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It’s another Sunday closer to the return of True Blood and we are happy to report that we have discovered another great Sooric video for your viewing pleasure. This one is newly made  by Mashutai Sh

Eric & Sookie in “No light. no light”

Don’t forget you can show your appreciation to the maker by visiting their You Tube channel here

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6 comments on “Video Of The Week (Jan 26th)

  1. Evie-thank you for sharing this Mashutai Sh Eric/Sookie video with us. It was a nice reminder of a great fictional time possibly gone for good (I just couldn’t resist, could I? ;) ), and I like the Florence and the Machine song too. There’s an energy to this video that really works for me. Nice.

  2. Thank you Evie for giving us this fast paced video. As saeatotl stated that it was a nice reminder of days gone by and who knows how TB will end……I know after seeing pics of Alex arriving at LAX on Friday nite clean shaven that he must be done shooting his part of DOATG and is returning to TB. As a side note, just loved the pic of him with the SF ballerina too!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and Thanks again for the video!!!

    • I wasn’t aware he was back in LA, it may just be a visit, but hopefully it means he will be filming TB again very soon. And I do love the ballet picture, I’ll be posting it later. I’m an ex-ballet student myself and he definitely needs some help with his stance. I’m available most days!

  3. You know something, if Eric was to die it would litterly kill Sookie…
    Sookie doesn’t reqally care if Bill Compton meets his Final Death
    He’s done too much to hurt/betray her, than what Eric has done.
    Also even though we’ve seen more of Bill & Sookie’s story than we
    have seen of Eric & Sookie’s story…we’ve seen much more of
    Eric & Sookie’s interaction and we’ve seen how much more Sookie’s
    feelings go deeper for Eric than they do for Bill Compton…….

    Love the ballet shot of Alexander and the dancer doing a pas de deux
    He’d be a great partner…..Is that for the film “Diary of a teenage girl”?

  4. Oh man, that’s video is exotic (I meant in the good way.) That’s shown they are perfect for each others. :) “Walk Outline” by Three Days Grace would would work for good Eric’s video. :)

  5. Great video! Thanks for posting. I so do miss their chemistry from season two. I love them together.

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