Set Photos From “Diary of a Teenage Girl”

As most of you know, Alexander Skarsgård is currently filming “Diary of a Teenage Girl” in the San Francisco area.

One lucky fan was able to take photos from the set while they were filming and was kind enough to share them with us! None of these photos appear to be spoilerish…but they will give you an idea of what the movie will look like.

Check ’em out in the gallery below!

Special thanks to msfangirl99 on Instagram for the pics!


3 hours ago · Ocean Beach Parking Lot

I parked on a nice R&R in the foggy afternoon 3:20 pm and I noticed there’s a shooting on a set of Diary Of A Lost Girl at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach! Kristen’s not here or there! 😁#kristenwiig #diaryofalostgirl #movie


The shooting continues with Alexander Skarsgard in hot blue shorts! #AlexanderSkarsgard #sanfrancisco #oceanbeach #diaryofateenagegirl


3 hours ago · Ocean Beach Parking Lot

Shooting resumes with Alexander and Bel! #diaryofateenagegirl #alexanderskarsgard#sanfrancisco #oceanbeach


3 hours ago · Ocean Beach Parking Lot
A rare look at Alexander on a set #Alexander Skarsgard

I’ll be the first to say it…I’m having flashbacks back to the ’70’s! LOL Alex’s blue shorts, striped socks, Adidas runners and the bell bottoms Bel is wearing…my guess is this movie will take place in the ’70’s? LOL

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!


New pictures from 01/21/14 courtesy of JKS_KISSYKLAUS @twitter and deechy_peachy @ twitter




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  1. So if he’s in SF filming this movie, that means he’s not in the first two episodes of True Blood. That makes me sad.

    • No, it doesn’t, as was stated before, they always shoot out of sequence and he could have filmed some of season 7 during season 6 for all we know. I for one am more happy for him getting movie roles than returning to the show if that is the case.

    • Honestly, he can easily still appear in the first 2 episodes (and we pretty much know he is in the 2nd episode due to the love interest). If his storyline is separate for the first part of the season they can even film it altogether in one run if they need to and divide the scenes between the episodes. (He’s not the only cast member missing from the set at the moment either). I’m sure HBO are filming round Alex so he can do this movie first.

      I don’t think he filmed any scenes last year, I’m not sure when he would have fit it in. He was only available to film 53 seconds for the finale before they let him leave early for private reasons. Also they didn’t start writing season 7 until the fall. My guess is he will be back on TB set soon and then he’ll be filming all his first scenes all in one go.

  2. Erika-thanks for posting these pics for us. What a pleasant surprise! I didn’t see these pics, or know of them, until now. I’m really looking forward to Diary of a Teenage Girl whenever it’s released. I’m not that familiar with the story yet, but I know bits and pieces of it. I hope to get around to reading the graphic novel on which it’s based before the film’s release. I hope the subject matter is handled with sensitivity. I trust Alex’s choices, so I’m sure this film will be good or at least interesting. I support all of Alex’s projects…all but one. ;) (For now.) Take care. :) :) :)

  3. What a nice treat to wake up to! Thanks Erika :) I was wondering when this movie would be out on location.

    I have several thoughts right now – mostly about the shorts – so I will keep them to myself as it’s early morning here and I have a day’s work to do :) :) :)

  4. I love the short shorts! ;D
    So his hair is brown for this? The guy goes through more hair colour changes than the typical teenage girl. Should be an interesting film!

  5. Yesterday, January 20, was the first day of shooting this film. The producers Miranda Bailey and Jorma Taccone were tweeting about that so Alex only began shooting and definitely it will take him some time. I don’t expect that his role in TB will be very big, especially in the early episodes. What will be with the later episodes surely depends on other Alex’s film projects.

  6. I, for one, am just so happy to see Alex back working, period. Its’ been a long time since we’ve seen him back in the states. At this point, Evie and I have discussed how they can film Alexs’ TB scenes separately and I think even tho hes’ filming DOATG right now, he’ll be in all the necessary episodes of TB.

    Thanks for the pics, I really had to chuckle when I saw Alex dressed as a 70’s hottie, it brought back a lot of memories for me from back in the day………..LOL. PS, I just love the baby blue running shorts!!!!

