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Welcome to 2014’s first Video of the Week. In honour of our Favorite True Blood Episode winner, this week we have gone for  a video to the tune of “I wish I was the moon”.

Unsurprisingly there are quite a few Eric & Sookie videos that have been lovingly put together using Neko Case’s gorgeous melody, but I’m fairly hopefully this particular one is not one we have used before.

So please sit back and enjoy Eric & Sookie in “I wish I was the moon” by Nath Winchester


In other news, the filming of True Blood Season 7 begins tomorrow in LA.

This is usually the time of year when I become unbearably excited at the thought of the next 6 months of spoilers and speculation, before the main event reaches our television screens in the summer. However this year, my feelings are very mixed, I want filming to start but I don’t want it to finish……



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  1. Thank you Evie for giving us a wonderful E&S video…….sigh. What can I say, I so miss these two together even Sookies’ dreams about them where better than nothing. I just can’t get over the chemistry that Anna and Alex have together on screen, it sizzles. I also love the song and without Bills’ forlorn face being shoved down our throats, its’ even better.

    I like everyone else on this site I think feel the way you do, we can’t wait for filming for this season to start but then, again, we wish it would never end……………

    I will forever treasure watching all the E&S videos that are out there on Utube and all the rest, i.e. pictures of them etc. Thank God for fanfiction too. I hope all the ff writers feel the same and keep writing new stories for them for a long, long time.

    For this last season, if E&S can’t be together, I wish for the writers to give Sookie a couple of more of those Eric dreams so at least we can see them together that way.

  2. Beautifully done, how the producers of TB can’t see that these two should be the end game defies logic.

  3. Evie and ESL-thanks for posting this vid by Nath Winchester. It was a nice reminder of when this show used to be appointment television for me. Throwing away the Eric/Sookie story, as I feel Buckner (like Harris) has done, in order to force an originally scheduled, outdated, illogical, rapist apologist ending, is one of the biggest blunders I have ever seen in show business. Eric Northman was robbed! Sookie Stackhouse too! Ah, well. Anna and Alex had some of the best on-screen chemistry I probably will ever see. I’m grateful to have seen it.

    I agree with redthang914: without the Boring Rapist (as I call the character), Eric and Sookie are even better. :) I will also forever treasure E/S vids on Youtube and fanfiction (I’m slowly dipping my toe in as a reader but not yet fully committed to any one of them. This is the first time in my life that I NEEDED fanfic).

    I am completely numb to the show at this point, so I don’t feel sad about it ending; I’m sorry to say I actually feel relieved right now. If I HEAR it’s a good ending, maybe I’ll change my mind. ;) There is something that perversely keeps me hanging on to read spoilers and recaps; I just can’t actually watch most of it.

    Back to the vid. Thanks for the vid. Neko Case didn’t make me cry this time. :)

    • Sookieandericwereabaitedandswitchcashgrab:
      Of course Brian Buckner,is throwing the EricNorthman fan under the bus.
      He never should have been given the head writing job…he doesn’t know
      what the hell he’s doing and he doesn’t know the storyline or does he
      care about it….IF he did he never would have done what he did……

      I can’t stand William Thomas Compton III,he’s a liar,cheat,betrayer.
      I would never trust him as far as I could throw him!!!!!
      Alan Ball is the person who told his staff..”NO Happy Endings”
      And he only wanted to see Sookie with Bill Compton cause of the fact
      that Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer are not only married but in Alan’s book
      “Soulmates”…Just one problem…Sookie & Bill aren’t soulmates….
      their hands don’t light up when they touch…ERIC & SOOKIE’S DO!!!

      Tomorrow Season 7 begins filming…but I’m already in mourning about it.
      Reason is this,I don’t think that the Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse
      lovers are going to be happy with the Finale that we’re going to get…….

      I will always be in total Love with my Master, Eric Northman…..

      • Hi, Marlene. :) Full agreement that Brian Buckner should never have been given the head writer job. I wonder why Mark Hudis was abruptly fired, and why Raelle Tucker left around the same time.

        Is Alexander Woo still on the show? I heard he’s involved with another series, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also still work on TB.

        I literally cannot watch Bill. It’s a big part of the reason I cannot watch TB anymore except for Eric and a few other scenes. The “deification” of such an evil boring character, I can’t watch. TB was supposed to be great escapism. Real life is hard enough for all of us.

        You are not the only one to wonder if Anna’s and Stephen’s real-life relationship had an effect on how the writers wrote (show AND books). Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. For what it’s worth, I strongly suspect that Buckner might “pull a Harris” and stick Sookie with Sam at the last possible second. Maybe that was Ball’s plan too. Jurnee Smollett-Bell, the actress who plays Pregnant Convenient Plot Device Nicole, has not been announced as a series regular, has she, HBO? ;)

        I thought that the Alan Ball Sookie/Bill “soulmates” comment was trolling. Maybe I was wrong…

        Also full agreement that the Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse lovers will probably not be happy with Bucky’s series finale. I’ve accepted it by now, and I am numb to it. I’ll check ESL for recaps because I’m curious, but I won’t watch the show, buy the DVDs, etc. The show is already over for me, I think. :(

        Eric is not MY “master…” I am my own person…but, when he is written in character, he is one of my all-time favorite characters, that’s for sure. :)

        Talented Youtube and fanfiction artists are our friends. :)

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, such wasted potential.

  5. That was so beautiful. I want to cry for the lost potential and I want to get mad for what they did to my favorite couple ever!
    Thank you for the vid, just awesome!

  6. Great video! I am so going to miss them. I do hope (there is that word again) they get some screen time together. As was stated above even if it is just a dream. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they give us that!

  7. It’s not the producers who can’t see that Sookie & Eric should be together.
    It’s the head writer who can’t/won’t see this fact.
    Alan Ball only wants to see Sookie Stackhouse with William Thomas Compton.
    He refuses to give the fans the “Happy Ending that we want”.
    Infact Alan Ball has more or less said “NO HAPPY ENDINGS ON TRUEBLOOD”

    We will always have loads of Youtube video’s to remember them by…….

    • That is just seems so sad to me. Where would they all be without their fans? We (those of us a ESL) can’t be the only Eric and Sookie lovers. Though I have to say we all are the best! You would think they would want to give those fans a little something to remember the show by. Maybe it is true that all of them (Hollywood types) are just out for what they can get and don’t care about the little people.

  8. luvvamps-It’s sad to me too. The fans pay HBO and Penguin workers’ salaries with subscriptions, book sales, DVD/Blu-Ray sales, merch sales, etc. I lurk on the Amazon DEA threads, and someone there said they believe HBO/Penguin/AB/BB/CH care more about forcing controversy to get attention rather than providing logical and crowd-pleasing work. That could be the case here.

    I believe the majority of the SVM/TB audience were Eric and Sookie lovers. It can’t be scientifically proven :) , but if we are all being honest with ourselves, I believe this to be true.

    There are good guys in Hollywood, believe it or not, but there are definitely people who are just in it for themselves in EVERY walk of life, including Tinseltown. When people earn or are given a bit of power (money, fame, great job, wealthy/famous spouse, etc.), I think it can be very telling about that person’s character what that person does with his/her power.

    • I should say that was the Amazon person’s guess about the mindset of HBO, Penguin, AB, BB, CH, etc. None of us can know for sure, of course.

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