On Location for Season 7 Episode 1


True Blood Season 7 filming began this week with some location work around LA. Our good friend Barbara from “Skarsgard Fans” was lucky enough to attend the filming at the Figuero Hotel and solve the mystery of which of our favorite characters will be out in Morocco.



And the person who is a very long way away from Bon Temps in episode 1 of the final season is our number one lady-vamp, Pam!

Kristin Bauer Van Straten looked as lovely as ever……


So is she out at the edge of the North African desert searching for her missing maker? And will the scene be set 6 months before or later?

There was also a group of extras in authentic Moroccan costumes and the hotel setting itself looks rather gorgeous.



you can see the rest of the pictures HERE

Thanks as ever Barbara!!!!!

The previous day Stephen Moyer and Chris Bauer had been filming elsewhere in the city and some more lucky fans managed to get to meet them. You can see all the pictures at   I wanna do bad things to you

So there we go, filming of the very last True Blood season is up and running, and they have even made the cast and crew special edition jackets to prove it!


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32 comments on “On Location for Season 7 Episode 1

  1. Super report from Barbara Henderson…along with some great photos….
    Don’t worry Alexander will be in Season 7….don’t worry…I’m not worried.

  2. Well, I was more than a little upset yesterday when I read some of the posts on some of the other FB sites yesterday and there is a rumor running around that Alex is definitely not going to be in TB this year and that they are only using scenes of him that were filmed from last year………Before I go any further, I’ll say, I know……I know they are only rumors. But when you think about it, nobody has posted anything about him arriving back into the States after his Holiday home and there have been no current pap pics posted showing him back in LA before TB started shooting, so it makes me kinda worried that maybe those rumors are true. So before my poor little pea-sized brain goes into a total Alex meltdown someone disprove what I’ve been thinking.

    As far as all those casting calls for a love interest for Eric in Episode 2, that could be one of those “red herrings” that they like to throw at us and we also know that most of those turn into “stinky dead fish” cause most of those casting calls (at least in the past) have been false. So I don’t know what to think anymore.

    I’ve also thought that maybe they are still going with the religious thing and Eric truly did die in season 6 and he will resurrect as the true savior of Bon Temp. After something else I read on line that said “out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise”. Made me think maybe that TB is still using the symbolism of religion to finish out the series.

    See, I just don’t know what to think anymore, I think part of my problem with all of this is after seeing Alex in the South Pole pics plastered on my ‘puter everyday and then all of a sudden nothing, I’m probably just going threw “Alex withdrawal” right now. Geez, don’t know how I’m going to handle the waiting to see his new films to get to see him…LOL
    So sorry me rattling on, but I do that when I get upset and nervous so please forgive me and by the Grace of God I am wrong about everything…………(runs away from the computer before I can ramble on anymore).

    • Alex is back in LA (or he certainly was ). He has been seen working out in a park and at an LA Clippers game (this is on twitter I believe but no photos that I’ve seen).

      I really don’t even want to waste blog space on the talk of him having already left and TB using scenes he filmed last year. Why would one of the writers just tell someone that yet the press haven’t even picked up on the story? And I will never believe that Stephen Moyer forced Alex out – they are good friends who enjoy working together! I don’t know what this person is trying to achieve in an already fragile fandom. If they don’t like the show they should move on and leave those of us who still enjoy TB to savour the final season in peace!

      And don’t worry about rambling. I know a heck of lot of people who are as nervous as you are. It would be nice if we could get to see a nice picture of Alex on set to enable everyone to breath normally again, but they are probably not going to be that kind to us.

      • Thanks Evie, I really feel better hearing this from you. I know, I shouldn’t believe these yahoos that spread that stuff, but like I said I think its’ weird that we haven’t seen any pics or anything. I will try and maintain myself, promise, so I can not be such a worry wort in the future. Thanks again for replying so quickly.

