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There are a few little snippets of interest for truebies around today.

I can never think of a catchy title for posts like this….. “Another, Another Bon Temps Update” maybe?

First up new vampire “Ronnie” has been cast to appear in at least episodes 1 to 3. He will be played by Dustin Ingram.


This is the original casting call for the role:

[RONNIE] MALE, 20s. He is a tall dangerous vampire who devours humans. RECURRING CO-STAR


Next up Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Nicole) is kindly donating a lunch and a set visit to the True Blood Season 7 set in aid of “Artists For A New South Africa” ( in association with HBO).


You can check out the auction over at Charitybuzz

The visit is to “take place before Season 7 completes shooting at the beginning of June”.

This is really cool thing for Jurnee to do, and hopefully they will raise loads of money.


One of my current very favourite True Blood people, Amelia Rose Blaire, has given another interview, this time to College TV. The interview is 28 minutes long and Amelia talks about a whole range of stuff, including Willa’s famous turning scene, which gives me a good excuse to post a picture from one of my top 10 True Blood scenes ever.


Sorry I couldn’t resist, I’m feeling particularly Viking starved this week :)

Amelia also mentions that fans are going to be happy with the final season:


Hopefully that means we will be pleasantly surprised by how much we see of her Daddy! She only knows what is going to happen in the first half of the season and not how it is going to end. Amelia also mentions how people “Freaked out” when Eric was set on fire and death threats were sent. (Seriously? I still can’t believe people actually do that!)

You can watch the whole interview at College TV from USC Cinematic Arts

Amelia has also taken time out to visit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and talk to patients and their families at the “Seacrest Studios”. You can see details of her visit here – another completely cool thing by a member of the True Blood cast.

ARB gif by i’mhereforsookie

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25 comments on “Mid-week Bits & Pieces

  1. Thanks Evie for giving us that small smattering of news. I know it has to be hard on all of you not being able to find out any “juicy” tidbits for this coming season. I know they will probably be more tight lipped than ever over on the TB sets, as they want to build up as much suspense as they can (while driving all of us crazy in the interim…).

    I commend all of you for posting whatever you can to keep the site in front of your followers. But don’t worry, we are a very devoted group to this site and to our Viking Vampire God! I know I listened to Amelias’ other interview last week and she naturally couldn’t say much, so just “how happy the fans will be” remains to be seen, it all depends on how they write and treat Eric this season since that’s all I care about. Truthfully, I know the ship has sailed on any hope of Eric and Sookie together, but all I really need to make me happy is that Eric comes full circle and comes back to Bon Temp his Badass, Black tank wearing, Fangtasia owning, Vampire Sheriff and he comes back to himself. Then I will be happy, I don’t want him to be some Emo Eric or anything. They can then close out his last scene sitting on his throne in Fangtasia slowly fading to black and I can then let the series go and I will be happy.

    We will see what happens when the time comes……………

    • “Badass, Black tank wearing, Fangtasia owning, Vampire Sheriff and he comes back to himself. Then I will be happy, I don’t want him to be some Emo Eric or anything. They can then close out his last scene sitting on his throne in Fangtasia slowly fading to black”

      Sounds like the perfect final Eric Northman scene – it almost made me cry to think about it. I am so not going to take the end and his leaving my life forever very well at all.

      • I know Evie, me too. I am just trying to be positive about all of this. I will always miss Eric too, as I have stated before he is the ultimate Vampire that I can ever remember. Thank Goodness we have DVDs and HBO GO, so we can rewatch to our hearts content. but my Sunday Nights will never be the same again after TB leaves.

        • I’ve been a fan of the fang ever since I saw “Lost Boys” far too many years ago LOL. I’ve gorged on Buffy, Anne Rice, I even read Twilight (although I couldn’t get along with the movies).If it has vampires in it, I will pretty much at least give it a go, but Eric Northman will always be my number one!

          You know I like to take positives – and I hope Amelia was talking about fans being “happy” as Eric is coming back to Bon Temps. During the interview the only TB person they mention is Alex/Eric (admittedly only briefly) so I’m clinging to Amelia thinking the fans will be happy as Eric is back in town :) A final season to remember for good reasons would at least be a good way to go out!

      • Evie you said just what I was thinking. I don’t even want to think about the end til it hits me up side my head!

  2. I know what will make me really really happy. Seeing lots of Eric as he should be – gorgeous, bad-ass, manipulative, charming, daring, scheming and flirting with pretty females :)

    A couple of blood dreams won’t hurt either ;)

  3. Evie:
    You can beleive it about the fans being upset about what happened with Eric.
    I want Alan & Brian Buckner’s scrotums….I’m still so mad.
    The Eric Northman fans were betrayed…..
    We need our Master, as you described him in your first post….

