Bon Temps – Another Update


It’s been fairly quiet in Bon Temps over the last week or so, with HBO keeping the majority of final season castings and episode titles to themselves for now, but there has been a few little snippets to report.


From TV Line

Question: Is it too early for True Blood scoop? I could use some hot Bon Temps news in my snow-filled life! —Jenna
Ausiello: Is there life after love for poor widow Arlene? My guess is mmmhmmm after reading a new Season 7 breakdown for the recurring role of Keith, a romantic vampire who moonlights (get it?) as a drummer in James’ ( Nathan Parsons) band and who takes an instant liking to a certain grieving waitress. Now I have a Q for you, Jenna — did we know that NuJames had a band?!?!

Costume Designer, Audrey Fisher,  tweeted a couple of pictures last week:

The Wall of Death, which ominously still has a lot of room on it for new arrivals.


And Pam’s pink coffin was back out on set.


And speaking of Pam, according to IMDb, actress Ashley Barron has been cast as “Pam’s Treat” for episode 3.


Episode 3 now also has a director and work is most probably beginning on it this week. Hopefully all the Pam activity means she is back in Bon Temps, and fingers crossed that Daddy won’t be far behind.

Sprenkels’ American Bulldogs have today posted a cute picture on Instagram of Anna Paquin and Ozzie the dog.


Is it dog or is it a shifter?

Finally Amelia Rose Blaire has been chatting to TheGlobalDispatch.

Sorry there is no sun-bathing or ballet-dancing Viking to report for this particular update, but let’s be positive and hope that is because he has been far too busy playing catch-up on the True Blood set.


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18 comments on “Bon Temps – Another Update

  1. Yeah lets hope that! Or maybe he is filming some *wink wink* closed set scenes *wink wink*, which are not for the public eye right now :) :)

    Thanks for sharing the latest scoop on the Bon Temps crazies :)

    • I like the idea of Alexander Skarsgard working on a closed set :)
      We just need Anna Paquin to put down the dog and join him :)

      • Evie-Much as I love that beautiful bulldog that Anna is holding (just hope that (s)he isn’t Seal Sex Sam’s new shifter go-to), I am in full agreement that she needs to work with Alex again. All of Sookie’s and Eric’s in-character interactions (and Eric’s early interactions with Pam) were the reasons why I fell in love with this show. It was fun, emotional, and consistent. It seemed like it was going somewhere…

        Evie, once again, I really enjoy this feature. I appreciate all of your hard work, and thank you for sharing this with us. :)

        • A friend of mine gave me an idea: maybe the bulldog puppy is Sookie’s puppy with Sam? Yes, I know that technically Sookie is with Alcide at this particular second on the show. Maybe there was another time jump and we fast-forward to Sookie birthing Seal Sex Sam’s puppy/puppies? Or…maybe it’s Nicole’s/Sam’s puppy that Sookie is holding/raising with Sam? Emma, when she shifted into her werewolf form, shifted into a baby wolf that took the form of a creature that looked suspiciously like a Siberian Husky puppy. This is a bulldog PUPPY, not an adult dog. Maybe there is also a play on Anna having twin (human!) babies in real life, Anna and Stephen have canines in real life, etc.

          • Hi SoookieandEricare1trueluv, I am sorry about I didn’t reply sooner.

            I highly doubt that will happen. Last year people predicted that Sookie will have her parents’ killer’s faery/vamp babies after she had sex with him, but it didn’t happen.

            I think the puppy could be Emma. I guess she finally gains shifter ability from Luna. Maybe something have happen to her grandma Martha like she gets eaten by zombie vamps, I think Sam and Nicole gains sole custody of Emma and Sookie will becomes a nanny for Emma (I wonders this is how the affair starts).

            I would imagine Sookie’s having affair with married Sam behind Alcide during six months. It’s might hard for pregnant Nicole who didn’t known that the father of her children and her devoted husband is cheating with his best friend behind her back. (I think that’s plain wrong.) Probably Nicole caught up them in the act and threatening to leaving him,but she will winds up dead and Sam will blame Sookie for ruining his marriage. And then Sookie told Alcide about the affair,Alcide reverts back to that dark side by betraying Sam to handing over to weres and teams up with his ex sicko Rikki. Probably Sookie finally realizes what a totally slutbag she becomes when they thrown her into a cage with bloodthirsty zombifed Billy that she thought he`s her “true luv”.

