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Time for another E&SL Video Of The Week. Today’s offering is very Eric-centric, but as we have never heard anyone who visits our blog complaining about too much Eric, we presume that will be ok?

It’s called “Million Dollar Man” and was lovingly put together by xxIceFlower1456xx.

How will we ever get over Eric Northman when he finally leaves our lives next summer? I have no idea, but I hope you enjoy this early Christmas present!

And don’t forget to visit the maker at xxIceFlower1456xx

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  1. Thank you, Evie and E&SL, for sharing this vid, and xxIceFlower1456xx for making it. I could have maybe done with a little more Nora (believe it or not) and a little less Willa and especially Salome (who did not understand the meaning of the word “boundaries”), but I liked it. I already am in the almost-acceptance phase (emphasis on almost) that real Eric is gone, gone, gone. I think I miss Alan Ball. I can already see what Buckner will do; Sookie is “smart,” Eric is almost “evil,” and she was “wise” to “cut him loose” (eyeroll) and Eric will find “happiness in slavery” with Violet/Sylvie/take your pick. Harris all over again. I got the poison out, and I’m good now. :) Alex will continue to have a great career, the cast is mostly extremely talented, the original writers are extremely talented and their absence is SORELY felt, Alan Ball is still doing his thing, etc. Alex and the rest of the brave people in Antarctica, especially the soldiers: again, congratulations on achieving your goal of reaching the South Pole, ahead of schedule, no less. Now, get back home ASAP! We miss you! Alex, on the off chance you or someone you know is reading this (I know Alex has said he shies away from social media), good luck with Tarzan, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and everything. Thanks again, Evie and E&SL and xxIceFlower1456xx. Hope everyone here is having a good weekend. Happy Holidays if you celebrate; if you don’t, Happy Winter.

    • I’m not feeling an Eric is almost evil vibe at all from Buckner, not yet anyway, Eric is flawed but who isn’t on TB? We can only guess what the writers have planned for next year, but it would take a momentous amount of work and effort for them to convince the audience that Sookie made a wise decision letting Eric go. A comment I’m seeing more and more is that Sookie isn’t good enough for Eric and he deserves something better. We’ll see next year, you don’t always get what you deserve! I can’t even contemplate Eric ending up as anyone’s slave, I can’t believe they would give the show’s most popular character such a terrible ending. It’s bad enough for me that he is ending, I can’t deal with a bad ending, so I hope and pray that you and everyone else is pleasantly surprised.

      Happy Holidays to you too! Hope you, and everyone else who regularly comments, stick around and keep joining in next year!

    • I don’t think he will be sex slave, because they are using that arc on Jason with Violet thing, unless they bring in Mab for the final season (I really hope not he will be the faery queen`s sex slave). I believe they are going to make him becoming human somehow (more like vampire/human hybrid like Blade), but I got gut feelings they will butcher Pam/Eric`s relationship..I wish and hope the old writers will be back Probably they will be back,because it is the final season. I was really disappointed Brian Buckner let a director wrote ep 5 last season, he did a horrible job…I also think Sylvie will be Sookie`s doppelganger (probably he met her in some French restaurant that where she work at when he flirts with her in Morocco), but probably she will wind up to getting kill or he will end up glamour her….I really hope Sookie won`t freaking become Jessica’s vamp sis or Jessica’s replacement (if something’ll happen to her). I would hate to see that happening in the beginning (because I heard somebody `s going to die in 1st ep) or the end of the season. I would refuse to watch it if douchbag decides to turn her into his vampire sex slave. Sookie is trashy enough, but I would hate to see the writers’re planning to reuse the “Eric`s sex slave” arc for Sookie`s ending. That would be the worse scenario. :(….I would see the writers are pulling the “Sam” with Eric, making him human to suit for Sookie as a soulmate,because I remembered Brian Buckner said Eric will come back as different than before. Maybe he`s referring Eric come back as being half human and ends up hating it like Sookie hate being half faery, probably she starts reading his mind and starting guilty for being a totally b**ch to him. I also think douchbag/Alcide triangle is a big attraction to thrown the fans off like What-her-face Harris was using Eric/Quinn the Weretigger (reference to Winnie Pooh) as an attraction to setting up to be with Sam in the book, but I believe the writers are setting up Sookie to be with Eric instead Sam (that would be a dream come true). :) It`s just my opinion.

