“Best TV Vampires”


When 3 True Blood vampires appear on the latest list of “Best TV Vampires”, it’s not actually that difficult to guess who they are:


Eric Northman is far more superior to Bill Compton. He’s older, more powerful, and just cooler. He can be menacing but also has a dry sense of humour. Eric has little regard for human life but we see that he is very loyal to those he is close to. I love his bond with Pam and his devotion to Godric, his maker. Although the relationship between Eric and Sookie was hotter in the books, I do enjoy the way they interact with each other. It appears that Eric died naked and alone in the Scandinavian snow, but it has been confirmed that Eric will be back for the final season. True Blood needs Eric Northman or else the whole show will suck.


In times when True Blood is at its most dreadful, Pam is a beacon of light. She has gone from a one-dimensional character with a sharp tongue to a character with emotional depth. Pam is a no-nonsense vampire with great fashion sense who has little patience when it comes to humans. She’s at her best when she’s disapproving of Sookie and colliding with the other humans in Bon Temps. Like her maker, Eric, she is very loyal and protective of those she cares about. At the end of Season Six, we saw Pam fly away (which I didn’t realise she could do too) so I wonder what part she’ll play in the final season.


Russell Edgington was delightfully evil. He stole every scene he was in and like Pam, had some of the best lines. I was thrilled when he was brought back in Season Five after being a main character in Season Three. Russell was a three thousand year vampire, possibly the oldest but we saw him more as the King of Mississippi and an enemy of the American Vampire League. He was downright crazy especially when he went on live television and ripped the heart out of the news reporter. Part of Russell’s charm was that he could be very polite but we knew what kind of maniac was hidden beneath the façade.

You can check if any of your other favorites from other shows make it on the full list HERE

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  1. I love this Eric Northman is the show!!!

  2. Here is my list of Favourite Television Vampires:
    Eric Northman,Pamela Swinfort De Beaufortj,Jessica Hamby Compton,
    Nora Gainsborough,Godric,Tara Thornton Northman,Russell Edgeington,
    Mick St.John,Henry FitzRoy,Angel,Spike,Barnabas Collins,Nick Knight,
    Locroix, Jeanette DuBois,William Thomas Compton III,Lorena Ball,

  3. Is there a better TV Vampire than Eric Northman? No, not even close and I’ve loved vampires my entire life even before they became “vogue” to the TV world. I will say tho’, my second favorite vampire was Mick St. John of Moonlight (another Alex with the last name of O’Loughlin). Another fantastic vampire show that was a year or two before this lastest vampire craze and unfortunately it didn’t catch on. I think its’ cool that my two most favorite vampires besides sharing their real first names of Alexander, that their birthdays are just one day apart also. It seems like it was meant to be or something. LOL . Third would have to be Pam, I love her smart wit and her “guts”. Shes’ definitely one gal that has some balls for sure!! Then we can go down the line of the rest of the TB vamps and add in the Buffy hunks too, Angel and Spike. Thats’ about it for TV vamps. Although I started watch the Originals and kinda am starting to like Elijah too. I just can’t get into TVD, but the Originals seems a bit more mature to me.

    True Blood could have been the best Vampire show on TV if AB, BB and all their writers
    would have written the show better, but as I said many, many times, they jumped the shark back in season 2 with all the orgy crap with Marianne etc. The rest of season two was good, but thats’ where the writers screwed up. Too many storylines and too many cast members all leading to no where………..Its’ a shame really, but the only reason I’ve stuck it out is to watch Alex perform as Eric and thats’ the ONLY reason I will be watching this final season to see Alex be Eric. Thats’ why hes’ number #1, cause hes’ the draw of the show.

  4. Evie-thanks for the heads up. I never was that into vampires/supernaturals until TB. I picked the wrong show clearly ;) , but not the wrong vampires. Eric is my favorite character and Pam is my second-favorite (regardless of species). I love Russell too. I also love how Russell was only on for two seasons (so far?) and yet he is on the list as one of the favorite vamps As far as characters who are vamps at this point in the story, I also love(d) Godric and Tara. And, maybe I’m being petty, but I thought TB Eric and Sookie were very hot, AND LOVING, and believable (I’ve always been much more familiar with the show than the books), but the erase button has been hit, and that is that.

