie ends with that former Antichrist, sex-changed creep. Oh, c’mon!!! The show didn’t involve around their sex lives. I really hope Billy turns into a freaking zombie vamp already, and gets stake by Sookie.

  4. B and E&SL-thanks for the update.

    I was just thinking that the vampire boyfriend sounded a lot like the casting call for James before I read your comment. I agree-more new “regular” characters. I’m still not sure why Ball killed off Jesus. Maybe Kevin Alejandro wanted out? Pure spec. I loved that story. Maybe the new boyfriend pairs up with Lala with the human-vampire donor thing. So HBO is really letting Buckner go through with that story. All season? Season 6 wasn’t a dream or an alternate POV or a fantasy? I maybe might have paired Lala with Tara or Pam.

    Hi, sakshichopra. :) I agree with elliebaby’s sentiment. I’m with you again, Shelli.

    B-“The Ausehole himself.” :)

    • James already been casted, he`s Jessica’s boyfriend and he was at the camp last season. Remember He got force by Sarah Newlins to rape Jessica and he`s Steve`s only friend (probably his lover)? He got a stupid band. That would be hilarious if Jessica walk on James` making out with Laffy. :)

      I think the guy who played Jesus left,because he have another show “Southland”, it is a cop drama.

      I agreed with you. Thanks goodness, I don’t want to go on that Tvline anymore after he is bugging Steve about asking douchbag and Sookie`s HEA cr*p. Won`t he shut up already? That Micheal guy is so annoying.

      • Shelli-James (Jessica’s current boyfriend) is a different character entirely from Drake (Lala’s new “love” interest). This is a casting call to find an actor to play this new character. What B (and I) picked up on in the casting call for Lala’s next boyfriend Drake is that the description of Drake sounds somewhat like the description in the casting call for when they were looking for the actor to play James (Luke Grimes).

        I don’t get the sense that James and Steve Newlin were lovers.

        Thank you for the update on Kevin Alejandro (Jesus). I need to pay more attention to Kevin’s career. He’s a good actor.

        As I said earlier, I’ll defer to B when talking about “the Ausehole himself” Michael Ausiello. :)

    • I just realized that the name Drake sounds kind of like the name James.

      I wonder where they came up with the name Drake. A nod to the musician/actor Drake? Will they keep the name Drake or change it? I think the James character might have had a different name before they named him James, but I might be remembering that wrong.

      • Just speculating…Another “series regular” character. Buckner announces Alex is a “series regular” for s7. Luke Grimes (James) and Karolina Wydra (Violet) are announced as “series regulars,” again. Bailey Noble (Adilyn) is announced as a “series regular.” Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa) is announced as a “series regular.” Adina Porter (Lettie Mae) is announced as a “series regular.” I’m not sure if the actress who will play Sylvie will be a “series regular” (I didn’t get the sense that she would be, but I could be wrong). Now, Lala is getting a new boyfriend, Drake, and the actor who gets this part will be a “series regular.” I’m wondering if all these “series regulars” are being brought in to possibly make up for Alex possibly coming back as a guest star and possibly not as a lead actor again? Alex had been saying in interviews as far back as 2011 (if I recall correctly) that his TB contract was up at the end of s6 and that if the show went past 6 seasons, he would not renew as a “regular” (I’m parrot-phrasing) but would be willing to come back for guest appearances if asked. Now, I know I’m over-analyzing this :) , and we’ll know the answer soon enough. I’m just (as usual) really curious about this.

        • Probably they renews his contract too late after they was getting too many deaths from the “sunbathing” scenes or Brian Buckner was planning something bigger for him for finale and follow up for season (I think something`s do with chasing down Sarah Newlins) but it got delayed, because Alex was in Swede at the time. I really hope he will back as a lead actor and play the major role. I don’t want douchbag billy hogging the show.

          I still believe Eric is going to play the mayor role next season, I think that’s why they made Willa as regular and Eric can get help if he need from her,because Willa was the governor`s daughter. (But I got funny feeling she`s going to replace Pam and I having a very bad feeling something`ll happen to Pam :( ,because Kristin will might become the regular on Once Upon a Time).