      I am really happy for Alex and his team made it to South Pole in safe and sound. I was really worry there when he and his team caught stuck in the strom (it`s pretty bad in here Colorado), because they were behind the race. Thanks goodness, they canceled the race. But They made through at the end. They are very brave souls. Even Alex looks adorable, he looks like a big, giant teddy bear when he was reading a book….I am going to miss him as playing a beautiful viking Eric when True Blood over, but I am going to see him again as Tarzan. But I am not looking forward Diary of a Teenage girl, I rather to see The Giver instead. I would luv to see Alex as Wesley in The Princess Bride remake (if they do 1). That would be cute. :)

      I wonder he will do True Blood this week after he gets back from South Pole, because there’s a scene is unrelated to Bon Temps and I think something have to do with Eric. Maybe Alex will do it before he goes to Sweden.

      • Hi (again), Evie and Shelli.

        I don’t mean to be a “Negative Nellie” so often when I comment here. :) As I’ve “said” before, I am a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” kind of person (quote from Terms of Endearment). I have never been so “wrong” in predicting the outcome of a story in my life as SVM and (possibly) TB. Usually, I’m at least kinda sorta in the ballpark. I may not guess exactly how the writers will get there, but based on where the story seemed to be leading up, I can at least take a reasonable crack at the final destination. But with SVM, for the most part I was way off. I was 50-50 on Eric or Sam, so while I admittedly didn’t love it, Sam didn’t totally come out of left field for me. But I never in a million years would have guessed that Book Sookie would have “shut off” Eric so horribly like that, that Harris would try to convince the audience that selling Eric off into 200 years of slavery was a pretty good deal, that Bill would never get his comeuppance, that Sookie wouldn’t care whether or not the cluviel dor brought her and Sam together after obsessing over and over about the blood bond with Eric, and so on. It felt to me that there were too many parallels between DEA (and AD) and s6 and Harris’ and Buckner’s public comments for me to brush it off as just trolling, like I had with Harris in the past. For my own sake, once bitten, twice shy. :)

        Of course, I could be wrong. :) I’m not currently watching TB, but I am keeping up with the story here at E&SL and other places. I don’t want to watch the roughly 10 hours of s7 if it is just going to be another depressing, OOC outcome. I have to take a wait-and-see approach for my own sake.

        Eric’s storyline was the only one I really watched in s6. I didn’t like the early Eric-Willa stuff, with Eric acting creepy with Willa when they first meet; that’s not how Eric behaves, that’s a Bill move. I didn’t like Eric turning Willa kind of on a whim like that, when the previous year, the writers made such a hash over Eric’s reluctance to turn Pam because he didn’t want the responsibility, Pam guilted him into it, yadda yadda yadda. I didn’t love the Vamp Camp story; it felt like a rewrite of s5 Vampire Authority to me. I didn’t like that Eric (seemingly) had nothing directly to do with the Warlow story and little to do with Billith. I don’t buy that Eric would just cut Sookie loose like that (even though she asked him to) when he knew that Billith and Warlow were on the loose. He cares about her too much, in too much detail, to just let her go when she’s in trouble (again). Eric and Pam fighting over Nora reminded me of them fighting over Sookie; plus, I think it was meant to make Eric seem “untrustworthy.” How could Eric not tell Pam about Nora? Pam didn’t seem too concerned about Nora end of s5. Forced conflict. Blatantly changing Nora’s age and origin story from s5 to s6. “The girl in the white dress” when Sookie was wearing a white AND RED dress when she first walked into Eric’s bar (okay, I’m probably nit-picking there). Eric apparently choosing to read a book naked on a mountaintop in Sweden instead of dealing with his “family” and issues in the U.S. (although I like Shelli’s idea that maybe Burning Eric was a dream Jason’s, I believe?).

