Where in the world is….


Well, as we don’t have much in the way of news for Eric or TB, for that matter, how about we play a game? Do you know where Eric Northman is?

Evie told me he was in her basement! Ah, so that is where he has been hiding out whilst healing from a major sunburn! I wonder if her basement looks a little something like this……..


or he could just be lying back in the bathtub waiting for Nymerias to come and join him………..

A girl can dream!

A girl can dream!

or he could be drinking from yet another heart that he ripped out of some man’s chest…….


or he could just be hanging right outside B’s window………..

Giving a whole new meaning to"Come to my window"

Giving a whole new meaning to”Come to my window”

or he could be sipping on a bloody cocktail somewhere while giving Erika that sexy ass look………

No matter where Eric Northman is, he is always sure to entertain us when he graces us with his presence! I hope that the writers and powers that be have the sense to give us plenty more of Eric goodness in the final season of True Blood! That’s all I’m gonna say about that!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. The show has turned into a joke – season 6 was just absurd. Disjointed story lines and no plot whatsoever. Unlike everyone else I was delighted with Dead Ever After although the writing was not the best. I am true to the books and loved Sam and Sooki ending up together – it was what I had been praying for and since TB bears no resemblance to those books I am done with it – so it doesn’t really matter a toss to me whether Eric returns or not and I never liked him anyway – not on the show or in the books. I was invested in Sookie on TB until it become abundantly clear that she is nothing but a doormat that lets men use and abuse her and still comes back for more. I’ll watch every episode because I have a morbid curiosity as to just how awful and ridiculous this final season will be.

    • Oh John I think I might have missed you and your ways! This post was meant to be fun and you just had to take a piss!

      I agree about the show being absurd now but as it is the final season, let’s all try and be civil from now on and be nice. How about that?

      • As far as I can tell reading back my post I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any derogatory comments about anyone on this site. My thoughts were directed towards the shambles that True Blood is. I know this is an Eric-Centric site and I know everyone here hates CH for how the books turned out so I don’t expect my opinions to be popular. My point is that it doesn’t matter whether Eric returns or in what capacity he may or may not return in because the show is dead in the water. If people want to watch the show to see AS then that’s fine too. Would be nice to see as many pictures of AP though seeing as this site is called “Eric and Sookie Lovers”.

        • I was kidding for the most part John but this post about Eric was supposed to be fun is all I was saying! The show is dead in the water but again we might as well make the most of it. We do post about Anna if you look through the site but we have made no mistakes in who we prefer. We used to prefer Eric and Sookie and some still do but we know that is not going to happen on the show so some focus on Eric.

          I just really want this post to stay fun. We don’t like CH but not because Eric did not end up with Sookie and that will be MY last word on that subject.

          • In defense of Nymerias and ESL, they DO cover Anna’s career as well as Alex’s. B just posted about Anna’s status in X-Men (which the X-Men PTB did NOT make clear but that’s on them).

            I loved Eric/Sookie myself but I feel the writers more than likely just wrote them to make money and not because they believed in the story. I too think that more than likely Eric/Sookie is over. It’s okay to agree or disagree on this or anything else respectfully.

            Real quickly on the book front: I don’t hate CH. I dislike her writing and the way she treats her audience. It’s not a “shipper” issue or a personal issue or anything else for me.

            Getting back to the REAL point of this post: I feel the fun spirit in which Nymerias intended this and I really enjoy it.

          • Well said and thank you! :)

          • And BTW, I think the show is more than likely dead in the water too, but my reasons for feeling this way lean much more toward Nymerias’ perspective. I’m curious to find out how it plays out, so I’ll stay “parked” at ESL to read about it.

            OT, but apparently there are two big potential spoilers going around re: a video of an actor auditioning to play Drake (Lala’s upcoming vampire “boyfriend”). I sort of guessed spoiler #1 and I don’t care about it one way or the other, but spoiler #2 I didn’t guess and I REALLY don’t like it. If I trusted the writers, spoiler #2 would NOT have been a deal-breaker for me, but I still wouldn’t have liked it. I didn’t watch the video. There were “leaked” audition videos last year for Ben/Warlow and James (I think?) that turned out to be true. DEA Spoilergate and IMDb s6 finale spoilers also turned out to be true. Just spreading the word… :)

          • Yes I saw three different vids but only watched one all the way through which is the Drake Lala scene so would that be spoiler # 1 or # 2? Lol it involves T!