          I don’t think Sylie will be a regular, but I think She was originally casted a regular to be part of “Where’s Eric” storyline and expand the storyline in a whole entire season. But after HBO announced Season 7 and fans really wants Eric gets involve with the Bon Temps, I think they shortened Eric`s side story for 1 and half ep (makes like a movie) because that.

          James was originally casted as Wes. I think the actor playes him looks like Jim Morrison, so they called him James instead (or referrance from the books for Bubba) Maybe it`s a nickname for James that Laffy gives him. Laffy always gives people funky nicknames. He called Jason “Pretty Boy”, Tara “Baby Girl”. :)

          • Shelli-I don’t have time to “talk.” I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Take care. :)

          • Hi, Shelli. I’m back. :)

            I definitely get the sense (just my speculation) that contract negotiations between HBO/Time Warner and Alex may have gone on for a LONG time. Perhaps issues may have involved amount of screen time, money, time off for other projects/personal, etc. I’m just guessing, of course. Alex was definitely in a position to negotiate, IF he did.

            IF the writing somehow gets good again, then I want Alex back as a lead IF that’s what Alex wants. I would hope Eric, IN CHARACTER, would be involved with the main action. I don’t trust Buckner and the current writers, though. Too much like Harris for my taste. Too many parallels between s6/s7 and DEA/AD for my comfort level. I don’t get the sense that Buckner cares what the audience wants, and HBO seems okay with this.

            I can’t stomach the Bill character and his constant fake “redemption” tours and butt-kissing from the characters, who are written out of character to accomodate this character. What else is new with me? :) I don’t want that darkness weighing me down.

            I think Pam might be okay, at least for a while. I don’t know Kristin’s status on Once Upon a Time but I’ll keep my eyes open. My concern is that Buckner might turn Pam against Eric emotionally in the end to benefit Stepford Wife shell of her former self Sookie, just like Harris did. Why can’t Pam, Eric, and Sookie be written in character and all get along? :) I’m not sure if Willa might replace Pam. Right now, I feel that Willa might be Eric’s Nora AND Sookie replacement.

            I’m already disinterested in Sylvie, so I would hope she is not a regular. But I wouldn’t put anything past Buckner.

            Wes. I think you’re right about that name. I THOUGHT that the James character was not originally named James but that he was described in the casting call as a kinda sorta Jim Morrison-type. I don’t think it’s a nickname from Lala. At this point, I don’t get the sense that Lala and James have had much, if any, interaction. And Lala’s next boyfriend, Drake, is a brand-new character.

  5. I’m really surprised they have 3 finished scripts already!
    That makes me excited and sad all at the same time. It’s going to be a year of mixed emotions that is for sure!

  6. I personally think that when they say series regular all that means is that they are entitled to SAG benefits i.e. Insurance, Health etc. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much they appear in the season. With that being said, I really don’t think that they are going to be coming up with anything spectacular for the series finale. I truly don’t think these writers, this includes BB, are capable of writing anything great…….but, thats’ just MHO.

    I still hold fast to the idea, if you don’t expect a lot, you won’t be disappointed. So I am just resigned to the fact whatever happens, happens and I have no say in how the storyline pans out. As always, I will only miss seeing Alex once TB goes out and I have quite a few of his movies now on DVD so I can watch them in between his other projects and hopefully this and other Alex fan sites will still be around so we can all keep up with his career.

  7. redthang914-That makes sense. I know for a fact that “series regular” does not mean all episodes in a season (see: Christopher Meloni, Rutger Hauer, etc.). Yes, I’m resigned, too. Whatever Buckner will do is whatever Buckner will do. I’m happy the show was a huge boost to the careers of several people, including Alex. I’ll definitely follow him in his career for however long he wants to do this. And I’ll follow E&SL for however long you guys want to do this too.

    OT, but I remember reading on The Ancient Pythoness site that the musician Chelsea Wolfe had been asked by TB to use her song “The Way We Used To” in a flashback to “Eric’s and Sookie’s meeting in the woods.” I think this was during the Hudis reign. Maybe Buckner erased this too. I saw Chelsea Wolfe’s name somewhere earlier today (can’t remember where), and I thought of this.