  7. Oh Woweee! Now I know where to go stalk Alex! That is if I get lucky and get away from my boss at work :(…(Bloody Performance review week going on for me)

  8. Alex looks sexy in his 70’s attire . i think he is hot ..

  9. I thinking the writers are putting Eric`s storyline under wrap. According to ASN, he is going to do standalone scenes with Kristin (Pam) mostly when he gets back from A Diary of a Teenage girl and 1 of them hoping Pam/Eric endgame (No thanks, most people want Sookie and Eric instead). I believe Pam and Eric bonding will last about a hour like an ep before they gets back to Bon Temps to save their babies.

    It looks like writers are learning from mistakes. The 1st ep looks like the storyline focus all h**l breaks loose in Bon Temps (during they shooting True Blood without Alex at the time). I meant the season (storyline) start out as like that with the zombie vamps. I think the writers`re going to make us think he`s “dead” in the whole entire of 1st ep, but I believe there`s a mayor twist at the very end and hinting that Eric is their true “savior” (not Billy). I think I known this,because the title`s Jesus Gonna Here” and the songs always gave away the endings (like “Smell Like Dinner”, “Release Me”, and “I wish I was a Moon”) of every eps.

    I think Alex won’t be busy after doing “A Diary of a Teenage girl”, and he haven’t any project to schedule to doing in near future (expect for Tarzan,but he will do it after True Blood finish). Probably he will be busy more True Blood after he done with this movie, and we`ll might see more Eric later on the final season like Evie says. ;)

    P.S. Alex looks super adorable in baby blue shorts. :)

  10. Evie-Thank you for your response from earlier re: what Alex’s shooting schedule might be for TB s7. I agree 100% that, if necessary, they could film a bunch of Alex’s Eric scenes “all at once” especially considering where Eric’s story stands right now. Eric seems to be isolated from all of the other core characters, with the possible exception of Pam, who took off to find him. The reason that I speculated that he could have shot some s7 stuff during s6 shooting is because I’ve heard several TB actors in general say they shot stuff that didn’t air. But that could be neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things. My guess is that Buckner and company might have had some ideas of what they wanted to do for a possible s7 premiere and for s7 in general, and that they might have known all along how they want to end it, but then again, several people noted that the s6 finale felt like a series finale to them until the Hep V “zombie” vamps showed up, and like you said, they didn’t start writing s7 until the fall, so who knows right now? :) I’m so confused.

    giza-Thanks for sharing that info with us.

    I have to join the chorus of people praising Alex in character in his baby blue shorts. ;)

    sakshichopra-I, like Evie, wish you luck in your quest to “find” Alex. (And, if you do, could you please report back to ESL with as many details as possible? :) )

    Shelii-Hello again. :) I alternate between hopelessness and hope when it comes to TB. (I know I’m stating the obvious there.) I agree with you that the writers seem to be keeping Eric’s storyline under wraps. They know that Eric is their most popular/beloved character. I think they want to keep the “Where is Eric?” mystery going for as long as possible for the “buzz.” No offense to the “Paric” shippers, including the one at ASN, but I would never believe Eric and Pam as a “romantic” couple for one second. They are best friends and “ride or die” for each other, no question. That’s their REAL relationship. I love those two. He’s my favorite and she’s my second-favorite.

    Most people did want a Sookie/Eric endgame and some believed that was where the writers of the books and show were organically going with the story, or at least that the writers were considering changing their original game plan and going with the Eric/Sookie flow. It would have been the crowd-pleasing, popular, money-making ending.

    None of us know yet how big Alex’s role in s7 will be. Again, if he’s not back as a lead, the show will suffer commercially because of it.

    I hope the writers go with a satisfying ending like Breaking Bad and not an unsatisfying ending like Lost or Dexter, or a non-ending ending like The Sopranos. But then again, HBO hired one of the Lost showrunners for a new series, that I think they’re pairing with True Blood this year, so maybe HBO relishes crappy series endings? :) We’ll know soon enough.

    Take care of yourselves, everyone. :)

    • Hi, Sookie&Ericwb&scg :)
      I thought about it. I remembered some people said that, because they said the dreadful finale feels like reliving through horror with the last book again. It looks like Brian Buckner and the writers were playing a joke on us (it isn’t funny) and ticked Charlaine Harris off by adding zombie vamps.

      But I have agreed with you, I think they were planning something beyond than Alan Ball did and C. Harris did,but they might changes their plans and shortened it after the fans rioted. Their original plans were opposite, but we fans want the another way around.