          • Nymerias-I was typing when you posted back. Thank YOU for your kind words, and for the work that ALL of you do on ESL. :)

          • We try and some more than others lately so huge thanks to Evie and B for picking up the slack! :)

          • Nymerias-this is what I get when I “comment” and don’t actually watch the darn thing! :) I was only aware of one video, not three. I thought that the “one and only” video contained spoilers #1 AND #2. I got my “info” from second-hand comments from people who I presume watched at least one of the videos. The spoiler regarding Drake’s “identity” (I’m trying to be cryptic here) I sort of guessed thanks to some of the things we were told previously about Drake. I’m indifferent about that right now. If T is referring to what I think it’s referring to, that’s what I don’t like. That’s not the call I would have made if it were my show. I’m presuming some will like it if it’s true (would you like it?), but I don’t. If it’s true, I would have done that to someone else, like Bill or Alcide or Sam (and THAT’s not a “shipper” issue for me either, that’s a character personality issue).

            Evie and B are doing a great job (as are you and Erika of course). It’s nice that some can pick up the slack for others when life happens. :)

          • Yes the T is what you are thinking and no I don’t like at all. As for who Drake is , well he is Drake a new character and not James. The role of James has already been recast.

          • Outside of today, I have not been posting because well life happens and maybe I need to get inspired by TB again. Only Alex can do that for me right now.

            Evie and B are amazing and so is Erika!

          • Nymerias-Speaking of real life, mine has been “interfering” these last few hours. Thanks for clearing up the Drake thing. I thought the video said he was James. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Very unhappy about T (if true) but par for the course with TB. Again, when you can/want to, thank you for your work with ESL, and of course Evie, B, and Erika too. Be back later when I can concentrate more. :)

        • This is in reply to John but no idea where it will sit. Yes, I admit I dislike CH because of the ending she gave Eric in the last book and I didn’t even bother to read it. She used his popularity to sell books and then stiffed his fans. And yes, if Sookie and Eric had ended up together I would have loved the final book no matter how badly it was written. I only read the books for Sookie/Eric interactions, the rest of them was a total bore. My relationship with the show is completely different, there is lots I love about the show, but my favourite character is Eric. True Blood is not dead as long as Eric is in the show, their viewing figures will remain in the millions. I will write as many blog posts about Eric and/or Alexander Skarsgard as I want. I have written blog posts about Anna, as an actress, and I like her a lot. I became rather ambivalent towards Sooke last season and I don’t care to write much about that character at the moment. We blog what we want to talk about. Most times, I want to talk about Eric and how completely awesome he is in True Blood. I’m not going to apologise for that and I don’t need to be defended. You blog about whatever you like, but if you ever want to comment on one of my posts and include “so it doesn’t really matter a toss to me whether Eric returns or not and I never liked him anyway “, don’t bother making the effort because I’ll just delete it.

          • *SNICKERS* You tell em Evie. We can all post what we want!

          • So you’ll press the delete button every time I say anything derogatory about….wait I’d better not say his name….how mature of you. I know everyone here drools over AS and he who I’d better not mention but censorship because my opinion doesn’t tally with yours? So you’re not a lover of freedom of speech then. Perhaps facist would be a better word to describe your editorial policy.

          • I believe she was talking in response to you saying you don’t see posts about Anna and she defended herself as well as the site. I don’t think anything derogatory should be said about real people, fictional folks on the other hand I have no problem with.

            Now, this is for everyone posting, this was supposed to be a fun post because we have heard nothing about Eric’s role in the final season but it turned into a post that is no longer fun. I ask that we stick to the topic associated with the post. I am talking to myself as well because I went off on a couple tangents myself.

          • My point is that your colleague said she would delete my posts if I mentioned again the lack of importance of **** returning or not to the show – that is basically telling me what I can and cannot comment on at ESL. I was all for leaving this subject alone as you will have seen from another of my posts prior to the one your friend directed yo me personally. I think I’m entitled to be annoyed when people tell me they’ll delete my posts because of my attitude to one particular character.

            That’s all I intend to say on the subject – I very much doubt your friend will withdraw her promise to censor my posts.

          • I would have to go back and read the posts again to see what was actually said. I am against censorship but I DO want to stress that I want things to remain civil and for people to be respect. On that note, I am also a ‘you get as good as you gave’ kind of person as well.

