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His management announced he was back a few days ago, and we have probably all seen the paparazzi photographs that confirmed the mustache has gone, now all we needed to make a perfect week complete is photographic evidence of Eric Northman on the True Blood set.

And thanks to the lovely Dolores DeLuce, today we are complete. Dolores has been working with Alex on   Episode 2 of the final season, and the 2 of them have taken a couple of selfies together.



Ok, first things first…….Eric is back by Episode 2 at the very latest (I still think we will get a glimpse in the premiere too)…..Eric is wearing a trade-mark black suit……Dolores is currently my favourite person in the entire world……time for a quick fan-girl moment…..


And now down to the serious business, Dolores has also made a few notes about her experience on set  “with the cutest and best vampire ever”.

There are possible *****SPOILERS***** ahead

“Playing the innkeeper on True Blood at 2:50am”.

“You would not believe what’s going on at my Inn”.

“I’m not surprised by all the True Blood Fans that have commented on my post from last night. So now I can reveal the Vamp who makes me weak in the knees and that’s without being bitten. He is by far the sweetest actor I have ever met”.

“I was so excited to meet and work with him. I was just a glorified extra but he and everyone on set made me fell like a star. Had my own trailer with my name on the door and it was just Alex and I and the crew on set for our scene so we got to talk a lot. I gave him a signed copy of my book and he gave me a kiss on both cheeks. A great exchange. Hoping he’ll become my fan now”.

“The show will be back on HBO in June, and I’m in episode 2 that’s if I don’t get cut out. You never know!”

“I think it starts up in June and I’m in episode 2 that’s if they don’t leave the scene on the cutting room floor. He is so dreamy and sweet. I fell in love”.

“I’m up all night with the vampires on the set of True Blood. Finally got a job on my favorite HBO series. I’ll be working in a juicy scene with the cutest and best vampire ever. I can’t say who but look for episode 2 this coming season. Will he bite me? You have to wait and see. Jason, Sucky’s bro is in the mix too. I’ve died and gone to vamp heaven”.

“That Ryan is a doll too…….. He and Alexander were the only actors working on the set with me that night but Ryan was wrapped early and I missed getting to say hi to him. But oh that Alex is so dreamy. Beautiful inside and out”.

From the look of the room they are photographed in, it could be a Moroccan set?

And Jason Stackhouse was also filming, a scene with Eric? Yes, please! A Jason/Eric sex dream? Possibly.

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30 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard on the Season 7 Set

  1. Oh Hell Yeah!!! This is like the best news…in a while…a looong while…

    Eric in a black suit..All healed up and pretty for us…Kill me now :)

    And you’d never believe what I am doing, awake at 2:42AM in California…There’s a reason I read this post sooo out of my time zone…I was up…watching and listening through a class for a new language I am learning…Guess what language that would be!

  2. today seems to be a perfect day. evidence that eric is back in tb. it seems that he is safe and sound :-)

  3. This is cracking me up! We are all so hungry for anything Askars! I’m sitting here reading this with the goofiest grin on my face. At least it’s good news. June is going to take sooooo long to get here! Thanks Evie for the news!

  4. Thank you, Evie, for sharing this with us. And thank you, Ms. Deluce, for sharing pics and behind-the-scenes info with us. I love hearing (more) great things about Alex. He seems to make friends wherever he goes! :)

    I, too, think something Eric will happen in the premiere ep. They have to give their biggest fanbase a reason to tune in for episode 2 (other than the suddenly-majorly-important-Sylvie sex scene).

    “the cutest and best vampire ever” – “by far the sweetest actor I have ever met” – Who am I to disagree with her? ;)

    Dolores plays an “innkeeper.” The inn could be in Morocco, I agree.

    When I heard Ryan was on the set too, I also thought Jason/Eric sex dream. Maybe.

    I wonder why Dolores seems concerned that they might leave her scene on the cutting room floor.

