It’s Off to Grandma’s House with Time Warner Cable

ap time warner commercialThis past Super Bowl Sunday brought several families together… including the Time Warner one! 

You may recall that our favorite woman behind the telepath, Anna Paquin, and her husband, Stephan Moyer were seen several weeks ago dressed as their alter egos as they were getting ready to film a commercial along side P Diddy and other members of the Time Warner family (HBO is a part of the Time Warner Group).

Check out the commercial that brought them all together and aired this past Sunday during the Super Bowl.



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8 comments on “It’s Off to Grandma’s House with Time Warner Cable

  1. B-thanks for sharing this with us. I happened to see it during the game. I had no idea it would air during the Super Bowl. I’m not trying to be a troublemaker, I’m just curious: do you know whether or not Alex was asked to appear in this ad? It seems to me there was room for Alex alongside Anna and Stephen and Diddy and Drake (the rapper/actor) and the Ray Donovan “boys” and the others. IF Alex hypothetically had wanted to do the ad. :) Anyway, not trying to be “mean.” Just wondering. Again, thank you for sharing. Take care.

    • You? Stir trouble? I have no idea what you mean :P

      Honestly I have no idea… But if you recall, Alex was with a Prince chilling (freezing) near the South Pole when this was filmed.

  2. ***looking around innocently before commenting***

    I remember hearing about the ad but I forgot when it was shot. Thank you for the friendly reminder. Moving along… :)

    • *whispers* I hope you realize I was teasing cause you have been one of our staunchest supporters :)

      • B-I figured you were teasing in your previous response. I was teasing right back. Both of your responses to me made me smile, for different reasons. It’s all good. :)

        Thank you for the compliment. I love ESL.

  3. While Bills’ pronunciation of “Sookeh” will always remain a pop culture classic I’m sick of Behl and Sookeh being shoved in our faces. It’s like Buckner & co are trying to send a message to us. I have a really bad feeling that Sookie and Bill will be end game since they keep harping on about the disastrous love triangle that will happen between them and Alzzzzzide.

    Um, don’t want to be all negative ..Sookies’ hair looks great in this as opposed to the unfortunate frizzy dry mess we had for much of season 6.. Plus the look she gave Drake (was it not that familiar with pop-stars?) was adorable. Lafayette should have been in the commercial as you know his reaction would have been priceless.

  4. Thanks B for posting this. I too had already seen the ad, but have watched it several times since there is so much to see is such a short time. I enjoyed the fact that the ad didn’t focus on Bill but on Sookie with Drake more or less showing her around. I thought it was a great commercial for what it’s worth…

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