            I just wonder why and where it went wrong when it was supposed to be a ‘light-hearted’ fun post! I need to go back and read.

    • John eric is the best character in the show true blood and in the books ….but on true blood its not even close how much more of a complete character he is compared to everyone elseon that show…in the books CH tried to destroy him but we Eric fans knows the true nature of Eric regardless of CH bullshit ending.

      • Please let’s not turn this into a book versus show thing. I was meant to be fun and fun is where it will stay at least as much as I can keep it that way!

      • Well I am dying to type all the reasons you are wrong but as I have been asked to not make this a book vs show debate I won’t.

        • Thank you John I appreciate that and I was talking to everyone pertaining to that matter!

        • Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them wrong, you have your opinions and we have ours. Everyone is allowed to think what they want, you just won’t get much love in here. I think most of us can at least agree that the show sucks.

          • Life sucks right now, I’ve had to spend what is coming to be nearly two weeks in the hospital and it’s not ending any time soon, TB is the least of my concerns at the moment, all I care about is Alex having a great career ahead of him. I actually dreamt that he came to visit me, never have I been so disappointed for a dream not to come true.

          • Hope you feel better soon Tammy!

          • Tammy – I hope you are starting to feel better – I know you have been going through a really rough time. Hopefully you will have some more Alex dreams during your recuperation :)

          • Lets give you a lot of Viking hugs for you to feel better :)….

          • Thanks guys, I’m feeling better today=)

          • tammydevil83-I hope you see this message. I join Nymerias, Evie, and sakshichopra and send you good wishes during this difficult time. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better today.

          • Tammy-full agreement re: people’s opinions. I get the sense that someone may have been trying to “stir the pot” here. I think the show sucks right now too. Time will tell how I feel later.

      • esw45-I agree with every word you posted. Believe me, I have my moments regarding this franchise too. I’m not telling you how to be AT ALL, but I will share with you that I try not to let it get to me. It is what it is, and we have no control over it. Take care. :)

  2. Thanks for this little “Where is Eric”? Nymerias. I know it must be hard for you guys to write about “nothing”, Geez, its’ starting to sound like Eric is Seinfeld. I know that I am not alone in being a little nervous (little?, is that what I said??) about how much Eric we are going to get in the last season of TB. It seems strange that they are this far along with filming and Alex hasn’t even been on set yet……..I sure hope they prove us wrong and Alex will be filming all his scenes when he gets done with DOATG.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Alex is doing another film, heck when TB is over and done with, I want him to film lots of movies for us to see. As long as we get a few postings somewhere on the internet letting us see a pic of him several times a week, I think I can survive his transition from TV to just films. My only fear is that all of his websites will leave the internet and there won’t be a lot of people following his career any longer. I know I laugh at myself for even thinking that as I know he has at least a million fans out there, but its’ a fear none the less. How I got on this I will never know.
    But, really just wanted to say Thank you for always keeping Alex out there for all of us!!

    • We are just doing our part to keep the love going! I do wonder how much Eric we are going to get but I am trying not to be negative. You are not the only one wondering about lack of any Eric news and that we have yet to hear a thing about what his role is. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

  3. I know where he is….sorry to worry you all! I won’t reveal where in the frozen snow covered north but we have been snowed in and I haven’t allowed him up for air in weeks! Yum! I have never enjoyed a “hard” winter this much! 😜hehehe

    • LMAO, now that is what I am talking about! Thanks for adhering to the spirit of the post P!

      • I tried! What we are experiencing here is a full on, bench clearing brawl in the True Blood fandom (especially Team Northman). I for one plan to try and keep my jersey on until it’s time to take it off, drop gloves and go at it…..but let’s all remember who the enemy is here. Not each other but the writers and powers that be who are creating this panic. Clever marketing tool-or very mean-spirited trolling? I don’t know but we will find out. Now…..back to more pleasant daydreams of my “hard” winter in the frozen northern tip of Illinois!

        • Shame the writers can’t get the hint that they have not been giving us anything really really good!

          Yes it has been really cold here in Illinois and it started bloody snowing again today! The wind is fierce and about knocked me over when I went out today!

        • Please keep your jersey on to the end Peecan! From what I see Team Eric is very much still around. Nymerias and I admin the ENLU Facebook page and it is as active with likes and comments as it ever has been. Granted people aren’t discussing the dynamics of the show very much any more but that is mostly to do with the fact that people don’t agree with the direction of the writing. Team Eric is still the majority of the TB fandom and many, many people around the world are still waiting impatiently for Eric’s return. I don’t really understand why people would leave with just one more season to go. He is an amazingly complex and appealing character played by an amazingly charismatic actor. He deserves our support until the bitter end!!!!!