        • As much as I am personally not in love with the TB story right now, I would like to believe that the HBO brass know which side their bread is buttered on. With no disrespect to the rest of the (mostly) talented cast, Alex is the most popular/beloved actor on the show, and Eric is the most popular/beloved character. I believe it would be commercial suicide to do TB without Alex as a lead shooting a new story. I heard those rumors that Stephen and Anna allegedly pushed Alex off the show. I just don’t believe that Stephen/Anna have that kind of power, nor do I believe they would be that unprofessional. For all we know, maybe the TB PTB started that rumor to create controversy to get us all talking about TB again? Alex has publicly said he and Stephen are good friends, and that Alex regards Anna as being like a little sister to him. Stephen and Anna have been complimentary about Alex as well in interviews. I don’t believe Stephen/Anna hang out with Alex much off the set, simply because everyone is so busy in their lives/careers; VERY common for all actors on long-running television series. That doesn’t mean there’s any animosity or jealousy there. I question what THE WRITERS/PRODUCERS are thinking, and THE HBO EXECS, but ultimately I don’t think any of the actors control the narrative. I don’t think. ;)

          Perhaps Alex already shot his scenes for ep. 7×01 around the time ep. 6×10 was shot?

          So, with Kristin-as-Pam in “Morocco,” I wonder if this means that Morocco/Sylvie/Eric is “modern-day?” Is it a dream? Is it “real life?” Is it Rapist Bill’s never-ending POV?

          I think maybe the TB PTB want to keep up that “Is Eric still un-alive or dead-dead?” tension until ep. 7×01 airs, so maybe we won’t be getting Alex-as-Eric pics on the TB set for a while…

          Bucky publicly announced that Alex will be a “series regular” for s7 right after that godawful s6 finale. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Bucky can do that unless Alex actually IS coming back to shoot new scenes? Not that Bucky can’t lie/stretch the truth to the fans who pay his bills… My question still is, HOW involved will Alex be in s7? Will Alex take that film Diary of a Teenage Girl? When will Tarzan happen? WILL Tarzan happen? (Latest rumor I heard about DOATG, IF Alex does that film, he allegedly would NOT play the mother’s creepy boyfriend after all, but no one seems to know which character he actually WOULD play, hypothetically speaking.)

          I think there will be at least one Eric/Sylvie sex scene. But maybe Sylvie might be as “important” to the story as Yvetta or “peasant girl” or however she was identified from the s3 flashback to when Russell and his pack of wolves murdered Eric’s family of origin, or as squandered/underwritten as Nora. Who knows anymore with this show?

          Not looking forward to the Eric/Pam “romantic” endgame I suspect might be happening with Bucky as a consolation prize for Sookie (I suspect) settling for Seal Sex Sam at the last second (not that Eric and Sookie have a storyline together anymore). I believe Eric and Pam as best friends, and the vampiric equivalent of parent and child. I also believe that while they both dabble occasionally in men, that they both generally prefer women. I love Eric and I love Pam, I just don’t buy an eleventh-hour fake “romance,” that is all. IF that’s where they’re going with this. It is better than 200 years of cushy slavery, but still…

          I didn’t like how in s6, the writers had Tara and Pam imply that Pam was in a 100+ year “abusive marriage” to Eric in the dialogue. Pam has never seemed afraid of Eric, or trapped. Why this eleventh-hour change in the narrative? Makes me nervous. DEA/AD-style nervous…

          Bill will never get his comeuppance.

          Sookie will probably never get out of PTSD mode.

          God forbid any character have an ounce of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect. They will be punished for it.

          I wish Alex-as-Eric would get a strong, believable, interesting, loving, FUN storyline again like he had in s2, s3, and the first two-thirds of s4.

          Thanks for putting up with/tolerating my stream-of-consciousness riffing.

          Thanks for posting this, Evie and ESL, and thanks for the pics, Barbara and Skarsgard Fans. :)

      • Same as here, I am sorry about being a worry wart. I promise to don’t bug you about that rumor again.

        I freaking don’t like people spreading rumors like that. Awhile back when I started interested into True Blood and I was on youtube (before I came here and Facebook), someone posted a rumor at the end of season 3 that Pam`s sacrifing herself to save Eric and different person said same thing about Pam during season 4. Look like some people don’t like Pam.

        I was giving up believing rumors last season and I always thought “Eric`s true death” rumor is a load of cr*p,but I starts panic when reading them since after the sunbathing scene. Now I don’t known what I believe anymore.

