The Return of the Viking


We all know the rumors and we all know the stories about how much Alex/Eric will be involved in the final season of True Blood but we do have SOME news that we know is true!


It would appear that Alex will be back to filming True Blood this week, tomorrow in fact! Evie is always sleeping at times like these, poor girl!


While we do not yet know what role he will play in the final season or how much we will see of him, it could be seen as good news that he will go back to filming now when they have only started filming episode 2. Seeing as I only planned to watch this final season mostly for Alex and his character, this is good news. Mind you, I am still not getting my hopes up about ANYTHING because I simply cannot allow myself to be disappointed. For now, I am all smiles! WAKE UP EVIE, it is only 3:44 a.m. there damnit! Can you tell I am also excited for her as well as for the rest of us?

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  1. It’s exhausting thinking about watching a tv show for which you (well, I) have no actual hope of having a decent resolution. But, yeah, I’ll be watching (for Alex/Eric) anyway. Dammit. *woebegone sigh*

  2. I am just going to bask in Alex’s past episodes and his movies and skip season 7.

  3. Nymerias-Just wanted to give a quick thank you for posting/sharing this. Right now I’m resigned about TB. I think Eric might be given a lackluster conclusion where he just takes off with Pam and the suddenly majorly important Willa for parts unknown in the series finale. At least it wouldn’t be offensive to my bone marrow like him “learning” to “love” two hundred years of sexual slavery. Sending love and best wishes to Alex when he starts up TB again tomorrow. Maybe he’s the reason eps. 1 and 2 are being shot simultaneously? Just a thought. Gotta run. Thanks again, Nymerias (and ESL)! :)

    • Long time and no see, SookieandEricare1trueluv,

      I still have mixed feelings about the last season,and I am regarding that “bit player” could be false information. I got scared at 1st that rumor could be true,because this person claimed be a same person posted the dreadful finale scene. I thought Brian was joking about the rest of season 6 and the 1s ep when they 1st interviewed him as a new show runner,but everything comes true and he ticked a lot of people. I really hope he listen more the final season and let hope we`ll might get more Eric.

      The 1 thing the person`s right is the book, There`s a interview that someone told him about the ending of the final book and Alex got shocked. I didn’t buy the rest,because it isn`t like Alex (Alex is more a joker than mr. tough guy).

      You`ld might be that Sylvie could be a queen,but she could be the secretly recasting Mab the faery queen. I could see that`s happen that Maurella turns out to be Mab`s faery and Adylin will tell Maurella that Eric`s in town, Maurella tells Mab and Mab sent her faeries goes after Eric. Probably She will threaten the townspeople by want them to hand over Eric to them or she will flood the the town if they didn’t hand Eric over to them,but Sookie comes up a plan to get Eric.

      I don’t known what`s going on. I am really nervous tomorrow. I really hope they didn’t make him a zombie vamp. I`m also hoping he will turn to be ok,not burn.

      • Hi, Shelli. :) Good to “see” you too. The person saying that Alex could be a “glorified extra” in s7 could indeed have been given false information. From my understanding, the person who posted this is the same person who correctly spoiled the first three episodes of s6 last year before the episodes aired. I think a different person spoiled the s6 finale 24+ hours before it aired, but I could be wrong on that. If Alex comes back in a reduced capacity in s7, I feel it would definitely be Alex’s choice and not Buckner’s. Alex’s TB contract expired at the end of 6 and Alex chose to re-up for 7. The audience’s guessing game right now is HOW MUCH Alex re-upped time-wise for s7. :)

        I remember that interview where Alex was told the ending of the books and was shocked. He said something like, “That can’t be the ending, right?” Even he didn’t “get” it. Is he an “entitled reader” too? ;) (That was a joke. I know he quit reading the books because he clearly was not aware of what was going on in the last few books. Smart man.)

        Yes, Alex seems very easy-going.

        For all we know, Sylvie could be a one-episode wonder like Goat Girl from the Eric flashback to when Russell/wolves killed Eric’s parents and infant sister in s3, or a promising-but-dropped non-story like Yvetta.

        I hope there is a real story to tell with the fairies. I’m sorry, but I just don’t find daily life in BT all that compelling (but maybe that’s just me).

        I hope Alex’s first day back on the TB set went well for him. I hope he is happy with Eric’s story.

  4. I’ll take as much of him as I can get this season, though I fear it won’t in fact be that much. ((Sigh))

  5. Thanks Nymerias for posting this info. I saw ASN’s post on this earlier on FBI. As I read it his management said he’d be back to TB this week. So Unless you heard more that’s what I read. But it’s no matter just knowing Alex will be back is some what comforting. Although as we’ve all said before, the question is how much will he be included? Again, we’ll have to wait to see.

  6. Opps, sorry, I just saw your tag on that says he’ll be filming tomorrow… I guess it’s bedtime for me too. It’s been a long day. Nitery, nite!

  7. About time! Although I have little faith in the writers after the season finale.

  8. Really Nymerias????? I thought when I woke up this morning that you had something exciting to tell me :) :) :)


    Seriously, this is completely brilliant, I will be smiling all day :) I was thinking it would be the end of the month when filming on DOATG wraps up. All we have to do now is chain him up and keep him there :)

  9. Finally! We can re;ax a bit!

  10. Reblogged this on Ponderings of a lost daughter and commented:
    Yay!!! Cause I was getting concerned there!

  11. I’m just so glad, Eric, will be part of the last season! Still hoping for a reunion between Eric and Sookie, but not getting my hopes up, after the writing in last season.

  12. The first time I saw the banner for Season 7 was yesterday on Facebook.
    I shared my thoughts about it…I’m going to miss TrueBlood.
    I’m especially going to miss My Maker,ERIC NORTHMAN….
    I’m not going to miss William Thomas Compton III
    I will miss Sookie,Pamela,Jessica,Jason,Arlene,Andy,Sam,Alcide

    For the life of me I can’t figure out what happened to Alan Ball’s
    writing between “American Beauty” & “TrueBlood”????
    Alan won an Oscar for “American Beauty” screenplay.
    But he lost his writing brillance when he got the rights to “TrueBlood”
    It began as something that was promising…but then Alan Ball lost
    his way…and the storylines became a convoulated mess…..
    Especially the storylines of Eric Northman…they suffered the most.
    Eric Northman’s true story was never really told….
    And it’s Eric Northman who I’ll miss the most.
    Thank you for youTube videos….
    And hopefully, HBO will be putting out a boxed set of all of the Seasons???

  13. The Mustache that Alexander had for “Diary of A Teenage Girl” is GONE.
    Our Master is back looking like himself,like we adore him.
    Clean shaven,hot and sexy…DESIREABLE.
    He will be back before the TrueBlood cameras like…tomorrow.

  14. I posted this spoiler on your forum, it shown a pic that written on the road in chalk and says “Help Me”. I wonders Eric answered their pray. :)

    • That help me picture was from filming yesterday or Monday and that place where that writing was is probably an abandoned town. I think Eric’s story is going to be separate from Bon Temps.

      • That’s I am certern about.

        It also make me nervous about tomorrow,because I don’t known what they are going to do with his character. Better not they make him as a zombie vamp or scarred.

        I really hope he will be ok.

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