WWTW Teams Forced To Leave Antarctica


Alexander Skarsgård’s freezing cold Walking With The Wounded race in Antarctica has now come to an end…


Image courtesy of: Andrea Dixon/National Science Foundation

According to E! Online, the teams are being forced to leave ahead of schedule – due to weather conditions. Here’s what they said;

Prince Harry‘s eventful journey to the South Pole has come to an end.

Organizers announced that the 29-year-old royal, along with his Walking With the Wounded teammates, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård and The Wire’s Dominic West departed Novolazarevskaya Station in Antarctica on Wednesday, Dec. 18, for Cape Town, South Africa.

The sooner-than-expected exit, which was scheduled at the end of this week, is due to the onset of a major Antarctic storm. If the group got caught in the dangerous weather, their return for Christmas would have been jeopardized.

The teams are due to arrive back in the U.K. on Dec. 23, just in time for the holidays.

I’m sure you’ll agree…their safety is much more important than anything else. It was a great cause and I’m sure they enjoyed seeing the South Pole. I’m glad Alex will be home in time for the holidays.

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11 comments on “WWTW Teams Forced To Leave Antarctica

  1. I am so proud of all of them for finishing as one team. It took a lot of courage to do this challenge for some of them members. I am so proud of them all. As for leaving early it was for safety reasons and to get the participants home in time for the Holidays so it was a smart move to make. My best Kristie

  2. So very thankful they are getting out ahead of the storm. Be safe and get home safely.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Is Alex suppose to do True Blood later on this week after he returns from South Pole before he ahead home for? I known it`s a stupid question. I don’t want them to finishh 1st ep of the final season without him because the storm…. But I hope the rest of team make it out of there safely.

    • Alex is not due back on set until next year to start filming his scenes. He has plenty of time for a well-earned break with his family. I believe the team has to spend a couple of days in South Africa to decompress, then they are going home for Christmas.

      • Thank you for the notice,Evie. I remembered there`s a scene is unrelated to Bon Temps. I wonder he will do that scenes after he gets back from the holiday or doing that movie…I understand, spending x-mas with family is more important than work. I am glad the store is close where my mom work at on x-mas. Last year, they didn’t let everybody go home and let them work.

        • I meant Moroccan bar sceens, I don’t known it’s part of Eric`s arc or not.

          • We can’t be sure just yet but based on the information we have so far I am thinking Eric will be in Morocco. All the other characters are in Bon Temps except Pam, and I think it is unlikely she is playing Russian Roulette as she has a real zest for her vampire life! Eric is much more likely to be in a really dark place when we begin next season.

  4. Not that it’s about me, of course, but I’m kind of relieved Alex and everyone has gotten out of Antarctica. They endured, they accomplished an amazing goal that certainly not everyone achieves (especially the soldiers), they have a great story to tell (not that that’s what it’s about), now it’s time to go home to their loved ones, take it easier, and celebrate the holidays/winter season. Thank you for the update, Erika and E&SL.

  5. That means the filming of the last ever season of True Blood is right around the corner. That makes me a little sad.

  6. To not sound repetitive, I agree to all the above comments. Thanks for the update and I’m glad that they are all going to be able to make it home for the Holidays too!!

  7. Yeah I think they will save the cliffhanger for Alex after he gets back. I guess they’re doing a mini movie in 1st eps with Eric. I am sorry to bug you…. I am really happy he getting cozing up next to fireplace in cape town than being in the cold and I saw a new new pic of him on Facebook, he reminds me a lot of a big, giant teddy bear that want to cuddle with. :) … I hope you have a wonderful white, beautiful Christmas and kicks** New Year!!! :)

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