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With filming of the final season of True Blood now in full swing, I’ve decided to give a little update on what the good people from Bon Temps have been up to this week. This may become a regular thing that I do but that will depend on how much news continues to float around. I appreciate these kinds of posts aren’t for everyone but for those of us who are still loathed to let go, it could be  good therapy for us to share the build up to the grand finale as closely with the cast and crew as we can!

One of my favourite True Blood actresses Carrie Preston has been speaking to the media this week, and naturally the topic of the final season came up. Carrie revealed that episodes 1 and 2 are currently being shot simultaneously.


“I have a real good idea of it,” she tells Zap2it at the premiere of HBO’s “Looking.” “They’ve shown us a handful of the scripts already, and we’re shooting the first two. We’re on the train and it’s going to be a thrilling ride. … In true ‘True Blood’ fashion, we pick up right where we left off and we keep going at a million miles an hour.”

Just because Preston has been playing Arlene since “True Blood” premiered in 2008 doesn’t mean that she’s going to try to give her say in how the waitress-turned-restaurant owner’s story comes to an end.

“I always trust the writers,” Preston tells us. “Obviously the show has done really well because they’ve created this universe and these characters and they’ve married them with the actors, and so it’s been such a great experience and I would never second guess them at this point. I’m like, ‘Alright, bring us on home.'”

The full video interview is here at Zap2it

Kristin Bauer van Straten and Sam Trammell attended the opening night of “An Iliad” in Santa Monica, to support Denis O’Hare’s one-man show.

Source: Zimbio

And several cast members were out and about on Golden Globe Night at the HBO After Party.

Source: Zimbio

According to IMDb Massi Furlan has been cast as Nizor in episode 1 “Jesus gonna be here”. This is the guy who is going to be playing Vampire Russian Roulette.


For those of you concerned that Alexander Skarsgard in not back full-time on the True Blood set just yet, hopefully you will  breath a little easier at the news that Joe Manganiello has been at Sundance and Ryan Kwanten was in New Orleans earlier this week.

Source: Peoplemag and Scout Guide

Finally it seems that naked Alexander Skarsgard just won’t go away, probably because no one wants him to. And I feel it is my sworn duty as an intellectual and articulated blogger to continue to share him with you.

His latest appearance is in the digital issue of US Weekly. (Pic by alexskarsgard.net)


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  1. Evie-I think this is a nice feature if you choose to keep doing it, to keep us informed leading up to the end of TB. Knowledge is power.

    I missed seeing Alex at the Golden Globes after-parties. I think Anna and Stephen were also MIA too. It does seem that Alex is keeping a low profile lately, no? I saw some pics of him at LAX (Los Angeles airport) recently, but I think that’s it. Not that he’s not allowed to do what he wants. I’m just making an observation. We’ll all be that much happier to see him when he chooses to “come back,” I’m sure.

    And thanks for the Us Weekly scan too. That must have been really “difficult” for you to share. Thanks for “suffering” on our behalf. ;)

  2. Yep Evie, I agree I like the idea of this type of posting. It helps keep us informed about whats’ coming up the the final season of TB. I also agree with s&ewbascg (her name is impossibly loooong…..LOL) that when Alex chooses to come back into the limelight and lets’ the paps take some pics, I just might feel a whole lot better, cause it seems a bit out of Alexs’ nature to avoid everything. But, whatever he decides as its’ his life. Can’t wait to see and hear more about whats’ happening out there!!!!

  3. I found a update on Tarzan, I heard Hollywood might found their new Jane.
    You might right, Evie. They might don’t do it in May and delay the production in the late summer if WB green light it soon or later I really hope they green light later. I really hope Alex have more screentime as Eric on True Blood for the final season.

    • Yes, I saw Margot Robbie was in talks and she possibly has another movie to make first. I don’t think it would be a matter of delaying production for Margot, more likely they already know when filming will start as they will have negotiated with HBO when Alex is to finish TB. The TB writers will already know how long they have Alex for, I’m hoping they played hard ball and insisted on keeping him right to the end as it’s the final season. I don’t think it is in the movie’s best interest for Alex to leave TB early. He will get the most publicity by having a starring role in TB right to the end.

      • I known it have to do money issue with WB, couple of their movies didn’t do well (I think superman is pretty good, but I am not looking the sequel and I think they might ruins it by jamming batman and wonderwoman),but they want to get enough money invest to put in the production of Tarzan to continue on with the project. I understand, I rather see Tarzan than superman sequel. I think Tarzan sounds really good. :)

      • Evie-I agree with you here. I’d like to add that, while Margot Robbie is getting a lot of attention lately mainly because of Wolf of Wall Street, she still is relatively new on the scene and she would not be playing the lead character per se in Tarzan to boot, so I too do not think that the Tarzan people would schedule the film around her schedule. Tarzan is being made by Warner Bros., which is owned by Time Warner, which also owns HBO, so that makes perfect sense to me that the Warner Bros. film division would have worked with HBO to ensure that Alex can do Tarzan AND TB s7. No disrespect to the rest of the cast or anybody else, but I know the ratings for TB will drop even more if Alex is not back as a lead for s7. The Giver will open in August. I’m presuming that will be right around the time TB s7 ends. I’ve noticed that in the last few years, several of Alex’s films have opened right around the time of TB’s beginning and end dates. I don’t necessarily think that’s a coincidence. ;)

  4. Thanks Evie! Please continue to keep us updated.

  5. Evie and ESL-just to say “hello” and give a quick head’s up. ASN has spoken to Alex’s management and the following has been confirmed: Alex is not attending Sundance this year, there is no release date yet for Hidden, and Alex has not reported to the TB set YET (emphasis on the word “yet”). I personally wonder if maybe Alex shot some stuff for s7 while s6 was being shot. Or maybe he’s shooting on a different set, since Eric “died” in the s6 finale, and Eric will somehow be “with” Sylvie in ep. 7×02, the whole Morocco thing, Pam is looking for Eric, etc.? In general, things are shot “out of order” all the time on TB and other projects. I would think HBO would want to keep up the mystery of “Where is Eric?” with the audience for as long as possible. Take care. Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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