Anna & Stephen Talk To “Elle”


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have been talking to Elle.com about Anna’s new movie “Free Ride” and other stuff, including of course, True Blood.

You start shooting ‘True Blood’ again this month—and it’s  the final season. What do you hope happens for Sookie?
AP: Honestly? There’s so many directions it could go in, and  one of the things I love about our show is that I still get excited reading the  scripts. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to do the, ‘Oh, I hope this  happens,’ or ‘What if this happens?’ because they’re pretty damn good.
SM: Three or four seasons into the show, we might have been  able to tell you what we thought would be the end, or what we hoped would be the  end. But by the time you get to season seven, I don’t know if anybody other than  the guys creating it know what the best ending is. And so ultimately you have to  sort of trust them to wind it up in a way that hopefully satisfies everybody a  little bit. Because you’re not ever going to be able to make everybody happy.  And the huge Eric fans…
AP: …or the huge Alcide fans…
SM: …or the huge Bill fans…
Or the huge Bill-and-Eric fans…
SM: Or the huge Bill-and-Eric fans …
AP: Beric?
SM: Beric fans! They’ll hopefully be able to tick off a lot  of boxes, but you’re not going to be able to make that perfect ending.
One way to maybe satisfy everyone at once is to make Sookie’s  fantasy of a Bill-Eric threesome come true.
AP: Yeah, that was an interesting day of production. And not  just because I ended up half-naked on a couch with two different men. But just  because that’s an awfully long time to spend walking around…
SM: …in red lingerie. Particularly attractive red  lingerie!
AP: This is the point where he would say something that you  don’t need to know about!
SM: Because he can’t help himself.
You can read the entre interview here and there is also a clip from “Free Ride”.

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25 comments on “Anna & Stephen Talk To “Elle”

  1. Seal Sex Sam.

    Everybody’s mentioned BUT Sam.

    Charlaine Harris kept saying she couldn’t write an ending that would please “everybody.” Just sayin’…

    • Ughhh…the writers are so lazy and half assed….I miss the days of season 1 to 4 when everyone was less jaded and lots of fun! People looked fresh. The risks with the script were good and intriguing. The plot did not have a lot of holes.

      Now I am sick of Alcide. I hate Bill. I would sooner throw up at Sam than watch him. And Sookie plain terrifies me.

      There was just Eric… who was subsequently burnt on a mountaintop, alone, screaming, without anyone ever acknowledging him of his role in saving people from the whole Burrel and FOTS plot.

    • That’s because Sam isn’t even in the running where the show is concerned, we all know it’ll end up being Bill.

  2. They are not gonna follow the book ending on this show…I am pretty certain of that….it will unfortunately probably be Bill low life ass she will end up with….when it should be Eric who loves her for who she is more than any of these other folks but that won’t happen.

  3. Who are these huge Alcide fans? I’ve never met them!
    Atleast SM started about the huge Eric fans but then they took it to bERIC! Bleh!

    • I think Anna brought up Alcide as where we are in the show at the moment he is a factor in Sookie’s life and she didn’t want Stephen to give anything away, but in the end it will most likely be between Eric and Bill, and she may end up walking away from them both again! I think Anna was just being kind to Alcide.

  4. If there is a God, that threesome will never happen.

    • Oh my God you are right! Once is enough for that travesty! TB is already teetering in the dark ages of reason and intelligence. We don’t need that horror to add to the mix.

  5. After reading the whole article earlier today, I have nothing to say about it other than it does sound like Eric is still around. I have no unearthly idea of where or how this shows’ gonna end and right now I don’t care, I just care that Eric is still in it……..(somehow???)

    • Buckner said Eric was away from Bon Temps in the “short-term” so we may see him more towards the end of the season, especially if they want to hype up the tension of Pam trying to find him. I’d be surprised if we don’t get some kind of little clue or glimpse in the premiere as they know it is Eric’s story that fans are mostly waiting for. If there is nothing of him at all, HBO will be getting loads of complaints again!

  6. OMG, I just read on FB that its’ official reported by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter that Alex is filming A Diary of a Teenaged Girl up in San Francisco. Its’ already filming so therefore if hes’ in TB this season they are going to have to film all his stuff probably in between (???). Just was posted by ASN and World of Skarsgard etc.

    • Alexander Skarsgard is in San Fransisco??!!! :O :O….like in my neighbohood :O :O…. Someone please tell me where to find him or I am going out on an all out hunt :D:D

      • redthang914-thanks for posting that Alex is officially in Diary of a Teenage Girl. I just found out myself a few mins. ago on Alex’s IMDb page and decided to come over to ESL to “report,” but you beat me to it. :)

        Can I just brag that I feel at least partially responsible for informing ESL about this film? ;)

        San Francisco is not that far from Los Angeles. (Hope you find Alex, sakshichopra. :) )

        I wonder if Alex believes in the TB story, and if that’s at least part of why he came back. His contract was up. He could have walked. He chose to stay.

