A Speculation… of the Bloody Variety

The folks at HBO have been working double time this week. True Blood is out and about filming season 7… Taking part at the TCA’s, at which they announced the premiere date for the 4th season of Game of Thrones!


Which excites me twofold… for I love the show and can not wait for it to return on April 6th. It also can help me (and all of us really) to speculate when True Blood will premiere for the last time on HBO. Cause we all know the 4th season Game of Thrones will have a 10 episode run.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, True Blood normally starts the week after… traditionally speaking, of course.

By this math, I could start thinking that the 7th season of True Blood could start airing June 15th.

Of course this is pure speculation. The powers that be might pull a fast one and do the unexpected. Because with the final of anything… expect the unexpected cause all bets are off!

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  1. I make that 155 days :) Not that I’m counting, or maybe I’m counting a little bit, unofficially until HBO let us know for sure.

  2. B-thanks for the post. I also saw the stuff about the TCAs and the GoT premiere/promo, as well as news that the upcoming fifth season of Boardwalk Empire will be its last, Girls has already been renewed for a fourth season, The Normal Heart (movie) is coming up soon, the series from one of the Lost showrunners is debuting this summer (will it be paired with TB?), there is a Girls controversy over nudity (let’s all act shocked :) ), that new series with Jonathan Groff (can’t remember its name), Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Lauren Bowles’ sister) is coming back, etc. HBO was indeed very busy yesterday.

    It’s funny, B. I did the math too :) , and my spec was also June 15th. We shall see…

    • The Jonathan Groff show is called “Looking”… And I love him so I can’t wait to see it. They have some strong new shows coming out this year… True Detective should be stellar with this intro cast of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson

      I caught the Girls flap… Since I really don’t like that show and change the channel whenever it’s on, I just rolled my eyes over it

      • B-Thanks for the title of the Jonathan Groff series; I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head. I’ll probably give Looking a chance at some point. I’ve been slipping when it comes to HBO lately. I watched the James Gandolfini tribute special, a documentary on the early days of AIDS, and the series finale of Eastbound & Down :) , but that has kind of been it for me in recent months.

        I’m very curious about True Detective myself. I’m a huge Woody Harrelson fan, and I am really impressed with the choices Mattthew McConaughey has been making in his career in the past few years. He wants to remind people that he’s not just a “pretty boy” but that he CAN act. I also look forward to seeing him and Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club.

        I don’t know how I feel about Girls. I’m not in love with it, but there is something about it that perversely “makes” me watch most of the episodes once, maybe even twice (though I still haven’t seen its s1 finale). I think Lena Dunham has talent…I think. I’ll probably never buy it on DVD. Once I’ve seen it, I’ve pretty much seen it. It’s one of those shows for me. I highly doubt I’ll ever join a “fandom” over it, but I’ll never contribute to an “I Hate Girls” campaign either (waste of my time and not interested). Alison Williams is pretty and seems nice, but she can’t act. Zosia Mamet is good. I’m not feeling Jemima Kirke (or maybe I’m not feeling her character). I couldn’t care less about the Adam character. I don’t hate fictional Adam the way I hate Bill and Alcide on TB; I’m indifferent to Adam like I am to TB Sam, and both get WAY too much airtime that they don’t deserve. I like the guy who plays Ray. Wow, this is the most I think I’ve ever thought about Girls! :)

        I need to get caught up on Veep. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and that looks good. I’m slipping.

        I really LOVED Enlightened with Laura Dern and Mike White. That only ran for two seasons. HBO cancelled it last year. I saw the cancellation coming a million miles away, so I was prepared. It still made me sad. It still MAKES me sad. I highly recommend it if you’re interested/haven’t seen it yet. I think both seasons are on DVD. Too bad Enlightened didn’t get the overhype that Girls gets. I guess ’cause maybe Laura Dern is older than Lena Dunham? Maybe Enlightened didn’t have enough fake-fan baiting controversy for HBO? There’s goes my cynicism again…or is it realism? I don’t know myself. I take it moment to moment.

        Happy Viewing, whatever you choose to watch. :)

        • Veep always makes me smile when I catch it… But its not a “ill freak out if I miss it”… Thank goodness for replays.

          Lol on your Girls commentary. I’m not in a hate campaign either, I just won’t watch it

          I know I’ll catch DBC, the oscar campaign is on for it :)

          • I’ve seen bits and pieces of Veep but never a full episode. I’ll get around to it. There are a lot of shows, books, films, etc., that I hope to get caught up on, but RL has a tendency to intervene. In general, I’d like to watch more comedies. I like to laugh. :)

            I never expected I’d ever “go off” on Girls, especially on an Eric and Sookie site. I can understand indifference to/dislike of Girls; also the hate for the people who hate it. I’m not a “fan” myself, yet I do watch it. I’m curious about it for reasons I don’t even understand. I feel like it has the potential to be great, but it just doesn’t quite get there. There’s something amateurish about it. I’ve never had any emotional investment in it.

            My understanding is that Best Supporting Actor is Jared Leto’s to lose, and McConaughey has a good shot at a lead nomination. They clearly put a lot into it, including severe weight loss. For that alone, they deserve recognition.

  3. Yep, HBO sure seems busy with everything thats’ going on. I’m glad that they have some stellar shows filling in the time until TB comes back this summer, it makes the time go faster!! I, too, don’t like Girls so I don’t watch it either.

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