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Send an SOS! We have a mutant down!

We are still several months away till X-Men: Days of Futures Past  during the Summer Movie season… but it is making news waves now while they are editing the movie.

anna-paquin-rogue-promopicIn an exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, Director Bryan Singer shared that they have decided that a certain rescue sequence was edited out of what they are piecing together for the theatrical release.  Unfortunately, this was the only scene that was going to have Anna Paquin as Rogue. There should be plans for it to be included as one of the special features when released on DVD.

Bryan shared with EW that he had called Anna to let her know… and that she is disappointed but understands the process.

For the full Entertainment Weekly article, click here

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. Man, that really sucks.

  2. I am disappointed.. feel bad for her and the only reason I would ever watch that movie would be for her, but I did get my copy of ET and CH is on the worst fiction list for that awful Dead Ever After! They also called her out for writing the and I quote”a lazy cash grab” After Dead. So true.

  3. Thanks for the info B. I read this a bit earlier today and I must say that I also am very disappointed that Anna’s only scene was edited out of the film. Which means I have no rush to see this film at the theater and will wait til it comes on cable. I understand that these things do happen, but I think they could of cut a few minutes of something else and left Rogue in the pic.

  4. I really hope she didn`t blame it on Alex or Ellen Page. I didn’t care much for Anna,but Rogue`s 1 of x-man and that does suck that they cutted her out .

    • I meant Rogue is 1 of my favorite beside Gambit when I was growing up.

    • I’m really confused by this statement. Why in the world would you think she would blame Alex or Ellen?

      • I am sorry about confusion.

        Anna had played in major parts in the 1st 2 films,but Ellen had a major part in 3rd film (through the 3rd movie is disappointment,but she did pretty good job.) and Anna had a minor role in the 3rd film.

        I’m concern Anna`ll might be jealous,because Alex have a popularity as playing Eric on True Blood than she`s being Sookie and Ellen Page is playing a major role in this x-men movie than Anna`s Rogue. I think she want to shine to go back to big screen like Alex did. I also concern Anna`ll think Ellen’s taking her spotlight away from her. That`s I think she will blame it on Alex and Ellen for Brian Singer edited her out, that worried me…It isn’t Ellen’s fault, it is just the way of the story was written and Brian Singer following the original comic book arc.

        Ellen Page played Shadow Cat in the film, her character have a major part than Rogue and this movie closely based on the comic book (like Brian did 1st 2 movies). If you haven’t read the comic book arc of Days of Future Past, They created this device,but it only worked on Shadow Cat, because her power to make her move spaces to space (walk through walls like a ghost) and this device will able to enhance her power to make her move to time. It is which make her go to past to prevents things from happening in the future. Here`s info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Days_of_future_past

        • Shelli-I would hope that Anna would know that it’s not Ellen’s fault, or Bryan Singer’s, or Alex’s, that Anna was cut from X-Men. Singer was very complimentary about Anna to EW and unfortunately things like this happen sometimes in the business. I’m sure Anna does understand. I don’t think it’s personal against her, her performance, etc. I agree that it sounds like it just the way the story organically went. I believe Alex too was cut from a movie a few years ago. I think it might have been the movie Hitch? If anyone knows, please correct me if I’m wrong. Alex did make a “cameo” in the film in a picture in a (fictional) newspaper article, but his actual acting was cut. I’m personally ignorant about X-Men, so I didn’t even know Ellen is in it. I love Ellen, so I need to get more caught up with all of her work (loved her in Juno, Hard Candy, the roller derby film with Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig-can’t remember the name of it, The East of course, etc.). I would presume that Anna is professional. It’s bad form career-wise for anybody in the business to push their weight around, so to speak, and I’m sure Anna knows that. Alex is also very complimentary about Anna in interviews, etc. I personally think it’s very good to ask questions and voice concerns, Shelli. I’ve certainly voiced my own “concerns” about TB. :)

          • Did a quick look-see at Ellen Page’s IMDb, uh, page :) : the roller-derby film is called Whip It.