    • I totally agree about Eric and Sookie being very hot on the show! It was their dynamics that made millions fall in love with them, before they had read any of the books. We just haven’t had enough of them and of course Sookie has never been with the “real” Eric (yet) on the show. If we don’t ever get to see her with him, even just once, it will be the biggest tragedy of the entire series.

      I enjoy all of Eric’s love scenes (for obvious reasons) but I do think his ones with Sookie are the hottest and sweetest (and it’s some achievement to make something hot and sweet), same with Sookie, the love scene she had with Warlow last season was quite awful. I like to think they went out of their way to make Eric and Sookie’s scenes the best ones, but probably just wishful thinking on my part!

      • Evie-I pretty much agree with every word of your response. I didn’t watch Sookie screwing the poor little darling who murdered her parents that time (and even worse, doing a Blood Bond with him!) and have no intention of ever watching it, so I can’t give a firsthand opinion about it, but based on what I read, it doesn’t sound interesting to me. I’ve heard a theory that it was intended to be nihilistic on Sookie’s part. I still don’t want to see that. Didn’t she do that already with Bill? Come up with a new story for the poor girl already!

        I really did think it was intentional that Eric’s and Sookie’s scenes together were the best ones, but it was probably wishful thinking on my part too. :) I thought we were supposed to figure out that Bill is the ultimate abuser, Alcide is a creep who takes advantage of women when they are “weak,” Sam is “nice” but ultimately nothing more than a friend, and Eric is The One. As I’ve “said” a million times, Eric and Sookie had so many parallels to their stories that I thought it was deliberate foreshadowing for observant viewers. Little did I know…

        • I think Alan Ball, who (whether you like what he did with TB or not) I believe is a much cleverer writer than either CH or BB, was certainly planting seeds, but I’m not sure where BB and his new team are now heading. Probably in 1 of 2 directions.
          1. They want us to forget Eric/Sookie ever happened and when Eric makes his triumphant return (which I still think he will), Sookie will play no part in his rehabilitation and they hope that fans are so delighted he is back to his old self that they won’t care about his previous romance, or……
          2. They are deliberately keeping Eric/Sookie apart to keep the fans wishing for their reunion which will happen towards or even at the very end.(Good things come to those who wait, Jane Austen ending etc.) Let’s face it, if Eric had gone back to Bon Temps at the end of last season, he would have sorted the Warlow mess out in about 5 seconds and offered Sookie his protection from the zombie-vamps without any strings attached. Eric and Sookie have such mutual respect and affection now that the writers may feel they have to keep him away otherwise there is no point in the other suitors bothering to turn up! That is still a hope of mine.
          I honestly don’t think we have enough information yet to discount Eric/Sookie ever happening again. It is perhaps unlikely, but not impossible.

          • I referred option 2, because I think the writers are pulling a “Brian” (Family Guy) and “Sam” on Eric to surprise the fans. Like I said before, Lamea** triangle with Alcide and “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p is all just a major attraction to thrown the fans off guard like Charle-whatever Harris did Eric and Quinn the were-tigger.

            I remembered this site, Steven Moyer or some producer said they `re going to do separate storyline and only be Bon Temps Vs.World ( I think “World” is Eric,because Eric is in a different part of the world) in the beginning of the season, but all storylines will come to together as roll into big storyline at the I wonders they plans it along with Eric to bringing him back in unexpectedly return (because he and Pam can`t leave their babies behind with those zombie vamps in that town with racist rednecks).

            I had mentioned faeries before and on my wish list, I think it`s really idea they should bring them and make scarier and bada** before than wasted them (the writers ruined Warlow`s character by letting him be less scary and killed all Sookie`s family). ProbabIy they`re planning to bring faeries back after Eric`s return and it will cause major issues cause between them. Because the writers left a major door opened for the faery queen Mab`s character and her servants in the beginning of season 4, and we don’t known what had happened to them after that. I don’t even trust Maurella at all when she got introduced at the end of season 4. What is her true propose with Andy to getting pregnant with Andy`s children? Why she is in the woods in the 1st place? Is she actually Queen Mab in disguise and out looking for her servant Claudine? Is she interest in Andy to reduce a heir to continue her reign? I would luv to see There’s a lot of questions need to be answer. That’s why I am hopefully faeries come in and play to get all our answers. I don’t known they won’t bring them back, you known these idiotic writers are. But I would luv to see the faery war play would out. It better have them than having zombie vamps. I really hope the stupid zombie vamp storyline won`t drag out in the whole entire series (like the boring authority storyline in season 5 and Warlow`s plot).