        Anyway, I don’t trust Steve Moyer`s words what he said. I really hope not they makes True Blood movie. Sorry, guys. if they continue on with Billy luv Sookie cr*p, the movie will flop. I rather see to “Where Eric had been in six months?” prequel spinoff, how it explains where was he and it is actually shown he is tracking down Sarah Newlin in batman suit. :) That would be awesome to see.

        I really hope you guys like the painting I did. I send it in the message. It shown how I pictured how the show ends, human Eric helding pregnant Sookie and they standing on the graveyard that rounds by open field with flowers (it is really beautiful piece of art and I worked it a lot). I really hope it ends like that,but I don’t known that will happen or not.

        • I would never wish unemployment for anyone. Everyone has the right to earn a living. That said, as an audience member, I disagree with KBvS and I, like Shelli, hope there is NOT a TB movie. Sometimes, you gotta leave well enough alone. Sometimes, you gotta know when to fold ’em and move on. Don’t get greedy. In fact, right now I’m feeling like the show should have ended with the excellent, true-to-character s5 finale. There were so many exciting cliffhangers there that had so much potential, that Buckner COMPLETELY squandered in s6.

          Most people are over “Billy really really lurves Sookie; he just stumbled a little along the way, everyone makes mistakes,” he “misses” his fake “humanity” that he never had in the first place, whatever. I feel it. That would flop, I agree. I could see HBO MAYBE doing a TB movie or miniseries (say, four eps or so) after s7, but on the channel, not in actual movie theatres. Maybe.

          I think HBO might end TB on a wishy-washy, nothing-is-explained, nothing-really-gets-resolved, debate-this-until-eternity note like Lost. Making it up as they go along with a half-baked at best “game plan.” And, whaddaya know, HBO hired one of the Lost showrunners to do a new series. I’m not sure if they’re pairing it with TB this summer? I guess HBO loves “controversy.” I wish they also loved organic storytelling.

          I could see them dragging out the comic books indefinitely.

          Shelli-your painting sounds lovely. :) Again, I like your ideas for the end of TB. I think you would do a much better job writing the show than whoever is currently writing.

          • I had another thought (not an original one). Maybe a spinoff TV series? Hypothetical: take a couple of the new-ish characters (say, Willa and Adilyn), keep a couple of the older characters around (say, Andy and Holly and her kids, and Arlene and her kids), True Blood: The Next Generation. Or something like that. ;) I don’t think they could get Alex to do it (I think he might be ready to move on to concentrating on feature film opportunities), I think Nelsan might be ready to move on, maybe Anna and Stephen might be ready to move on (at least Anna? IMO, Bucky is not letting Sookie grow as a character, and TB is really an ensemble show at this point), I don’t know that Ryan would do it, or Deborah Ann, or Sam, or Joe, etc. Maybe Kristin would want to stay on? Is Rutina ready to move on? Just riffing and seeing what sticks, if anything…

  3. I hope this season will be the greatest one yet .I hope to see lots of the viking god Eric Northman .

  4. That header picture makes me so sad!

  5. I’m hoping that the casting call for a new love interest will be a flash back maybe while he’s recovering from burns or something since the last thing they need to do during the final season is add a ton of new characters and story lines but they are so all over the place at this point, who knows? I mean they really tried to emulate a corona commercial, a comedic spoof of murder and the shining in the last season; horrible attempts at writers running out of ideas if you ask me. Only time will tell.

  6. nicoleraslich-You’re right, Sylvie could be a flashback.

    I agree that they don’t need more new characters and storylines. They are not doing right by the ones they’ve already got.

    I am so glad that Alex (seemingly) made fun of the “Corona commercial” with the naked toilet South Pole pic. “Said” it without saying it.

    I could have written a better show, and I am not a television writer. It wasn’t rocket science to get it right.

    I still say Seal Sex Sam is Stepford Sookie’s endgame, with a generous helping of a “redeemed” Boring Rapist Bill. DEA/AD all over again.