      I also think Buckner thought what the most the fans wanted by going back to the root like focus on Bon Temps and follow the books,but this wasn’t the fans truly wanted. I wonders Alan Ball got disappointed in Buckner as a new runner(after his friend Mark Hundis stepped down. I think he did it, because I think True Crime is the show that he was working on at the time. I don’t known for sure). I believe Eric/Sookie endgame was Alan`original plan and Evie might have a point that he planned this all,because Alan knew fans wanted most and fans didn’t known that. I believe Brian Buckner misunderstood the fans, but probably they will go back Ball`s original plan to make fans.

      Remember Eric wasn`t in it much in season 5, because he was traveling a lot to promoting Battleship? But they saved the best parts in the finale for us Eric and Sookie fans. I still believe Eric`s role is keep top secret, and I think it will play a mayor role later on the final season. Probably it have to do with him as the true savior. I hope so.

      I wonder Lucy Griffin will be back as Nora and fills in Godric`s role as Eric`s spiritual guide, but she shown up in Eric`s dreams instead and gives him apocalyptic signs to warn something (bigger than the stupid sun room Billy had). I would luv to see Laffy gets haunts by her and ends up getting confuse that he thought Nora`s Willa`s twin, because Willa and her looks so alike. That would be interesting to see. :)

      About Pam/Eric`s relationship, Their relationship reminds me a lot like Tara and Jason,because Tara always has a secret crush on Jason (until he shot her abusive boyfriend Eggs). Pam is seen like that with Eric,but Eric considers her as a friend and a daughter.

      I known it sounds stupid, and I am going to bring it up. You won`t be interest in it, I will tell you. I have a feeling that douchbag billy`s flashbacks with his family will be a hint for his sentoff. I would imagine he will crossover with his family after Sookie stakes him when he starts attack her as a zombie vamp, but I could be wrong. Because awhile back, I thought he would come back as Caspar the annoying ghost and haunt Laffy last season,but it didn’t happen last season. (Oh well). I saw someone’s comment on True-blood.net (when I was trolling), someone wrote that the only woman douchbag truly luv is his wife Carlyonn and didn’t damn about Sookie. I rather see Sookie stakes him to put him out of his misery that he can rest in peace with his family than living their boring, stupid fantasy from season 3 ( I really hope that stupid, lame fantasy won`t come true).
      I really really hope douchbag billy becomes a zombie vamp and Sookie ends up stakes him.

      • I meant “make the fans happy”.

        • Hi, Shelli. :) I am no longer sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab. I am now sookieandericaretheonetruelove.

          I am one of those people who said that the s6 finale felt like the last book. You are not the only person who feels that Brian Buckner may have done that deliberately, to play a “joke” on the audience. To scare us into thinking that the show might end like the books. You’re right; it isn’t funny. :) It’s their show to do with as they please, of course, but the audience votes with our dollars, and right now of course I’m holding back and taking a wait-and-see approach.

          I think the “back to Bon Temps” approach may have also been motivated by money. HBO puts a lot of money into Game of Thrones. GoT now has higher ratings than True Blood. More locations = more sets = more money. Plus, the actors get paid more and more each season, especially Alex, Anna, and Stephen as the three leads.

          I read something the other day that claimed that GoT now has higher ratings than even The Sopranos did. I thought The Sopranos got the highest HBO ratings ever, so I’m not sure if that’s correct.

          I think Mark Hudis may have been fired. Raelle Tucker left at the same time as Hudis. I’m still not sure why Hudis and Tucker are off the show.

          For the first five seasons, I felt that Eric/Sookie might have been Alan Ball’s endgame. There had to be a reason for all the parallels between Eric’s and Sookie’s stories (other than torturing the thinking audience), right? But then again, maybe Ball planned a Sookie/Sam endgame. I really am confused by this show. :)

          I suspect Ball may have known Harris’ book endgame all along.

          Buckner seems like he truly misunderstands what the TB audience wants, but maybe he’s playing a game?

          That’s right, Alex was travelling a lot all over the world during the making of s5 to promote Battleship. I have to respectfully disagree that Eric wasn’t in s5 much. I felt he had roughly the same amount of screen time as the douchebag :) and of course they had more-or-less the same storyline that year: the Vampire Authority/Lilith. They did save the best parts for the finale for the Eric/Sookie fans. Good times. I hope by the end of the series Eric plays a major role. I hope it’s not a tragic role. It would be nice if he and Sookie had some chance at a friendship, but I’m not holding my breath.

