Mutant Dow-… Maybe?

We, sadly, shared a few weeks ago from Entertainment Weekly, that the sure to be summer blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past was going to be 1 mutant down. Missing our own Anna Paquin as Rogue as her scene in the movie was a victim of the cutting room process.

Or so we thought.

Maybe there was a change of “creative vision” since then as Empire Magazine will have 25 collector edition covers featuring the cast of X-ment: Days of Future Past… including one of Anna as Rogue.


Isn’t it great.

Of course it sparked the question of “What does this mean for the movie?”.

Does it mean the scene was worked back into the movie?

According to Empire Magazine, we will have to check out the magazine… thanks to this tweet to the twitter verse.


Ahh, the classic “We’ll find out… after the break” in print form.

So, hold on to something while we wait for the issue to hit the stands.

Man, waiting really does suck!

Sound off below!

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5 comments on “Mutant Dow-… Maybe?

  1. Well, B I guess we’ll have to read it to see. I for one signed the petition to get Annas’ Rogue reedited into the film, since she should be there as one of the originals. Either there was enough signatures to do this, or they are just adding the poster pic to compensate her fans for removing her from the movie. We will have to see what he said in the article.

  2. A signed the petition too. I also added the comment that as an Anna and Rogue fan I won’t be seeing the movie if she is not a part of it.

  3. I had a quick look in the magazine this morning (didn’t buy it as they only had the Wolverine covers). They basically said that although this particular sequence was cut that doesn’t mean she won’t be seen in the film (so that’s as clear as mud LOL). They also said they hope the sequence will feature on the DVD.

  4. Thanks for checking this out Evie. Appreciate it!! Who knows what they mean, guess I’ll just have to wait for the DVD to see.

  5. B-I offer a belated thank you for writing this post and to you and ESL for posting it. Evie-thank you for sharing the magazine info with us. I read this post a few days ago but decided to wait to “comment” until we got the facts re: Anna’s status in the latest X-Men. I agree, Evie, they ARE being “clear as mud.” :) That does NOT read like the “definitive statement” they told us they were going to give us. Ah, well. To “parrot-phrase” redthang914, I guess we’ll know when we know. Again, thanks.

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