True Blood On Location (Episode 2)


The “True Blood” crew are currently working out on location in Pomona, and the lovely Barbara from Skarsgard Fans was lucky enough to go down yesterday and check out what was going on. We believe this footage is for Episode 2 and it all looks a little bit like they have stumbled onto the set of “The Walking Dead”. Anna Paquin looks completely gorgeous and I am loving Sookie’s hair for this season!


You can see the rest of Barbara’s great photographs from the set over at Skarsgard Fans

A big thank you also to Chara Nicole who has uploaded this video of Anna and the gang:


Late last week, True Blood was also filming at a church location in the town. Sara Sanders grandfather preaches at the church and was lucky enough to come across a Call Sheet that had been left behind.


Thanks to Sara for sharing it on twitter here

Spotted on the set that day were Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Andy, Lettie-Mae, Sam, Maxine and one lone vampire, Miss Willa Burrell. Below is a photograph taken at that location by lucky fan illyssanikole


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12 comments on “True Blood On Location (Episode 2)

  1. Yeah Sookie is looking good this season ….so far but I just cant stand A lcide so seeing him makes me go barf! Zombie vampires count me out as well…..

  2. Evie and ESL-thank you for sharing Barbara’s pics, and thanks to Barbara for everything she does. HBO wants her-and us-to know this much. There is a lot I could “say” but believe it or not I am going to restrain myself. This time. ;)

  3. yup, I agree, my Thanks to Barbara for sharing these pics with us. I also agree that Anna’s looking good this year too. Of course, I’m still waiting to see when a certain tall Viking shows up on set. Then and only then will season 7 have my real attention.

  4. Yeah, Sookie is looking way better this season now if only she could get rid of the excess wolf and the mendacious Mr.Compton in time for Erics’ return all would be right in BonTemps..

  5. Barbara, thanks for the photos!!!
    Have known of her dedication to this show since before Season 1 aired….
    Love Sookie’s hair,it’s longer and curlier…
    All I really want is to see Eric Northman…and Pamela.
    Also William Thomas Compton’s Final Death…..Please.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics :)…S7 looks to be going the v-ombie apocalyptic way (judging by the closed businesses and HELP graffiti)

    Everybody but Eric is there (I am sure Bill will arrive once the night falls)…For me, this feels like the decrepit passages of the last SVM books where I just gave the words a glance and skipped ahead, before finally stopping to try to read, in the middle of Deadlocked, when I couldn’t take it any more! (It still gloomily sits half read on my kindle. Thank God I was not stupid enough to buy the last monstrosity)

    However I do love the show…And I wish to the powers that be, that if they are going through with this zombie idea, the writers atleast work hard to make it good and worth our while. I hope the plot makes sense this season.

  7. I don’t known, I have mixed feeling about this feeling, guys.

    Hi, SookieandEricare1trueluv
    I still am hanging on the thread,too.

    • Hi, Shelli. :) Yes, mixed feelings all around. With these spoilers, I SMELL a potential set-up for a Stepford Sookie-Seal Sex Sam ending. I suspect that Nicole might be already dead at this point in the story (7×02). The writers ALWAYS kill off Sam’s “girlfriends” to keep him on the line for Sookie. Jurnee Smollett-Bell (the actress who plays Nicole) has not been announced by HBO as a “series regular.” And never forget the “golly gee, Sam, I always thought you and I would end up together” scene from s6. Not to mention The Book That Shall Not Be Named. Sookie’s journey has been such a letdown for me personally. Oh, well, it’s just fiction, thank goodness.

      In MUCH better news: taking the “temperature” around the Internet, I have it on what seems to be good authority that an actor I think most of us love :) might be back on the TB set this week, I believe. Now if only we knew how bad, or how good, HIS story is… And I, too, still wonder if he will only have “glorified extra” status in s7 like he did in s1.

  8. I have zero interest in the Boring Bill and Doormat Sookie show and definitely no interest in the growling wolf. I cancelled HBO at the end of season 6 and have no intention of renewing. I’ll just get my Eric fix watching former season DVD’s.

  9. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Still no sign of our Viking Eric. Til then I can’t get excited about the new season. The more I see and read about this season, the more I’m worried Alex, is only going to make small guest appearances. Can it get any worse? I guess we will find out

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