  4. Evie-thank you for this post.

    I still say Nicole gets killed off to clear the decks for Sam/Sookie. HBO can’t fool me! I think I’m “over” Sookie. :) I’m a fan of Anna’s work, of course, but I think that all Buckner might have in store for the Sookie character is for her to bounce from one boring abuser after another (Bill, Ben/Warlow, Alcide), throw away her fairy powers, and then settle for Sam and birthing their puppies (bulldogs? ;) ) at the last second. Too bad (for me :) ). Back to real life…this IS a nice thing that Jurnee Smollett-Bell is doing. And Amelia Rose Blaire too.

    redthang914-I agree with you, ESL’s followers remain devoted to this site, and to Eric. Yes, the writers have made it painfully clear that they have hit the erase button on Eric/Sookie for good. Alex was given even less screentime with Anna in s6 than he had in s5 (IMO).

    Like I do for Sookie, I have a bad feeling for the end of Tara’s story too at this point. I’m just hoping for halfway decent endings for Eric, Pam, Lafayette, and Jason. I’m trying to have no expectations; this way, if I like (dare I write love?) where Buckner goes with this, I will be pleasantly surprised.

    • It’s easy to point and click to down-vote. It takes courage and work to type your thoughts out and post them for anyone to see (and judge). Have a good day. :)

      • Don’t worry – I often get down voted :) :) (usually when I defend Alan Ball)
        I’m not a big fan of the thumbs up and down – I may have to lobby the team against them :)

        • Evie-thanks. :) (I’ve been known to defend Alan Ball on occasion myself.) I’m actually surprised I haven’t gotten more down-votes, as I can be “negative” at times, I ask questions, etc. The first time I got down-voted, it was for a joke I made. Okay, sense of humor does not always translate well online. I didn’t get down-voted again for a while, until a comment I made about one of the Videos of the Week. That comment was not that dissimilar to other comments I’ve made here, and I wasn’t down-voted then. I think this is my third down-voted comment. Again, similar situation to that Video of the Week comment. Fine, “hate” me. :) I just think, if someone is going to take the time to down-vote someone else, you also have time to leave a quick comment about why you disliked what the person had to say. That is all. :)

  5. Yes redthang914 we will all remain devoted to this site and especially to all Alex’s projects but the more I think about it I can only agree with sookieandericaretheonetruelove the writers are preparing us to Sookie/”seal sex” Sam ending because I don’t see any growing up for Sookie character (NOT ANNA’S FAULT) in the end of this final season I want HEA for Eric Pam Willa (Tara?) Jason and Andy with Holly Is that asking too much?

  6. If they go by way of the last CH book and make it seal sex Sam, I hope they pass out barf bags!

    • luvvamps-Let’s get the barf bags ready! (lol)

      Jackie69-I think the writers want us to think it’s Sookie/Bill right now, so when they go Sookie/Seal Sex Sam at the last second, we’re supposed to be “happy” because Sam is not Bill, or something. I don’t think Sookie will ever evolve as a character. And again, I agree, that is definitely not Anna’s fault. She is one of the reasons I gave TB a chance in the first place. I wish her nothing but the best with her future career and her personal life, as I’m sure all of us do. Sookie used to be in my top three favorite TB characters along with Eric and Pam. Now, Sookie is forever stuck in PTSD mode. :( I think Eric and Pam might take off with Willa for parts unknown at the end. Jason might end up okay. I don’t know about Lala. I don’t have a good feeling about Tara right now. I could see Andy/Holly ending at least okay.

  7. Sam is better than Bill, I’ve always liked his character at least where the show is concerned, but I still say Bill is endgame. I don’t have faith in these writers to give us anything else. I’m confused as to why Amelia thinks we’re going to be happy with this season, unless she’s another one who really doesn’t know what we want. Just as long as things end well for Eric, I can deal, but I still have no intention of watching. I’ll just check out what little scenes he has online.

    • I guess she can’t say that fans are going to be really disappointed this season!
      She might have said it just for the sake of saying something. Or, like I hope, she might mean lots of viking goodness :)

    • I think Amelia is genuine, there was a big smile on her face when she said those words and I think she sees something coming that she believes we will like. Of course this could be something as simple as Eric being alive and returning to Bon Temps. Also a lot of people just want Eric back with Pam and his family at Fangtasia now, so it could be about that. She doesn’t know how the show ends, just what happens in the first half of the season. I’m pretty sure everyone involved with True Blood knows the fans want Eric, Buckner has said it, and Stephen Moyer and Carrie Preston have both mentioned Eric’s large fan base in recent interviews, so they know how important he is. The trouble with Eric is that even his own fan base in now divided about what exactly would be the best ending for him. They are never going to please all the Eric fans, no matter what they do.

