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I still love the idea of this charity walk so much but damn has it been cold and dangerous for these troopers. I am glad they decided to become a ‘United’ Team. Speaking of that team, we have an update and PICTURES!

It seems the United team will finish their trek to the South Pole as early Friday. I would be dreaming of a fireplace and hot chocolate myself!


This was a very challenging expedition and kudos to all for a hard (soon to be) job done and hope they earned tons! Now for a couple more pictures!




Showing off his country pride!

Showing off his country pride!

(Sources: virginmoney-uk flickr & WalkingWiththeWounded’s Facebook/twitter)

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  1. Just gotta say he looks good no matter how he is dressed!

  2. God Bless them all. I hold them all in such high esteem for doing this especially with the challenges in their personal lives that they have to face daily. I even put Alex in higher regard than before as he has shown during this expedition that he is a very compassionate person. I just admire him for taking Ivan under his wing and watching out for him the way that he has. I cannot put into words how I really feel about this whole thing. I will keep them all in my prayers until they get to the finish line and through their journeys’ home.

    I will be very happy when they finish this and all get to go home (and get warm) for the Holidays. I would think that Alex will be flying home to Sweden to spend it with his family and friends before coming back to the States for filming TB.

  3. RL is getting in the way, so I don’t have much time to articulate my thoughts about Alex and all the brave people taking on this challenge, especially the soldiers. I really love redthang914’s words, including about Alex and Ivan. I wish everyone there the best and, once they reach their goal of making it to the South Pole, get back home safely and as quickly as possible. Walking with the Wounded Team United for the win!

    • I really don’t think I can word this much better than redthang914. Those are pretty much my sentiments. I have so much positive energy for Alex, Ivan, and everyone involved in this challenge. Pushing themselves. Continuing to go for it. They didn’t have to do this, but they did. I’m also nervous as hell for their safety, but that’s me. Accomplish your goal, and then please get back home safely ASAP, all of you.

  4. bless them all – I will be glad when they get there

  5. Alex, the soldiers, and everyone from Walking with the Wounded made it to the South Pole! Congratulations! Now get home safely! :)

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