Walking With The Wounded United Team Reach The South Pole


Alexander Skarsgard and his fellow trekkers have reached The South Pole today, ahead of schedule. Great big congratulations to them all and a huge sigh of relief that every one of these heroes and heroines made it to their destination safe and sound!

Here is the video evidence courtesy of The Telegraph UK.

And special thanks to Aksarsgard.com for capturing this video from The Today Show (which also briefly shows Alex in his tent reading a Hermann Hesse book).

Alex also recorded a final update audio before the united team reached the pole. He says “hi” to all his family and tells them how much he misses them. You can listen to it right HERE




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7 comments on “Walking With The Wounded United Team Reach The South Pole

  1. So amazing! I feel like a proud Mama…I couldn’t be prouder of our Alex and, of course, all these courageous soldiers! Thanks for posting!

  2. I am so happy and also very relived that they all made it to the Pole. Alex sounding so great in his audio message and quite emotional speaking to his family, you can really tell he misses them all (especially was touched in his message to him Mom where he said to make sure the fire is on as she has one very cold son….awwwwww almost made me cry…). I thought he’d be flying directly to Sweden, but it sounds like hes’ going to LA first and then go home for the Holidays.

    So proud of them all to do such a noble and just thing for such a wonderful cause! God Bless them all!!!!!!!

  3. I am very thankful they all made it safely. What am awesome accomplishment.

  4. awesome achievement for a worthy cause – and what a lovely message. Well done Alex

  5. I deliberately did not read what any of my fellow posters said because I wanted to make sure my words were entirely my own. I found out about Alex and everyone, including the soldiers, accomplishing their goal of reaching the South Pole earlier today. I didn’t know they were AHEAD of schedule. Extra congratulations! I also heard the Alex audio earlier today. Thank you so much, Evie and E&SL, for posting all of this. I don’t know if I can properly express how proud I am of everyone, especially the soldiers, for doing this. Obviously this has to be a tremendous physical and, more importantly, mental challenge. I cannot even begin to imagine the challenges these brave soldiers face on a daily basis; I would never presume that I have an inkling of a clue. So, so proud of them for taking on another challenge and successfully reaching this goal, and everyone who braved the challenge (and the cold!) with them, including Prince Harry, Dominic, and Alex. Love hearing the Alex audio too, although I felt kind of bittersweet myself listening to it, Alex sounds a bit tired from the weather and the challenge in general (can you blame him?). I’m still nervous about the weather; hope everyone does not get snowed in and gets home safely. Then, everyone can regroup, enjoy the holidays, and pursue new goals. I hope everyone GETS to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. I hope Alex is in front of that fireplace in Stockholm ASAP enjoying Christmas with his mother, father, siblings, and all loved ones. Again, thank you Evie and E&SL for this update/wonderful news. Hope everyone here enjoys their weekend.

    • Forgot to add: I hope people continue to support Walking with the Wounded after this challenge is complete. A worthy charity for VERY worthwhile people.

      Looking forward to the documentary about this challenge when it airs, I believe on NBC. Best of luck to all as always, of course.

      • I have to amend my previous post. Not everyone celebrates the holidays. I’m well aware of that. In my defense, I was kind of rushing when I posted. My apologies. What I mean to say is that I hope everyone from this Walking with the Wounded challenge gets to enjoy the holidays AND/OR the winter season with their loved ones. Get home safely ASAP. Much love and admiration for accomplishing your goal.

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