    I wonder why Ryan wrapped early. Is Jason barely in the scene?

    Hope Eric and Jason are written in character (especially Eric). I love those two together (in character). I always felt that Alex and Ryan should have shared MUCH more screentime together.

    Again, thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

    • I think Dolores scene may not be pivotal , if there was only her and Alex, it could just be simply Eric checking in at the Inn.

      It sounds to me like maybe the scene with Ryan is a different scene. Alex is probably working doubly hard to catch up, and may have done both scenes that day. The main reason I think it will be a dream sequence with Jason/Eric is that we know Jason is in Bon Temps with Sookie and the gang in ep.2. I love Jason and Eric together too, whatever the scene is, I’m sure it will be humorous :)

      I think there is probably some Eric/Pam interaction being filmed too, as KBVS has certainly been on set shooting scenes since Alex’s return. So if the mysterious Sylvie is still part of the mix, that could be 4 possible Eric scenes they are working on.

      • Evie-thank you for responding back to me. I agree about Dolores’ scene. She did refer to her role as “glorified extra,” so that makes sense.

        I, too, have a hunch that Alex might be filming a bunch of stuff at once. I think negotiations for DOATG may have taken a bit longer than we the general public were privy to, and I’m sure the schedules for that film and TB had to be carefully coordinated so Alex could do both projects.

        If I can be “Debbie Downer” for a moment, I think Alex and Ryan not being given more screen time together throughout the series is but one of its biggest disappointments (for me). They are both phenomenal actors, and have such great “chemistry” together. I loved their exchange right before the bombing in s2, and all of their interactions in the excellent s5 finale. “Oh, sweetie, don’t be a fool.” “If I wanna be a fool, then I will be a fool. That is my God-given right as an American.” And later… “Pull over. Pleeeeeze.” Priceless. :) I would have enjoyed seeing Sookie a lot more in that mix too. That could have been fun and even emotionally compelling. Okay. I’m moving on…

        Someone recently asked KBvS on her Twitter if she’s filming again with Alex. She “couldn’t” answer. ;) I understand the actors have to keep “quiet.” I agree; I think she’s (probably) working with Alex as we speak (or already did). If Sylvie isn’t a flashback, maybe Pam can get as “jealous” over her as she was Sookie and Nora. (Sorry-the snark in me comes out from time to time.)

        Obviously I’m curious to see which way Buckner chooses to go. FWIW, I’m having MUCH more fun with ESL than the show these days. :) Take care.

  5. I was so overjoyed to read this late last nite before I fell asleep!!! I, like everyone so far, think that since Alex and Ryan were working together, it maybe the much anticipated Eric/Jason scene that everyone has been waiting for. I agree that the set showing in the background of the pics looks like Morocco to me too!!

    Now to only hope that they give Eric a strong storyline for this last season. It seems he’s not going to hook back up with Sookie (darn them) so then my wish is to get our Black tank of Doom wearing Badass Eric back as that part of Eric has been kinda missing in the last few seasons and if I have to settle for a Sookieless Eric, thats’ what I want!!!!!

    • redthang914-I think the Sookie/Eric ship permanently sailed with “the girl in the white dress.” I, too, hope Buckner/the current writers give Eric a strong storyline. With an in-character Eric. I personally did not care for Eric’s s6 arc; it felt OOC to me (as did other characters’ arcs last season). I loved Eric in s2, s3, and the first two-thirds of s4; I didn’t love his final third of s4 and s5 storylines, but at least he still felt in character then (to me).

      • I thought Eric was great in season 6 for the most part, I didn’t see him as out of character until the very last episode.

        • Tammy-First of all, I have to say that Eric is still my favorite character in the franchise. I always feel that Alex gives a great performance, including in s6. And I agree with you that Eric seemed OOC in the s6 finale. Given everything we had been told/shown about Eric throughout the series, I just don’t believe that Eric would abandon his newborn progeny and take off of his own free will in the middle of the Hep-V crisis and leave Pam/Willa/Tara/Sookie/etc. to fend for themselves without him trying to help them in whatever way he can, so he could get a tan and read a book.

