Season 7 News From TV Line


Some Season 7 news from TV Line today.

It looks like Jason Stackhouse may not have seen the last of his psychopathic ex!

Any news on the new villains/Big Bad of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Who needs a new Big Bad when you’ve still got Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin hanging around wreaking havoc at every turn? And in the show’s seventh and final season, we’ll be introduced to the vampire exterminator’s Texas socialite parents and angry, bitter, gothed-out sister. (Fun fact: Sarah’s spot-on maiden name? Crabtree!) While mom and dad will appear in just one episode, Sarah’s sis, Amber, will be staying put for an arc — an extremely juicy, twisty, this-will-explain-a-lot-about-why-Sarah-is-the-way-she-is arc.


And also some news on a possible new love interest for the widowed Arlene.

After dying in 90210Riley Smith will soon find himself among the undead in True Blood‘s final season.

Smith will play a brooding vampire named Keith in the HBO drama, our sister site Deadline reports, and will immediately become infatuated with none other than Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur.

In addition to romancing Bon Temps’ newest bar owner, Keith will also be the drummer in fellow vampire James’ band. (Former Bunheads bartender Nathan Parsons recently took over the role of James, following Luke Grimes’ exit.)


 Personally I’m fine with Sarah Newlin returning as she is one of my favourite villains from the show, and certainly one of the strongest performers last season. Arlene and a vampire? Eh no!  Hopefully that will just remain a one sided infatuation.

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14 comments on “Season 7 News From TV Line

  1. I knew she is coming back. :) I guess I am right Eric and Pam are hunting down Sarah Newlin during past six months. :) Probably her sister could be a part of a flashback and she thought her sister got killed by a vamp and revenging her sis’s by killing vamps,but she finds out her sis is a vamp later on and she accidentally poison her. I would imagine Amber killing her sis or Sarah becomes 1 and realizes what she really done.

  2. Well, since Sarah Newlin is the last baddie left, it would make sense to bring her back so they can weave her demise into the last episodes. I like the guy they picked to play the vamp that is going to try and “court” Arlene, he seems like a real cutie pie, but I don’t know if Arlene will ever get over her dislike of vamps to ever go out with him, unless since Terrys’ death, and now that shes’ got money, maybe she’ll change her mind, who knows?

    Thanks for the info Evie and I hope that as it draws nearer to air time we get more news or info for our speculation. I know they will be withholding Eric info as long as they can, cause they just want to torture all of us, since we are the biggest fan base that TB has.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting, we still have almost 4 months to go ………………..

    • I am glad they didn’t make Arlene like her book self. I’ld rather see her dating a vamp than a hunter (that’s why Sookie and her are mortal enemies in the books).

      Thanks Goodness, they didn’t go that direction with her character. :)

  3. Evie-thank you as always for giving us the update. I don’t know what to “say.” I’m not upset about anything here; I’m just drawing a blank with the show right now. I’m feeling uninspired at this particular second. :) I just wanted to say “hello” to you and everyone at ESL and Shelli and redthang914 and everybody. I hope to have more to “say” later. :) :) :)

  4. recycling villains again. LAME!!

  5. What Arlene having feelings for a vamp? This is getting interesting as for Sarah Newlin I knew she eventually would be coming back Thanks for keeping us informed Evie

  6. Glad that Sarah Newlin is bck . Arlene roll is odd vampire love what a change . I guess we will have to wait and see how this goes.

    • I’m happy Sarah is back too. I felt she would be, her story-line wasn’t properly resolved. I just hope they don’t try to redeem her, I like her best being evil and spiteful.

      • Evie, I think it isn’t bad idea that they reuse the villian before. I wish they should do Russell’s character, and I was pretty bummed out they reused him for season 5.

        I could be right Pam and Eric was hunting her down past 6 months and they are there to stop her.

  7. Arlene role not roll.

  8. I known you guys like Eric’s bada** (I don’t blame you :) ), I have a feeling that the viking will do something’s sinister to get back at Sarah Newlin. I think he will lock Sarah in the room with her sister and let Amber feed off her. I would imagine. :)

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