      • I don’t dislike the Sam character; I’ve just been increasingly bored with him since s3, and I’ve been fast-forwarding through him since s5. :) Life is short for all of us! Anyway…I agree with Evie. Everyone involved with True Blood HAS to know how popular Eric is. They would have to be living in total isolation NOT to know. I also agree that Eric’s fan base now seems to be very divided about the ending they/we want for Eric. Also, I think we may be divided on the ending we EXPECT Buckner/the writers to give to Eric. I agree on a third thing Evie “said,” that the writers will never please all the Eric fans. I know I’ve “said” a million times that I’m wary of what Buckner/the writers are going to do.

        • I guess at some level, we all want the same thing for Eric…..We are just a little leery of expecting/demanding/hoping for it because we have already been burnt one too many times. As far as the writers on the show go, they have been known to write stuff that ends up pleasing no one. Just sayin’… :)

  8. I know it will never happen but I wish just once Eric and Sookie could be together. Just for a minute. Eric could be his bad ass self and Sookie could be that girl in the white dress. Just for us fans. Wouldn’t that just be sweet? Yes, yes it would, just for us Eric and Sookie shippers!

  9. I disagreed with some of you guys. I am still hanging on my hope that Sookie ends up happy with Eric than douchbag. I am hoping they forgives each others and work out their differences. I known some people are not giving up on the,because there’s more eric fans are hoping for them to get back. I’m 1 of them. I am not here to offense you guys. I always devoted to you guys matter what. ;)….Beside,We don’t known she will end up with douchbag or Sam. We all thought the ship had sail away for Alcide and douchbag in the beginning of season,but the writers reopened the doors for those two losers and they made a biggest mistake by shutting the door for Viking. (They are freaking idiots that they did that, I had to agreed with you guys on that). I known you guys lost hope, but most of Eric fans are begging the writers to reopening for the Eric and Sookie,because people still have hope for them. The cast already working on 3 eps and it`s’ the beginning of season. We don’t known for sure that she will ends up with Sam,but probably there’ll be a big change in the middle of season and surprising us. We have to wait and see. ;)

    I known it sounds wierd , I think Amelia says “they’re going to be really really happy” has something to do with Willa’s the 1 who bring Eric and Sookie together (because the writers tried to did that with annoying Jessica by bugging her douchbag maker to save his “soulmate” in the dreadful finale,but that ticked off people),because Amelia’s last interview, Tara’s only family she has while Eric and Pam gone (probably hunting down Sarah Newlin) during six months…I have a theory how it will play out. I think Eric and Pam went back Bon Temps after they senses their daughters in danger. I think Willa’ll end up staying at Sookie at the time,because she didn’t have any place to go when Tara gone. Probably Willa will ask Sookie what Eric is like and she will tell her very nice thing about him(like he saved her from FoS in s2 and saved her from Russell in s5, Sookie pulled Eric out of the sun and nursed him back to health in s4.), but Sookie breaks down in tears and starts feel like a freakin’ idiot what she done by rejected him like that. I think Eric will shown up on her front porch angerily and demanding he want his daughter back. Sookie beg Eric to talk to her, but he igrones her and he takes off with Willa. But at Fangista, Willa gets upset at them that he and Pam wasn’t there for her and Tara, he tries to reason willa. Probably Willa will say to Eric what Sookie says to her nice stuff about him, because he think Nora (she said that to him in the beginning of s6) and Godric wants for him to be happy. He’ll might realize she still have feelings for him than douchbag. probably he rushes back Sookie’s or he shown up where Sookie work, they ends up forgiving each other. I wonder that how it would play out like that. I really hope so.

    I heard Alex is doing clarity, too. He is helping Pam out by funding his some stuff with her animal fund. That’s very sweet of him that he’s supporting his costar. I wonder he is doing it for Tarzan. I heard the actor who played the original Tarzan owns a sanitary for wild animals in real life. I think it`s really cool he did that,because he luv animals. :)

    • Shelli, I love your theory about Eric and Sookie. I also love your positive attitude about all of it. All I can say is, “From your lips to Gods’ Ears”, and hope you’re right!! I’m glad that some of you have that faith, which it seems I have lost over the last two years of the show. All I want now is for Eric to be happy and content at the end of the series.

      • Thank you very much. :) I am glad you like my theory, redthang. I really hope it comes true. :)
        I thought about Eric’s cubby in Sookie`s house. It does makes perfect.
        I think Laffy let Willa stays there,because she need a place if something has happen to Tara. They did that with Tara in season 5 after her turning by letting her sleep in Eric’s cubby.

    • I love this ending Shelli let’s cross our fingers…

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