          In all fairness, I didn’t actually watch s6 except for Eric’s scenes and a few random others, and kept up with the story here at ESL and other places. From what I watched and read about, from the first episode on, something felt “off” to me about the writing of Eric and other characters. Maybe because of the change(s) in showrunners. In the takedown of AHQ, Eric is running at human speed. Eric is struggling with Sookie in the elevator. With Billith, Burrell, AND Warlow on the loose, Eric and the fairy/vampire dream team have all the time in the world to sit around on an open beach at night whining about their feelings. Eric is portrayed as a “jerk” to Pam over Nora. Eric keeps playing pussyfoot with human Burrell. Eric molests Willa (Eric is NOT a rapist). Eric turns Willa seemingly on a whim. Eric is portrayed as a “hothead” at times to make Bill look “wise” (actually, that’s been a problem for a while). Etc. etc. (It’s been a minute since I’ve seen these scenes.)

          Overall, it felt to me like a lot of Eric’s character growth over s2-s5 was either downplayed or erased. Eric/Sookie never happened. Eric and Pam are still having “fights” over Eric’s lovers. Eric and Tara never develop a real relationship. Eric losing Nora and avenging her by killing Steve Newlin felt like a rewrite of Eric losing his human family and avenging them by killing Talbot/Russell. Vamp Camp and Burrell felt like a rewrite of Vampire Authority and Roman. Willa feels like a rewrite of Jessica/Sookie and looks like Nora.

          It’s been a minute since I really thought about my position on the show. I want to know how it ends. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I like to share my opinions too. I like when people aren’t afraid to share a different opinion because it enables us to clarify our own feelings. I know several people disagree with my opinions and obviously that’s cool. I hope things are going well for you.

          • Well said sookieandericaretheonetruelove oh by the way i noticed you change your name very nice

          • Jackie69-I’m not sure where this comment is going to land. Thank you for the compliments on my previous post, and my name change. I like you. :)

          • Hi Guys, I want to write you back.

            That was I thought at 1st,too and it always makes me cringe when everytime I looks at that site. I talked to this girl on Facebook about it and she believe that rumor could be true, because she said that person who posted the rumor is claimed to be the same person posted the spoiler of the 1st 3 eps of season 6. I believe this person went the premiere and saw the 1st 3 eps of season 6. I think this person afraid that it will happen again. (Like you said, SookieandEricare1trueluv, Hope for the better but prepare for the worse).

            I think not only 1 person watched the dreadful finale before, but I think there’s more than person watched it. Remember HBO did that awhile back before season 4 with What`s happened to Sookie in faerieland?” and 2nd ep before it aired (people missed it,because it aired 4th of July). They also shown season 5 10-mins clip before the the s5 finale.

            I got more to write here. I am done yet. ;)

        • I quite enjoyed season 6 in a way. I loved Eric in 6×09.
          For me if they would have spared those 45 seconds in 6×10 and stopped the season for Eric with 6×09 – it would have been a great season for our viking.

  6. What a lucky lady!

  7. Bless this lady ‘s heart . She in scenes with Alex is totally amazing . Lucky is right .

  8. I haven’t been active for a while bur as the rest of u have been waiting for some news…great to see this and sure it can be only a eric/jason dream….we still don’t know how much eric we’ll get. What happend at the end with that stuff about Eric in s7 as much as in s1….hope that’s not true. LOVE THIS LADY anyway for lifting my monday

    • Hey maja, with regard to the stuff about only appearing as much as season 1, I saw a conversation they were having on tumblr and they said that what they meant was Eric will be in the show “less than usual”. Also they conceded their information was a few months old. There may have been more said since then but I decided it did me no good to keep checking back, I’ll look for positive news and keep in mind – what will be will be.