    • Thank you very much. :)

      Well, Alex did the final ep of Eastbound & Down. It looks like Alex really want to come back. Because a lot of people really miss him. He luv his fans and didn’t trade in for them. That’s really good thing. True Blood grew popularity because him, not Billy boy and Sookie). I can`t believe Charliane Harris grown disgusted by it,but she is the 1 created Eric in the 1st place. At least, she should be happy than a southern jealous b**ch.

      Thinking of, I don’t think it’s writers’ fault that they killed Roman. I heard Chris Meloni`s the 1 decided to leave, because he wants to make more money and now he is doing movies now. I heard he left Law & Order: SVU,because he think NBC didn’t pay him much and want the higher salary. I wish he should stay on SVU than left, because Chris had been on that show almost 20s yrs and he made good money as playing Stapler. :/ I am glad Alexander Skarsagard isn’t like Chris Meloni.

      True Blood made me of Heroes, there`s a lot of comparisons between those two shows. True Blood came out 2 yrs after Heroes did. I guess Alan Ball borrowed some ideas from Heroes, because Heroes was popular back then. True Blood`s Eric does reminds me lot like Heroes`s Peter, Sookie seems more like Claire the cheerleader and Billy boy`s more a cheesy ripoff of Nathan/Sylar. I really hate Heroes` writers butchered my most Heroes’ favorite character Peter (they freaking made him powerless, turned him into a his bro`s sniper, and gave him less screentimes), because he is a powerful character on the show beside Hiro (it looks Superman, he`s a more powerful superhero in Justice League). What a shame. :( That`s I was feeling the same way when I watching my other favorite character Eric getting torture for last 5 yrs. :( I really hope they better comes up somethings`s good for Eric in the final season than the sh*t that we got thrown last 5 seasons. I wonders Brian Buckner got a lot of death threats when he wasn’t planning to bringing Rachel and Ross in the Friends’ final ep in the 1st place.

      But I am still really worry about Pam that she will turn into 1 of zombie vamps. Because I really hope not..Well, probably Eric would be totally pi** at Pam,because she did their daughters behind to defend for themselves.is m think it`s most selfish thing she did, she abandoned her child to went off to searching her maker. Probably she will regret it when she left her in the care of her crazy religious b**ch mother. ( I known you don’t want Tara becomes a zombie vamp, but I believe this will happen later on this season). I think Pam will crazy and went after her mother for poisoning her daughter, but Eric and probably Sookie will (I really hope). Probably it will bring them 2gether, but I don’t known. Because Tara is Soookie`s bff and Pam`s progeny. At least Pam should be grateful for Sookie to giving her a child. On another hand, Eric feeling guilty,too,because he is the 1 left his family in the 1st place,because he don’t want to put nobody in danger and blaming himself on Nora’s death. It must be hard on him. :(

      I think Willa is Eric`s Jessica (I think Willa is way better than that whiny b**ch Jessica),because I always thought Eric is Sookie`s male counterpart. Their relationship seems more like a daughter-and-father relationship, and she looks up to Eric as a father figure. Because her dad didn’t care about her, he only care about money and politics. It also made her sick what her father done with all those vampires. That’s why she wanted to be turn to get out.

      I think Eric will have a cling`s going on with Syvie girl. Just like Peter had a fling with Irish girl Caitlin on Heroes. (Anna Paqine played Caitlin, do you known that? Anna didn’t do a very good job speaking Irish).

      What when you read that? I think I would call Brian Buckner a** for ditching the flashback and song to go with it to destroy their relationship before Mark Hudis saves their relationship. It looks like he got screwed by all those death threats and complaints. Probably they have no other choice to reuse that song for that flashback for the final season,because everybody want to see Eric and Sookie. Maybe he got b**ch at by that singer. I would be pi**,too, if they didn’t use my song.

      Probably that Drake would be Laffy’s mini-me, I don’t mind little people and I think they are cute. :) But I think he will be recurring character than regular character (like Eddie).

      • Hi, Shelli. :)

        Alex did say in several interviews that he might not renew as a lead for season 7 (I’m parrot-phrasing), but we will know soon enough. Right now, my guess is he might be coming back in more of a limited capacity, but I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time. :)

        I think Harris got mad because she wrote Eric and Eric/Sookie for money/fame. She knew Sam/Sookie was her endgame since books 2/3. She had plenty of time to either go with the Eric/Sookie flow to sell more books OR turn the ship around from Eric/Sookie to Sam/Sookie. She waited till the last book, wrote a bad book regardless of endgame, and then got mad and resorted to name-calling people when some of the audience called her out on her lousy writing and deliberately stringing along the Eric fans just for the money.