        Maybe I’ve just fallen out of love with TB. These are just my opinions and obviously I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I appreciate your patience in putting up with my ranty-ness. :)

        I think Buckner might go with Eric is almost “evil” at the end of the series. I could see a scenario where maybe Sookie goes “supernova,” loses her fae-ness, Eric turns on her, maybe because she’s no longer fae, maybe not, let’s stay wishy-washy about it, Bill “loves” her still, or maybe he doesn’t, still wishy-washy, Sookie turns to Sam. The end. Just one spec on my part. Again, I could be wrong, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time for me with TB.

        Buckner and the current writers will never convince me that Sookie was “smart” to let Eric go. :) All the retconning in the world (potentially, of course) will never change my mind on this.

        Thank you, Evie, for saying that Eric is the most popular character on TB. It’s true, and it seems obvious to me (and others, of course). It’s no disrespect to the other (fictional!) characters. It doesn’t mean the viewers can’t love more than one character. But I feel it is a fact. :)

        As I say over and over, I am prepared for Buckner to give TB Eric a bad ending. I, in no way, want this, of course, but I am prepared for it. You can’t always get what you want. :) You’re right, Evie; Buckner could pleasantly surprise me and everyone who feels the way I do. I’m prepared for anything, but it’s not over till it’s over.

        Shelli, I hope you’re right and Buckner is “only” using the Harris Book Eric/Freyda sexual slavery story on TB Jason/Violet (although I feel just as horrible for TB Jason as I do for Book Eric). I also hope Eric is not sexually abused by Queen Mab (or Sylvie, or Violet, or whoever). I hope Jason gets out of it ASAP, as I am beyond tired of the TB writers sexually abusing him as some sort of comeuppance for his (consensual) promiscuous past. I also hope Violet is not being used to make Jessica look better. I don’t hate Jessica, but I am so “over” that character, I’ve been turning away from that whiny brat who creates her own problems and then plays the victim since s4 (just like her “daddy,” although I don’t think SHE is evil). Jessica did poor Hoyt dirty, and I am also sick of the never-ending Jason-Jessica merry-go-round that only began after Jessica gave Jason her blood. Jason deserves better. :)

        Shelli, I think you said your idea about Eric possibly becoming human or human-vampire before, right? That sounds familiar to me. I like that. I’d be all for that. Why not? I hope Eric and Pam go back to being best friends again, but I, too, could see Buckner ruining that relationship. I don’t think the old writers are coming back, which makes me so sad. I’m TOTALLY prepared for the worst with Sookie/”douchebag.” The writers will NEVER let her get away from him. Unfortunately, I could see them having him turn her. And Eric’s and Sookie’s stories do tend to “cross over” and parallel, books and show. I hope they at least let Sookie get out from under the never-ending cycle of abuse with Bill (and Warlow and Alcide, and, to a much lesser degree, Sam). And I hope Eric has at least a halfway decent ending. But, again, I am prepared for it to go the other way. I’m all over the place with this show. :) Obviously, I would prefer Eric out of all the Sookie suitors, but I personally guess Sam for now. I could be wrong, it’s not what I want, at least it’s not Bill or Alcide, but that’s what I think the game plan might be. It would totally make sense for Bill/Sookie/Alcide to be a “red herring” that Buckner uses to throw the audience off the scent of what he’s REALLY cooking up, but you (Shelli) make sense. Buckner and all these writers don’t :) , at least for now.