      I can happily report that Pam’s pink coffin is out on set today, so fingers crossed this is for an Eric/Pam scene. I have a feeling that Eric and Pam are not going to be as marginalized as a lot of people have previously believed, which is good :)

      • Evie-thanks for giving us the update about Pam and her coffin. :) I hope Eric and Pam are heavily featured in s7, IN CHARACTER, but I am prepared for anything. Eric, Pam, and Sookie used to be my top three favorite TB characters in no particular order. Since the end of s4, Eric is my favorite and Pam is my second-favorite.

        With no disrespect to the rest of the cast, if Eric is not still a lead in s7, I think the end of the series will probably suffer a bit commercially. In fairness to the writers, though, as I’ve “said” a million times, Alex may have agreed to come back for only a few episodes to “wrap it up.” Obviously, I respect Alex’s choices (as we all do).

        “What will be will be.” That is a great attitude to have, Evie. That’s an attitude I try to have regarding TB and life in general (I don’t always succeed, but I keep trying, and I never give up). Again, thanks for the update. :)

  9. OT, so PLEASE forgive me. I won’t dwell. I just found out that Alexander Woo is developing a new series for AMC. In addition, he’s developing ANOTHER series for HBO AND writing a screenplay for an HBO movie (produced by Alan Ball and Oprah). Is Woo still a writer/executive producer on TB? Thanks for tolerating my (brief!) detour. Take care. :)

    • I saw that too, and the Variety article mentions he “spent 6 seasons” on TB, which means he probably isn’t writing this season – which sucks! He was my favourite writer left on the show, he has always been one of the most consistent (ie. he remembers the things he has written for the characters before) and he is one of my all time favourite Eric writers. I know some fans have found his Eric a little too aggressive at times, but not me, I love the Viking Eric!

      I was hoping Woo would write the finale, so unless there is a kick-ass brand new writer on the team, it better be Buckner himself now, he’s the best Eric writer left.

  10. Evie-thank you for responding back to me. I didn’t mean to go OT, especially when I recently “said” I’d try to stay ON T. :) Sometimes I find out things elsewhere, and I get excited/not-so-excited, and I want to share it/find out if you know it too. So, thanks for understanding my occasional detours,

    And, that being “said” … I found out from the Variety article myself. I caught the past-tense “spent 6 seasons” too. I also took it to mean Woo might be/probably is off TB. Which of course would mean that Buckner is the only s1 writer left. Where did everyone go? :) I needed to get it off my chest. It makes me (more) nervous about s7. I keep getting DEA/AD vibes from s6/s7. A possible reset/rewrite of the previous “chapters.” I could be wrong, but I could be right.

    I’ve heard a rumor that Ball might write the series finale. It’s just a rumor, though, so I won’t read (too) much into that right now.

    Till next time… :)

    • Let’s hope that rumor is false. If Ballsack has anything to do with it, there will be a Beehl and Sookie happy ending. There is that word again, hope. It seems to me that is all we have done with this series is hope for things that never come true. I really wish we would not be let down this season.

  11. I think we are sentenced to bill sookie ending in any case (unless they surprise us with sam as per those doomed books or a totally random new person…why not..all is possible).
    agree about woo, he was decent…new s6 writers were pretty crap…keep the hopes as low as poss

  12. Seal Sex Sam will “win” Stepford Sookie. Rapist Bill will be “redeemed.” Sookie will throw away her fairy powers. Eric will take off with Pam and the suddenly majorly important Willa. Yawn-and-a-half (for me). Just my predictions. I’ve accepted it. I watched the show “wrong.” I wish everyone well. I’m not buying (literally) what they right now seem to be selling (rape apology and whitewashing/erasing domestic violence). I’m excited about MOVIE STAR Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan! Alex’s movie career is my focus as an audience member.