    Anyone wanna take hypothetical “bets” that Brett Lorenzini (is that the actor’s name?) who plays “Troy” is the replacement for Luke Grimes and James? (Hello, Shelli. :) )

    At least HBO and Buckner are being honest that s7 (so far) sounds crappy and (to me, and I only speak for myself) unwatchable. (But I’ll read the ESL recaps. ;) )

    HBO announced that the upcoming third season of The Newsroom will be its last, and that it will air this fall. I think they are pairing it with the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire. I think TB s7 might be paired with The Leftovers, the new series by Lost co-showrunner Damon Lindelof. I won’t be watching that one either. I don’t do well with bait and switch, as I’ve documented here all too well. :)

  7. The newsroom is ending too??? Nooooo! That is one of my favourite shows! Why is everything ending this year? Probably just as well though I guess: I had a horrible thought that I kind of wished that Alex wouldn’t return to TB this year so he can really dedicate his energies into projects that test him and show off more of his skills, as well as enabling me to finally jump off of this cray-cray train TB has become once and for all. Not going to be a popular idea I know, but I had to say it.

    Sticking around for this last season is going to be torture, but getting my dose of Eric will be worth it :)

    And if I don’t, we’ll watch out (maybe, depends if I can be bothered :p )

    And I thought it was reported that Alex would be playing the boyfriend in DOATG?? At least that was what was reported on ASN…

    • Alexia-I found out about The Newsroom yesterday. I saw some of s1 but none of s2. I think it looked promising. I like Jeff Daniels. Maybe I’ll get caught up on it someday. :)

      Yes, The Newsroom, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire all ending in 2014. I find it interesting. It’s definitely a time for big change at HBO.

      I don’t like to admit it, but right now I have to agree with you: I kind of wish Alex had left TB too. The show is too emotionally painful for me to watch. I personally don’t like Eric’s story and where I think Buckner might be headed with it (along with the other characters I care about). I, too, hope Alex going forward concentrates on pursuing projects that are actually worthy of his talent and time (and MY time/money as an audience member) and that don’t exploit him for his rising popularity, his good looks, his sex appeal/nudity, etc. He is so much more than that, and in the case of TB, it’s an artistic tragedy that the writers (past and especially current) don’t seem to see that, or care. This show could have been so much more. I mean NO disrespect to Alex when I “say” what I’m about to “say,” I’m just curious: I wonder why Alex came back for s7? He was contractually free to leave after 6. I very much respect his choice, of course. I just wonder why is all.

      Again, I’ll stick around ESL for recaps. And I’ll probably watch The Eric Show at some point.

      It’s my understanding too that Alex seems to be playing the boyfriend in DOATG. Then I heard rumors that he might be playing a different character (but no one seemed to know which character). I still guess it’s the boyfriend. We’ll know eventually. :)

    • I have to admit it makes me really sad when people say Alex should have left the show :(
      Eric is the most wonderful character, he is the best written and strongest role on the show, and is the perfect vehicle for Alex’s talents. Eric will go down in HBO history as one of their best characters ever! I would have been a little bit disappointed in Alex if he had left before the end. True Blood has made him a huge star and the show would be unthinkable without him. I’m so thankful we are going to see him in the final season.

      (Incidentally I know most of you who visit here don’t agree with me – but there are still millions of Eric fans out there who cannot wait to see him back on their TV screens again and, like me, they will mourn him when he has left us forever)

      • Sorry, I’m one of the few who wished he wouldn’t be back in season 7. He’s just too good for what this show has become, and that would give me an even bigger reason not to bother watching. Not that I have any intention to do so, anyway. I’ll just be glad when it’s over.

        • I guess the difference is that if you don’t like something that is still on air, you can stop watching it, you can make your own choice. When something is no longer there, the choice is taken away from you. There are plenty of shows I have stopped watching mid way through but I don’t wish them gone, I just don’t wish to watch anymore.

          • Yeah, this has honestly been the only show I’ve decided to quit. It does make me sad, but my heart is just not in it anymore. I may still watch the Eric scenes online. No matter what happens, I will always love him.

      • Hear Hear Evie!!! I agree with every word you said, also we all know Alex is a very smart man and I know that he loves all his fans and that is the reason that he is doing season 7……for US!!!! Hes’ not about to “burn any bridges” until his movie career starts picking up and I hope that he is offered more and more leading man roles, as he is perfect in most. I really don’t want Alex to become a movie “heavy/bad guy” I would like to see him in some light hearted comedy, not necessarily a chick flick, as he said hes’ had is fill of romantic roles (darn it, I hope he changes his mind, I’d love to see him in a oooey gooey role just once that isn’t in his native tongue and in English so we can understand what hes’ saying).