        Again, I too am happy for and so proud of Alex and everyone from Walking with the Wounded who made it to the South Pole, especially the soldiers. I will still be nervous until we hear everyone makes it back home safely, hopefully in time for the holidays/winter relaxation. I look forward to Tarzan if/when it happens (hopefully the script is good). Diary of a Teenage Girl sounds like a much darker story, but if it happens for Alex, I’m sure he would give a great performance and I’ll watch it. I watched Straw Dogs and 13 for Alex. In 2014, I also look forward to seeing Alex’s work in The Giver and Hidden (and other projects?). VERY on the fence about TB s7, of course. Shelli, I, too, would LOVE to see Alex in a Princess Bride remake (maybe I’d enjoy it a little TOO much!). Alex needs to “give” us one romantic story where he plays a character who “gets the girl.” Just one. Then he can do all the Diary of a Teenage Girls he wants to do. Thank you, Alex. :)

        Evie, thanks so much for the well wishes. If all of you at E&SL can continue to tolerate my “short stories,” I’ll gladly stay on board for as long as you choose to run this wonderful site. Through the end of TB, and, if you choose to go on, possibly (as you have suggested before) as a site to support Alex’s career, I’m in. :)

        • Honestly don’t ever apologise for writing your “short stories” :) It is absolutely great to still have people who are willing to discuss TB, be it positive or negative, or somewhere in-between, a lot of the people who really got me into this fandom have now left it and I’ll always feel sad about that. We’ll hang on until the end and you can sound off all you want here! Erika first started this site a few years back so that Viking fans had a safe place to hang out together and say what was on their mind without being censored.

        • I don`t blame you,too. You are not only 1 who have mix feelings for the season, I`m feeling same way. I`m debating I will watch it or not, that’s why I`m planning to watching Falling Skies instead if True Blood airs. But I will read the reviews after it airs or next day if it is good or not,because I am not looking forward the lame triangle (“Billy boy luv Sookie” cr*p and the redneck town and I was worry Eric will become the bad guy (I freaking hate people tries to turns everybody against a most loveable characters like Allen Walker from D. Grey-man and Neene from World Embryo) or if you`ll might be right that Sylvie will turn out to be a vampire queen and Eric will become her slave. (It probably won’t happen).

          Or maybe Evie will might be right, probably the writers are planning to surprise for us in store in for Eric. I still believe the writers are playing douchbag and Alcide as a escape goat as an attraction. I really hope I am right about that stupid sunbathing scene will turn out to be nothing than more as Jason’s nightmare, probably Real Eric is playing Russian Roulette with some Persians at some Moroccan bar and chasing down Sarah Newlin last couple months….Or maybe if it did happens, Niall gives Sookie CD for X-mas and feels guilty what had happened to Eric, so she ends up using it on him. Six months later, Jessica starts to bugs Sookie to use it on her sick douchbag maker to save him from becoming a zombie vamp,but she forgot that she already used the device on Eric instead and he is alive now. (I thought that theory from Family guy).

          Yeah, making Eric come back as almost human. I had mentioned it awhile back, I think it’s part of Godric`s final wishes that he want Eric fulfill by walking in the sunlight. I think he will destine to be their true savior of humanity and vampirekinds (not billy boy, it made me sick that all those vamps worshipped that douchbag Billy as their “savior” and he wrote a f**king book about it). You also mentioned Eric is Jesus of True Blood, because they used references from the bible like almost crucifies in season 2 to tried to save Godric. (I don’t like that scene. :( ) and Eric keeps having visions of Godric( I freaking hate the b**ch of h**l killed him. :(. But visions of Godric always reminds me of that Michael Angelo`s painting, he`s reaching out to God, like Eric`s reaching out to his maker Godric. I believe Godric have a biggest plan are in store for him. I think he chose him as a propose. (Probably being part human and immune to the virus,hopefully.)

          Come to think of it, Eric did lend the helping hand to defeat Warlow. I think he gave Jason his blood to help him to fight, I think he did it to strengthen Jason`s encournage to defeat Warlow,because he knew Warlow is after Sookie and don’t want Jason to lose his sister when Eric lost his sister Nora (He don’t want Jason goes through that pain again like he had been through). Make sense?…I don’t trust Violet at all, she is on something. I think she using Jason to get faeries,because he freaking told her about them. He is complete idiot by telling that b**ch, probably he ends up regretting. I really hope Eric will shown up and stake that b**ch….On the another hand, I think Sylvie will be a Sookie doppelganger, because the two last letters in Sylvie are “ie” like Sookie….I have to disagreed with you on Willa. I think the writers reused book Pam`s arc for her character, because Pam was a daughter of prime mistser and she was 18 when Eric turned her. I would imagine Sookie and Willa become bff like she and book pam in the next season.