    • Hi Sookieandericarethe1trueluv
      I have a funny (good) feeling that annoying Billy boy lovers’ high hope will get screw at the end of the 1st ep than us Eric fans and we didn’t damn care,because we`re not going to watch it. I remembered we Eric fans got disappointed when we got screwed over with our high hopes for Eric/Sookie. I got a feeling it`ll be another around for douchbag fans. I think I`ld might known ,because I mentioned there`s be might hints in my previous comments that’s Billy might turning into a zombie vamp (I did a pic of him as a zombie vamp). Because there’s pics of sicko Billy`s house of horrors and bloody tears Jessica with Adylin, I believe Jessica’s protecting Adylin from her douchbag maker and Adylin tells her daddy Andy about Billy`s effected with the virus and his plan doesn’t work (they are screwed).

      I think it will get awhile they begins shooting of Tarzan,because Warner Bros. already begins shooting Superman Vs. Batman. But I heard they are having major issues with their casting and jamming too many DC characters in the Superman sequel. Geez, DC can`t learn their stupid mistakes from the wrecktrain Batman and Robin? I wish they do standalone movies like Marvel did…. At least Warner Bros. give Alex more time to finish the final season of True Blood while they working on the Superman sequel. I hope Tarzan will be way better than Superman Vs. Batman. I would luv to see Alex as a totally hot and kicka** Tarzan!!! :)

      Probably Steven hinting Alex is in Tarzan after someone said to him that’s not might be anymore True Blood in Summer 2016 and nothing to watch,but he said they have to wait for 2016. I think Steve is going to take the fall for his friend Alex by making his character Billy into a zombie vamp instead Alex`s Eric (I mentioned they are hinting it) and I guess he feels guilty for Alex,because the producers didn’t give Alex any credit (that’s which really sad) and getting sick of the writers are making money off on him and Anna. I remembered Buckner said Eric will might be ugly,but a lot of people got afraid (I was 1 of them) that they were planning to making a zombie. But now Eric looks health than being a zombie vamp. I could be right that Steve`s doing a favor for Alex by trading places with him by making Eric as savior and douchbag as a zombie vamp.

  13. Shelli-I have no time to “chat” right now, unfortunately. I just wanted to say “hi.” :) I will be back…

    • I’m back. :) Maybe they’ll give Hep-V to Bill and Sookie goes fairy-lightball-supernova to put him out of his misery and that ends Bill (yes!) and Sookie’s fairy powers (boo!) simultaneously. There could be all sorts of interesting twists I’m just not seeing right now, or not. I still wonder how Bill “died” end of s5, then end of s6 is back to “normal” like Lilith/Billith never happened. Sloppy writing, or clever misdirection?

      I’d love it if Sookie ended as a fairy/vampire hybrid, in Eric’s “family.” I don’t expect it at all, but I hope for it. (Love you always, Real Godric.)

      Yes, I too think it might be awhile before Tarzan starts shooting. Superman vs. Batman is scheduled to come out before Tarzan. Not to mention, Warner Bros. has to accomodate Alex’s schedule since he is the leading man :) , Alex might have to bulk up a bit more weight-wise to play Tarzan, maybe dye his hair dark, maybe wear contacts, etc. I am so happy for Alex and so excited about Tarzan. Maybe too excited. :) It’s a long way away. I’ll be ready. Even if Tarzan flops, it’s a huge opportunity for Alex and I feel so good for him that he has his chance for A-list leading man feature film status. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t, but Alex won’t know if he doesn’t try. This is his time. He has to go for it.

      I actually thought that Stephen might be hinting at a project for his/Anna’s production company that might come out Summer 2016, but Shelli could be right.

      I have always felt that Alex doesn’t (fully) get the respect he deserves on TB, but I could be wrong. SInce s4, Alex gets the same paycheck as Anna/Stephen per ep, yet, it seems like Alex is treated like a random supporting player in the bloated cast of millions. But, it could be trolling in interviews, clever misdirection in the writing, and the like. We’ll know when we know.

      Take care. :)

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