            I wouldn’t to be surprise Pam will turn Sookie instead Eric and make Sookie to take Tara’s place as Pam’s daughter if something has happen to Tara, but she will underneath supervise by Eric. Because Eric don’t trust Pam with her turning skills,because she already abandoned two of her progenies. But I think Pam will do out of her guilt and probably she finally learn will her lesson,because she lost Tara to her crazy mom to due a lack of her responsibly. Probably Jason begs Eric to turn her to save his sister’s life,but Eric want Pam to turn her and he don’t want Jason to suffer like the same way that he losing Nora. Pam known Sookie’s only person Eric truly luv, I think Pam will truly understand the moments he spent with Sookie and he smiles when he looks at her (like she had with Tara)was best moments he had in his 1000 yrs life. I wonder it have affect on Sookie. Will she be a self-hating vamp like Tara? Be vengeful vamp like Eric? Now She open her feelings more up to Eric? Or Pam told her that he is off limit? Maybe Pam and her becomes after she is her maker. I don’t known. I hope she didn’t attack her brother for letting her get turn.

          • Hi, Shelli. :) I just read your response. I’m not sure where my response is going to land.

            I definitely think that Bulldog puppy that Anna is holding in the picture will probably play a child in “creature” form on TB. Maybe/probably a shifter child in shifter/”creature” form. (Based on past experience, I think TB would bring in an adult dog to play an adult shifter.) It’s maybe too soon in the story for the Bulldog puppy to represent Sookie’s/Sam’s biological child together. It could be Sam’s/Nicole’s child.

            I think it could be possible that the Bulldog puppy could be Emma. I question if Emma is really a werewolf like we were told (like her daddy Marcus) OR a shifter like her mommy Luna, who shifted into “wolf pup” form (technically Siberian Husky puppy form). I could see Grandma Martha rejecting Emma because if Emma was a shifter like Mommy and not a werewolf like Daddy and Grandma, maybe Martha might not see Emma as “pack” anymore. I could see Martha giving Emma back to Sam at that point, as it was Luna’s dying wish that Emma stay with Sam. Or not. :) But what you’re saying here does make sense to me. But TB itself does not always make sense to me (to say the least), so…

            I’m glad the writers decided not to have Sookie have biological children with the “poor little darling” who murdered her parents that time (in a situation HE created!), Ben/Warlow. I think the TB PTB WANTED us to think they could be going there because they thought it would be “clever” misdirection or something. :)

            I think Nicole could be killed off early in the season. I definitely think the writers will kill her off at some point solely to clear the decks for Sam/Sookie. Jurnee Smollett-Bell (the actress who plays Nicole) has not been announced as a “series regular” by HBO. Maybe Nicole’s/Sam’s baby/puppy is saved right before or right after Nicole dies, Sam is left as a single father with a daughter to raise on his own AGAIN, Sam can’t technically pawn off his/Nicole’s biological puppy like Sam was able to pawn off his girlfriend Luna’s daughter Emma to Emma’s grandmother Martha, and maybe this is where Sookie comes in. I’m still convinced Buckner is headed for a Sam/Sookie endgame and that that’s what Ball (and obviously Harris) intended all along. Yawn and a half, but what can I do? Not my decision to make. :)

            I would LOVE to see Sookie turned into a vampire or a vampire-fairy hybrid (if she were a hybrid, it would make her a unique creature on TB, because Sookie ALWAYS has to be “special,” right, writers? ;) ). I’m probably WAY off base, but I keep having this vision recently of a revelation in the series finale that Bill secretly turned Sookie into his personal fairy-vampire “soda fountain” (thanks, Jason!) WAY back in s1 when Bill/Sookie had sex “for the first time.” That would certainly explain Sookie’s insane devotion to Boring Rapist Bill! In my fantasy scenario, Bill orders Sookie, as her Maker, to Kill Eric. Sookie tries to get out of it. Eric accepts his fate. Sookie reluctantly kills Eric, possibly getting rid of her fairy powers in the process (but still retaining her vampire powers). Sookie acts like she’s going off with Bill. Then, Adilyn comes out of nowhere and uses up HER fairy powers to kill Bill! :) Then, Niall comes out of nowhere to use HIS fairy powers to bring Eric back to unlife. That was Sookie’s real, secret plan all along. Sookie outsmarted Bill! Eric then has to leave because of vague vampire politics. Sookie turns to Pam, a great vampire/person, to mentor Sookie as a vampire. Sookie would, in essence, become Pam’s “progeny” and Pam, in essence, would become Sookie’s “Maker.” Flash forward 50 years, Eric is back from his vampire political storyline, and he and Sookie (and Pam and Willa, and maybe Tara too, or not) pick up right where they left off. It’s NOT my theory, I don’t believe for one second Buckner is going there. It’s just a comforting fantasy I have about TB these days. It feels good to me. The show doesn’t (right now!).