        I have had no interest in Sam since s3 and have been fast-forwarding through him since s5.

        I can’t stomach Bill.

        I can’t stomach Alcide almost as much as I can’t stomach Bill.

        I miss how I used to feel about TB. I’d love to have that feeling again.

        I’m guessing that Anna and Stephen also have to know that Eric is, by a mile, the most popular character in the franchise, and Eric/Sookie was the most popular ship in the franchise. Stephen mentioned huge Eric fans first, then Anna covered up with the Alcide stuff, then Bill, etc. (But, again, no Sam mention.) They have to cover all the bases. We all have to go through the motions of pretending that Buckner will keep Sookie with Alcide in the end, when we already know it’s over before it began.

        I still guess Sam is endgame. S6 feels too much like DEA/AD to me to be a coincidence, and CH and BB, Anna, Stephen, etc., are making too many similar public comments about the franchise to me for comfort. We’ll all know soon enough (August?).

        Happy Weekend all. :)

    • Yes, we heard about it too…in the process of publishing a post. ;) But IMO it means nothing because they film out of sequence. Alex could be scheduled to film later on…even if Eric appears in the first episode. He could even work weekends for all we know. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  7. Sookie will just become a reverse polygamist and marry Eric, Bill and Alcide.

  8. Sigh Bill as an option shouldnt even be an issue the character is repulsive and boring yes somehow he manages both it shouldnt be possible but with him it is.. Alicide is a nod of a sort with a twist toward the CH ending he’s alright but other than hot he’s boring frankly the same as Sam was in the books there isnt anything extra there no spark zip nada. So unless they have someone with a bigger WOW factor in my mind than Eric the thought of S 7 makes me queasy. S 6 is available for preorder. By now I would have already purchased it so I can get it in my little paws the moment its released not this time as I wait to see what the last season reveals I wont spend 100$ for S6&7 to watch them screw Eric over. Alcide is Sookie settling..Bill is her being an idiot..Frankly the only option that makes any sense is Eric but because he has all the qualities that make it a dynamic love story they probably wont go that route because their morons..

    Yes thats my theory and I’m sticking to it..

  9. Thank you very much for liking my painting. :)

    I am glad Steve and Alex are still friends. That’s really good thing that he brings up Eric. That’s proof there that Steve and Anna aren’t in charge of the show. It looks like he`s loyal to his friend and understand he couldn’t take Alex`s place as Sookie`s luv interest. I wrote awhile on Tvline, I think he was really sick of the writers pushing him and Anna`s relationship into the show by making money off (probably Anna feels the same way,too). I think they feels that’s wrong the writers gives Alex less screentime and they believe this is why the show because the writers didn’t listen to fans and making them by making Sookie ends up with Billy. I believe Steve does understand most fans wants, they want Sookie lives happy with Eric and the show wouldn’t be the same without Alex.

    Thanks goodness, Alex isn`t like Luke Grimes at all. Alex isn`t a quitter, he took his dad`s advice and have to put up with abuse of Eric`s character all these years caused by douchbag all these year. I really hope he kicks Billy boy`s a** what he done to him. ;) But I got funny feeling they want Eric forgive him before he die.

    I saw the pic of Deborah Woll with bloody tears, I think something`s do with her douchbag maker. Probably Jessica’s crying,because her flamboyant boyfriend poisons her “savior” maker, and now slowly turning into a zombie vamp. =)

    Thinking of, I think the writers are planning to using the CD on Eric instead Sam. I think Niall gives Sookie CD for a x-mas present and she starts feels guilty after Pam fails to save him, so she uses it on Eric. Six months later, Jessica ends up begging Sookie to use it on douchbag,but she forgot that she already uses it on Eric. So she rushs to Fangtasia to tell Pam that Eric`s alive, but Pam didn’t believe her at 1st but sookie shown her CD (because Eric told Pam about it long ago). I think that’ll explain why Pam in Morocco to check to see if he is alive or not,but at the end of episode 1 Pam got the gun is pointing at back of her head in someone `s apartment and turns out to be Eric (he thought she`s a zombie vamp).

    I really hope Alex gets that movie soon before he goes back to do True Blood on the 17th. ;)

  10. I meant The writers want Eric forgive Billy before Billy boy dies

  11. It’s pretty obvious they know who the fans want to see Sookie end up with. It’s been obvious since season one. Hell we all know why the show has been so popular. What brings the fans back season after season? It’s the longing between Eric and Sookie. They would seriously have to be deaf and blind not to. I think if Eric isn’t in the first episode there will be a huge backlash on HBO. That is what everyone is waiting for. The show runners know what they are doing. Burning Eric at the end of last season, that guaranties a huge audience for the season premier.
    Tammy you are so right about the threesome. That would be gross. I want to see Sookie choose Eric in the end. That’s the only ending that would make this f*ck up ride worth spending my money on. Let’s face it, it is all about the money in the end.