        I just want Alex to be the best that he can be at whatever will make him happy in his career. Some of the people on this site just don’t understand us I guess.

        • Thank you redthang914 – I do hope that Alex’s movie career takes off after True Blood, but it is far from certain. I’ll cross everything I have that Tarzan gets the green light, it wouldn’t have been my first choice for him (as it’s a big risk), but if they pull out now, it won’t look good for him.

          I think you are right about it being easier for Alex to decide to stay in the show for one last season because of the huge fan base that Eric has. Brian Buckner did say in one of his interviews that Alex knows how “beloved” he is. This gives me real hope that they will give Eric a great finale send-off! I do think that Alex loves Eric too, and the way the writers have developed him over the years.

          Alex has such a big fan base now that there are bound to be differences of option. But I wouldn’t even know who Alex was if it wasn’t for True Blood, and whatever else he achieves in a hopefully glorious career, Eric Northman will always hold a special place in my heart.

      • You are so right Evie. I agree with what you said. I am also glad that he decided to come back for the final season. Alex was made to play Eric. When I saw the first episode of True Blood, then read the books, there could not have been a better actor to play Eric. CH described him to a T. They choose him for the role and he was the perfect fit. Sure most of the seasons have been really bad, but Alex has been a stand out in his part. I for one am going to miss having him to look forward to seeing every Sunday night. Right now my financial situation has changed in the last couple months and the only thing I have been trying to do lately is trying to figure out how I can keep my cable turned on for the last season of True Blood so I can get my last few fixes of Alex. On top of that my cable company sent a notice that the cost of HBO is going up to $15.00 for $10.00 a month. It’s going to be hard but if there is a will, I will find a way. I say Thank You to Alex for staying to the end for his fans.

        • Thanks luvvamps! There are many of us who will miss Eric desperately at the end of the summer when stupid HBO take him away from us. We might have to start a therapy group LOL!

          I feel for your financial situation. I am in the UK so I can’t see TB when it first airs through HBO, I have to use *other methods*. So there may be ways you can see it if you can’t afford to pay?

  8. Hello, Evie and redthang914. :)

    I admit that I, like some other people here and not here. have moments where I wish Alex had left the show. I was surprised when Buckner announced that Alex was coming back for s7. It felt to me like Eric was being phased out throughout s6 (giving the deed back to Sookie and her promptly rescinding his invitation to her house and them having no direct contact for the entirety of the season, losing Fangtasia, his strained relationship with Pam, never really emotionally connecting with Tara, turning Willa on a whim, I’m not sure if he’s the Sheriff of Area Five anymore or a Chancellor of the blown-up Authority or what, his almost complete lack of involvement with Billith and especially Warlow, Warlow feeling like Eric’s “replacement” in the “lurve” triangle that Sookie always seems to be in, losing Nora, leaving Pam and Willa, possibly losing his unlife though I doubt it, etc.). All those “rumors” since last April that Eric might be killed off. Alex making it public knowledge for at least two years that I can recall that his TB contract expired at the end of s6 and, at the time, hinting that he might not renew but might come back for guest appearances if asked. All signs to me seemed to point to a possible Alex departure. I was prepared for it.

    I don’t speak for anyone else who posts here, of course, only myself. I have these moments of wishing Alex had chosen to leave. That’s on me. If I like or even love the ending of the story, I’m sure I’ll change my mind. :)

    Obviously, this decision to stay or go was Alex’s and no one else’s. Alex and I don’t know each other, of course, but I respect his decision to continue on. Only he knows what’s best for him and his career. I’m still curious (NO judgments here) as to why Alex chose to stay. No one knows for sure except for him. Maybe he loves the story. He’s allowed. :) I DO get the sense that he seems to respect his audience. He seems like an honorable person. I too would hazard a guess that maybe that WAS part of his decision-making process. Probably the money didn’t hurt either (again, NO judgments; nothing wrong with that at all if that’s the case).

    Again, only speaking for myself, I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad or defensive or anything negative. I’m just expressing my opinion and am grateful to have a forum in which to do so. Everyone is allowed to love the show, like the show, be indifferent to the show, dislike the show, hate the show, support the show, not support the show, however you feel. I try to come across as respectful in sharing my similar and different opinions here. I don’t feel that my opinion is the “right” opinion, and I hope I haven’t come across that way. It’s just what works for me, same as everyone.

