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It’s been a fairly quiet week in Bon Temps, but as my therapy sessions must continue, I’m here again to share all the bits and pieces that have crossed my virtual path in the past 7 days.

Amelia Rose Blair has done a brief interview with The Huffington Post. Nothing specific about Willa’s future, but with 6 months still to go, it’s probably a little early to expect any spoilers.


Joshua Estrin:  Your resume boasts some very hardcore theatrical credits including Chekhov.   How do you apply that training to your work on television?

Amelia Rose Blaire:  Nothing can take the place of solid training and the classics like Chekhov and Shakespeare as they offer any actor an opportunity to explore the layers of very complex, very well written characters.   This attention to detail and the exploration of nuance allowed me to address some of the same exciting challenges in the True Blood script.

JE: Vampires are not new yet True Blood has a fan base that has set new records.  What do you think is the unique appeal?

ARB: I think the show has created a remarkable balance between being authentic to the lure of the vampire while remaining relevant and at times a bit controversial.  The show is very sensual and very sexual, but it also explores the persecution of a race, prejudice and has never been afraid to take on hot topics that address basic “human” rights, the role of free will as well as acceptance.

JE: Female vampires tend to have a very strong sense of self and have no problem keeping their men in check. Male viewers tend to find this very sexy… Why so?

ARB: Strong women are sexy!  Strong female vampires are very sexy, and with that comes an appeal to our male viewers.   Traditionally, women have been said to be drawn to the “bad boy,” but it is okay for guys to find an edgy, smart, powerful woman hot as well.  Yet another reason I love the show and the writing so much.

JE: What do you have in common with Willa?

ARB: I like to think I have a great deal in common with Willa as she has been able to endure great change and transition in her life.   She is also capable of and not afraid to show a great deal of love as well as compassion.  She is deeply concerned about her father and the plight of the vampires and as such exudes empathy for both.  I have many friends who would be considered part of a “minority” and I feel for them and love and support them.   At a time when LGBT issues are at the forefront, like Willa I want to be part of the movement toward understanding and equality and for that I think she and I are forever linked.

Costume Designer Audrey Fisher has tweeted from inside a famous house on the HBO set.


And it looks like Lettie Mae is going to be getting herself into trouble as actress Adina Porter was snapped with her stunt double, Janeshia Adams-G.


Ryan Kwanten hung up his shirt for another day, and I suspect that is a Jason shirt, which means that Officer Stackhouse is back in the building.


Kristin Bauer Van Straten took time out from being Pam  to attend the Cirque du Soleil “Totem” Premiere.


(pic by i’mhereforsookie)


Author of “The Giver”, Lois Lowry has been talking at the annual Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival at the University of Redlands. She mentioned that the final scene of the movie is being filmed this week, (Release date in the US is Aug 15), that the movie will be different to the book, and that it was odd to see actor Alexander Skarsgård take on a role that was “creepy,” given his good looks.

Source: redlandsdailyfacts


And finally, although I have no new appearances by Naked Skarsgard to report this week, I do have the next best thing, Ballet Skarsgard! Alex paid a visit to the San Francisco Ballet where he was photographed practising a pas de deux with principle dancer, Maria Kochetkova.



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  1. Nice brief interview . Alex and cast all look amazing . I hope Alex will be filming on True Blood soon . Still not happy this is the last season for this show it will definitely be missed .

  2. Evie-thank you for sharing your Bon Temps Diary therapy session with us. :) Are we really shocked that Lettie Mae might be in trouble again? ;) Love the pics of the beautiful Kristin. I hope Real Jason and Real Eric have meaningful interaction in s7, but I’m prepared for anything. I have always loved Ryan’s and Alex’s “chemistry” and wish it had been explored more. I especially enjoyed the Lois Lowry and Alex/Maria stuff. I’m really looking forward to The Giver. I hope to see it as soon as I’m able when it is released in August. Ballet Skarsgard and Maria are fun. Is Alex wearing a Bajen cap? “Our” guy. :) Again, thanks.

  3. I posted a newest interview of Alex, he said he looking forward the final season, but he is going to miss as playing Eric.

    I really hope they edit that release scene. I developed mixed feelings about Jonas’ father after I read The Giver. I don’t like what his character did in the book, I was really disappointed when I read at the end. I really hope Alex didn’t do the scene from the book.

    It looks like it could be for True Blood, probably it have to do with Alex as Eric doing with his temporary girlfriend Syvlie. or he`s doing a fight scene that involves with some ballet moves. I wonders the TruBlood factories relates to Eric`s storyline.

    I thought it`s Rutina at 1st. Maybe Pam and Tara`s mom gets into a cat fight after Pam finds out that Tara`s buddy with her former abusive mom. I would see that.

  4. Hope Alex gets on the True Blood set soon. No sign of him yet? That is scary to me.

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