            I always thought Brian Buckner were be a worse showrunner, and I always thought Raelle Tucker or Alexander Woo would make a better showrunner than Hudis after Hudis stepped down, but I ended up with having gut feelings when Brian Buckner that he would turn the show in the living nightmare in mid season. And I got a same exact feeling again this show will down the hill after I watching “F**K The Pain” (I don’t like that ep at all). And I was worry Buckner makes Sookie was going to use her faery ball on Eric in season 6 ep 9 (that’s the ep Buckner wrote), but I`m relive Eric flew off the vamp camp. I am still worry Buckner want Sookie use it on him (I really hope not), and I still have mix feelings for the final season like you guys. Probably the writers surprising us with the Eric and Sookie reunion, but we will never known.

      • I have to agree with you there Evie. If they don’t let Sookie be with the real Eric, it will truly be huge tragedy! HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Evie-I agree that Ball is a MUCH better writer than Buckner and Harris. No comparison for me. I, too, thought Ball was planting seeds that the “careful” viewers might/would pick up on that would eventually come to fruition. But maybe I was watching the show “wrong,” and Ball was headed in a direction that I didn’t see coming? Or maybe Buckner is now headed in a different direction than Ball was? I always remind myself that Buckner was NEVER intended to be the showrunner. Ball stepped down after s5 finale (he said he had been thinking about quitting after s4 but stayed on for one more year), and Ball’s longtime colleague Mark Hudis was Ball’s showrunner successor after s5. Then HBO fires Hudis for still-mysterious reasons in the middle of ep. 6×04 (and Raelle Tucker either was fired too or quit around this time), and Buckner unexpectedly got the gig. Who knows what’s going on?

          I have a hunch Eric is probably not dead-dead, at least not yet. ;) I, too, could definitely see him making a triumphant return in s7.

          I feel like Buckner is done with Eric/Sookie. Not only did they have little interaction in s5 (not Buckner’s choice, of course), I feel that the “girl in the white dress” scene (Hudis’ choice, again not Buckner’s) was the end of the Eric/Sookie story. I still say Buckner “pulls a Harris” and puts Sookie with Sam at the last second (including getting rid of Sookie’s fairy powers). But obviously I could be wrong. We’ll all know which way Buckner jumped soon enough.

          Knowing me, if I’m being honest with myself (and all of you), I’ll probably catch “The Eric Show” at some point. Just as I did with s6. I’ll keep up with the story with recaps here at ESL (just like I did with s6).

          From a commercial standpoint, it makes perfect sense to me for Buckner/HBO to reunite Eric/Sookie towards or at the end (and not necessarily romantically). But Buckner (and Harris, and HBO and Penguin) in 2013 did a lot of things that I found baffling just from a commercial/professional standpoint alone.

          I am in full agreement that in-character Eric could have instantly sorted out Warlow and protected Sookie “just because,” not for any personal gain.

          I feel Eric loves Sookie, no question. Does Sookie love Eric? Will she ever love herself? Will she ever get her own self sorted out? I’m guessing not, especially with only 10 eps left and SO MUCH PLOT to plod through. :(

          When written in character, NONE of the suitors come anywhere near Eric. None.

          If Buckner does go in the Eric/Sookie direction, it certainly would be a shock. I don’t expect it after DEA/AD, s6, and s7 spoilers, but stranger things have happened.

          • Shelli-I would love to agree with you that this lame “lurve triangle” is just a distraction to what Buckner is really cooking up, but after Harris and The Book That Shall Not Be Named, I just don’t trust Buckner and the B Team TB writers and the HBO execs anymore. Time will tell. They all would have made a lot more money if they had gone the Eric-Sookie route.

            Again, TB filming starts tomorrow. Will Alexander Skarsgard show up at some point during the filming of episode 1? Did Alex already shoot his scenes for ep. 7×01 during the filming of s6? You all know I love Alex as an actor and he seems like a genuinely good person, but I still wonder why he came back for s7. Audience loyalty? Does he believe in the story? To make nice with his bosses at Time Warner, since he has several other projects brewing with them? The money? Some combination of the above? I am NOT judging him, AT ALL. I’m just organically endlessly curious about things, including this. And I seem to remember Alex saying in interviews that he is a curious person as well, so we have that in common… ;)

            I consider the Alcide character a boring pointless creep who takes advantage of women. Alcide is Bill with fewer superpowers. I have rarely in my life seen two actors have less on-screen chemistry than Joe Manganiello and Anna Paquin. And I have no interest in a screw scene with their characters.