            Also, I made a typo. I meant to write, “I agree that it sounds like IT’S just the way the story organically went.”

          • I also looked up “Alexander Skarsgard Hitch.” I saw pictures of his character in the “newspaper article,” but I’m not sure if he did any actual acting in the film that was cut. Maybe that was my presumption, or maybe I read it somewhere. Just so you know, if you’re interested… :)

          • I really hope Anna didn’t blame them and she forgave Brian Singer. The storyline was original centering around Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat)…Ellen Page made cameos as Kitty Pryde in 1st 2 movies she was talking to prof when Wolverine entered in the 1st movie. And in 2nd movie, 1 of the mutants got captured). I remembered Brian Singer`s interview, he saw 3rd movie (seek in the movie theater) and didn’t care for it,but he think Ellen did a very good job as Kitty Pryde. That’s why he think it is a good idea to use her character for Days of Future Past. I like Ellen and Kitty Pryde, I feels bad Ellen` s character died at the end of the east….I heard something about that he had a small part in Will Smith`s hitch. They did that in Zoolander, they shortened his scene. It must be hard on him to start out in Hollywood….You are right about them, Alex and Anna have a lot of similarlies, and Eric and Sookie are like that. (Probably the True Blood writers afraid of that).

            I want to talk about it, I`ll might be right or not on sookie staying as a human at the end of the series. I got a pic in my head that how the show ends,but I don’t known it will happen or not. I will tell you, I would pic Sookie standing on someone else’s grave ( no one than other as Douchbag), thanking for freeing her from her prison life and telling him where everybody has been up to. *eyeroll* but Eric is there and standing to her (hopefully). I rather see her talking to douchbag’s grave than becoming his progeny. It would become true like my other predictions on the finale.

            Probably these writers makes all vampires become humans somehow, faery blood will cure Hep-V affected vamps,but it will revert them back into humans and Eric is connection. I have a theory; Eric was exposed to the virus by touching nora,but Warlow`s blood (after he drained) cured,but makes him reborn as a human/vamp hybrid (he becomes almost human, because Warlow is part vampire and that’s why Eric become part human). Or Niall will give Sookie that resurrect device for x-mas, she feels guilty and used it on Eric. I don’t known.

            I told Evie about it, I remembered Anna`s interview and it took place at the end of season 6, she said there’s unfinished with Eric and Sookie and there`ll might be hope for them in the future. :) I hope she is hinting it… I really hope she didn`t end up Billy the douchbag nor fleabag Alcide. I freaking hate Joe and Brian Buckner gave the way the stupid triangle at the end of season 6, I thought they were trolling at 1st. I don’t believe she will 1 of idiots. Steve Moyer said it is hard possiblies that she will end up with that sicko douchbag (not in million years), because there’s might be no way that`ll be he forgiven (I rather stake him through the heart). I`m really fear Sookie will buddy up with Douchbag (Please, H**l no) Joe said the same thing, he highly doubt it that Alcide will get the girl at the end. Don’t forget Rikki, I think she will bite Alcide come back and bite him in the a**. She reminds me a lot of Debbie in the way, it looks like Sookie is going to get struck in the same crazy were ex situation again. :\

            I will tell you more 2morrow.

          • Shelli-I don’t have time to “talk” right now. :( Real life taking precedence. I’ll be back later…

          • Shelli-I really didn’t know much about the X-Men franchise. Like I said earlier, I didn’t even know Ellen Page is in it, and I am a fan of Ellen’s work.

            *The East spoiler to follow* I too felt horrible when Ellen’s character Izzy died in The East.