          • ENLU (Eric Northman Lovers United) has been going strong since the day it was created, in six months the page had over 5000 likes! I think I may have too many irons burning in the fire with being an admin places but it is worth it to see people talk about something they love, even if it is a fictional character brought beautifully to life by Alex!

        • peecan-FULL agreement that the TB PTB are creating the “panic” in the fandom they created. Divide and conquer. Team Bill vs. Team Eric vs. Team Alcide vs. Team Ben/Warlow (for five minutes). Won’t it be cute if they put Sookie with Sam at the last second, again? Take care. I like your comments. :)

  4. Thanks for your post. Not sure where Eric is, but probably not on TB much. That’s ok. I’ll just have to again fast forward through at least 2/3 of the show, you know the boring bits I mean! Not looking forward to the Bill/Sookie love fest either. Xxx

  5. Thanks for this post, Nymerias. It made me smile. I don’t mind the Eric hiding out in Evie’s basement scenario. Not at all. Reminds me of the Fangtasia dungeon and how not everything is as it seems, possibly. Could be a dream, could be a fantasy, could be characters playing a role within a role, could be an alternate universe. Don’t let us down, True Blood.

  6. Well, Eric is clearly laying next to me in bed. We are snuggling because upstate NYS is colder that a witches t*t. Hehehe. Thanks, for the lovely post about Eric. Alas, Alex is busy in San Francisco. Hoping we get a little something soon. The wait has been torturous. We need a Pam, Godric and Eric prequel spinoff.

    • Seems like everyone wants the Viking in their bed and who can blame them really? The not knowing anything about Eric’s role is doing me in. A spin off would be nice as well as seeing Alex in more movies!

  7. :) …Good one…Lets all get together and find him…I’ve been trying to find him but he is such a tease :) :)

  8. I really confused. I heard in Alex`s newest interview that he said he is forward for six months to doing the final season of True Blood, but He still doing The diary of a teenage girl. Probably he will be back in the middle or beginning of February (it`s almost close to that month ),but I don’t known for sure he will be back.

    And it looks like they are finishing up the 1st ep, but no sign Steve Moyer. Maybe Billy is the 1 gets kills off,but they made him into a ghost. Or he becomes a zombie vamp and Jessica keeps him lock up in his house of horror(hopefully). I would imagine. :)

    • You guys, Why you didn’t read my post?

      Why you guys gets so upset with Drake audition video? What made you worry in that video video? What I want to known what`s going on?

      • The video is in the forum of this site. We are keeping it contained there so as not to majorly spoil people and because we don’t know how much of what are in the audition tapes are real. Although, judging from last years audition tapes, parts of it could be spot on!

      • Shelli – I think your post was just too long. The blog won’t accept comments that are really, really long.

        • I am truly sorry. No worry, the 1 1 I posted on here, it isn’t long. I will try to write short next time. I will be careful next time. I just want to share my ideas and opinions, that’s all. I don’t want to start trouble or insult everyone. You guys are very friendly here and I understand the situation. Next time, I will be careful, ok?

    • somebody take a photo with stephen moyer in bill costumes on the first ep location.bill is there.

  9. Thank you for this funny post it made my day Nymerias. I’ve been wondering too where was Alex yes we all know he’s in SF filming his new movie but i guess Eric won’t be all in the episodes of TB cuz no news about Alex shooting scenes with Pam.As to you John Nightingale I diagree about the pairing of Sam/Sookie cuz Sam hasn’t always been there for Sookie in the books and I don’t like how he always critized her oh do you remember when he called her a fangbanger!! I’m sorry but i feel that CH put Sam and Sookie together just to despise Eric/Sookie shippers cuz She(CH) HATED that Eric’s character became more popular than Sookie’s character and I’m really diasppointed what she did to Sookie cuz at the end I found Sookie to have no personnal growth Jesus Jason had more character growth than her! But this is only my opinion

    • Jackie69-I wasn’t a fan of the eleventh hour Book Sookie/Sam pairing myself. My personal guess is that CH planned Sam as endgame all along, wrote Eric/Sookie because Eric was the fan favorite ( = cash cow), started furiously retconning Eric in book 11 in order to “justify” the Sam ending, and jammed Sookie with Sam in the last 40 pages or so as a middle finger to the audience. I agree completely that I think she hated that Eric became more popular than Sookie AND that Sookie had no character growth. Sookie ended up right back where she started with pretty much nothing to show for it.

