ESL New Year Wishes For 2014!


The New Year is here, time to put 2013, that book I didn’t read and True Blood Season 6 into the archives of sookieverse history.

Whilst we will all no doubt be making New Year’s Resolutions that we haven’t a chance of keeping, we thought it would be a good time to have a first stab at what we are hoping for in the coming year.



What I want for 2014 is some great television and not just True Blood. Since I mentioned True Blood though, I just want a good ending for Eric, an ending that makes sense with who and what he is. Eric is all about those he loves and he would never leave them behind for a long period of time to suffer some cruel fate. I would love to see him in the action of what these writers plan to bring us in the final season and saving those he loves. That is how Eric rolls and I also would like to see him really kick Bill’s ass if not kill him altogether. Since Killing Bill will not be an option, the only alternative that I can hope for is that Bill will finally get what is coming to him for everything he has done wrong. In other words, no redemption.

Since that won’t happen either, the best I can do is hope that I don’t have to gauge my eyes out over ridiculous plots that might end up making no sense. I truly hope that True Blood goes out with a bang rather than just a slight sizzle. Once again, I want to be blown away but I won’t hold my breath for this show has notoriously let me down in the past. For me, it is all about Eric and if he is given something really juicy and does some epic shit, then I will be okay. But if he is put in a corner, there will be munity. LOL

I am looking forward to all the shows coming back from their mid-season finales and for the start of Downton Abbey here in the states as I love the show. The Walking Dead is going to be awesome. A new series called Outlander will be starting soon on Starz and I cannot wait to see one of my favorite book series come to life and it will be a very faithful adaptation of a great series.

I have several books coming out that I just cannot wait to devour. Chloe Neill’s ‘Wild Things’ another book in the beloved Chicagoland Vampire series. The final book in the ‘All Souls Trilogy’ by Deborah Harkness and you gotta love Matthew and Diana. The next book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon….SQUEEEEEE! So much goodness is coming my way and I am looking forward to it.


I just hope that everyone in the fandom can get along in this final year, and I want much the same for the conclusion of the show as all the other Eric fans do, a good storyline for the Viking and a decent ending.


What do I want from 2014? Peace on Earth…. Or in the fandom. Ok, I admit its a slim chance after all of these years. But I  just had to ask. As for True Blood… just give me a decent Eric story line… where he is un-dead and not finally dead. My more realistic wishes for 2014 would be for Alex to have a fantastic year with all of his future projects. For us to be happy and healthy…. and not loose too much hair :)


I want to make the absolute most of True Blood’s final year. I want to have fun. I hope that everyone who decides to watch the last season will be entertained and look back on True Blood with at least some kind of affection, I hope Eric Northman finishes the series on top, I hope he is happy and loved, preferably by Sookie, but if by someone else then I want to see the writers convince us that Eric is okay with this, I want to see Eric, Pam, Tara and Willa as a loving family, I want Andy and Holly to live HEA, I want Bill and Alcide to disappear, I want lots of naked Eric (Yes, I’m very shallow and I’m not ashamed of it), I also want at least one more Eric sex scene, but most of all I want to savour every single second the Viking Vampire God graces our screens before he leaves our lives forever!

On behalf of everyone here at E&SL, I would like to wish you all a terrific, happy and healthy 2014!

Here’s to you and for one very last time, to a good year ahead for Eric Northman!


When Erika started this little blog way back in September 2009, as a safe place for Eric/Sookie shippers to be able to visit and speak their minds, I’m pretty sure she had no idea just how big Team Eric would continue to grow. We’ve come this far and now we are determined to see it through, and we hope you all will too, whether you are one of the 100s who regularly visit just to enjoy the blog, or one of our loyal and lively commenters, we really, really appreciate you sharing in this crazy fandom with us. We had a record breaking year last year, so let’s try and do it all over again!

And don’t forget to let us know what you are hoping for from 2014 in the comments below.


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10 comments on “ESL New Year Wishes For 2014!

  1. I feel the same way you guys do, I want the series to end with everyone in their appointed places within the universe (not in Sookies’ Universe, just in the regular Cosmic sense….LOL). I want Eric to finally be happy and sure of his place within himself, whatever that may entail. Thats’ the most important to me! As far as Sookie and the rest of them go, I want them to make sense of the ending with all the characters and the ONLY thing I really want is for Sookie to finally be left alone from all the Supes and for her to really get the chance at a normal life after all the “things” (whatever they are) that goes down in season 7. I DO NOT want to see her with either Bill or Sam, or Alcide. I want her to live her life on her own. To me that would be a perfect ending as that is truly the only thing she really wanted in life was to be normal.

    I do not hold any real hope for E&S any longer as I know BB and his band of screwed up writers would never stand for it. But I would just love if they would end the story the way it started with no supes in Bon Temp and they go out the same way……………

  2. Yes, lot;s of naked Askars is a must for this last season! If we don’t get anything else we want, it’s the least they could do. Lol!