          I feels bad for them,because they didn’t get their beer. All that’s hard work They had been through to get to south pole and they came to the bar for a celebration,but the bar didn’t allow their beer. That’s suck….I downloaded the giver and finished it during True blood over. It is pretty good…Well, 1 of Alex`s character s did get two girls in the 1 of the movies. Don’t forget What Maisie Knew, Maisie and Nanny ended up with him. :)

          • Evie and Shelli-thank you both for the kind words. I would have gotten back to you sooner but I’m in the middle of an unexpected situation that’s kind of kicking my butt right now. It’s not life/death, thank goodness, and it will hopefully be resolved soon.

            I’m behind right now. I have a break for a while, so I’m trying to get caught up. Yes, I get the sense that a significant amount of people gave up on TB. I know several bloggers quit after the s4 finale, or right after the start of s5. One TB site I know of quit after s5 finale, and another blogger quit shortly after s6 finale for personal reasons. I don’t personally know anybody who still watches the show, not even to hate-watch. :) Technically, I, too have “given up” on TB because I don’t watch first-run episodes anymore, but I do keep up with the story through recaps and in s6 I did break down eventually and watch “The Eric Show” :) and a few other random scenes. I know I’m a “broken record” on this (I can’t remember which of my fellow posters wrote that comment and I’m too “out of it” right now to look up who or I’d give credit where it’s due), but like Shelli said, I feel a lot of us “Truebies” who are still kinda sorta hanging in there have mixed feelings about the show. I will approach s7 the same way I approached s6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t trust Buckner.

            There was a blogger. I lurked but never posted. This blogger left a comment on another person’s blog (now defunct) that intrigued me. There was a link on this comment to this blogger’s site. In addition to this site, this person also blogged on a different site. The comments from this blogger and others on this different site gave me hope for TB after my frustrations with the final third of s4, especially episode 9 and REALLY especially episode 12. They were convinced that TB was told mainly from Bill’s POV and that “the truth” would eventually be revealed. After DEA spoilers, and after s6, I’ve kind of given up hope for “the truth,” but who knows? Stranger things have happened. And this blogger is the one who quit for personal reasons.

            Evie-it is nice to have a place to vent (and sometimes even praise :) ). Thank you.

            Eric Northman will ALWAYS be my favorite character in the story, even if Buckner does Eric dirty like Harris did.

            Shelli-I hope my suspicions are wrong and Buckner doesn’t make Eric a slave to Sylvie (or Violet or Queen Mab like you said or anyone) like Harris did with SVM Eric and Freyda. I do agree that it seems that Buckner gave the SVM Eric/Freyda story to TB Jason/Violet. As I’ve said, I HATE that the TB writers keep sexually abusing Jason. Give the poor guy a break!

            I dislike Alcide almost as much as I dislike Bill. I’m also sick of the TB writers keeping Sookie a self-hating, drug-addicted (V, alcohol, etc.) domestic violence doormat, so I can’t stomach this “lurve” triangle and will definitely be fast-forwarding through every second of that “exciting” story. No DVD sales here for you, TB. :)

            I do have concerns that Buckner might decide to make Eric the “bad guy.” Time will tell, of course. I’m prepared for it. I’m also prepared for Billy’s fake “redemption.”