            I recently found out about the Alex/Hitch situation, whatever it may or may not have been. I didn’t know that Alex’s role in Zoolander was shortened too. Poor guy! Yeah, that happens all the time in show business. I agree, it definitely took a while for Alex to “kick in” in Hollywood. But I think it’s safe to say his career is going a lot better in the U.S. now. :) Alex and Anna do have a lot of similarities, including that they are both strong actors who had some of the best, most believable, formerly appointment television on-screen chemistry I have ever seen. And, again, definitely a lot of parallels between their characters Eric and Sookie. I don’t know if the current TB writers have issues with that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

            Again, I’ll wait until I spoil myself silly after the s7/series finale airs before I decide if I’ll ever watch TB again. Obviously I haven’t entirely given up on the show, but I don’t have a lot of hope for it because of s6, especially the s6 finale, the spoilers-so-far for s7, and DEA/AD.

            I won’t waste my time if it ends with Sookie becomes a devoted progeny of her boring rapist. HOWEVER, if Sookie becomes (or already is) a progeny of Boring Rapist, and she kills him or turns on him in the end, MAYBE I might come back to the fold. :) Again, right now I go with Sookie becoming human and settling for Seal Sex Sam and birthing his puppies after Pregnant Nicole is killed off. The usual with me and this show.

            I also could see fairy blood being the cure for Hep-V. My mind is not scientifically inclined :) , so it does not automatically go there. That would conveniently tie in Sookie (and possibly Adilyn, Andy, Niall, Jason, Arlene and her kids, any other fairies like maybe Maurella, Queen Mab, Hadley and Hunter, etc.) to the Hep-V “zombie” vampires.

            If HBO cares about the profits (but not necessarily the story anymore), Eric needs to tie into this story at some point. I forget exactly how it all played out, but it seemed to me that Eric did not seem to be too careful about being covered with Nora’s Hep-V infected blood after she died the True Death in his arms. I think he may have still been covered in her blood when he took down Vamp Camp? I can’t remember. Anyway, my point is that I too believe that Eric could have been inadvertently infected by Nora. That’s an interesting theory, Warlow’s blood curing Eric from a possible Hep-V infection but turning Eric part-human again in the process. We shall see. I think you (Shelli) are more creative than Brian Buckner! :)

            I do think there might be some book cluviel dor parallel on TB. Maybe that’s Sookie’s fairy ball of light.

            I never look up Joe. I accidentally stumble across him here and there looking up Alex-on-TB related stuff or when Joe cameos on The Soup or Hello Ross on the E! Channel (why, E!, why?!?). I skip Chelsea Lately when he is the guest. I don’t hate him, but I couldn’t care less about his “work” and/or his interviews. And I have rarely in my life seen two actors have less on-screen chemistry than him and Anna. I have no interest in sex scenes with Sookie and a creepy character who I feel took advantage of her when she was drunk, guilty, and lonely (just my opinion). And Alcide (not to mention Sam) will never make Bill look better to me, Never. Just as Violet will not make Jessica look better to me. I can’t stomach Sookie being “friends” with her original abuser Bill myself. It feels too much like the books to me.

            I have a mental block when it comes to the TB werewolves, so please bear with me. I too presume that Rikki will come back to haunt Alcide. That’s probably how Buckner breaks up the fake “relationship” between Alcide/Stepford Sookie and gets Alcide out of BT before Sookie settles for Sam. It feels like a lazy rewrite of Debbie Pelt to me too. What a waste of Sookie, Anna, the story potential, the audience’s time/money investment, etc. It is what it is.

            It was nice to escape real life for a while. :) Now, I have to go back. Catch you later…

  5. Yes, thanks B and E&SL for the news. As Tammy said, that sucks for Anna, but I’m sure with Anna’s many years in the business, she understands that these things happen sometimes (like redthang914 said). At least the scene should see the light of day on DVD.

    Hi, Shelli. :)

    Vicki Sanders-I heard about EW, their 2013 worst-of lists, and DEA/AD. Thanks for the quote. I’m glad EW had the guts/passion to go there. Crappy writing is crappy writing. I also heard that Mandi Bierly selected “The Sun” as one of the worst TV eps of 2013 and “In the Evening” as one of the best. While I’m personally not in love with Eric’s storyline right now, and in particular this ep (the way the writers handled Eric/Nora; IMO Alex/Lucy basically did the best they could with what they were given), I always love Eric, and Nora could have been a contender before she was killed off, and “Evening” was very Eric-centric, and I think there might be a pic? (Didn’t see the mag yet; second-hand info.)

