Samuel L Jackson in “Tarzan” Talks


According to Variety, Samuel L Jackson is in talks to join “Tarzan” along side Alexander Skarsgard and Christoph Waltz.

Samuel L. Jackson is in talks to co-star with Alexander Skarsgard in Warner’s reboot of “Tarzan.”

Christoph Waltz is also on board with David Yates directing.

Plot details are still vague on how this version will be interpreted.

A bigscreen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of novels, “Tarzan” is being produced by Jerry Weintraub and Alan Riche, with Mike Richardson and Yates exec producing. Numerous scribes worked on the script including John August, Marianne Wibberley and, most recently, Adam Cozad.

Jesse Ehrman will oversee for Warner Bros.

This comes as good news for a project that has been fighting for a greenlight for sometime now. A week before the Thanksgiving holiday, studio execs viewed a five minute pre-viz video Yates and his team created to explain how the film could turn out.

The delay actually helped the casting, as Jackson had shown interest in the part since the film’s early days of fruition, but the dates could not be worked out. The studio then went to Jamie Foxx but when production was postponed, Foxx was forced to pass.

The studio seems close to giving the film a greenlight and, following that, will look to cast the film’s Jane. Sources still say “Wolf of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie is the studio’s choice to play the female lead but, as of right now, Robbie still does not have an offer.

The ICM Partners-repped Jackson recently wrapped production on the Fox action pic “The Secret Service.”

Another impressive casting coup if they manage to get him on board!


Source Variety

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6 comments on “Samuel L Jackson in “Tarzan” Talks

  1. OH how I’m loving this…Samuel L.Jackson along side of Alexander Skarsgard and
    Christoph Waltz I see a very strong cast forming…this could be a wonderful drama.
    And the addition of Samuel Jackson to the cast carries some sizeable weight to
    the film..it takes it from a B film to an A film…Now just let them find a great script.
    Looking foward to this film.

  2. That is great news i am excited about this .

  3. Same from me ladies!!!! I was glad to hear that the scheduling “snafu” has possibly worked to the films’ advantage. I agree with Marlene, with Samuel L. Jackson being cast it definitely would boost the casts’ cred. I haven’t ever heard of the gal the studio is thinking of casting for female lead. I guess I’ll have to look her up on IMDB.

    • I never heard of Margot Robbie before this either. I looked her up on IMDb. She’s pretty. I haven’t seen any of her work yet. If Tarzan happens, if Margot gets the part, if she is a good actress, if the script is good, etc., I’ll enjoy it. Alex is the kind of actor who has chemistry with a chair, so that helps a lot. :)

  4. This is good news but it’s what 2 or 3 years til it comes out?

  5. Not to “brag” or anything, but just the other day I was asking if Evie and E&SL knew anything about the status of Tarzan, and now Variety has spoken. It’s all because of me! (Kidding, of course.) :)

    Thanks, Evie, for the news.

    So, with this Samuel L. Jackson news, it’s looking more and more like Tarzan might actually happen. I’m a huge SLJ fan and if he gets on board, obviously that’s a great thing. Talent, professionalism, AND box office clout. I agree with Marlene: SLJ, Alex, Christoph Waltz-so far, so GREAT. I’m also hoping it’s a good script. Wishing everyone the best. If/when Tarzan happens, I am SO there!

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