            It seems logical to me to “fake out” the audience by starting out the season with this Bill/Sookie/Alcide “triangle” and end the season in an entirely different place too. I mean, why would you give away your conclusion at the start of the season? Does not make sense. I could possibly see ending with some sort of Eric/Sookie/Sam situation. I think Nicole will be killed off. I think Sylvie might turn out to be ultimately pointless. I do suspect that Buckner might put Eric with Pam “romantically,” but I would not find that believable. Eric and Pam are best friends, and they are both usually into women. I do suspect Sam might be endgame for Sookie. I don’t want it, Sam bores me, I don’t believe that either, but I’m resigned to it. I’m repeating myself from earlier, but I guess if it bears repeating… :)

            Believe it or not, I keep forgetting about Sarah Newlin. Of course she is still a factor. Buckner didn’t keep her alive for nothing. Yes, I just don’t buy that Eric would take off the way he did after the takedown of Vamp Camp when there was still so much work to be done, he just sired Willa, Stepford Sookie was in trouble (again), etc. Not believable to me given everything we know about Eric. He’s proactive. He gets things done. He doesn’t sit around reading a book when there are important things to be done.

            Eric as the Jesus Christ figure on TB: I have read this on The Ancient Pythoness site and the Mametupa Tumblr site if you’re interested in exploring it further. I’m sure they can explain it much better than me. I, too, can definitely see Godric choosing Eric for a reason (maybe, like Shelli said, to save humans and vampires). Eric (the Christ figure) is the son of God(ric). I miss Godric. Where was he in the (retconned) Nora/Eric/King Charles flashback in s6?

            Again, I like the idea of Eric (possibly) becoming human again. I can live with that. :)

            I read reviews detailing the nauseating “Hero” Bill worship at the end of s6. I fast-forwarded through it and never watched it. One of the best television decisions I’ve ever made. :)

            I, too, could definitely see Eric giving Jason blood to (indirectly) help Sookie. Eric would never leave Sookie alone when Billith and Warlow were on the loose (even if she pushed Eric away to go screw the murderer of her parents before changing her mind again five minutes later. I HATE what Buckner/Harris did to Sookie in 2013, but, another post, another time. Good thing I kept fast-forwarding.) I don’t know why Eric and Warlow didn’t have one scene together; we weren’t even shown when Eric drained Warlow to take down Vamp Camp.

            Violet is bad news. I can’t stomach that storyline either.

            Shelli-I’m not sure where you disagree with me on Willa? Not trying to be difficult; I’m just not understanding. My brain is a bit fried right now. :)

            I, too, did notice that the name Sylvie looks/sounds like the name Sookie. There could indeed be a reason for that…

            Yes, give them their beer!

            I have a copy of The Giver from a friend, but I STILL haven’t read it yet. Hopefully I get around to it soon.

            Shelli-not to be a know-it-all, but after I posted last time, I did think of What Maisie Knew too, You’re right: Alex’s character Lincoln did “get” two girls: Margot (nanny) and Maisie (stepdaughter). I also thought of Disconnect (Alex’s character Derek “reconnects” with his wife Cindy). Where I was coming from with my last post is, I guess the sappy romantic in me wants Alex to do one film like The Notebook or something, where the film basically centers around his character ending up with the girl (or the guy). Maisie was about, well, Maisie (and luckily she loved Lincoln too), and Disconnect is an ensemble film. I trust Alex’s choices as an actor; it’s just a personal wish of mine as an audience member.

            Till next time… :)

  2. Great to see all those Eric scenes once again. Makes me wanna wish for the “old days” of True Blood….sigh…but, I know those days are looooong gone. I only wish that BB sees fit to give each one of the characters decent closure on the show and not a violent end. Thanks for posting our Sunday Video treat today. Hope that everyone has Happy Holidays in whatever way you celebrate!!!

  3. Nice! Can that man get any hotter??? I am so going to miss seeing that man on Sunday evenings. It makes me sad to think about it.

  4. I am swooning…Waaayyyy to end the video with 1- Eric in basement ;) 2. that eyebrow move 3. that smirk :)….loved it….

    • Videos like this just reaffirm to me how absolutely amazing and magnetic Eric Northman always is :)

      I will be lapping up every single second of his time on screen next season, no matter what he is doing and who he is dong it with, I’ll be on the edge of my seat every time he appears!

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