    P.S. Is “Radioactive” on the worst-of list? If not, why not? :)

    • I am really happy EW are Eric fans than Tvline. I surprised the Sun ranked the the worse ep,but I think In Evening is the best ep all of season 6. I wish Radioactive (I can`t believe they wasted a good song on a cr**py ep) on worse ep list, everything is about is really mess up.

      I really hope Brian Buckner and writers giving in her,because she upsetted that she got edited out and decided to makes Sookie uses her magic ball. (I also worry they will make Eric the bad guy because that, I really hope not it becomes true. :( )

    • I found those best and worst episode choices interesting. They wouldn’t have been my choices but I can understand why they were picked. I actually thought episode 2 was a strong Eric episode, we got the full Viking Eric with the “not afraid of humans” scene and then dorky Eric in the whooping crane scene, but the Bill scene where he drained the woman was utterly gross! The finale was by far the worst episode of season 6, nothing else can compare to the complete hors*sh*t that made up the last half hour after Eric’s mountain scene.

      Episode 7 was a good one and I loved Eric and Nora’s escape scene at the start, but I find it hard to get past ep.4 as the best one, as I think Willa’s turning scene is one of the greatest ever in TB history.

      By the way they weren’t in the best/worst episodes of 2013 (at least that is not what I saw), they were the best and worst episodes of each one of 50 shows.

      • Evie-thanks for the clarification on the EW listing. I haven’t read the issue/article yet and I was going on second-hand info (oops :) ). In the past EW have ranked their best/worst episodes/TV series of the year overall. They did it differently this year. I look forward to reading it.

        I didn’t watch Bill draining that poor woman (Veronica from Human Edibles, was it?) I’m proud of myself for that.

        I still can’t bring myself to watch “Radioactive.” :( I don’t know if I ever can.

        Episode 4, I wish Willa had been Sookie (yes, I know I’m stubborn. I admit it.). Maybe, in my AU running in my head, Pam could turn Sookie. That would be interesting to me. But I highly doubt Buckner will have Sookie turned by anyone. Similar to what Shelli wrote, I think Buckner will probably have Sookie go full human, period. That has been my guess for a while.

        As always, thanks for keeping us informed, B and Evie (and Erika and nymerias). Knowledge is power. Happy Weekend, and Happy Holidays/Winter. :)

        • Yes unfortunately I think Sookie is more likely to give up her powers and decide to live an ordinary life than ever become a vampire. (I think Alan Ball once said she would not be turned?). The idea of Eric carrying Sookie off and turning her like he did Willa is so perfect I can’t even think about it, too much perfection!

          All you are missing by not watching “radioactive” is a hot mess! I’ve watched it twice and it didn’t get any better on second viewing. It doesn’t upset me the same way the season 4 finale did, it is just a really awful episode! (Ep.9 would have been a much more fitting season finale).

          • DEA/AD is still giving me TB nightmares. :) Yes, I know “the show is not the books.” but considering that I (and others) disliked the ending of the books (and, as I and others have said before, the endgame was the least of the problems with book 13), and there seem (to me and others) to be several parallels with the story/public comments between DEA/AD and s6, I don’t have high hopes for s7. I’m pretty much at the acceptance phase right now. Real life keeps teaching me that, and hopefully I’m learning. I (and all of the audience, present and past) have no control over the story.

            If anyone knows for sure, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure Ball said (maybe at one of the Paleys?) that TB fairies could not be turned into vampires. But then again, in s6, Buckner (and Hudis?) decided that Ben/Warlow was an uber-powerful fairy-vampire hybrid, so who knows? If Sookie gets rid of her fairy powers and becomes full human, logically I would think that that means that she could be turned. But it’s probably a moot point anyway since I obviously am in full agreement that Buckner probably won’t turn TB Sookie.