          I never bought Real Pam as having romantic feelings for Eric. But I see Buckner going in that direction. Ball went there a little in his final years on the show. I’m not offended by it. I just feel that Pam generally prefers women (like Eric does as well) and that she and Eric are platonic-ish best friends. A Pam-Eric “romance” makes me cringe. I won’t buy the DVD of that.

          If Buckner has Stepford Sookie live out the s3 “fantasy” with Rapist Bill, I won’t be watching it anyway. So there! ;) I still suspect Seal Sex Sam might be her endgame.

          I wonder what happened to the Pam-Tara romance that wasn’t? I’ve heard some people say that they felt Tara and Willa had chemistry in the s6 finale, so maybe Buckner might go there? Maybe a Pam-Tara-Willa triangle? Sorry, but right now I’m still not interested in Eric-Sylvie. :) I liked Tara-Sam in the early years, but that ship has sailed, I believe. I would have loved to explore Tara-Jason, but the writers think Jason-Jessica is still a great idea. Violet was brought in to make Jessica look “good,” or not as bad. Just as Warlow and even Alcide are being used to make Bill look “good” or not as bad. It’s a painfully obvious attempt at fandom manipulation in my opinion. At least, according to the surface narrative.

          I would love for Sookie to get rid of Bill. But that means getting rid of her fairy powers too. Boo! :)

          I love this site. I love speculating, even though I don’t have high hopes for the show right now, Take care, Erika, Evie, B, nymerias, Shelli, and everyone who works here, posts here, lurks here, all of it. :) :) :)

          • One more thing. I promise this is it for a while. :) I wish HBO and other networks would consider adopting the Netflix model of releasing the entire seasons of their original series all at once instead of one episode at the time. It would allow the consumer to make an informed decision as to whether or not we want to spend our money and time on these series. Thank you. :)

          • You very welcome, Sookie&Ericare1trueluv. I really do like that 1, that name suit you. :)

            I have to disagree and agree with you on things.

            I think Alan Ball knew how the books ends, I think that’s why Alan Ball made Eric more suitable for Sookie. I believe he made Eric have some comparison with book Sam,too. I known you might think it doesn’t make sense to you. It looks like Sam seem very helpful to Sookie in the books when she were in Bon Temps than she weren’t out and traveling, Eric did similar favors for her on the show,too. When I read book 5 (I stopped reading after that,but I read what happened on Wikipedia), there`s a scene that Sookie`s house caught fire but Sam let Sookie borrow 1 of his apartments to have a place to stay. When I thought about that scene, it sounds a lot familiar and it reminds me of that Eric brought Sookie`s house when she got gone. I think Alan Ball got idea from that book. I also heard Sam saved her from the fire at Merrott`s in book 11 like Eric saved Sookie from Russell at the faery bar in season 5 finale. Scooby Doo ep reminds me of the scene from book 5 where Sam and Sookie were tracking down a killer. I think Eric could be Sookie`s book Sam that she ends up with.

            I highly doubt it, I could see Pam will get in a cat fight with Tara`s mom but not with Willa. I wonders Willa becomes close friends with Sookie when Eric and Pam were gone, probably she ends up moving in with Sookie after she had a fight with Tara (I really hope it didn’t last with Tara and her mom. It made me sick when I saw pic of her dressed up as her mother. Sorry about that). I would imagine Eric would shown up unexpectedly at Sookie`s house (or Willa invites him in). I wonders Sookie and Alcide would interreact when Sookie gets a unexpectedly visit. Probably Sookie gets mad at him about not saving from Warlow (but he did help by gave Jason his blood to kill the creep) and Aidlynn. I think Eric will save her and they ends up becomes friends after he explains everything to her (or she read his mind by telling the truth).

            I saw this pic of TruBlood bottles that Audrey Fisher when she was on the set of this season. it looks like doesn’t seen to be Bon Temps related, I guess I could might be right that they are going to for Catwoman/Batman theme for Eric and Pam`s side story in the beginning of the season. I think TruBlood bottles have to do with Sarah Newlin’s still up with her old dirty tricks again. Probably Pam`s helping Eric with bombing TruBlood factories all over world to stop virus from spreading and tracking Sarah Newlins last six months. Nan, I doubt it, he would be pi** at Pam for abandoning their vamp children. Maybe Eric fakes his death (or he dies,but he comes back as a hybrid) and he is doing bombing by himself,because he don’t want nobody to get hurt. As for Pam, probably Pam would be pi** after she finds about her maker`s alive all this time and thought he was dead,because she spotted what`s left of him on the mountain six months ago and left her to take care their bar when he is out and bombing TruBlood factories. I think Pam will go in Morocco and finds out he`s there after she finds out he`s alive, she talks him some sense to go to back Louisiana with her, because their daughters need them. I think it will happen in 1st 2 eps.

