Alexander Skarsgard Joins “Diary of a Teenage Girl”


It’s now been confirmed by both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter that Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Wiig, and Brit actress Bel Powley have joined the coming-of-age film, “Diary of a Teenage Girl”!

Read on to find out more!

The script is based on Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel of the same name and follows a teen artist (Powley) living in San Francisco in the ’70’s who attempts to navigate her way through an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. The film is currently shooting in San Francisco.

Even though this might worry some of you because Alexander is supposed to be filming True Blood Season 7 right now instead of doing this…please remember that Alex has worked on a number of projects at the same time in the past, and they always shoot out of sequence. Not to worry…we’ll let you know as soon as we do – if and when we find out anything more about Eric and his fate in Season 7. ;)

As for DOATG (for short)…it sounds like something Alex would be interested in doing, and Bel Powley is one lucky lady indeed if she gets to have an affair with Alex. :P Just sayin’…

If you would like to find out more about “Diary of a Teenage Girl” – you can do so on the links below.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and Variety

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10 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard Joins “Diary of a Teenage Girl”

  1. Thank you again, Erika. I remember, not so long ago, I went off-topic here at ESL because I had read “rumors” somewhere else of Alex’s “potential” involvement in this film. I had a back-and-forth with Evie and Shelli about it. I actually scooped Evie at that initial moment. I was glad to do my small part to help spread the word.

    I’m happy for Alex that it all worked out and he officially has the part. I know he’ll give a great performance as he always does. I will support the film when it is released where I can see it. I always support Alex’s projects (except for my well-documented-at-ESL issues with a certain TV show ;) ). I love Kristen Wiig too, so I really look forward to seeing Kristen and Alex working together. Alex is a movie star, and a future Academy Award winner. It’s just the way it is. :)

    • Your welcome! :) We always appreciate any news you are able to find.

      I forgot to mention in my post, that if Kristen Wiig is apart of this…it might be a comedy, right? (I haven’t read the graphic novel it’s based on.) But watching Alex doing comedy is something I’ve always looked forward to seeing him do. :)

      • No problemo. :)

        I haven’t read the graphic novel the film is based on either. (Maybe I should at some point. I am finally getting around to reading the book The Giver.) If Alex is playing the teenage girl’s mom’s creepy boyfriend, that sounds like it might be at least kind of a dark story, but maybe there are comedic elements to it as well. Maybe Kristen might be trying to branch out and add more drama to her repertoire as an artist, like how, for example, Steve Carell does. I, too, would love to see Alex do more comedy, like Eastbound & Down (and Zoolander :) ). The guy clearly has a sense of humor (toilet pic spoofing what TB has become, anyone?).

  2. If he is playing the role of the mom’s boyfriend, then that is a lecherous middle aged male’s gig, having an affair with his girlfriend’s 15 year old daughter….

    I have a feeling he is going to pull this off too…with flying colors…If he can do the rape scene in Straw Dogs the way he did, then he can do abso-fuckin-lutely anything ….

    I just want to get to see him if he is going to be in SF…That might be the only chance he will be within 20 miles of me :D :D

  3. Thanks Erika for posting the story. I would think that Alex will probably be playing the boyfriend, as I remember Alex saying one of the stories he’d love to refill would be Lolita, and this is a similar role. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I suppose that he can film his scenes for TB at a later date before they edit it all together.

    Glad Alex got the part in this movie. I know he’ll be fabulous as usual!,

  4. I can’t wait for this one! I’m so glad he is staying busy. I’m going to miss my Askars fix every Sunday. It seems like he has been working on a few movies lately. Can’t wait til some off them hit the box office.

  5. I have seen (at a reliable source) that Alex is actually filming this movie this week, and over the last few days has been hopping between LA and San Francisco. So it looks like he is filming this role before starting work on season 7 (which makes sense). He currently still has his “scruff” so I guess once we see him clean shaven, we know he is back in Eric Northman mode.

    • Makes sense to me Evie, I did read somewhere that Alex was slated to start filming TB on the 17th, so maybe we’ll know more then, which to me means unless there are just flashbacks, Eric won’t be in episode one this season unless they edit in his part during editing.

      • They do sometimes film out of sequence. I remember when they filmed the New Orleans footage during season 5, it was whilst they were doing ep.11, but that footage ended up being included in the show earlier in the season. If Alex does have a scene(s) in ep.1, they could film it later and slot it in. Don’t give up just yet!

        • Evie and redthang914-thanks for the updates on Alex, DOATG, and TB. It makes sense to me as well that Alex (and his scruff) would get Diary done before going back for s7.

          Just throwing this out there-maybe it’s a possibility that Alex might have already shot some or all of his stuff for ep. 7×01 around the time s6 was being shot? Or not. :) If past seasons are anything to go by, the previous season’s cliffhangers seem to get instantly resolved before setting up all of the new problems for the new season (that conveniently get resolved by the end of THAT season, but that’s another topic for another thread :) ).

          Season doesn’t premiere until June more than likely; at least, seasons 2-6 all premiered in June in their respective years IIRC. B and we were all speculating about this the other day, of course.

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