Oscar Parties in Full Swing


It may be raining on the West Coast, but the stars all come out for Oscars… and the parties.

Here is one of the first pictures of Anna Paquin, along with co star/husband Stephen Moyer, attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party.

ap EJOscarParty2014

We are still waiting on news/pictures on where (if) Alexander Skarsgård will be making the rounds. As soon as we know we will post them here in our gallery.

So sit back relax… and here are some more photos of Anna, Stephen, Sam and Ryan from Elton John’s Event.

And some more of Anna, Stephen and Rachel Evan Wood at the Vanity Fair Party.

(Photo Credits: Getty, instagram, Zimbio, evanrwooddaily)

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5 comments on “Oscar Parties in Full Swing

  1. Anna looks beautiful , not liking Stephen hair . Amazing !!

  2. I didn’t see any pics of Alex anyway.

  3. B-thanks for keeping us updated. Would love to see Alex, but I’m sure we all understand him wanting to low-key it (if that’s the case).

  4. Not crazy about Anna’s dress…and Stephen looks “Bloated”

  5. Another year without Alex, its’ a shame we haven’t seen him anywhere, I wonder what the big deal was about who was dressing him for the nite. I guess he must have went to the same “private” party as last year…….Sigh…..Oh well, Anna looked nice at her party tho’. Steve is starting to look really old to me, but as we age that happens.

    Thanks for posting the above pics for us I really appreciate it as I wasn’t able to see any of the festivities last nite as my hubby was in the Hospital ER and it was very late when we finally got home……

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