            Thinking of, I wonders Sarah will be pregnant and she’s might carry Jason’s kid,because it might have a faery gene in it. Probably they need her for her baby fluid to make a vaccine out of it for a virus,but Sarah ends up dying in mature childbirth and comes back as a vamp. I would see Eric comes back with the vaccine and gives it to Tara than Billy (by letting him suffer). :) But I wonders what will happen to Sarah’s baby.

            I luv Game of Thrones, it`s 1 of favorite shows beside True Blood, The Walking Dead, and Grimm. I really like HBO makes the show follows into those books and I think it is really good ideas let George Martin involved with the show. But two things I dislike the show; 1. The Lannister incest relationship (eww) 2. At least they keeps Robb alive and kills demonspawn Jeffrey sooner ( That’s only 1 thing I wish they should change from the books). I known you don’t known who`s Robert Kirkman, he`s a producer and a creator of The Walking Dead. Some people hate him,because he kills off some beloved characters (not leading characters). But I think he`s really good at adapting his own comic book and change things up. If you read the comic book, it`s really graphic and there`s a lot of mess up what I heard. About Dexter, I heard few people says they hate the books and like the shows better awhile back. I remembered my sister-in-law read the 1st book, she says it is ok but it got a lot of spelling errors. I think people probably are going to back reading the dexter books,because the books have a happy end than the show.

            Oh yeah, I found Alex`s newest interview, he said he`s looking forward the final season and he will continue on with work as Eric during six months,but he is going to miss playing Eric when the show over. (I really hope he gets a happy ending). I am really excite about that. I think this which we will might be see more Eric later on this season. That’s really good news. I heard that Eric still have have feeling for Sookie and can`t get over them. They also talked about What Maisie Knew and it was really fun that he had with Onta. I really like he`s her mentor and her friend. I luv the chemistry between those two. :)

            P. S. I rather see Sookie stakes Billy instead her faery ball. I would see her to save it for Mab later on, hopefully.

          • Hello again, Shelli. :) I’m glad you like my new name. I feel good typing it. It has a nice energy, like the energy of the Video of the Week that Evie shared with us.

            I can see your parallels with Book Sam and TB Eric. If that was intentional on Ball’s part, the question remains (for now) if that is the direction in which Buckner will choose to go.

            I too wonder if Willa and Sookie will be friends. If they are, I hope the writers handle it well. Clearly I don’t trust them at the moment.

            I could see Sarah Newlin being pregnant with Jason’s baby. I wonder if we’re ever going to find out if Jason impregnated the female werepanthers when Crystal and them gang-raped him in s4. NOT looking forward to hearing about Jason and his latest rapist Violet.

            According to the surface narrative, Bill first gave Sookie his blood the night AFTER they supposedly met. Yet, late in s2 IIRC, Eric said to Bill outside Sophie-Anne’s that Bill gave Sookie blood THE NIGHT THEY MET. Eric said a similar thing again to Sookie s3 finale. I wonder if that will ever be addressed again or if it has been dropped for good.

            Believe it or not, I have yet to see a full episode of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it. From the little I’ve seen so far, I really like Khaleesi and the dragons. I’ve also been a fan of Peter Dinklage since long before GoT. It seems interesting and well-done to me. I have a friend who is really into it. It just seems like a lot of mythology to learn and they’re already getting relatively close to debuting their FOURTH season. I just don’t have the energy/time to get caught up on it right now. I’m open to it someday. Yeah, I’m no “fan” of incest either. Definitely icky.

            I know of The Walking Dead. I’ve never watched it. I understand people getting irritated sometimes when writers kill off beloved characters, but if there is a storytelling purpose to it, then I personally can understand why a writer would choose to do it. No matter what, I need a payoff. The story needs to make sense to me, even if I don’t personally like the outcome.

            I’ve also heard some people say they prefer the Dexter books to the show.

            Thanks for sharing with all of us the Alex interview. I know Real Eric loves Sookie. I’m not sure Sookie ever loved Eric. I’m not sure she loves herself.

            I always love the interaction between Alex and Onata too. They do seem like good friends. Children and animals can’t fake their emotions.