            Not looking forward to the Seal Sex Sam-Stepford Sookie ending I suspect might be happening (again), but I’m ready for it. I’ll be reading recaps and not watching it, so that helps. :)

            Shelli-again, you make much more sense than Buckner. :) TB seasons in the past have started the characters in one place and ended the seasons with the characters in a completely different place. It would make sense for s7 to follow that trajectory. Narratively AND commercially. Which is why I don’t trust that it will. When I heard about the Coda, I figured a publishing company wouldn’t “insist” on a coda unless they felt that the final novel in a long-running book series would be a huge commercial hit that most of its audience felt was a satisfying, logical conclusion to the story. Little did I know…

            The public likes what it likes and dislikes what it dislikes, especially when it involves parting with their money. Nobody can bulldoze the public into feeling a certain way.

            I agree that Buckner ruined the potential Ball built up with Warlow. After s5, I thought FOR SURE that Warlow was going to be a cover story for either Bill or Eric. I guessed Bill, but that Eric would initially be blamed, as always. I didn’t think Warlow would turn out to be nothing more than a one-dimensional stock villain and temporary “lurve interest” for Doormat Sookie. Glad I skipped those scenes. My intuition told me to wait.

            I could definitely see Mab and Maurella coming back in s7.

          • I’m not done. I posted my comment because I accidentally hit some incorrect keys and I was afraid I’d lose my previous post after all that typing. Anyway……..

            There was that whole thing about Maurella having Andy swear to her light before they had sex in s4. And then after she gave birth in s5, Maurella telling Andy to make sure that at least two of their four children survived. Will anything come of that, or is that another intriguing crumb that Buckner dropped on his quest to “redeem” Bill and force Sookie-Sam endgame?

            I have no interest in “zombie” vampires myself. Unless Buckner uses that to finally euthanize Bill. THEN I could get down with that story. :)

            I, too, think that Alexander Woo or Raelle Tucker would have been better showrunners to replace Mark Hudis than Brian Buckner. Buckner wrote the not-really-a-threesome dream. Why was Mark Hudis fired? I hope somebody with some knowledge talks someday.

            I could see Buckner MAYBE giving Eric Hep-V (again, Eric didn’t seem to be careful with Nora) and having Sookie get rid of her fairy powers by putting Eric “out of his misery.” :( THAT would eliminate two plot points at once: Eric/Sookie (not that they have a story together anymore), and Sookie’s fairy powers. AND I could see Buckner doing it to have Stepford Sookie save her beloved boring rapist Beel, just like s4 at the Tolerance Rally (foreshadowing?). The Eric/Sookie fans got Sookie staking Billith for Eric s6 premiere. Now let’s give the Bill/Sookie fans something…

            As I “said” earlier, Buckner putting Sookie and Eric back together would be the most shocking thing Buckner could do with TB IMO. I don’t see him going there.

            Rumor has it that Alan Ball might write the series finale. We shall see…

            Bye for now… :)

  5. I’m not surprised about the result. Alexander Skarsgård charm and talent has made Eric Northman a fascinating and interesting character and looking back to all the seasons he’s the only character who has grown

  6. Eric Northman is a the top of my list! It will be a cold day in Hell for him to lose that title!

  7. Thank you very much for liking my wishlist, I really hope and pray some of them become true in the final season. :)

    I am really happy Eric is No. 1,no one will never mess with the king of TV vampires. That’s very true that he is true savior of the show (not Billy), probably it will play out for the final season (Hopefully)…… The writers did biggest mistakes by getting the most beloved viking in the worse way. Maybe they will do something like a cheat like Seth McFarland did with Brian on The Family Guy. I`m wondering Eric`s coming back is a big surprise at the end (I really hope so) and “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p is damn, freaking attraction to push fans away like Vinnie the super annoying dog ( Thanks goodness, it didn’t last long with Vinnie). I will refuse to watch it if Eric isn’t there…Let`s better hope Eric will comes back in Bon Temps and kick some zombies.

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