            I don’t know if Ball said that TB Sookie would never be turned. I’m not sure. I know Harris said that SVM Sookie was never going to be turned. I think they all decide to do what they decide to do with the story going forward and then twist the established canon to fit their current agenda. I know I’m being “rude,” but that’s my takeaway.

            Thanks for the compliment on my alternate take on Eric/Sookie/Willa. :)

            The difference for me between s4 finale (which I mostly hated, don’t get me wrong) and s6 finale is that after s4 I still had a lot of hope for the show. :( Other than BBQ Eric, I can’t watch “Radioactive.” It’s for the best for me. It’s too painful. I cared too much about (some of) these characters, including Sookie. I think ep. 6×09 would have been a much better finale too. As someone on Amazon posted (can’t remember who or I would give credit where it is due), it could have been a good setup for s7: Will Sookie actually go through with it and become Warlow’s fairy-vampire bride? Why did Eric take off? Did he have a good reason to leave? Where did he go? What will Pam, Willa, and Tara do? What’s the deal with the Tru-Blood situation in Honolulu? What about Sarah Newlin? Maybe I would have broken down and eventually watched THAT season. Or not… :)

          • Thanks goodness, I didn’t watch the final ep. I was busy to reading the giver on my nexus at the time, but My bros keeps bugging me to watch it and I told them H**l no.

            I am might I’m right they will make Eric part human to even out with Sookie,because she will part faery and want to have a normal life. Maybe Eric is adjusting a normal life (double life) last couple months. I remembered Anna said in the interview at the end of season 6, there`s still luv there and there`s unfinished business between Eric and Sookie. Maybe she is hinting she will end up with Eric at the end of the series. But I don’t known.

            I wish EW rank ep 6 or 5 (I vomited when Sookie f**ked her parents ` killer or Douchbag f**ked him). Those eps are very worse beside Radioactive. I think they ranked ep 2, because Warlow got introduce and lame actist group. But Eric did stole with his adorable dorkness :)

          • Shelli-I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who skipped out on that finale. :)

            My hunch still is that Buckner might have Sookie get rid of her fairy powers and settle for Seal Sex Sam (again), after Pregnant Nicole is conveniently killed off.

            I agree about Sookie screwing the poor little darling who murdered her parents that time. I more-or-less said the same earlier. I just can’t get on board with that. When Eric seduced Talbot, Eric had a plan. Sookie just “went with the flow,” whatever Buckner’s convoluted reasoning. No, thanks.

            Anna and everyone involved with TB/SVM, including Alex, know that Eric and Eric/Sookie is the biggest moneymaker in the franchise. Everyone needs to keep the Eric/Sookie train chugging along until the series finale. I’m sorry to sound so jaded and cynical, but I need to be realistic for my own sake. Optimistic, but realistic. I’m not saying anything personal against Anna, but they all know they need to “sell” their “product” to as many people as possible. I personally thought it would organically be (and wanted it to be) Eric/Sookie in some capacity, including Eric becoming human or partially human again like you suggest, because they are the most believable, loving, exciting, ironically life-affirming pairing for me, but I just don’t see Buckner going there. :( I could be wrong, but I think I might be right about this one.

  6. I guess asked Rogue fan, I am really really disappointed and I doubt I will go see the new movie. : (

  7. **************BREAKING NEWS******************
    Just found out there is a petition on getting Rogue scenes back into the film. Go to the link and sign Please. Maybe all of us can make a difference……………….Its’ at Change.org I think ya’ll can find it, I wanted to paste the link but couldn’t seem to do it. (Not enough of a computer geek I guess).
    Last I looked they needed 305 signatures to be able to send it on its way.

  8. Update on “Free Rogue” petition. Still need 216 signatures at Change.org
    Please go and sign and maybe we still can do something about Annas’ role and if not, at least Anna will know we all tried. Thank you all!!!!

  9. That really stinks. I liked Rogue.

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