            I am 110% with you that I would rather see Sookie stake Bill than get rid of him by getting rid of her fairy powers. But the cynic in me sees Buckner using the one-time fairy ball as a way to permanently make Sookie “normal” (fully human) and never really explore the fairy storyline that started off with so much intriguing potential. Too much like the books for comfort for me (again). Most of the Bon Temps vampires and fairies were far more interesting to me than most of the humans. They’re trying to blend the supe and human worlds, but it feels out of sorts to me right now.

            According to our friend Google, TB s7 allegedly will indeed debut on June 15th, and Alex’s “partner” is Alicia Vikander. That’s my “gossip” for the moment.

            Take care. :)

  11. I was very sad when I checked in to see if there was anything new with True Blood and saw this post. While I am very happy for Alexander Skarsgard professionally, I am sad that he is away shooting a movie rather than working on True Blood. This seems to indicate that any role he has in season 7 is not at all vital to the story and we wont see much of him at all this year. For years now, well since season 4, episode 8 to be exact I have been watching the show without enjoying it in any real way because of the direction they seem determined to go with it. My daughter said it is called hate watching, which she says is almost as much fun as watching something really good! As the seasons have progressed I find my self fast forwarding through more and more of the show just to get to the Eric or Pam parts that it got a little ridiculous ending with only a minute of the very last episode (which no amount of brain bleach can ever remove). Realizing that I was waiting to catch in on demand so I could fast forward, rather that anxiously waiting for the 1st Sunday night showing was sad too! Now it looks like I can just skip the first two episodes altogether and probably most of whatever is left. Why would I bother at all? Good question! I think I just stubbornly refused to stop watching because there was always a slight hope that the story would get better and Eric’s character would finally get the meaty stuff he deserves and the pleasure of seeing him onscreen at all. That and a refusal to stop a show until the end! This may end up being one of those very rare instances that I give up on a show or a book series before the end. We are approaching the end of January and the 1st 2 episodes must be nearly complete. I don’t know how long it takes to film a movie, even for a supporting role but the longer he is away from True Blood, the more convinced I am that nothing good can come of this. Not for Eric Northman fans anyway. I also saw a little clip of Anna and Stephen in which she jumped in to mention all of Alcide’s huge fans. It made me giggle and retch at the same time and I just won’t go into that any more! As always thank you so much for all the hard work keeping us informed and I plan to check in from time to time with hope in my heart (but dread in my brain)! My feelings for this show are on life support!

  12. I’ve added 3 new pics to the post taken by lucky fans yesterday :)

  13. Thanks Evie, the one pic is great, really a clear look at what Alex/Monroe looks like in the film. I just think he looks super as a 70’s guy (the ‘stache and sideburns) just wish they wouldn’t have changed his hair color, but I guess they love to do that in films….LOL. Can’t wait til this hits the theaters this August…………….

    Also I can’t wait til he gets back to filming TB too.

  14. Well considering how they left Eric in s6 I guess we won’t be seeing much of him in the first few episodes. Focus is on BT as we know, Sookie is with Alcide and we’ll have to deal with the new triangle *eye roll* Eric simply has no place there any logner..Sookie never even wondered once about him…it’s all so sad for us EL. I only hope they will somehow turn it around later on and make his character relevant to the story.

    If Bill is the end game then they really have to keep Eric away and give him a totally separate story with Pam (they know fans will watch anything with Eric even if it doesn’t make sense)… I guess Tara and WIlla will bond more and maybe even hook up and they won’t have any need for mum and dad to be back to BT….this is really a worse case scenario and hope I am wrong and they surprise us

  15. Evie-thanks to you and ESL for sharing with us the extra pics of Alex shooting Diary.

    peecan and Maja-I emotionally feel both of you. I am with you. We are not alone. Hang in there. You have my support. Maybe it will get better. Or not. :) At least we’re prepared for worst-case scenario, right?

    BTW, I am the person formerly known as sookieandericwereabaitandswitchcashgrab.

    Again, thanks to Erika, Evie, nymerias, and B for all that you do to keep us informed, entertained, consoled, what have you. Take care. :) :) :)

  16. Hi. I just posted a comment using my new name. It says my (previous) comment is awaiting moderation. Sorry if I messed up here. I’m not that tech-savvy, plus I think I may have accidentally missed some steps. I’ll try to post this comment under my old name and see what happens. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with my comments.

  17. I think my first comment today went through? Did I get it right? Thanks for putting up with my tech confusion. :)

  18. Hi Erika and girls, I found this really cool Alex`s newest interview and I want to share with you.
    Here`s go,guys

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