            Take care. :) :) :)

  2. Thanks for posting Evie. I think it’ll be harder than “hens’ teeth” to get much scoop on TB this season being the last one and all, I think they’ll try to keep a lot more under wraps this year, at least until getting closer to the starting date. I totally agree that I hope that Alex is hard at work filming and trying to catch up on scenes too!! I am already starting to feel the nerves kick in about this being the last season, silly I know, but I am still trying to maintain my, wait and see attitude!!

  3. Ya, no news about Alex is definitely not good news when it comes to True Blood. One day at a time. They will probably keep this season locked down tight so they don’t disappoint all the “Eric and Sookie” fans.

  4. Hi Evie, Thank you for sharing that. I’m glad I posted Amelia’s interview and a pic of Pam`s coffin. It looks like they are back in Bon Temps. I remembered Amelia said Everything will come together after they wrapped up things with the other storylines at the beginning of the season.

    I guess I am right that Eric`s standalone storyline will be only in 1 ep and it will be 15 min long. I think he will shows up back in Bon Temps and in times to save their babies,because there’s a pic shown Shirtless Jasion and probably it`s continuation of Eric/Jason`s scene. Probably Alex`s in the backseat of the police car after he saves him from zombie vamps and he told Jason to take off his shirt,because it got contaInates with Hep V-blood. Some of you guys thinking it`s’ a dream,but I believe it`s a comeback for Eric. Because I saw some pics of Jason and Andy are out patrolling and tracking down somebody (probably it`s the same person who leased the vampires and poisons douchbag), but I think someone will knock Jason off and locks him in the abandoned building with a bunch of bloodthirsty zombie vamps. I think Eric will shown out of nowhere and save Jason by killing zombie vamps. I believe it`ll happen. I really hope I am right. :)

    About that dog, I think it`s Sam, probably Sam and Alcide are out to searching for Jason in their doggy forms after they finds out Jason gone missing. But I think Jason shown up front of Sookie’s house as alive and shirtless. :) Unless Sam disattracts zombie vamp Billy by turning into a dog to get Sookie away,but he ends up getting kill (poor dog). But the puppy looks adorable. Probably the puppy is Emma. I don’t known.

    I also saw a pic of Alex is standing next to someone’s house (I don’t known It`s an old or not),I believe it`s might be Tara’s mom’s house while they shooting season 7. I think Kristin is there,too. I could be right that Pam`s getting revenge after she finds out that her mom poisons Tara and Eric`s there to stop her,because he don’t want Pam to get sick,too. I wonders Sookie is there, too and giving a helping hand. Maybe Pam`s giving that girl to Tara, because she casted as “Pam’s gift”.

    By the way, Alex looks really really adorable with that fake beard and viking hat. He looks a doll that I would bring home and cuddle up with. 😊:D

  5. The photo of Jason is from season three, so it isn’t new.

  6. Yep, the only photos of Alex/Eric so far this season are the ones Delores shared.

  7. Ya, I’m betting we are not going to get to much Eric this season. They don’t want us to know because they know no one will watch if he is not there. I’m bummed and it’s not even close yet.

