Goodbye to the Mustache!


Whilst Truebies are pretty happy today that we have our main man back (hopefully for at least a little while), over in San Francisco Alexander Skarsgard’s friends on the set of “Diary of a teenage girl” are already mourning the loss of the mustache.


Whilst I sympathise with them and their attachment to this particular fine piece of facial hair, it really has to go, as we need our Viking back!

There was time for one more photo opportunity on set:


And the news that one of Alex’s True Blood Season 5 co-stars is also appearing alongside him in this movie:


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12 comments on “Goodbye to the Mustache!

  1. Hallelujah! I hated that thing! (Still love him no matter what is growing on his face, though…lol!)

  2. Glad that the mustache is bye-bye…LOVE my Master clean shaven…
    In a way I would have loved to have seen Christopher Meloni longer
    than we did in Season 5…Roman was a great character…only he was
    written all wrong….

    • EVERYTHING was written wrong in season 5 (and 6) Marlene!! LOL

      • You took the words right out of my mouth redthang914!

        • Christopher Meloni as Roman in TB s5 was yet ANOTHER wasted opportunity (and overly hyped in the media with no real artistic/emotional/entertainment payoff, IMO). I think Ball/the writers might have been trying to achieve an Alfred Hitchcock/Psycho-type thing where a supposedly majorly important character gets “shockingly” killed off early in the story to keep us on our toes or something, but it fell flat for me.

          I’m with luvvamps-I fully agree with redthang914 re: s5 and s6. ESPECIALLY s6. Who ARE these characters anymore? “HELP” indeed. :)

    • Roman was not the only thing written wrong and bad in season 5! LOL

  3. Great Googly Moogly, Alex is back!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one, being a Disco Child of the 70’s is going to miss 70’s Alex ‘stache and bells abd as the late Donna Summers sang, “Hot Stuff” and that he is, but at least he’ll be clean shaven and back in Eric mode. Just hope that they don’t throw him under the bus this season… Again, I’m in standby waiting to hear whats’ next.

  4. Opps, also so excited that I forgot that I am pumped that Chris will be in this film too. Hopefully he plays a good part in it.

  5. I am not sad to see the mustache go but it was a staple for men in the 70’s although I was young in the 70’s. I barely remember the 70’s except for what I have seen in repeats and Grease…lol! I was 5 when Elvis died and Alex is younger than me so I imagine it is the same for him.

  6. Aww that’s really nice of them. :)

  7. Evie-thank you for sharing this with us. :)

    I LOVE the Tweet/pic of Alex’s Diary of a Teenage Girl friends “mourning” the loss of Alex’s/the character’s “porn ‘stache.” TOO funny!

    I had NO idea that Christopher Meloni is in Diary of a Teenage Girl too until I saw Chris’ Tweet yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Meloni’s work (as well as Alex’s, obviously). I hope Meloni has a better storyline in Diary than he did in TB (JMO, of course). I wonder if Chris and Alex will have scenes together in the film. I hope so.

    As I’ve “said” a million times, I’m not enthusiastic about Eric’s storyline in s7 (the same way I feel about the other TB characters in which I’m emotionally invested). Time will tell what Buckner/the writers have chosen to do. No matter what, as an audience member I will do my small bit to help support Alex in his career. I’m excited to see The Giver this August (hopefully I’ll be able to), and Hidden when that film is released. And the WWTW documentary when it airs on NBC. And Diary when it is released. And Tarzan whenever that project finally happens. And ALL of Alex’s projects. And his promotional duties. :)

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