  3. Evie and ESL, thanks for this post, and Happy New Year/Happy Winter to all of you and everyone who posts/reads. I think my New Year’s wishes are most along the line of B’s. I personally have no hope or excitement at all for TB anymore. :( Maybe TB Eric won’t end up in 200 years of cushy slavery that he learns to “love?” That would be nice. I hope Alex continues to have a good career with solid projects for many more years to come, if that’s what he personally wants (I get the sense he does). I wish the same for the rest of the talented actors in the cast. And the talented writers who are no longer on the show. I wish everyone well in their personal lives. I hope for peace on Earth, and in the fandom, too. ;) Whatever will be, will be, I wish happiness and health for all of us, too. We all deserve it. Take care, everybody. :)

  4. I’d kind of like plausible deniability for all ships, meaning that Sookie gives a Buffy-esque “cookie dough” speech where she says she’s not ready to decide who she’s with until she’s done “baking.” This left Buffy/Angel fans able to say that she would be ready to settle down with Angel someday, and Buffy/Spike fans to say she’s just telling Angel to go away because she wants to go spend time with Spike (who she will later say she loves, but Buffy/Angel fans insist this doesn’t count so what ever). In this scenario, Sookie won’t end up with anyone, but fans of all pairings will have a jumping off place from which to write their own fics about Sookie ending up with the suitor of their choice. There will always be fandom conflict, but this way all ships will get the chance to create the ending they prefer.

    Unless someone gets stupid and makes ridiculous continuation comics based on the show that undermine the show’s entire feminist premise, but that could just be my hang-up as a Buffy fan. Here’s hoping canon ends somewhere where everyone can say they’re okay with it.

  5. My Wish list,

    I want to see Sookie realize what a self-denfying slutbag she really is and leave town with Eric after she finds out about townspeople that she thought her “friends” aren’t her “friends” ,because they didn’t care damn about her. I really hope She feels guilty and will make up for the mistakes she did to Eric. I really miss Warrior Sookie and being with Eric. I really hope Sookie will come back her warrior self and a girl in the white that Eric always wanted. I really hope Pam and Sookie finally becomes friends at the end. (I wonder She’s already close friends with Willa)

    I really hope the lame-a** triangle and the zombie vamp storyline didn’t last long. I would luv the faeries make a biggest comeback, biggest and baddest before (like the scary ones from season 4 :) ). I would luv to Warrior Sookie come up against Faery Queen Mab by using her faery ball to save Eric from them. I also would luv to see the faery war play from the books 8 and 9. I known some of you guys would think the faeries are a bad idea to bring them back,but Faeries are my favorite supes (beside vampires and dragons) and I think we better have them than stupid zombie vamps.

    I really really hope the Writer won’t Eric as a big bad like a damn zombie vamp or a crazy mad vampire ( like Russell), I would hate to see Sookie use on Eric. I really really really really hope it will never happen. :( I would rather see him as human and married to Sookie. I really hope Eric get some credits for saving everybody in the end,because I am really sick Billy`s hogging all credits for himself (what an a**hole), and make Eric looks like he`s a bad guy. That’s totally unfair. I really hope that dreadful sunbathing scene will turn out to be Jason’s nightmare or Pam saves him (Eric). I also really hope he comes back in Bon Temps to save his family and get on the action. I would luv to see how Eric takes down Sarah Newlin in Batman style. :) I want to see Eric and Pam works their differences. I also hope Eric will be a good maker to Willa. Things didn`t last long for Sylvie, hopefully. My biggest hope is Eric shown up unexpectedly and win Sookie `s heart.

    I rather see douchbag billy becomes a zombie vamp and gets stake by Sookie than Eric. I don’t want to see douchbag gets the girl. I would hate to see Sookie becomes douchbag`s progeny (if something `s happens to Jessica or she becomes her sister) or buddy up with that sicko. I really hope not that happen.

    I want to see Alcide`s doggy butt out of town and along with his trouble pack, because werewolves brings trouble wherever they go.

    I luv you guys, I really hope you guys` continue on the beloved viking`s legacy after the show over. I really hope this site didn`t shut down when True Blood end. :( I am going to miss talking about True Blood on this site, and I would luv to see you guys move on with Alex Skarsagard. :)

    I am not going to watching 1st ep to let known you (because I don’t want to sit through premire to watch “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p). But I hope and pray dreams(wishes) become true.

    • Shelli-I wish you wrote for TB. I would be a much more satisfied customer if you did. ;)

  6. Here’s hoping Eric gets out alive dignity intact ideally he gets the goofy waitress even though she doesn’t deserve him and I don’t have to hold a puke bucket because of Beeehl-saturation.. One can hope..

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