    Eric is my favorite character on the show. That being said, I haven’t loved his storylines the last two seasons. I felt he was OOC for most of s6 (others disagree with me, and I’m fine with that). I don’t like what we’ve heard about his s7 story so far. I don’t have a good feeling for the show and the characters in general right now. I think the only character who feels “in character” to me right now is Andy. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ending. I’m prepared for the worst, but (try to) hope for the best (Terms of Endearment).

    While TB did lose roughly 20% of its audience in s6, I have a hunch the ratings for s7 will be good. Not as good as 3 and 4, perhaps (can’t remember off the top of my head what the ratings for 2 were), but good. People watch for Alex. People watch because they still love the show. People hate-watch. People watch for other characters and actors. People watch to finish what they started. People watch for all sorts of reasons.

    The issue for me with TB is this: usually when I stop watching a show, it just goes downhill because it went on too long and got lazy and uninspired and boring and I moved on. I’ve come back for series finales of shows I’ve quit out of curiosity for how the writers chose to end it. The difference for me with TB is it feels like a completely different show than it was when it started. A “new” show that I don’t like when I thought the old show as it was was one of the most incredible series I had ever seen. The ole bait and switch. :) It feels intentional to me. I’m clearly having a hard time getting past that.

    redthang914-I, too, want Alex to be the best he can be in his career and to be happy with his work. Whatever form that takes for him.

    Evie-I agree that we don’t know what’s going to happen in Alex’s film career. I have a feeling he’ll continue to work steadily, but how successful the projects will be, we don’t know yet. Early True Blood certainly helped Alex’s career, I don’t feel latter TB will hurt it.

    I personally feel burned by the books, and now I feel burned by the show. Some people agree with me, and other people disagree with me. We’re all “correct,” you know what I mean?

    I wrote another “short story.” I try to express myself respectfully and clearly here. I don’t mean to be negative. I’m just trying to share my personal truth in this fandom. Again, I certainly don’t want my comments to make anyone feel bad. I hope everyone is doing well. Till we “meet” again… :) :) :)

    • Hey I really like your short stories :)

      Everything else that Alex has worked on, has been so brilliant. The only exception is TB. I guess he is honoring his contract and then his fans. I mean what would TB’s Eric Northman be without Alexander Skarsgard?

  9. I knew my thoughts would draw some criticism, and I didn’t mean to imply that I thought less of Alex by agreeing to be part of season 7, actually the opposite: to me it shows loyalty to the fans, the character and the show. I just feel hornswoggled (thank you dictionary.com word of the day! :) ) and believe that Eric just isn’t being given the treatment he deserves – of course I don’t know what the writers have planned so I could be wrong, but recent history is not on his side.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: last season (with obvious exception) was great, if difficult for me to watch – and that was before the finalé! I probably will watch s7 though as I’m a glutton for punishment (and even more so for a certain Swede…)

  10. I’ll keep this “story” much shorter than yesterday. I’ve taken enough ESL space as it is.

    I agree again with Alexia-I, too, feel that Alex seems to be loyal to his character, fans, and coworkers by signing on for the last season. I just don’t like his character’s story and the overall direction of the show now. Some people agree with my assessment of the show, other disagree, and it’s all good. I know that nobody’s opinion is the be-all, end-all, including mine.

    I ask questions. I am curious. I express my opinions, positive and negative. I never intend to disrespect anybody, I feel horrible if I think I’ve upset anybody. I think it’s healthy to acknowledge whatever you’re feeling, but at the same time, we all need to be careful not to fall into the “rabbit hole” of negativity. Myself very much included. Let it out, and keep it moving.

    Thanks to everyone at ESL for giving us a place to express what we’re feeling. I thank you guys personally for tolerating me. :)

    sakshichopra-Thanks for the compliment. :)

    • Amen bait-and-switch, I too taking a leaf out of your tree by keeping it short and sweet, and thanking the admin of this amazing site for giving us a safe place to vent :) . My sincerest thanks to all who contribute!

  11. Alexia- :) Thank you.

    Yes, again, like Alexia, I also “say” thanks to everyone at ESL for your wonderful site, and thanks to everyone who contributes.

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