True Blood – Casting / Character Snippets


2 tiny snippets of casting / character news for Season 7 have surfaced this week.

According to his management company the actor cast to play Troy, Brett Lorenzini, now has a recurring role.


Source Rex Talent

No idea who Troy is as he didn’t appear on the original casting call list for episode 1, the only list we have seen so far for this season. (Names can get changed on this show though!).

And according to IMDb actress Brianne Davis is to repeat her role as waitress Belinda in the opening episode “Jesus gonna be here”. Belinda previously appeared in Season 6, episode 9 “Life Matters”, during the flash-back scene when Sookie listened in to Terry’s thoughts when he met Arlene at “Merlottes”.


So does this mean another Arlene flashback, to go along side the Sookie/Tara and Bill/Sara ones in the season opener? Or maybe Belinda is just unlucky enough to be visiting her previous place of work when the zombie-vamps attack!

No word yet on Lala’s new love, or on Sylvie (who is due to film her scenes mid-January). Maybe they are actually having trouble  finding an actress who manages to remain conscious at the thought of playing Eric Northman’s love interest :)


Update: 01/15/14

Actress Brittany Slattery has joined the cast according to Avant Artists No word yet on who she is playing.



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15 comments on “True Blood – Casting / Character Snippets

  1. I quite agree with you’re last line Evie, is there an actress who can play Erics’ love interest and not pass out………….LOL. Still kinda early for too many clues as to whats’ happening this year. I’m sure they’re going to try and keep it under tighter wraps than usual this year, cause if they write it the wrong way (which they probably will) they will probably lose over three quarters of their viewing audience.

    • I think you are right about keeping a tight wrap on it and it wouldn’t surprise me if there is deliberate misdirection too. I’m still suspicious about Lala’s love interest having virtually the same casting description as James. And surely they must have their Sylvie by now. I did think about sending in a tape for that role LOL but my French is a bit rusty!

      You’ll have to forgive my silly comments on posts sometimes, I like people to smile, and some casting posts are so uninspiring! As a TB reviewer over at “HBO Watch” once said “I DON’T CARE. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE ERIC IS, DARN IT. And so does the rest of the world”.

  2. Shelli and I were “talking” about this around the time the casting call for “Drake,” Lala’s new vampire “love” interest for s7, was announced. Shelli connected the dots a lot faster than I did. I “said” this somewhere else at ESL today or yesterday or so (days blur sometimes for me, and I’m too lazy to look it up :) ). I wouldn’t be surprised if Troy is the “new” James, and Brett Lorenzini is the “new” Luke Grimes. Not. At. All.

    • Thanks, Sookie&Ericwb&scg for calling me a fast typed. I tried to type fast. :)

      That info is old, I posted that info on Troy during X-mas. I don’t known for sure now that Troy will be new James. I just found out (I posted it on the forum) that another young actor, probably he will be the new James.

      The name Troy sounds kinda like a faery name to me (I really hope he isn’t another Warlow). Maybe he is part of that vamp hunter gang. Or he is 1 of zombie vamps. I don’t known.

      All I known that Sookie`s witch friend Amelia dated a werewolf named Troy,but he died before the faery war started. (I didn’t read it,but I read about it on Wikipedia).

        • Hi, Shelli. :) Thanks for the response. I like your new theories on Troy. They could be correct for sure. Also, thanks for sharing with ESL the extra info on TB.

          • You very welcome, Sookie&Ericwb&scg :)

            I don’t known what think of Troy now,he could be Sookie`s great-great-great grandfather and Niall’s son Jonah. I heard awhile back he was the 1st person who played Warlow when he introduced in season 6. I also heard Imbr as Troy listened in the credits as “Broken Code”, I don’t known what it does means.

            I think Lucas Adams could be the new James, but he looks Todd from Breaking Bad (I wonders it was him). I heard the guy who played Todd is auditioning the part in Star Wars 7 or maybe it`s just a rumor.

            Anyway, I don’t care about Belinda, I finds her annoying (I finds the townspeople annoying). I really hope she gets eaten by zombie vamps. :)

            I would luv to see Hoyt come back for the final season and shown up in that gang of vampire hunters. :)

          • Shelli-I kind of have a mental block when it comes to the books, since Spoilergate, so I’m not much help there right now. :) I would love to see Jim Parrack as Hoyt again on TB too. I’d love for Hoyt to be unglamoured from Jessica’s spell. Sookie could unglamour Hoyt, or Adilyn could, or Niall could if Rutger Hauer comes back, or any other for-now fairy could. I’d love to see Hoyt bond with Jason again, and Tara. I miss that. And then maybe they all could leave BT for good in the series finale? Yes?!? (I can dream.)

        • The werewolf she dated was named Tray Dawson in the books, I doubt this will be the same character. We don’t even have an Amelia.

  3. Hi guys, I just posted these pics on you guys` forum after I found them on Facebook. They casted two others.

    I believe a skinny girl casted as Silvie. Does she looks like a vampire or faery? I known most faeries are casted as skinny girls (except Sookie). I really hope she isn’t a faery or vamp.

    Something `s bugging me, I heard he won’t might be in very much at end of the season if he starts in production with Tarzan in May. It worries me alot. I really hope Tarzan gets delay to July instead if Hollywood greenlight it. I don’t want to be mean. I would luv to see him as beautiful Tarzan,but I want to see more adorable Eric in the end of the final season.

    • Thanks Shelli. I have added Brittany to the post above, but I can’t find a source yet for Lucas Adams. I think they will both be just very minor roles. Brittany describes herself as a classic but quirky character actress, I don’t think she is a “Sylvie” type, but I guess we will find out sooner or later. Thanks again!

      There is no start date for Tarzan yet. If it does go ahead this summer, they will need time to build all the sets, employ all the supporting cast & crew etc. It will take a while to prepare a movie of this scale.

      • You’re welcome, Evie. Thank you for posting that. :) I just found out about them yesterday. When you posting, I decided to give you more info.

        Well, you don’t known this Brittany girl is Sylvie. But I think she`ll might play Sylvie (in my own opioin,because the way Brittany described herself. She sounds like Sookie-type to me. I remembered I talked Eric&Sookiewbscg that Sylvie could be Sookie 2.0. I guess Eric still have feeling for Sookie and can`t get over them. Poor Eric :(

        I heard on Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman VideoBlog page, it says the production of Tarzan would start might start in May and might be less scenetime for if he do Tarzan during the final eps of True Blood,that’s all I heard. But I don’t known. Probably the date might get delay for production.

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