        I get the sense Alex respects the fans of his work, his work itself, the people he works with, and his personal integrity.

        I’m guessing Chris Meloni went into TB with him AND the writers knowing he would only do a few episodes. I think the writers were going for a clever twist when they killed off Roman at the midway point of s5. The writers didn’t give Meloni much to do and I didn’t like that HBO promoted Meloni like he was going to play the Big Bad of the (entire) season and then just killed off Roman like that. I can see why Meloni moved on from SVU-it must get tiring playing the same character that long; maybe he wanted to do different things-and, like you said, money. SVU is STILL going; TB will “only” go for seven seasons.

        I didn’t watch Heroes so I can’t give a qualified opinion on that show. However, I have heard from several people whose opinions I trust that they started out loving that show and then grew to hate it.

        Still don’t trust Buckner and the current crop of writers on True Blood.

        I think Buckner was just a writer on Friends and not ever a showrunner there, so Buckner did not have final say on Ross/Rachel or any of the Friends storylines.

        Yes, I don’t want Tara to become a zombie vamp. But I would not be surprised if you’re right and Buckner went there.

        Your theories about the story actually make sense, so, of course that won’t happen, because Buckner won’t allow it.

        While I suspect that Willa might be a Sookie/Nora replacement for Eric (Willa even looks like Nora), I, too, also get an early-series Jessica vibe from Willa. Good call. I, too, am so over the Jessica character (though I love Deborah Ann Woll). Maybe the Eric-Willa Maker-Progeny relationship will be meant to parallel the Bill-Jessica Maker-Progeny relationship and how much better a Maker Eric is than Bill and a better Progeny Willa is than Jessica (if Buckner will allow that). I would prefer Eric-Willa as a traditional human father-daughter type relationship (with a vampire twist) than romantic or sexual.

        I too very strongly feel that Eric’s story parallels Sookie’s (when Eric and Sookie are written in character). Too bad Harris and Buckner didn’t let Sookie see it and maybe do something about it.

        I didn’t know that Anna Paquin played Caitlin. That was on Heroes? I’ll have to take your word on her Irish accent. :)

        The song I mentioned in my earlier post, “The Way We Used To”…I read about that on The Ancient Pythoness website earlier this year, I think. I think the musician Chelsea Wolfe’s “people” may have put the info out there, but I could be wrong. I don’t think Buckner will use the song. If I were Chelsea Wolfe, I’d be disappointed. I don’t get the sense Buckner cares about the Eric/Sookie fans. Eric/Sookie were money in the bank, but that doesn’t seem to matter to him, the current writers, and possibly HBO executives.

        I’m not sure about Drake’s physical size. I would prefer that Drake be more of a recurring character than “regular,” but we’ll see.

        Take care. :)

  8. Season 7 can’t come fast enough for me . i miss this show so much . i hope Bill is not shoved in our face . I really wished we had Eric & Sookie together.

  9. He certainly didn’t give anything away did he?

  10. If Eric isn’t there neither am I.

  11. Reading all these theories and having seen the recent interview with Paquin/Moyer I no longer have any doubts about who is in charge. The unneccessary bragging by Paquin about hubby directing, the weird adoring stare, and his about having been the only cast member to see the first 3 scripts was very sad. I have already pulled far away from this mess of a show but still had a little glimmer of hope, now dashed. Since the horrid halfway point of season 4 I have lost all hope that there is anything left of the show that interests me in the least. The decimation of Eric/Pam, the constant propping of Bill’s character and the attempted marginalization of Eric’s character……well I could go on and on. It’s enough to say that I dislike a couple of the actors on this show, who seem to be in charge that I not only won’t stick around for season 7, but I don’t and won’t ever watch anything they do again. It is a mystery to me why the fans are less important than a couple of actors egos and why HBO would bow to their apparent wishes. The whole thing went to pot. The books and now the show. So sad.

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