  12. Rayne-Bill should have been eliminated as a “romantic” option for Sookie with the s3 finale and the Ratt Reveal. As someone else posted somewhere, that was the perfect setup for the writers to start seriously moving even more in the Sookie/Eric direction. At that point in the narrative, Bill either should have taken more of a supporting/background role OR the writers should have dug in even more and more blatantly exposed Bill as the villain I believe the character is. I personally have always felt that Stephen gave his best performances on TB when Bill was allowed to drop the “southern gentleman”/”romantic”/”suicidal” act and be the evil slimy snake Bill really is. They seemed to be organically writing in that direction, and then….it stalled.

    I am in 100% agreement that Alcide from the end of s6 feels like a total nod to Sam in DEA/AD. I have felt since s4 that the writers have been treating Eric and Bill like they are equal and completely interchangeable characters. Now I feel that the TB writers are giving that same treatment to Alcide and Sam. I find Alcide boring too, and creepy. As I have “said” before, I have rarely in my life seen two actors have less on-screen chemistry than Joe and Anna. I don’t know if that is deliberate or accidental, but there it is. Plus, I have no interest in the forced story there. Alcide never cared about Debbie after all those years, and Sookie’s (and Lafayette’s) participation in Pam turning vampire-hating-human Tara without Tara’s permission? Water under the bridge. Things happen. :(

    I’m still taking a wait-and-see approach to s7, same as I did with s6 in the wake of DEA Spoilergate and “entitled readers.” I stopped buying the DVDs after s4. I stopped buying the TB comic books after DEA. I never bought DEA and AD. I never bought TB merch. I didn’t watch any first-run ep of s6. I kept up with the story through recaps. I finally broke down near the end of s6 and watched Alex’s scenes and a few random other scenes. I didn’t watch any of “Radioactive” except for Alex’s 60 seconds.

    I think TB Alcide AND TB Sam are TB Sookie settling. Bill is Pure Evil AND boring (quite an accomplishment). Eric was the only option that made sense to me too. I honestly thought, prior to DEA, that that was where the TB writers were organically probably headed. I guess I watched the show “wrong.” ;)

    Shelli-I’m glad Stephen and Alex are still friends too (and Anna). No matter what, Buckner and the B team TB writers are in charge of the story. Buckner and company get the credit/blame for that. I don’t speak for Stephen and Anna, of course, but if I was in their situation, I would really need/love to keep my personal life separate from the fictional show. In fact, the more differences between my real life and the show, the happier I’d be. I get the sense that Stephen (and Anna) know what most of the fans want (and most of the TB powers-that-be know, too). Yes, it was Sookie/Eric. No, I don’t expect the writers to deliver it.

    Yes, Alex was/is a “good boy.” He honored his contract and stuck with it/the show. Yes, Alex probably did learn a thing or ten by observing the conduct/career of his father Stellan :) . I’m sure Alex’s brothers who are also actors probably learned from their dad too.

    I could see Buckner making Eric forgive Bill. Totally. :(

    I saw Deborah Ann Woll with the bloody tears too. Obviously Jessica is crying about something/someone. Did someone die (the True Death)? Probably not Bill (no such luck). ;) I think Jessica was left “guarding” Andy/Adilyn. Did something happen to Adilyn? Probably not; actress is a “series regular” for now (who was also in the pics with Deborah). Probably Andy is ok for now too (one pic showed chairs with Chris Bauer’s and Sam Trammell’s names on them). Is Jessica summoned by Bill? Who dies in the showdown with the “zompires” that I believe Anna said would be resolved quickly (as the opening TB cliffhangers usually are)?

    James, PLEASE poison Bill. And Sookie, PLEASE kill Bill once and for all. (Yes, I’ve been “flipping through” Just a Little Heat too. :) )

    I still can’t figure out if there will be an actual CD or if the writers will use the Sookie losing her fairy powers/fairy nuclear light ball as a TB stand-in for the SVM CD.

    luvvamps-I think they dropped the “threesome” in the s4 finale. I’d love to see Sookie choose Eric, and Eric accept; no, I don’t see it happening. It IS about the money, I fully agree (Jessie J. song is accurate). Sookie/Eric HEA would make HBO/TB a TON more money than any other ending. I still don’t expect it after DEA/AD.

    I think Eric will be in the first episode. They have to keep stringing their biggest cash cow fan base along (I hate being so cynical, but I need to keep it real).

    Again, I feel that EVERYONE at TB knows most of the audience wanted and expected a Sookie/Eric endgame. They know, trust me.

    Well, that’s my “short story” for now. :) :) :)

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