  10. Oh ladies there’s a BIG SPOILER going around the web I’ve just saw the casting video of “Drake” check it out on tumblr you’ll find out what main character is going die on the season’s premiere!!

    • Yeah I am not surprised at all if and when it happens but we shall see of that particular one happens. I can see it though.

    • We are discussing this in the forum, but only as speculation. Nothing can be reported as fact obviously. We’ll have to wait and see!

      • Evie, I am not familiar with Tumbler, do you have to join to see this infamous video. I have seen nothing else on the web about it at all and I hate being the only one in the dark here. Once I get into Tumbler, how do I find it????? Thanks bunches as it seems I’m the only one who is clueless to what rumors are running around.

  11. I just watched the infamous Drake audition and I will not say anything as to not spoil it for anyone not interested in knowing. The only thing I will say is that it doesn’t appear to be a big deal to me. Its’ alright, and for the ones it does bother, remember TB always throws us “red herrings” that never add up to the finished script. So once again, I’ll wait and see what it means.

    • It is really the only thing we can do, it might end up to be nothing at all! It would only bother me as in a ‘why now’ kind of way!

      • I must be one of the few people who really likes this character LOL.
        You are right that last year the audition tapes were spot on but I just can’t believe they will do this, it is so un-TB like. Maybe HBO became aware that fans had access to the audition tapes and decided to play with us!

        • I think it very TB like as they always do the opposite of what fans want or like. I like the character too, more than I did before which is why I see it happening! lol If only they would Kill Bill hahahah

          • I don’t think this has ever happened to a core cast member though? There are (I think) 6 actors that are included in that group. I’ve always thought those 6 are safe. But I guess it would mean that even Bill may be in danger from a sharp stake! LOL

          • I agree with Nymerias that the TB PTB always do the opposite of what fans want or like. Deliberately? ;) Evie-I really like this character too. This character is one of the six TB characters in whom I was (am?) emotionally invested. Of course, they wouldn’t do this to Bill, Alcide, Sam, or Jessica. :) I don’t think their precious rapist Bill will ever be in any real danger. IF this spoiler is true, I wonder if it is Buckner’s organic narrative choice or if something happened backstage with the actor that brought on this plot point.

          • I think he would say it was organic but I would not call it brilliant in any way shape or form. I am just putting it out there in case someone thinks it is brilliant. We go off on tangents on this blog an awful lot!

  12. Eric is in Middle Earth helping the dwarves to reclaim their homeland that’s been taken by Smaug.

  13. Nymerias-I’m one of those people who has a tendency to go off on tangents. I’ll try to rein it in in my future posts. I’ll also try better to stay on topic. The way I see it, we are “guests” in the ESL “home.” I’m not telling anyone what to do, but as a “guest,” I try really hard to be respectful of the way the “home” is run. I also think respectful discussion is healthy and necessary, but I try never to shove my opinions down anyone’s throat and to listen to what others have to say. I really enjoyed your post and interpreted it as a light-hearted “Where is Eric?” “check-in” with the audience. There doesn’t seem to be much to “report” at this particular second in time.

    • It is really hard NOT to go off on a tangent and I really don’t mind as it happens in posts all the time. I just did and don’t want it turned into something completely off topic.

  14. Nymerias-Thank you for responding back to me, and thank you for being understanding re: tangents. I completely understand wanting to stay on topic, too. Again, I really enjoyed your post that brought us here. Where IS Eric Northman, indeed? :)

  15. I just read something on my FB page awhile ago that I had posted in our Forum here, please go there and read the post as it is too long to repost here. I wanted to find out more info. on this, so I went and found it on my twitter blogged by pbt and also on my Tumblr acct (just signed up for it yesterday) to check this out. I don’t know to believe it or not, I also have several source names, who shall be nameless here, as I don’t want to be a rumor instigator or anything. I will pm one of our admins. if they need to know.

    Just curious to know if anyone else has see this, or knows about it. I refuse to get upset by any of this until Alex returns from filming DOATG and back on the TB set.

    Thank you in advance, I remain ever faithful and stand behind Alexander 4eva!!!!!!!!

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