    • luvvamps-I do have a tendency to agree with you. Alex had said in interviews from as far back as 2011 (that I can recall) that his TB contract expired at the end of s6, and that, at that time, he was strongly considering not renewing, but would be willing to come back for guest appearances if asked. He could have changed his mind since then and signed up for a full s7, or not. We’ll know in a few months. I’m personally not watching the episodes until I know how the story ends with the series finale, to see if it’s worth my time. I agree that the TB ratings would take a hit if the audience knew that Alex was only making guest appearances that have little, if anything, to do with the main action. I don’t trust Brian Buckner and the writers. They know that Alexander Skarsgard and Eric Northman are the cash cow(s). I feel like, for the most part, I’ve worked out my feelings and I’m resigned about the story. Whatever will be, will be. Hang in there. :)

      • I don’t ever re-call seeing an interview where he said he was “strongly considering not renewing” it? I recall seeing one where he said he had a contract for 6 seasons and after that they had the option to pay him on a pay-per-episode basis . Everyone’s contracts were extended for a year, last season, Carrie Preston said that is how they knew the end was coming, as they only gave them all a one year extension. I’m pretty sure Alex’s contact has been altered over the years, he won’t be on the same money now as he was for season 2 for example. If it is down to pay-per-episode, let’s just hope HBO haven’t used up all their money on GOT!!!!!!!

        • Evie-I NEVER want to try to put words in Alex’s (or anyone else’s!) mouth. I don’t have exact quotes from Alex’s interviews over the last few years. In my previous reply, I was strictly going on my memory of what Alex said about the subject, which I fully admit may not be 100% accurate. When I said “strongly considering not renewing,” all I meant was that I got the feeling from Alex’s public comments at the time that he may have been considering not renewing as a LEAD ACTOR for every episode of every season following s6 if the show went past six seasons, NOT that my interpretation of Alex’s comments was that I thought he said that when his six-year contract was up, that was it, and that I thought he said he was “strongly considering” washing his hands of TB entirely. NOT AT ALL. In the interest of fairness, maybe I just didn’t make that clear enough? I did quickly add in my previous reply that I felt he said that he “would be willing to come back for GUEST appearances if asked.” I believe I have made several comments of this nature on ESL since I started posting here. I was not trying to be offensive to you and/or anyone else at ESL or trying to misquote Alex for any reason. I did read/hear about that fairly recent Carrie Preston interview where she said ALL the TB actors’ contracts (which definitely could have included Alex) were extended for one more year only (s7), and that was Carrie’s (and I believe she said other TB actors) clue that the show might end with s7. TV Guide revealed that Alex, Anna, and Stephen have gotten raises over the years of the show. I would presume the other actors got raises too. I, too, hope HBO/Time Warner saved some money for TB and isn’t giving most of it to GoT. :) It ain’t over till it’s over! Anyway, I hope I’ve cleared the air over my previous comments. Take care. :)

          • Don’t worry I wasn’t offended :) I am an Eric obsessive fan who loves True Blood. If I offended easily I wouldn’t still be around LOL.I think I’m right in remembering that particular interview was not written up in English, so there is always something lost in translation.

            All opinions are welcome here – Erika is very clear about letting people say what they feel, so I hope I didn’t sound heavy handed! I was just giving my thoughts on the subject, and my thoughts are quite often contrary to a lot of other fans, I’m used to that.

            We will know by the end if Alex is on a pay-per-episode deal. If he appears in every episode (no matter how fleetingly) he is under contract, if he only appears in a selection of episodes he is on pay-per-episode. I’ll make the most of it whatever, whether he is in 2, 5 or all 10 episodes, it’s more than we will ever get again after year.

          • Evie-Thanks for responding back to me. I’m glad you weren’t offended by my previous post. One of the things I love about ESL is the freedom that Erika and all of you give us to express our opinions. I definitely feel welcome here. :) And I am definitely very open to “hearing” what you (and everyone else) has to “say” about Alex, Eric, Anna, Sookie, TB, all of it.

            I think I know the translated interview you’re talking about. There was a post about it on ESL, I think? I forgot about that interview when I originally commented. I know Alex has been asked about the subject several times. It came up in his 2011 Men’s Journal cover story. There is no direct quote from Alex in there; the writer wrote that Alex expected to do TB for maybe two more years at that point (they were up to s4) and then Alex expected to move on to other projects. There was also a “print” interview that I read online in 2012 when Alex was promoting s5/Battleship. I actually did a search for “alexander skarsgard 2012 interview” but couldn’t find what I was looking for. :( Maybe it was in that one where Alex said he was still having fun playing Eric and that as long as there was still intriguing stuff for Alex to explore with Eric, Alex was still in. As long as the producers still wanted him around. ;)

            I hope Alex is given a strong story that I love in s7. I love the actor’s work, I love the character, and no matter what, it is definitely the end of an era.

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